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Mob Wives: “Renee Lashes Out At Natalie,“ Sneak Peek Ep 405

There must be 50 ways to be delicious!

In episode 405, “Vegas Part Two,” there is going to be a confrontation! This is a great clip, I found it entertaining! The word “delicious” is burning a hole in Renee’s brain, and what’s worse, she feels that Natalie still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Drita isn’t able to eat her breakfast with all this talk going on, so she decides to go get Natalie. Where is Natalie? That’s what we all want to know, right? The other four are sitting down eating breakfast, but Natalie is sitting alone, in another room, waiting for Drita to come get her? Hmmmm, was that prearranged or scripted? Nevermind, whatever, I loved it!

Drita goes to get Natalie, but first makes a confession that, yes, she did talk behind Natalie’s back because she was heated by the “whore” comment, which Natalie explains was “endearing.” Drita tells her Ang didn’t like it either, so she better pull her aside and explain it to her. However, Drita fails to mention that Renee is a ticking nuclear time bomb about the word “delicious,” before she drags her out of the safety of her “room” and to the breakfast table. Why? It seems like she left out the most important part of her chat.

So Natalie says good morning and sits down to enjoy breakfast. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even get to taste a morsel because Renee wants to educate her about the word “delicious.” Renee looks around the table and says, “Grapes are delicious, strawberries are delicious, pancakes are delicious BUT the man sitting next to me is not delicious. Natalie is not concerned, she didn‘t mean anything by it. She tries to eat. Renee is pissed and gets up. Renee goes over to Alicia, Edward’s my friend all my life and he smells delicious. Alicia doesn’t blink an eye (and now we know why). But Natalie answers, “Oh you would know, you went out to dinner with him a few times.” Well, that just threw gasoline on the fire! Renee is ready for a smack down. Notice how none of the other three women are saying “boo” or hardly moving a muscle. It’s all playing out so nicely for the cameras. Where is peacemaker Ang? Where is Alicia who appointed herself the peacemaker and thought inviting Natalie was a great idea? Where is Drita, who went to get Natalie so this could be resolved? They are sitting there like the three monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil! That’s what friends are for. And then Renee wants to take Natalie for a “walk” and Natalie says, “Delicious? Your man looks like a turtle stuck in the f*ckin’ headlights.” It ends with Natalie holding a broken glass in her hand saying, “Who the hell is Renee Graziano!?!“ I guess we will see how it all turns out Thursday night! Be there!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap “Vegas Part One” Ep 404

“Toto, we’re not in Staten Island any more…” Let me preface this recap by saying that this show has the look and feel of being scripted to me. Like Judge Judy always says, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. I feel like I am Dorothy and woke up in Oz! Some of the people look familiar, but what the hell am I doing here? Somebody help me get home. Where is a munchkin, to point you to the yellow brick road, when you need one? Here goes…

Renee relapses, but who is looking out for her? No One.

Renee, AJ and his girlfriend, Andrea are waiting for Renee’s boyfriend, Michael, to show up for dinner so they can meet him. In my opinion it’s way too early in the game to be showing Michael off to anyone, let alone everyone. If I was Michael, I would be acting a little distant just based on that alone. You don’t bring people into your inner circle unless and until you get to know them first. Michael is late and Renee thinks that’s rude. Finally, he arrives and everyone meets. “Michael is so charming he’s alarming,” says a smitten Renee. Renee thinks having some wine is okay because Xanax is her issue. I always thought if you have a substance abuse problem, all substances were off limits? Renee gets annoyed because AJ gets a call from work and takes it. Renee thinks that’s rude. I think cell phones at dinner are rude and yet everyone does it. Michael says he has another dinner meeting after this one, it’s work related. I think that’s rude. Why not postpone this dinner for another night? Renee is annoyed. Renee feels Michael is acting distant because of the scene that happened with Natalie. Renee apologizes for being dramatic and she tells the kids the story of what happened on girls’ night out and the “delicious“ comment. Frankly, I think the “delicious” comment has been played out to death. Renee is pissed because AJ criticizes her in front of Michael. Michael does leave early, he claims it’s business. It seems like he just got there, they didn’t even eat and off he goes. People come and go so quickly in Oz.

