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Mob Wives: A Sweet Interview with Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano looking fabulous, now Bootylicious can be added.
Last Monday morning Renee Graziano of Mob Wives graciously gives me an interview for The Mob Wives Blogspot.  Unbelievably in the mist of preparing to go under the knife.  Yes, Renee is getting more plastic surgery. I know she didn’t sleep Sunday night from her tweet.  I barely slept myself.  I wanted to touch on the things that are near and dear to her heart.  Things we have heard about already & things we haven't.  I hope I will do justice to Renee, to the Mob Wives and to our blog.  Ok here goes, the phone is ringing, it’s Renee!

Hi Renee, I have to say that it was a thrill meeting you and your sister Jennifer at Sugar recently.  I want to thank you for doing this interview for The Mob Wives Blogspot. The show does not show the fun side of you, or the warm and loving side of you, the way your interviews do. I didn’t know what to make of all of you at first from the show.  Yet as I watched the Mob Wives series, the interviews, read and wrote articles about all of the cast; you have become my favorite Mob Wife hands down. First let’s talk about the show.

1a. Did you have any idea the show would be such an overnight success?
Yes, I truly believed it would be a success because there are no mob related shows that are told from a female perspective.  It’s very controversial.

1b. What was your favorite scene from season one?Anything with A.J.!  My two favorite scenes were at the Lake House, with all the girls, because that showed unity between the women. My other favorite scene is with AJ at the restaurant “Il Cortile.”

1c. Can you tell us anything at all about what season 2 might hold in store for you personally?Yes, I can tell you that you will continue to see me grow, you will see me dating, you will see my new body, and of course Jail Mail.

1d. I've noticed that you seem to do more promotion for the show than the other Mob Wives. Why is that?I am very personable in interviews, interviewers like me. I have a funny side, the gift of gab and I always, always tell the truth.

2. Jail Mail Inc. has gotten a lot of interest from viewers. Can you tell us if you will have a staff and office for your new company?  How involved will you personally be in its day to day operation, considering how busy your life is?Jail Mail Inc. is the most important project of my life. I have had the idea for about 10 years, but could never do anything with it because of things that were going on at the time. So I will be very involved and very hands on. Hopefully, we will find the right staff and I will have an office.

3. You recently said that you were working on a line of cookbooks. I think it’s a great idea! Can you tell us anything about the books, for example will each book contain specific kinds of recipes like appetizers, main meals, desserts?
The cookbook series is going to have a little bit of everything in it from the well kept secrets of the Graziano kitchen. Some really good food is going to come out of those books.

Renee with her buddy 50 Cent

4. You have worked as a wardrobe stylist and you recently did some work for Ghostface Killah’s new video on the show. If you could do wardrobe styling for any celebrity of your choice, who would you pick and why?
I would love to dress 50 Cent again. I am a huge fan of his and his music and also a friend. 50 has a great body and I love dressing him up. He makes the clothes look good.

If I could pick a movie star to work with I would pick George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. George Clooney would also make the clothes look good and Julianna because I love her.

5. It’s obvious you have great fashion sense and you always look like a classy lady. Do you have any particular stores where you like to shop or a particular designer you whose clothing line you prefer?
I love Tadashi’s designs, her dresses are fit for anyone. I’m an Annie Sez girl because they have a little bit of everything. I’m a smart shopper.

6. Your father will be getting released from prison this August. Can you share some of your feelings about that?
Yes, August 4th. I am so, so, so, so happy about that. AJ and my father are very close. He is my dad no matter what and I have so much respect for him. I would love to find a man who shows the same loyalty and smarts as my father, he is a great man. He is very good to his daughters and a great father.

We were pressed for time.  I wanted to tell Renee that I asked that question because I lost my father 11 years ago.  He passed away, after being ill with cancer. I miss him so much and would give anything if he were able to come back, even for a day. I am so happy for Renee and her family. She is getting her dad back and I understand how happy she feels about his release.

7. Mob Wives fans adore AJ because he is such wonderful young man. I’m sure he has made you proud of him many times in his life. Can you share with us a specific time or two when he made you especially proud?
Yes I can. The proudest moment was when my son AJ won the Triple C Award. They give this award to two children a year. He got it in fifth grade. The triple C stands for courage, commitment, and character and is one of the most honorable awards received. This was my proudest moment, because at 10 years old it was amazing to know that he possessed three qualities that many people may not ever have in their lifetimes. AJ, keeps me level headed. He is the one I get angriest with the most, he is the one I love the most, he is the one I trust more than anyone.

8. Sometimes as women get older they feel like they have turned into their mothers. Can you tell us about your mother and what lessons you’ve learned from her?
Renee laughs when she hears the question and then says, “I definitely turned into my mother, I am overbearing and neurotic.”

9. One of Mob Mistress' pet peeves in sleeveless furs. She wants to know what's the purpose of a fur without sleeves?
It’s just a fashion thing, and it’s for like in October when it’s not too cold.

Not a bad favorite dessert!

10. I am have been wondering, since you are such a great cook, what is AJ’s favorite homemade dish that only his mother can cook for him?
AJ hears the questions and chimes in “Chicken cutlets.” Renee agrees, “My chicken cutlets are delish.”

11.  Now I really can’t wait for the cookbooks to come out because my chicken cutlets need help!
I'd like to get some quick one or two word answers to "favorites" of yours that your fans might be interested in, ready?


Color: Green

 Meal to cook: Sunday Sauce

Brand of shoes: I’m not a “label whore,” they just have to look great and feel comfortable

Perfume: Insolence by Guerlain, but what I wear all the time is Hanae Mori

Vacation Place: The Bahamas, it’s always fun in the Bahamas.

Dessert: Oreos and milk

Movie: “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. and the Garth Brooks song from it, (“To Make You Feel My Love”)

Restaurant: My two favorite restaurants are Il Cortile and Mr. Chows.

Holiday: Birthdays, kid birthdays, because that’s the day God gave us life.

Season: Spring

Hotel: The Roosevelt in LA

12. One last thing, is there anything you would like our readers to know about you that hasn’t been asked?

I want readers to know that I am really, really nice and so far from what the show portrays.

Renee Graziano smiling as if a cat that swallowed the canary.
I can certainly vouched for Renee. Having met Renee and having talked to her in person and on the phone, she is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. In a couple of minutes you feel like you’ve known her forever. I’m sure Mob Mistress would agree.

13. One more question? If you don’t mind, can you tell us who this Mystery Man is that you tweeted about from the wrap party? Renee laughs. I tell her it’s all the buzz now and inquiring minds want to know. Renee says: I can’t tell you his name, but he is a long time friend and we are just friends right now, but we are both interested. He is an ex pro football player, a successful businessman, and he has a big heart---as big as mine. He is 6’ 4” extremely good looking, and highly intelligent. He is a wonderful guy and AJ likes him. I can tell you this, for me he is more than halfway there. AJ gives him an 85% out of 100, but probably no man will get 100% from AJ when it comes to his mom.

I think it’s wonderful that Renee has been seeing a man who is also her friend and I hope the relationship blossoms for both of them down the road. If he has AJ’s 85% then he is doing great! As much as I hate it, it’s time to let Renee go. Can you believe she was so nice she took her phone into the car and continued answering questions while driving to the hospital?

Renee, I’ve covered everything on my inquiring mind. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. It’s been such a pleasure to get to meet you and speak with you. I really do hope we get to chat again soon. I wish you well on your surgery and I will pray for a good outcome and a speedy recovery.

She thanks me for that.  So ends my first reality celebrity interview, in fact my first interview of any kind. I am an amateur, but Renee Graziano made it easy.  She has an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you are old friends reconnecting.  I can’t thank her enough. 

