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Mob Wives: Recap Season 3 Reunion! Ep 314

Dr. Drew keeps the peace!

Dr. Drew hosts/referees the season three Reunion Show of Mob Wives. He announces that Love Majewski will not be there. He says “old hatchets were buried” and new feuds were started. Then they begin the show with their first topic: Love Majewski and show some clips from various episodes.

Dr. Drew points out that Renee had some history with Love, Renee says she didn’t know her. Dr. Drew sneaks in a comment that Renee thought Love slept with Junior, Renee doesn’t take the bait. Karen says when she and Love were 17 they had an altercation and Karen bit her finger. Drita called Love "semi-mental" and Ramona called her a "psychopath" during season three. Drita doesn’t think that what Love did to Carla was okay. Then Ramona begins to air her feelings, maybe in Love’s defense, saying that Carla talks behind people’s backs, she is a “cop caller,” meanwhile her uncle [Bruno] was found dead [in the trunk of a car] with a canary in his mouth.

Love says, "I just want to ask you about..." just before edited fight.

Dr. Drew wants to move on and get to the next topic and he does it over the arguing still going on between Ramona and Carla. They replay the fight between Love and Carla that took place during the season finale. Dr. Drew wants to know what Love was trying to show Carla on the cell phone before the fight started. Carla says she wasn’t trying to show her anything. Ramona intercedes to clarify that it may have been an ethnic slur [tweet] about Love being Puerto Rican. 

There is an issue some of the ladies have with Carla using the expression “these girls” when referring to them. They find it offensive. The subject of the Botox Party comes up and there is a discussion over why Carla backed out. Carla says it’s because she wasn’t on friendly terms with any of the girls at the time. Some think it had to do with the fact that Love was invited. Ramona gets agitated by whatever Carla is saying and when Carla tell her to shut her mouth Ramona answers, “Why don’t you shut yours, you freaking Doberman pincher looking SOB!” 

When Dr. Drew asks Karen why does she dislike Carla so much, Karen says it’s because she is cold, rude and has a snippy attitude. Karen says that Carla just brought up Ramona’s father, she has called AJ’s father a “rat,” but she never wants her family brought up. Karen says Carla’s father is alive and breathing thanks to her father, Sammy Gravano. Karen strongly feels that Carla should respect Sammy enough not to disrespect his daughter and family. Carla is in denial over all this, frustrating Karen to the point she tells her, “Go on Google, Mother F*cker, go to Google!”

Drita says, "No set up, no surprises."

As for the fight, Carla feels she was set up by everyone, Love was there to attack her. Carla says she does feel Drita had her back, but she didn’t want to fight. Karen says she just wanted Carla and Love to talk it out. Love told Drita she just wanted to talk to Carla. Renee says she felt bad about the fight, but adds that Carla “leaned in” on Love and pointed her finger in her face and that was wrong. Big Ang says Love was wrong. Renee says Love wanted to address the situation, but it wasn’t the time or the place.

On to the “butter knife” incident and “Junkie-Gate.” First we go to the video tape and review what happened. Everyone seems to agree that Carla was not going to stab Renee with a butter knife, but Renee has a point to make. It wasn’t about the butter knife, it could have been anything. It was the way Carla was using the butter knife, like when she waves her finger in your face, it’s disrespectful. Drita and Big Ang say they were trying to play peacemaker. Carla tries to minimize the incident by saying she “talks with her hands.”

Dr. Drew wants to address the accusation that Carla sleeps with married men. Carla says that when she was “20” she met this guy and didn’t know he was married 100%. When that 100% confuses everyone, she clarifies and says she thought he was separated because he had his own place. When no one is buying what she is selling, Carla turns the tables on Ramona and tell her that her husband was still married when she was seeing him. Ramona fires back that he was separated and she had an 8 carat ring! Then Ramona says, (and forgive me if this isn‘t exact) “I just want to jump on you…and eat your skin off…and toothpick my teeth with one of your ribs!” 

