Friday, July 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Tweets of the Week

The Cricket Report "Chirp chirp"

News! Like a good little cricket, I have been following the tweets of the Mob Wives for a glimpse into season 6. There isn't too much to report this week, but I did manage to save a few tidbits to share with fans while we wait for something more exciting to fall into my lap.  

First I see that Jenn Graziano welcomed back Carla to season 6 and they both seemed to have agreed to put any disagreements they may have had behind them. I appreciated seeing that.

Then I posted a blog from a couple of months back where there was a lot Drita had to say about Jenn and the other cast members, none of it good. I don't know if Jenn missed it then or if she was even responding to that blog when I tweeted it out again. It may have been a coincidence (wink, wink), but she peaked my interest and then teased me for suspecting everything she says has to do with the show. She's right, that is exactly where my thoughts went. 

See that little wink at the end? 

But she treats all OGs equally!

Now Karen is another story. She likes to tweet out teasers all the time, unless things get ugly and then she just calls people out on it. Here's a little teaser from this week:

Karen's comment on this? "Bye Felicia" 
I wonder who she is talking about?

And there was some filming going on yesterday. It had to be a scene between Carla and Karen, and Karen was kept waiting. Here's a little twitter banter:

Again, I am happy to see everyone getting along!

And just this morning, new cast member Marissa Jade tweeted to Carla and Renee. We can clearly see which alliance she is part of.

P.S. In case anyone is interested:

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Melissa said...

Thank you Chaira for keeping us fans up to date on the latest. There was a pic posted of a pic of Brit F Big Ang and Drita, I am curious to see if that is an alliance forming between those three, speculating of course? lol. If I could look into my magic ball, I think we will see more of the neutral Ang back this season. Time will tell. :)