If you missed Renee's outstanding family recipe for Sunday sauce & meatballs read here.  As many of us know Renee's pride and joy is A.J. check out his interview here.  Well I've done my good deed for the readers.  We have just a week and a half to watch The Mob Wives Reunion airing July 10.  Reruns are just going to have to tie us over until then.

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Real Housewives of NJ-Parenting and Kids

Albert & Caroline Manzo with Lauren, Chris and Albie
Watching reality TV, I can’t help but be amazed at some of these kids. It seems either they’re fantastic, or I wanna reach through the screen and smack ‘em.

Let’s take a look at the RHONJ kids and their parents.

Caroline: My favorite NJ housewife, who raised 2 wonderful sons who don’t mind working hard. But then there’s Lauren. Every time I see Lauren, I see a very poised, intelligent person who seems to never get as much credit from Caroline as the sons do. Middle child stigma? Italian mother favoring the sons stigma? Or is Caroline just being harder on Lauren to make her a stronger woman? We, of course, never know all the details but I wish Lauren would get more kudos.

Jacqueline: Oh, brother. How did such a classy person end up with a daughter like Ashley who is the Queen of Manipulation? Chris buys her a new Jeep because he loves the kid. He will co-sign and pay the first 2 payments. Ashley knew to not involve Jacqueline in this because Jacqueline would say no. Ashley apparently manipulated Chris into doing just that as well. But, of course!, Ashley claims. She deserves a new Jeep because she is working part time and interning! But when Chris wants to take the 2nd set of keys, and wants to take the Jeep to get coffee later, that little witch has the nerve to say no??? I yelled at the screen so loud, my dog ran under my desk. My blood pressure is going up as I type, so on to the next kid…

Joe & Teresa Guidice with all four of their girls.
Teresa: Can you say “oblivious”? With all the crap that her family is putting her sister-in-law Melissa through, Teresa makes me want to scream sometimes. Ok, not as much as Danielle did, but still…She put her family in the poor house with all her spending and never thought a thing of it. I’m glad Teresa finally asked her brother Joe what she could do to make things better with Melissa. Again, Caroline had to step in and tell her to make it right. Teresa didn’t like that because she feels she is an adult and doesn’t need advice like that. But Teresa is so childish, it now makes me very concerned for Gia. It was evident at the gymnastics meet how much Gia loves her Uncle Joe. I’m afraid when Joe Giudice has to go to jail for trying to obtain a license using false ID, Teresa will never have the maturity to raise those kids alone. Gia will suffer the most because she is the most aware of what’s going on. She is a great kid who has a big heart and loves her family. You can see it in Gia’s eyes that she is wise beyond her years. I love it when she rolls her eyes at something Teresa does because I’m sure 99% of the watchers of the show are doing the same thing at the same time.

Rich & Kathy Wakile with Victoria and Joseph (my favorite Bravo kid <3!
Kathy: Great parenting by Kathy and Rich. Their kids Victoria and Joseph have a solid relationship with their parents, as evidenced by the contract segment. I’m sure that because Victoria had to go through such a traumatic time when she had brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a tennis ball, that the event made her grow up rather quickly. She seems like a great kid and I liked her right away. I love the relationship that she and Joseph have. But Joseph himself? He is my FAVORITE RHONJ kid! He has the most wonderful smile and sense of humor, loves his sister and is honest with his parents. He has that Ralph Macchio personality and every time I see the repeat of the contract episode, I find myself wearing a huge ear to ear grin because this kid just makes me laugh. I know that Kathy said people think she is too overprotective of her kids, but if those kids turned out like that, I think NOT! Great parenting.

Of course, we only see fragments of their lives and I’m sure much gets edited out. It’s tough being in the public eye. But I feel, for the most part, these kids help make the show as much fun to watch as it is watching their mothers.

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Mob Wives: A Whack Pageant

I have not done much in regards to blogging about the Mob Wives series.  Actually just so you know I have about 4, coughs 5 blogs waiting in the drafts to be published.  Now if you don't see anymore posts from me you know Mob Mistress has fired me, for complaining about the management around here.

A sin is a sin; I have to admit to not watching Mob Wives every week faithfully.  What can I type?  I have a family to provide for; career before hobby right?  I do watch an episode here and there.  I did however make a date to watch the Mob Wives finale episode.  No worries lotion was not involved.  I do not want to turn off any readers.  I was glued to my chair the entire episode.  As I sat there, I thought, 'These women are quite attractive.'    In the tradition of Miss America and Miss USA I thought that I would give you my list of who I think would win the tiara.  The scores are based on looks, personality, and who would most likely whack me, in the middle of the night.

The first contestant is Renee Graziano.  Per my tastes Renee is not the most attractive. She seems to like her cosmetic & plastic surgery.  I have a type.  Ms. Graziano's strong features are a bit much for me. I have viewed old & current pictures.  She is a good looking woman; I would rate her a 6.  Renee has the most pleasant personality on the show. She seems genuine in her efforts and in life.  In addition, she seems like a real friend to the women. I give her a 9 in personality. As for the whacking in the middle of the night she does not strike me as too crazy.  She scores low on the whack scale; I give her a 3.

Once upon a time there was Bennifer, then there was DRILA.
The second contestant is Carla Facciolo. She is a fit woman & has a nice figure. Her face is really pretty.  She is one that fits my type well. Her nose is a little big.  However, it does not take away from her beauty.  The hair does not work for me.  It seems like she needs some type of update to bring her into the 21st century. I give her a 7.  Carla's personality is kind of suspect.  She seems a little conniving and dishonest.  I am not sure if she really likes anybody on the show except for herself.  2 is all I give her for personality.  As for whacking me she seems too out of it to do any killing.  I think she would not do me dirty. She earns a whack score of 1.

Drita D'avanzo is the next contestant. She is a beautiful woman.  She is the most fit. You can tell that all the Leeing through the years have aged her.  Her face is really hard.

(Mob Wife slang)

1. To defend Lee.
2. To send Lee mozzarella, cold cuts & Vanilla Coke.
3. To waste a decade of one's life waiting for Lee.
4. To act as if Lee is something a woman could not get over. (Example: Karen Gravano)
5. To listen to Lee behind bars call you a dirty cunt.
6. To protect Lee's name.  In spite of it NOT being a name one could protect due to his public criminal record.

Even so, D.D. is a striking woman.  I watched the sexy photo shoot episode.  My reaction, "Wow!"  She can look really soft.  Her looks get an 8.  Drita possesses the most entertaining personality show wise. She is a hulk minus the green & shredded clothing.   The one time soccer athlete is ready to fight at the drop of a lek (Albanian coin).  She is fiery.  There is a major drawback to this fiery personality.  Mrs. D'avanzo does not take time to listen and calm down.  A fighter in every aspect, she does not back down.  I will give her a 6 for personality.  I do believe I am afraid of Drita.  She would have zero trouble killing me if I pissed her off.  She is off the charts when it comes to anger & overreaction.  Rage garners her a 10 in the whack capable meter.  I am afraid, very afraid.

Last but not least, it's Karen Gravano's chance to win the tiara.  When I was asked who is the one I find most attractive I immediately answered, "Karen."  She fits my type.  I could explain but I have sh!t to do.  It's called sleep.  Just know, I find her very attractive. She is not the most fit but who cares?  I don't.  Her face is pretty.  Her body has womanly curves.  She gets a 9 from me.  In addition her personality is equally to my liking.  She is not the most friendly.  Yet, she does seems to be honest.  Through her dealings with Drita, I am under the impression she truly tried to be a friend.  The daughter of Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano values loyalty. She is not fiery.  Though she seems like she can handle herself if needed.  Ultimately, I give her a 7 for personality. As for the whacking part, she could go Drita on me.  When it's all blogged & done, I think she could take the Al Green route,  throwing hot grits on me.  I speculate Karen's whack potential is a 5.