Ramona explains her issue with Carla is that she called Renee a “junkie.” She tells Carla, “You are almost 50 years old, so ignore Renee.” Renee says she accepts what Carla said, but her friends and family are not okay with it. (Renee starts crying) She says they shouldn’t be okay with it because they know it hurt her. 

Karen, Drita and Ramona have made peace with each other. They are in a better place now and if they have issues in the future they will be able to talk them out. 

Next subject, Renee’s Rehab. Renee gets emotional about her addiction, which was going on for many years, and doesn’t want to blame Junior for all of it. It’s been a struggle for her. She has had many setbacks because of the guilt she carries for things she has done. AJ is there to support his mother. Drita adds, Renee is a great mother, just look at AJ.  Carla chimes in saying that she and Renee have had their disagreements, but she hit her hard with using the word “junkie” and she apologizes for that. Carla also apologizes to AJ and says she would never do anything to hurt him. 

What about Drita and Lee? Drita says she feels a lot of guilt. Lee is back in the house now and he has a lot of guilt for missing so many years with the girls. But, Lee is denying he cheated on Drita. So, there are still some trust issues and Drita feels like she is his semi-parole officer. When asked about the divorce, Drita says she doesn’t even know where that stands, if the paperwork went through or not. But Drita makes it clear that Lee will not be on season four of Mob Wives. He doesn’t want to be famous, and she adds most criminals don’t want to be famous.

Joe’s girlfriend, Raquel, comes up in conversation. Carla says she was angry when Raquel referred to Joe and his kids as her family. Carla says she is their mother. Renee says she was pissed at Joe for getting a younger version of Carla.

Dave makes an appearance to clarify his role on the show. He wasn’t being honest with Karen, they had a confrontation over it. Then there was the meeting with Rebecca and the issue of her taking Karina to the doctor and leaving her thong at the house. Karen found Becky to be calm and cold. Dave says he felt that Karen should know he wouldn’t bring anyone around his daughter that could not be trusted. However, when Renee presses him about his keeping things from Karen, David says, with 20/20 hindsight, he admits he was wrong. Renee is very pleased. He says he is not in love with Karen, and even though they are not together, he trusts her. So, he says, you don’t see him asking her all kinds of questions about Storm, the man she is dating.

Next, Ramona’s secret engagement. Ramona says she s going through with the wedding plans. Karen still feels Ramona doesn’t want to hear the truth and the reality of the situation, but she will always support her 100%. Ramona says she is aware of the reality, but she just wanted one happy moment without negativity. Karen feels that Ramona should not be planning a wedding while Joe is working on his case. Big Ang agrees with Karen, the life of a prison wife is very hard. Drita feels bad for Ramona because she says Joe isn’t going to be there for her. Ramona announces that Carla is invited to the wedding! Everyone wants to have the cake early.

Sex. Dr. Drew plays a few clips about the sex lives of the mob wives. Drita admits to having phone sex. Big Ang has admitted to being a member of the mile high club. Karen calls Storm, “Big Daddy.” Drita says when a man gets out of prison it’s like a fresh vegetable you have kept in the freezer, nice and fresh. There are a few jokes bleeped out, but I think Karen was saying she keeps the vegetables in the freezer because she likes them nice and hard. And Ramona says she is f*cked because there are no conjugal visits in Federal prison. Dr. Drew says, so that would mean you aren’t f*cked.”


First of all this reunion show needed to be two hours long, not one. I heard they taped seven hours of video and I know some good stuff was laying on the cutting room floor! I, for one, want to see it. Maybe they could splice some clips together and make another hour of what we missed or at least use them for bonus clips! 

