Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen Says "Season 6 Best One Yet"

This tweet has me on the edge of my seat!

So what's been going on on Twitter the past few days?  I have been keeping tabs on the Mob Wives' Tweets and have a few little things to share. Drita has half of us blocked so maybe you missed this little tweet:

Here she is with Ang and Brittany Fogarty . . . maybe filming?

Karen and Jenn were out and about having a good time the past couple of days. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for those conversations, especially after the first few drinks took effect! And who are these guys???

And what is especially interesting to me are the two new cast members/models, Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty. Jenn tweeted out their bikini clad sexy pictures the other day and something makes me think there is more to their business relationship than just Mob Wives. I did ask Jenn about that but of course there was no answer. She was probably busy.

Interesting Jenn, but are you opening a modeling agency?

And for fans looking to meet or connect with Mob Wives I have a couple of appearances you might be interested in. Renee will be hosting at the New You Beauty Bar in the Bronx on August 1st, 4 PM to 8 PM, so plan to be there!

And if you really missed Carla the past couple of seasons and want to meet her, this looks like the perfect occasion. Carla will be appearing at the Joker's Wild Comedy Club on Saturday, August 15th in New Haven, Connecticut. Carla is having a wine tasting followed by a comedy show. Check out all the details and tell your friends because this looks like fun and the cost very reasonable!

Click for larger view!

So there you have it, a little something for everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang's Season 6 Birthday Party!

Big Ang's celebrates birthday with her brother,
Stephen Raiola, cast and film crew

Last night Big Ang had a Birthday Bash. Drita commented on Twitter yesterday afternoon that she was getting ready to attend and there would be big surprises. I wasn't sure we would get any pictures of the event, but thanks to Big Ang's brother's Instagram we got quite a few shots of the event. As far as we can see the following cast members were there to help Ang celebrate: Renee, Carla, Karen, Drita along with Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty. Noticeably missing from the pictures were the two Natalies from Philly.
Note that almost all the photos include Ang's brother, who seems to be quite the ladies' man.

Stephen with the OGs

And Stephen manged to get photos with both the young, new models making their debut on Mob Wives Season 6!



AND . . . Brittany's Mom
Andrea Giovino

And there were a couple of other photos . . . 

We may be seeing the party on the show . . . in fact
I would bet on it!

Looks like everyone there enjoyed themselves. I hope, for Ang's sake, they all behaved and they got to eat cake without a fight scene!

SHOUT OUT to Brian Pro @PhillyBoy1988 for tipping me off to this nice collection of photos. Brian also has a Facebook Fan page with up-to-date information on Mob Wives. You can follow him on Twitter and his page at Mob Wives Bloodline 

Picture credit: Stephen Raiola Instagram Account.

Mob Wives: Season 6 Tweets of the Week

The Cricket Report "Chirp chirp"

News! Like a good little cricket, I have been following the tweets of the Mob Wives for a glimpse into season 6. There isn't too much to report this week, but I did manage to save a few tidbits to share with fans while we wait for something more exciting to fall into my lap.  

First I see that Jenn Graziano welcomed back Carla to season 6 and they both seemed to have agreed to put any disagreements they may have had behind them. I appreciated seeing that.

Then I posted a blog from a couple of months back where there was a lot Drita had to say about Jenn and the other cast members, none of it good. I don't know if Jenn missed it then or if she was even responding to that blog when I tweeted it out again. It may have been a coincidence (wink, wink), but she peaked my interest and then teased me for suspecting everything she says has to do with the show. She's right, that is exactly where my thoughts went. 

See that little wink at the end? 

But she treats all OGs equally!

Now Karen is another story. She likes to tweet out teasers all the time, unless things get ugly and then she just calls people out on it. Here's a little teaser from this week:

Karen's comment on this? "Bye Felicia" 
I wonder who she is talking about?

And there was some filming going on yesterday. It had to be a scene between Carla and Karen, and Karen was kept waiting. Here's a little twitter banter:

Again, I am happy to see everyone getting along!

And just this morning, new cast member Marissa Jade tweeted to Carla and Renee. We can clearly see which alliance she is part of.

P.S. In case anyone is interested:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie DiDonato, The Blood Rage

New 2015 Movie

I don't know if Natalie D will be back for season 6 of Mob Wives, but she sure has made the most of her opportunity and exposure on season 5. Natalie has many career ventures at the moment, including her role in this new movie, The Blood Rage, written and directed by Benjamin Jimerson. Natalie will be playing the role of Bercillia. No plot summary has been released yet, however it's in the Horror Genre and there will be vampires. You can watch Natalie explain what she has been up to since season 5 ended.

I think it's great that Natalie has moved on in a positive direction, whether or not she will be back for season 6. Natalie is also getting encouragement and support from Karen Gravano on Twitter.

It's great to see women supporting women!

We wish Natalie Didonato the best of luck in her film career and her future.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Welcomes Back Carla!

Carla always loved summer and she can take the heat!

Last time we saw Carla she walked into a party hosted by Renee and Drita was tripping on her own feet, dripping with guilt, to get out of her company. Carla has not been on Mob Wives since season three ended, except for that grand entrance that will forever be one of the highlights of season 5. Her fans have been begging for her to return since she left, and after a "taste" of the Philly chicks, so was I. And our prayers have been answered, Carla is back for season 6! All the original girls are back and hopefully to stay.