Are boots just made for walking? Take notes ladies.
To declare the 1st winner we will calculate the scores for each Mob Wife.  The formula is looks plus personality minus whacking potential = Tiara for the Mob Wife with the greatest potential not to kill me if  we were an item. 

Renee: 6+9-3=12
Carla: 7+2-1=8
Drita: 8+6-10=4
Karen: 9+7-5=11

The winner with my math is Renee.  Karen is the runner up.  I was tempted to skew the results as if Donald Trump & pick who I think is the prettiest.  While physical beauty is important to most men, it can fade quickly.  If you manage not to get whacked by your wife you're left with her personality.  I find Renee the most enjoyable.  I could hang out with her.  Honestly I like a little meat on a woman.  Renee and Karen both fit the bill.  It was very close, fur coat to fur coat.  I crown Renee Graziano of Staten Island, New York - Mrs. Mob Wife U.S.A. 2011 (season 1 of Mob Wives).

I can't wait for the Mob Wives Reunion show airing Sunday, July 10 on VH1 @ 8PM.  After watching the finale I know the Mob Wives won't let me down. I am looking forward to seeing them all dressed up.  As always, I appreciate you're reading.  Share your thoughts on who would win if you were the judge.

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Mob Wives: Recap 110 The Finale “Rumble On The Rooftop”

At Karen’s apartment David is on the phone and Karen tells him she finished the first chapter of her book. She says she gets along well with Renee now, they have put their issues behind them and reconnected, but her and Drita not so much. It’s about the book, Drita still feels it’s about bashing Lee, but Karen gave her the first chapter as a way of trying to reassure her and show her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Karen tells Dave she really wants her daughter in New York with her and asks Dave if he would move back to NY. He says if it was the best thing for his child he would move back. Karen believes he is trying to be a good dad. He tells Karen to focus on what she came there to do, take care of business and not worry about the haters. They seem to have a good relationship.

Renee is seeing her therapist, Kelly, and she tells her she is happy. She has decided to remove Junior completely out of her life and she is putting herself first from now on. She feels by letting Junior go, it’s empowering her. She has been listening more and sees how the other women are making changes in their lives and she realizes that is what she needs to do. So she getting focused, on point and centered, and moving on with her life.

Carla talks to Joe on the phone, he is at the halfway house, but he stays with friends on the weekend and the kids stayed with him. She is concerned about Joe adjusting, but she is happy he is out.

At Drita’s house, her friend Nicole comes to visit to catch up. Drita is stressed out over Karen’s book, but she never read it or talked to Karen about it. Drita keeps saying that Lee is going to be in the book and Karen has disrespected her house and her family, so she doesn’t trust Karen or her book. Drita tells Nicole that Karen’s timeline is all wrong. Karen says Drita got together with Lee during the first year that Karen broke up with him. Drita says she got together with Lee two years later and that she and Karen weren’t even friends at the time; she and Karen hadn’t talked in over a year. Drita says Karen even F’ed Drita’s boyfriend while she was with Lee. Drita is aggravated about everything Karen says because none of it’s true. Nicole tells her to confront Karen in front of Carla.

Renee and Karen get together and talk about the first chapter of Karen’s book. Karen tells her she gave Drita a copy of it and she never called back to talk to her about it. Karen did it as a way of extending an olive branch so that Drita would be comfortable about the book and their friendship. Renee doesn’t think she needed to give it to Drita at all. What does Karen care what Drita thinks? Drita is still complaining about the book? Either they are friends or they aren’t, says Renee. What’s going on? Renee jokes that Karen and Drita need to go into the woods for a long weekend and see who comes out!

Drita’s calls Carla on the phone. Drita needs to see Carla right away, she is very upset. Carla says she can meet her in 20 minutes for a drink. Drita and Carla meet and Drita says she found out something about Lee that she never knew. She went to a hair salon with Aleeya, and a lady in the back calls out to Aleeya by name telling her she can watch television while Drita gets her hair done. This woman knows Aleeya’s name yet Drita has never taken her there. So Drita has a bad feeling and calls the owner of the salon to ask about this woman. The owner told her she used to date a guy a couple of years ago who had a tribal tattoo and he came in with a baby. Drita knows it had to have been Lee and he was cheating on her with this woman from the salon. She has been waiting for him all this time, because he was good to her, and now she finds out he was cheating on her the two years he was home. She is very angry and says he is lucky he is in jail right now so she can’t get to him. All this time she has been waiting and he was cheating on her. Carla sympathizes with Drita, she was cheated on too by Joe, and she knows how it feels. Drita doesn’t want to talk to Lee. She may have wanted a reason to leave him, but not this reason.

Drita is stressed over this Lee secret. She goes to see a lawyer. He tells her he can get her out of this situation if that is what she wants. He has been in jail for so much of the time it’s called “Irretrievable Breakdown” and she has good grounds for divorce. Lee has no idea she is seeing a lawyer. A divorce would not bother Giselle because she doesn’t even know her father, but it would hurt Aleeya, she adores her father. Drita has to think about it. The lawyer says he will take care of everything when she is ready.

Carla is at home talking to a friend and she tells her Joe is in the halfway house. But what concerns her is what he said. If he doesn’t get his own place soon he is going to be on her doorstep. Carla is concerned she will have no privacy and it’s not good for the kids to have him come home only to move out again. Plus his dirty laundry will be all over the place. She doesn’t like the idea.

At Drita’s house, she is walking around upset and stressed and she decides she wants to let everyone know that she did not betray Karen. She calls Renee to invite her to the meeting and the other two women as well. Renee is looking forward to the conversation because she thinks it’ll be a showdown between Karen and Drita.

The all meet at the Rare View Restaurant for dinner. Three women arrive first, Drita gets there a little later. That leaves the three of them guessing what this meeting is all about. They are laughing and Karen even jokes, maybe it’s a dinner to celebrate her first chapter, maybe Drita liked it? Drita walks in and kisses everyone hello and tells them they all look pretty. She says she needs Carla and Renee there because if she confronts Karen alone then they will all be calling each other and talking about it behind their backs. This way it’s all out in the open. Renee can see how stressed out Drita is and she is glad she has a front row seat.

Drita tells Karen that she is fed up with the talk of how she betrayed her with Lee. Drita tells her that her timeline is off. Karen is stunned, she thought this issue was already resolved and over with and now it’s coming back up again.

Drita wants to tell her side. She says that when she hooked up with Lee it was not the same year that Karen broke up with him, it was two years later. She says Karen and Lee broke up in 1997 and she got together with him in 1999. Drita says she did not talk to Karen for a year before she got together with Lee, so in her opinion they were no longer friends.

Karen says she was cheating on Lee with other men for a long time while she was still living with him. They hadn’t officially broken up till 1998...Oh brother! Great excuse.

They get back into the timeline again and I can hardly follow along. But, Karen says it’s not about the timeline anyway. She asks Drita, “Did we have a fight?” over and over till Drita says no…so in Karen’s mind it means they were still friends, talking or no talking. She says they only stopped talking because Karen moved to Arizona, not because they stopped being friends. Drita feels Karen shouldn’t care about Lee, and who was or wasn’t with him, because she cheated on him so many times. Karen insists it’s not about a timeline it’s about the friendship! Drita says she was not Karen’s friend when she got together with Lee, they didn’t talk, they weren’t friends.

The Drita yells at Karen, “You F’ed my boyfriend when you were with Lee!” Karen says she did not, they just made out. Karen adds, “And you ratted me out!”

Big Fight! Karen stands up and Drita blacks out and goes crazy. She lunges at Karen. Renee winds up on the floor with her legs in the air. Drita is pulling Karen’s hair. Drita is in attack mode. Security enters to pull them apart. They want to kill each other as they are cursing each other out……fade out! The season ends with a BIG BANG!