Second of all, for someone who was left out of the reunion show, they sure did a lot of talking about Love. I’m glad that at least they acknowledge her presence on the show and her absence on the reunion. However, maybe I missed the reason why? Did anyone bother to address why she wasn’t there? If they did, I didn’t hear it, so we are left with just speculation and rumor. As for the fight between Love and Carla, there definitely was more to it. We all saw Love holding the cell phone and trying to show Carla something. Dr. Drew saw it too. Maybe the answer is in the 6 hours and 20 minutes of leftover footage. Ramona referred to an ethnic slur which I didn’t see myself, but heard about. But, I have seen too many negative tweets from Carla regarding Love. Some things she tweeted were unforgivable. One example, is when Carla referred to Love’s miscarriage as an abortion, more than once. Who does that? A miscarriage is heart breaking enough. Is this another case of Carla “going hard” as she calls it? Considering Love’s history, that would have been enough to start a war, but there was more. So if Love was angry at Carla, it was more than about her gossiping behind her back, or taking her angel wings logo, or dating her ex, or name calling on and off Twitter. Carla makes things very, very personal and often crosses lines and boundaries. If Love had been at the Reunion, maybe she could have had her say and explain what happened in the moments before the fight. I don’t believe Love hit her just because Carla asked why is Karen still here. Bad Editing? You tell me. 

Third of all, Carla did know that Michael “Mickey Scars” DiLeonardo, also known as Karen’s uncle “in the lifestyle,” was married (just ask Toni Marie Ricci). Can we believe anything Carla says? I heard her give three different ages about how old she was when she met and started dating him. First, I believe it was on season two’s reunion, she blurted out she was 19 and then continued that conversation on Twitter, as if to say she was young and made mistakes or didn’t know better. When the subject came up a second time, she said she was 23 when she dated Mickey. Finally, last night she claimed she was 20 when she met him. Some sources have reported that she was allegedly 28 when they were seeing each other. That sounds more plausible to me, but I am just a blogger. We know Carla has a history of shaving 9 nine years off her age, so if you add 9 to any of her numbers you will probably get a more accurate age. In which case, she should have known better, but she probably didn’t care.

Carla has never been forthcoming about her family. When Joy Behar asked her twice about her connection to the mob, she just mentioned her uncle Bruno. She never mentioned her father, Louie, was an associate. but we Googled it. She never mentioned dating “Mickey Scars” an alleged capo of a crime family. Or anyone other connection she may have had.  Just her uncle, Bruno. Between her out right lies and her lies of omission, how can we believe anything Carla says? That includes last night’s apology to Renee and AJ. Not buying it.

Fourth, I want to give out credit where credit is due, to Renee. It takes tremendous courage to admit her addiction and seek help all while in the public eye. This is a very personal matter, an extremely difficult situation and Renee aired it for all the world to see. And I know part of it has to do with her commitment to her sister Jenn, to show the reality of her life. But the other part has to do with Renee’s compassion and willingness to help others. Renee has often said f her story helps even one person to get help, whether for addiction or domestic abuse, it will have been worth it. I’m very touched by Renee’ journey and how, through it all, she still managed to be a loving mother to AJ. He is a testament to that. Has Renee made mistakes? Sure. Who hasn’t made mistakes? But it is clear how much she loves her son, how she would do anything for him, even letting him go to Florida to work and live. Letting go is the hardest thing a mother has to do.

More credit to Drita, who kept her word and didn’t fight all season. The new and improved Drita stayed focus on the positive things in her life and change her mantra from “let’s go to war” to “make peace.” Kudos to Drita! But just a word of advice, keep an eye on Lee. The first step to changing is acknowledging and accepting responsibility for your mistakes and he still denies he cheated.

Karen deserves a lot of credit too. Karen is the kind of friend everyone should have. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. I’m sure it was difficult of her to rain on Ramona’s parade, but she felt it was necessary. She knows Ramona, she loves her unconditionally, and doesn’t want her to make a huge mistake based solely on emotion. It caused a lot of friction and animosity between them, but Karen did not back down. Ramona has to know, deep down, that Karen is not trying to ruin her wedding. Karen is trying to protect her from a life she has had first hand experience living. 