Natalie is at dinner with her boyfriend, London. She intends to vent about Renee and the girls and get his advice. They order drinks…of course. Someone should hook Natalie up to an alcohol IV.  She tells him what happened during girls’ night out and how the “delicious” comment got blown out of proportion. She is going on and on about it too. I’m sick of it.  London tries to explain that Renee comes from a different world, but Natalie doesn’t agree. She is annoyed that no one came to her defense. She thinks Drita and Ang should have had her back. Natalie says she apologized a couple of times to Renee. Natalie thinks Renee takes her kindness for weakness, and now she expects an apology from Renee. Good luck getting one Natalie, you must think you are in the Land of Oz too.

Ang and Alicia are at a golf course, of all places, and Renee and Drita join them. They seem to be there to drink and chat, not to play. Is there a shortage of restaurants in Oz? Drita is pissed at Lee. She is fixing up the house and he does nothing. He can’t even hang a picture without making holes in the wall. Drita needs a Handy Man, maybe she can borrow Carla’s? Renee mentions Vegas for a girls’ trip and Ang thinks Vegas is a good way to get away from all the drama. Vegas must be the modern Emerald City! Alicia has to get permission to leave the state, from the wizard…I mean judge. That shouldn’t be too hard, she just has to lie to the judge and say her son needs help setting up his dorm room in West Virginia; and then take a 2,000 mile detour to Vegas. Alicia says she has to invite Natalie. Am I the only one asking why? Renee still feels offended and disrespected. Who the hell is Alicia to take it upon herself to invite Natalie, knowing how Renee feels? Isn’t that taking the drama with you? All of a sudden Drita and Big Ang are on board with this brainstorm? Where is the Drita who thinks Natalie is whacked? Where is the Big Ang who is fed up with Natalie?  Renee is pissed. Natalie embarrassed her in front of the first guy in 24 years who had the balls to go out with her, and Natalie embarrassed her in front of him. Alicia wants to know what Natalie has to do to make it okay. Apparently Renee wants to deal with it as soon as they get to Vegas. What??? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Pack up the argument in a carry on luggage and wait till you get to Vegas to deal with the it. Renee wants to keep her relationship with Natalie strictly business. Hmmm, is that before or after the girls’ Vegas trip? Can you all hear me scream “scripted” at the television?

Drita pops into a hardware store for sandpaper and spackle. Of course, Lee calls her. He wants to know where she is; he wants to know why she needs spackle. Lee has a “need to know" problem.  She says she needs it for the holes in the wall from his hanging pictures. Drita is pissed because he does nothing as far as the renovations go. And here I thought everything was going great? She tells him she needs a vacation and she is going to Vegas with the girls. Lee is giving her a hard time. He doesn’t like the idea and he calls her a f*ckin’ low life. She says, “Whatever.” I say if Lee wants to be on the show, and he is out of prison, then be on the show already. Stop hiding behind the curtain…I mean phone calls. What is he afraid of? We already have his pictures! LEE D'AVANZO PICTURES 

Back in Philly “Fashion is Alicia’s Passion” and she is picking out models with “nice racks.” With her husband in jail, she is the only one she can rely on. (Really Alicia? What about your Boo?) Her business is doing well, but she has to work her ass off to make it grow. And how does she make it grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and knock-offs all in a row. Natalie shows up. She is still bent out of shape about what happened with Renee. Alicia invites her to go with the girls to Vegas. That’s exactly what I would want to do, go on a trip with someone I am having a huge issue with. Natalie said she apologized more than once to Renee and now she is owed an apology. Alicia feels she has to be the peacemaker. I hope she is better at peacemaking than bookkeeping.  Alicia says the “delicious” comment was offensive to the New York wives. It’s important to Alicia to try to get Renee and Natalie together. Why? It’s really none of Alicia’s business. Natalie says Renee has no class based on how she behaved. Does Natalie have class? If she does it must be at the bottom of her shoe because I sure as hell don’t see it. Natalie says she will go to Vegas, but Renee isn’t going to make a jerk out of her. Guess what Natalie, Renee doesn’t have to do a damn thing, you do a fine job of making yourself look bad on national television all on your own.

So worried about Renee and yet, she does nothing!