Renee is the one who gets hurt in the fight!  Here is a picture of her bruised leg that she tweeted yesterday, OUCH!:

Well, the finale was worth waiting for! Lee’s secret was unexpected and the way Drita found out was devastating. I was waiting for her to drive up to his prison and pay him a little visit. But, I was happy she consulted a lawyer and is looking into her options. What a slap in the face to wait all this time for a cheater! I feel sorry for Drita, she wasted the best years of her life on this man and on top of that, she chose to leave a career in professional soccer for him. Thank God she is still young and can start over, but it must have felt like a kick in the gut.

Carla is concerned about Joe messing up her routine and her neat house. I knew it. I said so last week. He is going to cramp her style. Oh well, it should all be worked out by now, that happened weeks ago. We’ll see what season two brings.

Renee is moving in a positive direction. Once she let’s go of Junior she will be able to direct her energy in positive directions. She has a lot going on in her life. Besides AJ, she has the show, Jail mail Inc launching, her wardrobe styling, and she mentioned cook books too! All that should keep her mind off Junior. And, she just tweeted a picture of her and a handsome man at the Finale Party with subtle hints, but didn’t tell us who he was!

Now the whole Drita and Karen situation is has been blown so out of proportion it’s not even funny. Anyone can clearly understand what they are both saying, if they said it once they said it a million times. Karen: “It’s about friendship.” Drita: “It’s about me being with Lee.” Timeline? Karen was the one that kept mentioning the timeline over and over. Drita never used the word timeline till tonight. Now Karen says who cares about the timeline? Karen did emphasize that Drita got with Lee the same year she broke up with him and implied that the short time made it all the worse. That’s what I heard all season. Now she doesn’t care about the timeline. Well, they promised a BIG BANG and they delivered it! I can’t wait for next season already. Meanwhile we have the reunion to look forward to.

This is me in my Drita voice: “When are we getting a new show? I need to know!”

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Mob Wives: Season 1 Finale Party at Pacha, NYC

Yesterday, the Mob Wives celebrated Season 1’s Finale of the show at Pacha NYC in Manhattan. There, to report on the events, was Kiawana Rich from Silive.  All four wives were at the event along with many guests and family. Among those attending were Junior Pagan, Jennifer Graziano’s son, Justin, AJ’s girlfriend, Sydney.

Ti Ti Renee with her dapper nephew Justin, son of Jennifer Graziano
The show has been a big hit from day one. However it was not so popular with the residents of Staten Island, who feel it portrays them in a bad light. I don’t agree with that stance. There is no particular group in New York City that defines the whole city or any section of the city. We are as big of a melting pot as there is going to be in this country. If anything, maybe the residents should be thanking the Mob Wives for advertising many of the businesses on their show and drawing public interest to their establishments? They just may be putting Staten Island on the map.

In any case, it looks like it was a huge celebration, as it should be, for it’s not only the end of a successful Season 1 of Mob Wives.  It's a beginning of another season to look forward to, the building of an international viewership.  We can't forget also the possible growth of Mob Wives franchise with p the addition of other city spin-offs.  There is really a lot to celebrate!  Click here to read Kiawana Rich's hands on repost of the Mob Wives wrap up party. Check out the video and let us know what you think?

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Mob Wives: A.J. Pagan "Limes It Up" Interview

A.J. Pagan doesn't know it but I am not feeling at all good.  On top of being sick, I am nervous interviewing him.  I've never interviewed a kid before.  It's somebody's child and more importantly Anthony Graziano's grandson.  So, I have to give myself a lecture on acting like I have some sense.  You all realize by now I have none.  Any commentary not in white are my thoughts & our laughing during the interview & were not voiced to the young Mr. Pagan.  I don't even like kiddie pools.  So you know I ain't trying to swim with the fish(es).

Hello A.J. how is your day going?

I am good.  How are you?

I am good.  I lie.  The kid doesn't want to hear my 'Cry Me A River' list of ailments.  Let’s get this interview rolling. You seem to be a hit with the young ladies and most of the Mob Wives’ viewers. Why do you think viewers adore you?

He laughs.  I think it's my personality & good looks.  Also, I'm laid back & not with the dramatics.

I laugh I think it’s because you show that you have a lot of common sense and carry yourself well. Which is a testament to your parents. What's your favorite color and why?

Lime green.


Lime green.


Lime green is my favorite color.

Are you serious?


Are you running one over on me?  Are you serious?

Yeah, I like lime green.  It's a cool color.

He laughs.  I laugh.  So do you like wear lime green clothes?

Not really, but I do have one lime green shirt.

I see.

Oh and I have some sneakers with some lime green detail.

I am raising my eyebrow.  So you wear the lime green shirt sometimes with the kicks?

Yeah.  He laughs.

I am hesitant to ask the next question for fear he is going to answer Rocky Mountain Oyster.  Alrighty, what’s your favorite ice cream?


Oh my God this kid is killing me with his short answers.  Coffee?

Yep, coffee.

Okay, okay any particular brand?

Haagen Daas.  He laughs.

I swear the joke is on me.  I laugh too.  So are you a regular coffee drinker?


You don't drink coffee.  But you eat coffee ice cream?

He laughs.  Yep.

Can you share with us what’s your fondest childhood memory?

 My fondest childhood memory?

Yep.  I decide to give him a taste of his own teenage medicine.

Oh that's hard.  There are so many.  Once we were on vacation with the whole family in the Bahamas.  That was a great time.  We were jet skiing.

I think jet skiing!  When the hell was this last year?  So I have to ask.  How old were you?


Seven!  You were seven years old and jet skiing?!  Do you realize I am an old woman who has never sat my ass on a jet ski?

What can I say I am a rebel.

We both laugh.  You're in high school.  What grade are you in?

I just finished 11th.  So, I'll be a senior in the fall.

Did you go to the junior prom?

No.  Our school doesn't have a junior prom, only senior.

That sucks!   Do you have any ideas about college?

Yes, I plan on majoring in business.

I am about to get all up in your business.  Do you have a girlfriend?


A.J. Pagan with Mob Mom Renee Graziana & girlfriend Sydney
 Come on A.J.  I need a first name and what you like about her.

Sydney.  I really like her personality. She's fun to hang out with.

How long have you two been a couple?

One month.

How does she cope with your celebrity?

Great, it doesn't phase her.  It doesn't matter to her.

Sounds like the right girlfriend.  Do people recognize & approach you a lot?

Actually people really don't approach me unless I am with my mom.

That's really respectful!  There is hope for our planet.  How do you feel when individuals refer to Mob Wives as a disgrace?

I really don't think some people understand.  They're women trying to make it.  They're not promoting the lifestyle.  They're women trying to raise their families and move forward.

What’s your take on those who are saying your mother is doing something wrong by sharing a piece of her life on national television?

It's her life.  My mother is an open book, always has been.  She might as well get paid for it.

Good answer!  I bust up laughing.  I was not expecting that response.  One more mother question what does a man have to do to date your mother? Would you believe I have the nerve to follow with another question about Renee Graziano?  And what type of man would you like to see your mother with?

He has to have a lot of patience.  He puts extra on the 'a lot' part.  I laugh.  I would like to see her with a respectful gentleman.  He needs to past my test.  I need to like him.

What's your test?

I can't tell you.  He may read this interview & cheat.

Can he bribe you into liking him?


What's your favorite Mob Wives' scene?

Renee Graziano lovingly hugs a young A.J. for a pose.
My mom beating up Carla (Facciolo).  She got loud.  My mom shut her down.