Karen is a great mother too. She raised her daughter alone for many years. When Dave got out of prison, she supported their bonding and forming a father/daughter relationship. She helped Dave get back on his feet. When Dave repaid her by keeping secrets and talking to her disrespectfully, Karen went out to Arizona to see for herself what he was hiding so her daughter wouldn’t have to be in the middle. She met with Becky and addressed her concerns. She worked out the communication issues with Dave. All in the best interest of Karina. It was great to hear Dave admit he was wrong in how he handled things with Karen. So I am going to give Dave some credit too!

Fifth, we have Ramona’s wedding. I love Ramona, and I don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” or a “wedding dream crasher;” and I especially don’t want Ramona to make a cannibalistic snack out of me; but I am siding with Karen on this. At the very least it would be wise to wait to see how much time Joe actually gets before going through with a wedding. At the most, it sounds like Joe will be out for a week, just for the ceremony and a few extra days. He will have four security guards watching him…does that include the wedding night? I mean I haven’t heard anything to persuade me that there needs to be a rush to “tie a knot” on this relationship with so many things up in the air. There isn’t even the need to seal the deal in order to get conjugal visits. Ramona can still love Joe, and visit him without a marriage certificate. So, I’m sorry I don’t get it. But, if there is a wedding, I do look forward to seeing Carla there. However, I strongly suggest they hand out slices of cake as the guests come in the door and before they have had a chance to talk and mingle. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that party!

Kudos to Jennifer Graziano for producing another great season of Mob Wives. She tweeted there will be a season four! I already see the seeds of drama being planted in the Reunion and on Twitter. Stay Tuned!

To our readers, Thanks so much for sharing three seasons of Mob Wives with us!

Picture credit: VH1 and Drita's twitter


Anonymous said...

First let me say that I always love your take on this show and especially tour 2 cents :)

Now I have to say that Im not trying to offend anyone but in my opinion some things are just not right and I disagree with a lot of things that the producer has done or condoned or continued to allow. Carla has been a troublemaker for far too long and gets away with it and also ends up getting portrayed as some victim. She has trashed Renee repeatedly . Renee does it back in defense, and she ends up apologizing and worrying about Carla? In season 2, everyone tried being nice to Carla, included her, hashed things out, went on trips, and everyone was fine. So how did we get back to her being a victim? I love seeing Drita now, what a difference!
I also do not understand how Love, who is instrumental this season, not at reunion but everyone got to talk for her, about her, and questions were asked? Not good. I started to not like Ang from beginning of season, and I just do not think she is good tv - one season of her was good enough. If the show remains, I think Ang and Carla should run off in their fake sunset together.

Anonymous said...

Great recap! I like the series and some of the women. Carla & Big Ang seem fake. Ang seems upset when anyone says something about Carla. But when Carla is barking it is OK! I like Drita, Karen, Love, Renee and Ramona.

Morris Park said...

Okay, so what will Season 4 be about? The girls going out to lunch, PTA meetings, and starting a bowling league?

We want drama, fighting, name-calling and a suggestion of mob lifestyle these women have (or had). So Love was the guest villain on Season 3. It was not a life-time job.

Jenn Productions knows why MOB Wives is a winner & Season 4 will be about drama not cake sales and more massages.

What did Ramona's boyfriend actually do?
Does he support Ramona?
What happened to Karen's fake beauty business?
How did Big Ang get such a big house? Wasn't she in an apartment? I thought she worked at the bar not own it.

These shows do not pay big money. I doubt they even got paid for Season 1. I got a call and interviewed for an NBC/Ryan Seacrest reality show & was told NO MONEY was to be paid. I heard that is the way reality shows go.

So, why is Carla so ashamed of having a married boyfriend if he's paying all the bills?

Anonymous said...

