Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie DiDonato, The Blood Rage

New 2015 Movie

I don't know if Natalie D will be back for season 6 of Mob Wives, but she sure has made the most of her opportunity and exposure on season 5. Natalie has many career ventures at the moment, including her role in this new movie, The Blood Rage, written and directed by Benjamin Jimerson. Natalie will be playing the role of Bercillia. No plot summary has been released yet, however it's in the Horror Genre and there will be vampires. You can watch Natalie explain what she has been up to since season 5 ended.

I think it's great that Natalie has moved on in a positive direction, whether or not she will be back for season 6. Natalie is also getting encouragement and support from Karen Gravano on Twitter.

It's great to see women supporting women!

We wish Natalie Didonato the best of luck in her film career and her future.

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