Wow! I swear I wish you all could hear this kid.  It's not what he says.  It's his delivery.  When he attends college he may want to minor in comedy.  Okay, I need to pull myself together.  You're killing me over here.  I told you I was old.  You are going to cause me to laugh myself right into a stroke.  What's your least favorite Mob Wives' scene?

My mom's face, it was mind boggling.  He is referring to Renee's skin rejuvenation, SEE MORE HERE.

I know. I agree that was like whoa.  We make some rude commentary around here.  But honestly A.J. I think your mom is an attractive woman.  Do you think she needs all that cosmetic surgery?

No!  My mom is beautiful just the way she is.  She doesn't need to change a thing.  I love her the way she is.  She's beautiful.

Did that skin rejuvenation really make a difference?

Her skin is smoother.  But she didn't need it.

Any special plans for the summer?

The shore.

Here this kid goes again with the short answers.  All I can do is laugh.  A.J would that be the Jersey Shore?


Well A.J. it's been fun chatting with you.  Anything we haven't addressed that you want to share with The Mob Wives Blogspot?

I want to tell all the people who watch the show to definitely tune in for season 2 of Mob Wives.  It's going to be really good.  I think the audience is going to see a bit more of me.  Also I want to thank people for being really positive to me and supporting the show.  It means a lot to me and my mom.

Oh A.J. I need you to do me a favor.

What's up?

You know I am a little scared of your Auntie Jenn.

What?!  She's the sweetest lady!


Yeah, she so sweet.

I think of course she's sweet to you. You're her nephew for Christ's sake. You know A.J. life has taught me it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

He laughs.  Oh yeah, you are right about that one!

You think you could butter your Auntie up for me?  Put in a good word for me & help me get an interview.

He laughs.  Yeah, Mob Mistress I'll hook you up.

Thank you!  Well I am going to let you go.  It was really nice talking to you.  You had me laughing the whole time.  You are a funny young man.

You're welcome.  I hope to talk to you again.  Thanks bye.

Bye A.J.!

True to A.J.'s word he buttered up his Auntie Jenn.  I received a call from Jennifer Graziano's assistant Anthony.  He told me A.J. had mentioned my interest in interviewing Jennifer Graziano.  Did I tell you all how much I love A.J. Pagan?!  He's a stand out favorite among all the bickering, Leeing, hair pulling, sleeveless furs, prison phone calls & Hulking.  He's the eye of the storm when it comes to the Mob Wives series.  Imagine a teenager who shows the most maturity and common sense in a cast of grown folks.  If I didn't see it Sunday after Sunday, I'd swear someone was making it up.  I'm still blown away @ the fact lime green is his favorite color.

If you didn't know The Mob Wives Blogspot is chumping @ the bit to watch tonight's finale episode.  It's going to be hotter than a drumstick in a deep fryer.  Set your DVR or television reminders for VH1  @8pm/ 7pm central, it's going to be a crazy episode.  I wouldn't miss it for a date with Spartacus.  Trust, this old hag turning down a date with a fine young man in loin cloth, all hot & sweaty is a big deal.  Yeah, I know too much information.

All written content is exclusive property of The Mob Wives Blogspot and is protected by copyrights or other intellectual property rights. You are prohibited from using, copying, altering, modifying, or changing our work. Unauthorized use of this is strictly prohibited. Violators are punishable under federal law. In simple English, stop f*cking jacking our work.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mob Wives: My Meeting With Renee Graziano @ Sugar

Chiara Soprano meets her favorite Mob Wife Renee Graziano
All I can say is WOW! I should have just stayed up and blogged last night because between the wine and meeting Renee and Jennifer, I was not in sleep mode at all. I kept waking up during the night thinking about what I was going to say. If not for the fact that I pitied my poor husband and he needs his sleep, I would have had an all night writing session. So here is what you have been waiting for, the blow by blow account.

I had dinner reservations for 8 PM at Sugar. I was celebrating my wedding anniversary and the finale of Mob Wives. We arrived promptly on time and I asked the hostess if she knew when Renee was getting there. She informs me that Renee has 9 PM dinner reservations. Now, I am super excited, because I know I will still be there and maybe get a chance to say hello. My husband and I sit down and order four things off the menu. The menu at Sugar’s is like none we have ever seen before. Our waitress, Dana, explains how the menu works. They serve a variety of dishes, ranging from $12 to $18 each, which they are called hors d’oeuvres in any other restaurant. You get 4 of each item, so on average, you should order 2 to 3 plates per person. This is what we ordered from the menu: Grilled Shrimp a l’Orange, Smoked Pulled Pork Mini Tacos, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, and Baked Spinach & Artichoke Fondue. The food was delicious! And, it was Ladies Drink Free from 8:30 till 10 PM so I had two complimentary glasses of white wine.

We finished eating and it’s approaching 9 PM. There is a big, empty table about four feet behind us. My husband keeps saying they are saving that table for Renee. I say to him, what are the odds I will be sitting this close to Renee? I jokingly say, I can practically pull my table over and join her, if she is sitting there. Well, at 9:10 there is a lot of activity around that big table. They were adding seats and dishes and utensils etc. and making sure everything was just right. A couple of minutes later, I turn around and there is Renee. I say to my husband, who may think I am crazy, “There’s Renee!”

The Mob Wives Blogspot's version of Charlie's Angels: Renee Graziano (Mob Wife), Chiara Soprano (Blogger) & Jennifer Graziano (Executive Producer)
As Renee gets a little closer to me, I stand up and say, “Hi, Renee.” Thinking I am a fan, she comes right over to say hello. I seize the chance to tell her who I am: “Hi, I’m Chiara from mobwives.blogspot, and can I have a picture?” She gives me a hug and announces to her whole table of friends that I am from mobwives.blogspot. Then I see her sister Jenn! And like the genius I am, I tell Renee, “That’s your sister Jennifer!” And before my mouth gets in touch with my brain, I blurt out to Jennifer if I can take her picture. Renee jumps on it. She tells Jennifer to take a picture with her and me and asks one of her friends to use my camera. Then Renee has someone use her phone to take a picture of the three of us so she can tweet it. I am just blown away and in shock. The whole blog experience is only two months old and here I am standing between Renee and Jenn! I thank them, go back to my table and Renee follows me. She has a picture of herself that she is going to autograph right there for me and my husband, for our anniversary. So, I ask if she can please give me one for Mob Mistress, so I can mail it to her. Renee jumps right up and brings back another picture and autographs that too! I cannot tell you enough what a sweet and charming personality Renee has. In a couple of minutes it was like I had known her all my life. Meanwhile, people are calling her over to their table, and she keeps telling them all she will be there in a minute. She tells my husband how much she loves our blog and that she reads it all the time. It’s really quite a compliment coming from her. I don’t have to tell you that she won me over, right? She is not only my favorite Mob Wife, she is my favorite of all the Housewives on Reality TV!

As she is done with the autographs she tells me she will be back. She has to mingle with the other fans. By this time, she has already exceeded all my highest expectations, but I say to her, can I tell you one thing before you go? She says, “sure.” I told her what I have been wanting to say to her all season long. I said, “your son AJ is a remarkable young man. I cannot get over what a great kid he is.” In this day and age to see a child raised the way he has been raised, who loves and respects his parents, who is so mature, who shows that he has a good moral upbringing, who does well in school and so many other things…that’s a huge accomplishment. Her eyes light up (she has beautiful eyes), and she thanked me, as any mother would, who loves to hear nice things about her child. AJ means everything to his mother and as a mother I totally understands how she feels. She is so proud him and she has every reason to be. But, I also wanted to get across to her, and I hope I did, that Renee deserves the credit for that. She practically raised AJ by herself and she did nothing short of an amazing job as his mother. I really mean that from my heart. And, mothers aren’t told often enough, when they raise wonderful children, that they have done an extraordinary job. So I hope she understood, from one mother to another, that I appreciate all it took on her part, for her son to turn out to be a young man that any mother would be proud of. She thanked me again and with that she left, promising to be back.