Carla has been keeping busy taking care of her children and tending to and building her two business ventures, Carla Facciolo Soaps and Facciolo Wine & Prosecco. She seemed to take her departure from Mob Wives in stride and worked on keeping fit at the gym and making money. When we did recently see her on the show, she was insulted by Drita's rude exit and yet she kept it civil. Even in interviews after that scene, Carla seemed to be in the dark as to why Drita dropped her as a friend. When Drita said, "We aren't friends like that any more" and "Talking to Carla is like talking to a mothball," Carla seemed totally perplexed by it. So maybe she is returning to season 6 to get some long overdue answers? Answers about their "friendship" and answers about the pact Drita broke with her and the other ladies, Karen and Ramona. I'd can't wait to hear that myself.

As for Season 6, Carla has dropped little hints as to what may be going on behind the scenes. Hints like:


More quotes about the TRUTH!

So let's all sit back, like Carla advises, and wait for the truth . . . the truth that Karen always stands behind . . the truth that Ramona says will rise to the top, like cream . . . the truth we are all waiting for in Season 6!

Welcome Back, Carla!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Is Karen Calling Out Drita?

Let me start by saying I love Karen's tweets. I can't swear I know exactly what she is mysteriously saying, but I try to read between the lines. This past Thursday Karen tweeted the above picture for #TBT. A little blast from the past. What you can't see is Renee is standing to the left of Karen and was cut in the edit. I have been studying this picture to see if there is a blog there. When I asked Karen she tweeted me I could get 5 blogs out of this picture. So here's my interpretation, but I have written about this before. At the end of season three, these four mob wives made a pact to stick together and ask for a raise. The show was doing well, and they felt they deserved more money. I happen to agree. Their agreement was, from what I have deciphered, that they all stick together and not return to work without more money. Well, the long and short of it is that Drita ended up selling out the others and negotiating her own deal. There were plenty of hard feelings at the time and probably still are. Fans of Drita refused to blame her and made excuses that she had a family to feed. To them I say so did the other three who are all single mothers, unlike her. So I have no sympathy for Drita, who not only doesn't know the meaning of the word "friendship," she doesn't know what "loyalty" means either. We've seen it time and time again.

So what is Karen saying with the tweeting of this picture? Well I am going to speculate that this is going to be part of season six's storyline. After all, Karen and Carla have a legitimate beef with Drita on two counts. First she blew them off as friends and then she betrayed them in business. Now, Ramona also has suffered from this betrayal. Ramona has had Drita's flip-floppin' number from day one. She only tolerated Drita for Karen's sake. She told us early on, in an interview, that we would see Drita's true colors and the truth would rise to the top like cream. I would not be surprised if Ramona came back for a little sitdown about this betrayal with the other two girls. However, I have to say that is wishful thinking on my part as I would love to have Ramona back. Now here is something not too subtle that was just tweeted last night by Karen:

Could Karen be referring to Drita?

We just posted a little twitter exchange between Karen and Drita in a blog, well not exactly between them because Drita has everyone blocked, including her own cast members and Jenn Graziano. But someone shared with Karen what Drita was tweeting and Karen responded (see highlighted link). This latest picture and message may be about the betrayal of the pact they made. Drita isn't going to want to hear the truth and the way she ran out of the room when Carla showed up last season tells me that she is guilty. Karen is all about the truth, so we know it's going to get out one way or another. Meanwhile, one of the new cast members, Marissa, is also talking about honesty the same day as Karen. Coincidence?

Sounds like something Karen could have written?

I think things are definitely heating up in Season 6 and hopefully it will spill out on Twitter for a glimpse of things to come. What do you make of all this?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mob Wives: Drita Breaking Code of Silence?

"Lady Boss" Drita is tweeting

Drita wasn't at the Hamptons with the other girls, but she has been sharing her thoughts on Twitter and maybe a little bit more? Drita has remained friends with Alicia since her departure after season four. And not long ago Drita tweeted something to Alicia which has us thinking that Alicia may be making an appearance or more on season 6. If this is true, I can see why season 6 may even top season 5 with Karen's comeback. Just check out this tweet

Alicia never said anything about returning to Mob Wives. In fact, if anything, Alicia has made it clear she isn't coming back. I suspect she doesn't want to have a sitdown with Karen over what she said in season four. But, maybe they made Alicia an offer she couldn't refuse?  Drita is either pulling our legs and Alicia isn't returning OR she just leaked a bombshell. Time will tell. Meanwhile, Alicia recently posted a picture of herself with Big Ang at LaScala Restaurant in Philly with a tweet:

"Reunited and it feels so good."
(for dinner or on the show?)

And then Drita gets a little personal about Jenn and her co-workers when asked a question about her being the target this season.

Hmmm, sounds like a recipe for drama!

And finally Karen's response:

I hope Drita spends more time on Twitter and drops a few more juicy details about season 6. One thing is clear, there is no love lost between Drita and Jenn or the original girls. Maybe Drita should move to Philly?