Renee is picked up by Big Ang, in her limo, to go to the airport for their flight to Vegas. Renee doesn’t look good. She says she is stressed out with Mob Candy and Natalie, and hasn’t slept in days. She feels anxious and she needs a couple of Xanax to calm down. Big Ang, knowing Renee is a recovering addict, doesn’t try to talk her out of the pills or take them from her? Natalie and Alicia talk about how much fun they will have in Vegas. It’s Natalie’s first time…a "Vegas Virgin," She just wants to have a good time. She doesn’t want to deal with Renee; she will tune her out and have her pina coladas. Great idea. Ang is concerned for Renee, who seems out of it. Gee, ya think Ang? She is drinking and popping pills right next to you all day. They get to Vegas and go to their hotel rooms. Ang is shocked by the size of the room, it’s tremendous. Renee is just interested in the booze at the bar. She immediately starts drinking. Ang is still says she is concerned, but does nothing. If it was me I would call Jenn, but Jenn is probably well aware of her sister’s problem, and set up the trip to Vegas, to get it all on video tape. Scripted. Ang says Renee had eight bloody Mary’s on the plane. Eight! Renee drops all the fruit on the table onto the floor. Ang mentions Natalie’s name and Renee throws fruit at Ang. Ang tells her to get over it and feels Renee is “out of control, buggin’, gunnin’ for Natalie.” Ang thinks it’s going to be a battle the whole week. Ang tells Renee to demand respect and move on from there. It’s obvious to me that Renee needs help and all I can wonder is, is the show and its filming so important they are literally going to let Renee drown before intervening? I don’t get it.

Drita loves the room, she can’t get over it! If Lee was there with her she would get pregnant and be happy about it! Ang fills Drita in on Renee’s drinking binge and says she is worried. But apparently she isn’t worried enough to insist she get some help. Ang thinks Drita will help her. Now Drita and Ang think Vegas wasn’t a good place to take Renee. Gee, ya think? No one thought it was a good idea except Alicia, and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Drita is concerned about what is going to happen when Natalie shows up. Ang says it won’t be good. And these two had to get to Vegas to realize this no brainer? The scarecrow isn't the only one missing a brain! Ang, Renee and Drita are ready for dinner, the three of them go down to meet up with Alicia and Natalie in the casino. The Philly girls are in the “maid's quarters,” says an ungrateful Alicia. They are all in the casino playing roulette and black jack. Renee is out of it. She is drunk and giving Natalie dirty looks. Alicia has never seen Renee like this, slurring her words, and adds she’s a hot mess. Drita says something must have set Renee off and there is nothing anyone can do; she needs to sleep; she is completely out of it. Renee goes up to bed. The Wicked Witch says, “Poppies will make her sleep.” Everyone is happy about that.

The other four continue to gamble and Drita is putting up hundreds of dollars, $500 a hand. Ang says Drita is a degenerate. Drita gets a 12 at blackjack and keeps losing piles of money! She says she lost half her money already. Drita says she should leave and call Lee. Then she decides to gamble the rest if her money and try to win it all back. She loses it all. All $2,000 of it. Ok so she is betting like crazy, $500 a hand, and only loses $2,000. Maybe she is studying Bookkeeping 101 with Alicia? I would have thought we were talking a lot more money! They go back to the room, it’s 5 am, and Renee is sleeping…or so they think. Ang throws her jacket and they are all slap happy and drunk. They all wind up in the spinning bed, and then get up and see Renee sitting by the pool from the window of their room. They freak out and go downstairs to talk to her. She tells them to go away, now. Drita says she has never seen Renee this bad. Alicia says she is very worried. Renee has a flashback to the “delicious” comment, she isn’t in her right frame of mind. Natalie is feeling creeped out. Ang says Renee is going off the deep end. Really? Well, I am also going off the deep end. Can I just click my freakin’ heels together and go back to the old Mob Wives in season 3? Please?

I guess we will see what "Vegas, Part 2" brings...I am in no rush to get to the end of this rainbow!

Meanwhile I am leaving you all a penny for your thoughts on episode 4.

P.S. I am going to have to say, I thought Carla Facciolo took the cake for lying, but she is an amateur compared to Alicia!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Garofalo & a Husband?

Who’s hunky Santa?
Who is sitting on Santa’s lap?

1st guess: Mrs. Santa?

2nd guess: Evil Elf?

3rd guess: Distraught Mob Wife?
Crying over Eddie’s betrayal…..

Well it depends on who Santa is….I’m guessing distraught mob wife.

……still crying over Eddie’s betrayal.  Alicia DiMichele doesn’t ugly cry, go girl!

I mean this is The Distraught Mob Wives Blogspot.

Karen Gravano (through tweets) has made mention of the wife of Eddie “Tall Guy” Garofalo fooling around with someone else’s husband.  Say it ain’t so!  Our sources for months now have been claiming Eddie’s oh so faithful wife Alicia DiMichele Garofalo is bumping and grinding with a restaurant owner Mr. LaScala in back of Santa’s sled.  Is Alicia DiMichele naughty or nice?