We can only hope Renee keeps that phone safe from fellow Mob Wife Drita D'avanzo
My husband and I finished our drinks while I texted Mob Mistress to give her a quick update on what was going on. I couldn’t talk because of the noise. We stayed there until 10:15 PM, and then a gentleman from the restaurant came over. He seemed to think I “knew” Renee, and I almost feel like I really do. He told us he would need to remove our table, along with a few others to make room for a dance floor. I told him it wasn’t a problem, we were leaving in a minute. I went over to Renee to say good-bye. She gave us each a hug, and I said I would love to talk to her again. I passed by Jennifer and stopped for a second to wish her the best of luck on her spin offs and told her I couldn’t wait! As we headed for the car, I dialed Mob Mistress to fill her in on every detail of the evening. I should thank her too, not just for her idea to blog the show, and for her help and guidance, but also for strongly suggesting I attend last night’s Mob Wives, Finale Party. It was just amazing. I’ll never forget it.

Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Dooms Day

Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives
Have you all noticed we don't blog a lot about Drita D'avanzo?  I have.  So, I decided before I call it a night to evaluate the reason why.

1. Drita D'avanzo all too often talks about bashing or pounding someone.

Frankly, it's a turn off for me.  Drita truly has a good personality when she isn't talking about breaking a jaw.  Now before the countless Drita goonettes get all hot and bothered, it's simply my opinion.  You can love her all you want.  You can dye your hair like hers.  You can get your breasts done by Dr. Heller.  You can take off your shoes too.  I really don't give a bird's dropping.  I am not here to bash the woman.  When I was reading about the show before Mob Wives aired I thought Drita would be my favorite.  I know she is definitely one of the stand out favorites among the Mob Wives' cast.  When it's about to go down, I am just not a talker.  I don't tell people what I am about to do.  I just scan my surroundings & make my move accordingly if need be.  The Mob Mistress doesn't have time for the jibber jabber.

Not too long ago we had a poll: Based off what you've seen on the show which Mob Wife do you believe demonstrates the best parenting skills?  Many of you voted and here are the results.

Drita    44%  WINNER!
Renee  31%  Runner up... I voted for Renee.  We are A.J. stans around here.
Karen  20%
Carla   6%

Considering many take parenting seriously, I thought this spoke volumes of the love many have for Drita.  I even have to admit I enjoy seeing glimpses of the Mob Wife with Aleeya & Gizelle.  Mrs. D'avanzo is most beautiful and charming when she interacts with her daughters. 

Fan artwork by Alicia Hall Bush
 Yet, time & time again we get her dooms day rhetoric of what she is going to do to someone if they disrespect her or Aleeya's father, Lee.  UGH!  Oh and while we are on the subject, Drita has explained her frequent, "...Aleeya's father..." comments.  Lee is the father of both her children.  She only mentions Aleeya because Gizelle doesn't understand what is going on.  Drita will not be on Maury's 'Who's Your Baby's Daddy', thank you very much!

Drita is tough.   There is no doubt about it.  By all appearances Drita seems to be a dedicated & devoted mother & wife.  Apparently she's a makeup artist on the verge of starting her own line of cosmetics.  Gretchen Rossi of 'The Housewives of Orange County' launched Gretchen Christine Beaute.  'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams recently launched Lucid.  As a professional I know Drita knows the cosmetics business is filled with stiff competition; Make Up Forever, Bobbi Brown, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Kevyn Aucoin, Stila, Cargo, Yves St. Laurent, etc.  As you see I can go on & on & I did not even name the umbrella of Estee Lauder owned lines.  We @ The Mob Wives Blogspot wish her all the success she can handle.  Hell, you don't have to be my favorite for me to want the best for you and yours.  Actually I appreciate all four Mob Wives for agreeing to share parts of their lives with millions of strangers.  Strangers who like us may not be mindless cheerleeders agreeing with ridiculous behavior.  Example: I love my nephew.  Lord knows I do.  But when he calls from prison on his cell phone with some dumb shit, I go off.

As season 1 of Mob Wives comes to an end, I can only hope that season 2 focuses on the softer side of Drita.  She's a beautful woman.  I'd like to see more of her as a mother & business woman.  However, her constant fiery anger makes me think it's about to be Dooms Day for some unsuspecting soul or innocent telephone.  Who wants to do business with a woman who projects an anger management issue?  'Raging Bull' would be great name for a red lipstick by Drita, no?  For all those who love Drita D'avanzo let us know what you love about her.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mob Wives: Finale Party @ Sugar's With Renee Graziano!

And guess what? It’s 8 o’clock and I, Chiara Soprano, am here right now!! Yes, at Sugar’s, waiting for Renee! And hopefully, I will get to meet her in person, while I am celebrating the huge success of the show with other excited fans. I could not pass up this opportunity after spending every day, for the last two months watching, thinking, researching, writing and talking about Mob Wives. I’m not obsessed, as Mob Mistress will have you believe! No, I am an avid, focused fan, who is devoted to the show and to our readers. We have been very well received by many of you who share our interest and enthusiasm for the show and the Mob Wives.

But, that isn’t all I will be celebrating tonight. It is also my wedding anniversary. So I will be enjoying a wonderful dinner with my husband of 28 years, while I wait for this evening’s star attraction, Renee, to make her grand entrance. You can be sure I will be blogging about this experience tomorrow and maybe even have a few candid shots of Renee, if all goes well.

It’s been a very exciting moment in my life, thanks in large part to Mob Mistress, who suggested we start this blog to have a little fun because we both love to write. Never in our wildest imaginations did we ever expect for the blog to take off as it has! And, I never thought for a second, that we might have the opportunity to actually meet and talk to any of the Mob Wives! If you are fan of the show and enjoy reading our blogs, please feel free to comment. We do read all your comments and try to respond to your questions and consider your suggestions for future blogs whenever possible.

Thank you for all for reading! We recently passed the 150,000 hits mark this week. We owe it all to you! We hope you will continue reading throughout the summer as we intend to keep blogging about shows, movies and topics we hope you will find interesting. We will also be closely following and writing about all things “Mob Wives” related and look forward to Renee’s launching of Jail Mail Inc!

Picture credit: Sugar's

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mob Wives: The Fans R ILL w/ It.

Whether we understand the women or not, one thing I can type with a straight face is the Mob Wives' fans are serious about their love of the Mob Wives.  I hate to type it but I swear I think some of the fans would whack someone over their beloved favorite Mob Wife.

Any reader of The Mob Wives Blogspot knows I am hard core with my opinions.  It is what it is.  I type what I want to, you don't likey likey isn't raining on my parade.  Some of the fans are like rabid pit bulls if an individual types, 'I don't like Drita's hair.'  I mean they jump on a person as if they spat on the chick.  I enjoy the show like the next person. But, "Daaaaaaamn! Slow your roll folks."  I don't think the next person blogs about the Mob Wives as much as Chiara and I do.  However, you know what I mean right?

Anyhow, I am still figuring out Twitter.  It gives me a headache, frankly.  The title of this post is a testament of my learning Twitter speak/type.  I had to ask Chiara today what DM meant.  I knew the M meant message.  However, the D was a mystery to me.  I know; I am a sad case.  Moving along, a cat tweeted me a link which mentioned the Mob Wives.  You know I cannot pass up anything Mob Wives related.  So of course I clicked on it.  I am so very glad I did.  I won't go into detail because one I have a massive headache.  Two I need to catch up on my Judge Judy stash on my DVR.  Don't act like y'all don't watch the pit bull in a judical robe.  I hope you enjoy the listen.  I sure in the hell did.  Thanks Vinny Stucatz for the link!  The Mob Wives fans aren't playing is all I am typing.  They're mobAddicts.  No worries, I keep a blog bat next to my bed.

