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Mob Wives: Brittany Fogarty Second New Addition?

Brittany Fogarty, the blonde between Karen and Marissa

Speculative SCOOP! I am tired of asking Jennifer Graziano for crumbs concerning season 6 of Mob Wives, so I went out and got myself a loaf of bread! A couple of days ago I got wind of a possible new addition to the cast, Marissa Jade, and have looked into her biography to fill everyone in. As you can see from the above photo, Marissa is in the Hamptons filming with the cast, so it's safe to speculate she will be in season 6. But, I noticed the tall, beautiful, blonde woman standing next to Marissa and wondered who is she and what is she doing there? After doing a little research, I believe she is Brittany Fogarty, daughter of Andrea Giovino, from I Married A Mobster. (Links to blogs on Andrea Giovino will be posted at the end of blog.) We have done several blogs on Ms. Giovino because of her husband, John Fogarty, and her own involvement with the mob. If this is Brittany Fogarty (and I believe it is), she is a legitimate "mob daughter." Here is a nice picture of mother and daughter . . .

Andrea Giovino and Brittany Fogarty

Besides being at the Hamptons for this fun filled weekend of filming, Brittany seems to be hanging out with "the" Mob Daughter of all mob daughters, Karen Gravano. Check this out:

A little drink between "mob daughters"

I think, based on these photos, there is something to this theory of mine. Brittany is also a model and what her role will be in Mob Wives, if she is indeed part of the cast, is beyond me. Here is an excerpt from an interesting interview that Brittany and her mother, Andrea Giovino, had with Joy Behar which aired August 2nd, 2011 on CNN. At the time Brittany was using her mother's last name and since then has gone back to using her father's.


BEHAR: OK. Now Brittany, you were born into mob life, as well? Right? How old were you when your father went to jail? 

BRITTANY GIOVINO, DAUGHTER OF MOBSTER JOHN FOGERTY: I was about eight months old when my father went to jail. 

BEHAR: So you never really grew up with that, but your mother was a mobster at the time or not? 

B. GIOVINO: Yes. Well, my father went to jail when I was eight months old, and then we moved and got relocated to Pennsylvania when she got arrested when I was about -- almost 2. So I mean, I was too young to know anything of -- I mean, I have no memory of any of that. 

BEHAR: So is it shocking that your mother was a mobster? 

B. GIOVINO: I wouldn`t say shocking, just because it was so openly talked about in our house. There was never like any secrets. I mean, we`ve always been so open with each other that I just kind of grew up hearing about all of it. So the stories were just always normal to me. 

BEHAR: But your father is in witness protection now? 

B. GIOVINO: Right. 


BEHAR: So do you have any connection to your dad? 

B. GIOVINO: He came back when I was about 11 years old to try and have a relationship with me and my brother. And we have somewhat of a relationship, but I think after like, from eight months old to 11 years old, I think that`s such a -- 

BEHAR: Crucial. 

B. GIOVINO: Crucial stage to bond with your children, and he wasn`t there. And then it`s like 11 years old, he shows up on your doorstep, hi, I`m your dad. Well, I was like, what, you`re my dad? OK, hi, dad. But I think the years of just bonding were just -- 

BEHAR: Lost. 

B. GIOVINO: Gone, yes. 

end of excerpt. You can find the whole transcript at CNN


So there you have it!  What do you make of this? Is Brittany Fogarty in the cast for season 6?  Until I see anything to the contrary I am leaning towards a big yes! Now my head is spinning with all the possibilities for storylines!  


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maharet1965 said...

Interesting . Still bummed GNat is back but hopefully she won't have too much of a storyline with 2 new girls . December is too far away . lol

Anonymous said...

brittfogarty will be a great addition. she's got lots of Spunk.. and shes very pretty .