Wow... I watched the show from day one and only as a viewer we see what we see... I like Carla and she stood by Drita last season when the same type of behavior from Karen and Ramona was on her. As I remember Karen bullied Carla and tried to bring her on her side where she would go against Drita but she wouldn't. It seems when they have someone to target they both jump in where they brought Love in the fued. Carla does point with her fingers and talks with her hands so do many. Love for what ever reason had a mission to target Carla from day one and if Carla sat there with her hands behind her back Love had something to prove and was going after her because it was just a perfect storm waiting to form. I admire Karen as a mother but I don't think respect is earned because of what our parents do; we live by example. You got to love Dave, the guy is so calm its just amazing, I think he should get back with Karen, opposites are great couples. I hope Renee does well she set the bar this season and shes a mother we all hope to have. As for Big Ang, she is the wise one and her gift is her humor and kindness. We all have different views but everyone should be able to beg to differ and be friends at the end of the day if not don't waste your time. Carla was clearly attacked and some say things when we are angry especially if someone is trying to hurt you. The only fault I see is she lowered herself to a level of someones clear violence by her tweets, so maybe it's a lesson learned and they need to just say "Let It Be" ......

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing Love was fired because they didn't want to condone violence. If this is the case, what about all the fighting that Drita, Karen & Ramona did? The fight on the roof. The fight at Renee's party. What's the difference between that violence and Love's fight? I for one missed Love on the reunion and will miss her next season.

Anonymous said...

Carla was not obligated to share with anyone her affair with the married man or details of her father for that matter. If she only wanted to talk about her uncle from the start of the show then that is her right and her business. And, yes, maybe Carla should be grateful to Karen's dad but that has NOTHING to do with Karen.

Anonymous said...

Love was used to deflect alot of bllsht off more than one Wife. How does renee come out smelling like a fkn rose? Love NEVER SAID WHO WAS FILLING HER EARS WITH THE CARLA CRAP-HASN'T ANYONE WONDERED THIS OTHER THAN ME & A FEW WISE FRIENDS? Carla lied at least 3 times and I was a huge supporter of hers.. very disappointing. Jenns actions-or non action depending how you look at it-was criminal this season. This viewer and friends were lost for next season

MiamiGirl said...

Ugh, Ramona, the mouth on you. Yuck. It seems to be rubbing off on Karen cause her mouth is getting worse too.

And the over exaggerated threats of violence are now just silly.

Ramona has such a pretty face, it's hard to watch her act like that. BTW, Karen looks great with lighter hair.

If they bring another mobwife on please let it be someone with a little self-respect and class. Someone who does not want to scrap on camera (its so gross to watch 2 women fighting) An Italian-American who is loyal and all those other admirable mob-like qualities. Oh, and ARTICULATE. Please.

Also, Loved Renee and Ang on the reunion.

Anonymous said...

Great recap! I have a question about a comment that wasnt elaborated on. Ramona revealed that Carla is a cop caller.. Did Carla call the cops on Love?

Sam T said...

The fight between Carla and Love seemed staged; we never saw Carla talk about Love on camera. This may be the case where Carla has said things about Love, but they were off-camera, so we will never know for sure. Overall, this was a great reunion, but we needed more Big Ang. I’ve been working late nights at DISH, and I also have a long train ride home afterwards. Because of this I would miss Mob Wives when it aired. To catch up on this show, I would watch it with DISH Anywhere on my iPad. It is nice having access to my favorite television shows, and watching them whenever I want. For me, this makes the long ride home, not so long.

PanzerBunny said...

Very nice take, honest and upfront. You are spot on about that Carla character. She sucks at being a mother, thank god their dad finally made it out in time to nurture those important years right now. Im sure they got dumped off at grammas a lot, from the looks of it. Her kids seemd near feral pre-Dad. Carla is a user, if you cant do or give she moves on to the next grift. As for Ang? What a nice lady. However,nice doesn't cut it. People eventually see through the bullshit of protecting a turd like Carla. Yeah, Carla would be so much cooler if she'd just chill on throwin so much shade. This playin stupid afterwards as though expecting a legion of baboons to fall in awe is her modus operandi i guess? Whateva dobie face! That Carla is so shady, im willing to wager that her ex probably took the fall for all the crap that went down at their work. Nice of her to keep throwing in everyones face he's a con. She really is ugly inside. Hope They all find some peace.