Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mob Wives: Drita Breaking Code of Silence?

"Lady Boss" Drita is tweeting

Drita wasn't at the Hamptons with the other girls, but she has been sharing her thoughts on Twitter and maybe a little bit more? Drita has remained friends with Alicia since her departure after season four. And not long ago Drita tweeted something to Alicia which has us thinking that Alicia may be making an appearance or more on season 6. If this is true, I can see why season 6 may even top season 5 with Karen's comeback. Just check out this tweet

Alicia never said anything about returning to Mob Wives. In fact, if anything, Alicia has made it clear she isn't coming back. I suspect she doesn't want to have a sitdown with Karen over what she said in season four. But, maybe they made Alicia an offer she couldn't refuse?  Drita is either pulling our legs and Alicia isn't returning OR she just leaked a bombshell. Time will tell. Meanwhile, Alicia recently posted a picture of herself with Big Ang at LaScala Restaurant in Philly with a tweet:

"Reunited and it feels so good."
(for dinner or on the show?)

And then Drita gets a little personal about Jenn and her co-workers when asked a question about her being the target this season.

Hmmm, sounds like a recipe for drama!

And finally Karen's response:

I hope Drita spends more time on Twitter and drops a few more juicy details about season 6. One thing is clear, there is no love lost between Drita and Jenn or the original girls. Maybe Drita should move to Philly?


Melissa said...

You can tell this is starting to get to Drita, she is breaking her golden rule. What did she say at the reunion? I don't talk, or fight over the computer with anyone... I know I am not word for word, but something of that nature. This season sounds like it is going to be enjoyable, Drita has already called everybody out as being fake and what about you Drita? What about you...

RkGirl said...

Grown women acting the fool on Twitter. I won't be tuning in this season to your stupid show. I'm tired of the temper tantrums. #OldLadyCrybaby #GangstaMyAss #BernieSanders2016