Oh, before I forget a big shout out to A.J. Pagan for making this old girl laugh yesterday.  He is a great teenager.  I didn't like my very own teenager as much as I like A.J.  And she came from my very own snatch!  Yes, I know you all didn't need nor want to read all that information.  Anyhow, the A.J. Pagan interview will be posted on Sunday.

Credit: G-Fella

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano on Big Morning Buzz Live!

On June 20th, Karen was at the Big Morning Buzz Live talking to Carrie. Karen is a fast talker, it’s a little hard to keep up with her. But in a short 5 minutes she has a lot to say.

Carrie asks her about her “memoire.” Karen says it has been very therapeudic. She says it has been hard because going back in time has brought up a lot of feelings, both good and bad. But overall, the experience has been good and she is excited about her book coming out. Karen’s message in the book is that no matter what you go through in life, and she admits she has made mistakes, as long as you push forward and has a strong family unit, you can get through it. “No matter what knocks you down in life, just get up and keep pushing forward.”

On to Drita, who freaked out when she found out Karen was writing a book. Karen believes that Drita is exaggerating the “role” that Lee is going to have in her book. In the whole scheme of things--her father’s lifestyle and the world she grew up in--Lee plays a very small role, even though they were together for 7 years. So, he is mentioned in the book, but Drita’s over-the-top reaction is making Karen want to dedicate a whole chapter to him. As far as their relationship, Karen says she hasn’t spoken with Drita since the finale was taped.

What made Karen leave Arizona and her family? She says she came back to write the book and of course do the show. Staten Island is her home, she still feels at home here and this is where she wants to be right now. She doesn’t know if she will go back to Arizona. At the moment Karina is here with her and she wants to see how things go. They have been going everywhere: the Jersey shore, Seaside Heights, Great Adventure, so she has been “doing the mommy thing.”

Karen thinks she never had a hard core NY accent, but when she gets angry it comes out.

She did watch an episode of Mob Wives with Renee not too long ago. They watched together because they were being interviewed at the time. She says she and Renee are friends and they respect each other.

How about Karen’s past when she was House mother at a strip club? Where is there more drama, at the strip club or on Mob Wives? Karen answers without taking a breath, “Renee’s house.” The strip club was easy. She worked there as a makeup artist and when she closed her day spa she went to work there and made friends and contacts.

Great interview Karen, but slow down just a little bit because we want to catch every word!
Picture and video credit: VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live!

Mob Wives: Aloe Blacc A Good Thing

One thing I have to write about the Mob Wives' production team: They utilize music to emphasize the scene extremely well. I caught one episode where they used the music of a soulful singer named Aloe Blacc. The single "Loving You is Killing Me" was used during the episode. The song is an emotional song. The lyrics are great. You can feel the pain in his lyrics. As if tortured Aloe Blacc asks how could his girl be so evil during the single. I see how this song fits very well into Mob Wives.  I am not going to bash any of the ladies but one or two seem to have an evil streak.  Loving You is Killing Me is one great song on a even better album, "Good Thing."

I was first introduced to Aloe Blacc as a rapper. The first  Aloe Blacc album I heard was "Shine Through".  I bought before I left my family for a while.  Before you all start assuming it was career related, thank you very much.  I listened and was shocked at how good it was. One of the highlights on that album was a Spanish version of "Ordinary People" which was made famous by John Legend. When I learned Aloe Blacc was releasing a new album "Good Thing" and got excited.

The album opens with "I Need a Dollar". The chorus rings through my head all day after I hear it. You can really hear his struggle in his singing. The production and music is an updated version of 60s soul music. The music does not sound dated which can sometimes happen when you strive for a vintage sound. Listening to "I Need a Dollar" one can feel the artist's empathy and/or struggles of everyday life.  People searching for an answer, turn to the bottle due to a dead end job, getting fired & just the stresses of life.

The next song is called Green Lights. There is a dreamy airy quality to the music.  Once again there is an incredible amount of feeling in the music.  It has an Al Green like quality. He is happy and you can feel it. I really like this song.  Soul music to it's core with a modern edge.

This music harkens back to older time where protests were raging against the Vietnam War and the economy was struggling.  People could not afford to put gas in their cars and there was a shortage. It's a modern day social wake up reminiscent to the protest music of 1960s & 1970s.  Aloe Blacc's voice is not quite on the level of Al Green norMarvin Gaye.  He does not have the distinct voice as the legendary soul masters.  Lyrically he can hang with the best of them.  His storytelling ability is second to none. He reminds me of Curtis Mayfield with his lyrics. There are many standout songs you could hear on the radio today.   If today's radio stations would play music not pushed by major music labels.  I bought this album on the strength of  "I Need a Dollar".  I was surprised by the entire album.  It's a gem.  If you love the great soul singers of the past, you will love this album.  The songs have the quality & character of old soul without sounding dated.  A modern day classic protest album in a time that needs a revolution after 8 years of Bush politics and the true after effects of Reaganomics.  I suggest you pick up Aloe Blacc's latest album; you will not be disappointed.  It's a good thing.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Gets Sweet

You ask and we shall delivery.  Though I admit to being a little concerned about this post.  The things I do in the name of blogging.  Readers have asked us to blog about the places the women go during episodes.  We do when we feel like it.  Readers have asked us to blog where the Mob Wives are going real time, as if we have a GPS system strapped to each of the four Mob Wives.  It's not going to happen folks.  However, when we catch a glimpse of the cast members making appearances or hosting we'll jump on it.

Mini Pork Tacos, YUM-YUM
Here's your chance to see Renee Graziano in person.  Note: I typed SEE.  I didn't write interupt her meal.  I didn't write harass her for photos or autographs.  I didn't write corner her in the powder room when she's touching up her lipstick.  On June 24th, 2011 Renee Graziano of Mob Wives will be @ Sugar Dining Den & Social Club.  Yes folks this Friday night.  Do NOT go if you are broke or short on cash.  Sugar is a business, not your local park.  You need to have a few drinks and/or eat a meal.  Water doesn't count.  Personally I'd start off with Sugar's Coconut Shrimp; then follow up with their Jumbo Lump Crap Cakes; Waffle Kabob A La Mode would polish off my wonderful meal.  Now if you are sitting @ the bar, may I suggest a Mojito de Cuba or a Sugar Sweet Cotton Candy to get your liquor on.  Now it's your wallet or purse so order what you like.  I was just typing & thinking out loud.

Sugar is located @ 246 Voice Road, Carle Place, New York.  If you decide to go please don't be bug-a-boos.  It's never a cute look.  I'll be @ home chowing down on some meatball & sauce.  I love the Graziano family recipe.  It's delish, click here to view the recipe!

Photo Credit: Yana Paskova

Mob Wives: Recap 109 Take This Book And Shove It

Renee tells Karen about Junior's "text messages"

We start off at Carla’s house. She is getting ready to take the kids to go pick up Joe, after he has spent the last 6 years in prison. She expects him to be different, he needs to adjust and to get to know the kids. Carla wants Joe to sit them down and tell them where he has been and why. She doesn’t know how they will take it.

Renee meets Tiffany Osborn, her former boss, from when she was doing wardrobe for 50 Cent and G Unit. They catch up on things, like Junior’s arrest in January. She gave up being a celebrity wardrobe stylist the last time Junior got out of jail, now she is ready to get back to work. Tiffany feels Renee makes Junior’s problems her problems, she is a drama Queen and it interferes with her work. But, it looks like she may be getting Renee some styling jobs in wardrobe soon.

At Drita’s house, Drita calls Carla to talk about Joe while she is driving home from the halfway house. Drita is more excited than Carla about Joe’s release. Carla says Joe looked good. Drita says they don’t age in prison. Drita wants to know if Joe put the moves on Carla. Drita is getting flashbacks of when she went to pick up Lee from prison last time. Carla says her son woke up at 6 am so excited about going to get Joe. Aleeya is happy for Carla’s kids and so is Drita. Drita feels sad for Aleeya because Lee isn’t coming home any time soon.

At Renee’s house, Karen arrives, and they have wine. Karen asks about Junior. Renee says that Junior said he was going to work on “us” and was going to get rid of all the other women. Renee tells Karen, then Junior went away for two days and, when he comes back, his phone rings twice during the night with texts from 2 women. He said he had to get up and make two calls. Renee is angry that he is making a fool out of her again and she doesn’t need that. Karen says he won’t change, it’s a pattern with him, she tells Renee that she is the one who has to change.

Carla is driving back home from the halfway house and the kids are crying because Joe isn’t coming home with them. They took the news about his being in jail good. It broke Carla’s heart to see her son cry. It’s a big adjustment on the kids, but they want Joe home and want to be a family and that’s not happening.

Drita and Karen meet for drinks. They talk and realize they have a long history as friends. Drita even lived with Karen at one time. They only really had that one fight a couple of weeks ago and that was about Lee.

At the therapist, Renee says she found a text message from another woman on Junior’s phone. The therapist answers, “and yet you can’t move on.” She tells her that she dates men who are chaotic and neglect her. Renee says she was a happy-go-lucky person and now she is disgusted and disappointed because she allowed this to happen. Renee wonders is she so afraid and insecure that she allows a man to walk in and out of her life anytime he wants? Now she says she is really done. The therapist says she doesn’t need him.

Carla and Drita meet at the gym. Drita almost seems happier than Carla that Joe is home. Drita explains how weird it was when Lee first came home and how difficult it was getting used to being home. Joe told the kids he was in a place where people get punished for doing bad things--jail. Jojo says he wants to go to jail, his impression of jail is that it is like a camp. They tell him he never wants to go there. Joe has to get used to being a father now that the kids are older. If Joe goes to prison again, Carla says she would be devastated for her kids.

Renee and AJ go to her favorite restaurant, Il Cortile, to talk. Renee had wanted AJ to follow in her father’s footsteps at one time, but no more. She wants AJ to go to college and get away from this “life” and the bad stuff that goes on. She wants him to live a good life. Jail is not an option for AJ. AJ tells her that he never had the mindset to go into that “life” and that he is going to college and be legit and have a family.

Drita and Karen meet at a restaurant. The book is coming together, Karen says. Karen tells Drita the first chapter is finished and she gives it to her to read. She wants to see if Drita has any questions and is comfortable with what Karen wrote. Drita says she freaked out when Karen handed her the chapter and it brought back to mind their issues about Lee and the book. Drita seems stunned not knowing how to respond. Karen tells her they settled on a title, “Shadow Of The Bull.” Karen tells Drita to be honest about chapter one.

Renee is excited about getting back to work as a wardrobe stylist. GhostFace, the rapper calls and he has a video coming out. He wants Renee to do the wardrobe for next week‘s shoot. The first day of the video, Renee is driving when Nikole calls. Nikole is on the same page as everyone else about Junior. Renee is getting the same input from all her friends. Renee gets to work and looks like she has never taken a break from her career. She gets Ghost a little thank you gift. Styling is something she loves to do, coming up with a great look…and she it keeps her distracted from Junior’s BS.

At Drita’s house Aleeya is doing math, Drita hates it. Lee calls and Drita hands the phone over to Aleeya so he can help her with her homework. But, Aleeya wants to know if Lee was upset when his friend ratted on him. Lee answers that he was more upset with himself for not seeing it coming. She also wants to know when he is coming home. He had told her at the end of fifth grade and she is in fourth grade. Lee hesitates, then he says he has no idea, then he says he’ll be home soon. Aleeya answers soon isn’t good enough.

Back at Renee’s house there is a little spring cleaning going on. Renee is taking all of Junior’s clothes out of the closet and dumping them in a suitcase. He has been playing her for a sucker and she is no sucker. The girls were right, she knows what she needs to do. She packs all his things and takes them downstairs to the door. Then she leave Junior a message to come and get all his things. She says she is setting a good example for her son that she is strong and doing what is right.

At Karen’s apartment, Karen is sitting around wondering why Drita is avoiding her calls and not getting back to her about the book. Karen is confused. She says if Drita has a problem she hopes she will call and discuss it.

Carla and Drita meet for coffee and to discuss Karen’s meeting with Drita. Drita tells Carla that Karen gave her the first chapter of her book and she didn’t read it. She is afraid she will see something she doesn’t like in it. “Why didn’t she give it to Renee?” Drita wants to know, “she’s her girl.” Carla and Drita discuss whether or not Drita should read the chapter. Drita doesn’t want to know anything about what happened 20 years ago or have it come back to hurt her children. She wants to protect her children and her husband’s name. Drita feels “attack mode” coming on and she is ready for a war. Drita does not want Aleeya to know everything about Lee.

Drita is now riled up and says she doesn’t trust Karen and so she can’t trust the book. Carla adds fuel to the fire! She tells Drita, you let her in and then she turned on you. Drita is getting that “Hulk” look in her eyes and then says, “I will smash her head in and then say this is how I feel.”

Well, that was an interesting episode and here‘s my two cents. Let me start with Carla. She is the mother of the twins and I think she should have told them about Joe’s prison time instead of lying for 6 years. Instead, she makes Joe tell them in the car on the way home? I don’t get it. Also, why didn’t she wait until Joe came out of the halfway house to get the kids involved. She could have picked him up herself. Two or four more weeks would not have made that big a difference, and then they could have spent real quality time with their father instead of a short time in the car. This was a bit traumatic in my opinion. Another thing, Carla is a trouble maker. She doesn’t even know what’s in Karen’s book, but she is getting Drita more and more upset about it. Why?

Drita is bent out of shape because Karen wants to write about Lee in her book. That’s too bad. Lee was part of Karen’s life for seven years. What is she supposed to do about that? It’s a book about her life and Lee was part of it. If Lee has things to hide, that’s on him. He’s the one who did the bad things that Drita doesn’t want her daughter to know about. It’s not like Karen is making up lies about Lee to sell her book. And, from what Karen revealed in earlier episodes, Lee was not that good to her. She owes him nothing. Karen has to do what is best for her and Karina right now. She can show her daughter how she turned her life around and is earning a living and being successful despite her past. That’s her priority as a mother, to provide for her daughter’s future. From what I saw of the finale clips, this isn’t going to end well at all between Drita and Karen.

Renee, what can I say about a woman who can’t get over her first love? And it’s not her fault. Junior knows her well and he knows what to say to manipulate her feelings for him. I hope this is the last time she gives him the opportunity to take advantage of her. However, I can’t help but be skeptical of this whole “move-in, move-out” drama. I think there is a good chance that the “move-in” was scripted because that certainly got everyone’s attention. Then, when that blows over, we have the opportunity to script a “move-out” scene. I can’t help but think that the time between the two events was brief since Junior got arrested in January and didn’t move right in and then taping ended in April. Of course, the “move-out” scenario could have been much more dramatic then it was. Let me ask you this. If your significant other went away for 2 days and came back and got two calls during the night from women, would you not throw them out right then and there? Especially since you were being mislead yet again about the relationship. Why the wait? Why discuss it with the therapist? Just kick his ass to the curb right there and then, in the middle of the night. That would have made a great scene, like the one where Carmela throws Tony’s stuff out the window. Sigh. Enough is enough!