We have no way of confirming the alleged affair between R. LaScala and Alicia DiMichele Garofalo.    You know with the Mob Wives there is always a lot of rumors.  Chiara, Carmela, Jane and I are not CSI detectives.  Plus I doubt Santa would let us swab his sled for some DNA samples.  

The elves tell us what happens in Philly (Cherry Hill) stays on the curbs next to bistro sets.  I don’t know why the elves would think I am remotely concerned with who’s going down Alicia DiMichele’s chimney.

Elves chime in, "M.M. you were all up in Carla’s Facciolo’s coochie!"

No Evil Elves that was Handy Man and Mikey Scars allegedly once upon a time.  Carla’s coochie is all cleaned up now. She’s tending to her soap empire.

Elves storm off screaming, “M.M. tend to your beard you are full of it!”

Those elves are pure evil.  Moving along, we were hoping to get a glimpse of Alicia DiMichele’s alleged mistle toe lover platonic family friend R. LaScala.  We thank the VH1 elite editing team for giving us our Christmas wish of seeing these two in the same room during episode 403 six minutes in.  Hey they really could just have a wholesome relationship.

R. LaScala could just be tired of restaurant food and looking forward to a home cooked meal.

As always you decide what & who to believe, remember we are just miserable often b!tchy wives who blog.  Don’t miss season 4 of Mob Wives on VH1 at 10 PM Thursday nights.  How did you all enjoy episode 3?  What was your favorite or least favorite part?

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mob Wives: 12 Mob Days of Christmas!

One Big Philly Shot Glass, One thousand F*ckin' Crumbs, One Leaping Leopard,
One Lying Lie Detector Test, and One Drunken Monkey
(Click on picture for larger view)

Carmela had a bright idea and cooked up this little recipe for a Mobbed Up Christmas to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas!

On the 12 days of Christmas my Mob Wives brought to me:

12 – F*cking Crumbs

11 – Plea deals

10- Drunken Monkeys

9 –  Botox injections

8 –   Mob Candy blings

7 – Serious Indictments

6 - Stalkers stalking

5 – Months of wiretaps

4 - Seasons running

3- Missing Mob Wives

2- Philly wives

And a Sit Down on the street of South Philly

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanza with your families and friends! 
Eat, Drink and be Merry...for in January we DIET!

Picture Credit: Mama Mia
Song Parody: Carmela Corleone

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Vegas" - Part 1 Ep 404

Drita is betting hundreds at Blackjack!

So, this is the "girls' trip" to Vegas! You know the one? It's the one that Alicia took after lying to the judge that she had to help her son, Anthony, set up his dorm room in West Virginia, but then took a detour to the other side of the country. By the way, is that the embezzled pension money she is gambling with? What about the embezzlement VICTIMS and their families??? Can they get some of that money? Or Maybe Alicia is using money from the designer knock offs she has been selling to unsuspecting customers in her Addiction stores? Can they get a refund? Maybe she found herself a sugar daddy? Who knows?

Meanwhile Renee is up in bed, "sleeping it off," according to Drita, who is losing hundreds of dollars of her own money and will soon have to tell her husband, Lee. I wonder how many pavers that cash would have paid for? Have a look for yourself!

Video and Picture credit: VH1

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mob Wives: Renee & Drita ABC Interview Season 4

Here is a thirteen minute, interesting video of Renee and Drita being interviewed about season four of Mob Wives and the New/Bad Blood. They talk about how the new wives are fitting in, how this is the first time Big Ang has really been annoyed, how the show has never been fun, how hard and mentally exhausting doing the show can be.

Drita discusses her girls and tells a few stories about Giselle that are very funny. All in all an enjoyable and interesting interview with Drita dropping a big HINT of things to come!

Picture & Video Credit: ABC News

Mob Wives: Recap “You Smell Delicious” Ep 403

Oh boo hoo, Eddie how could you have lied to me, deceived me, betrayed me, 
cheated on me, and then eat Chinese food with another woman? 
Says the loyal, faithful and ever loving wife.

Drita and Big Ang are out in Drita’s backyard. It’s beautiful, nice pavers! The D”Avanzo’s are renovating and they have to refurnish the whole house. It’s costing lots of money. “New life, new start,” says Big Ang. Lee has his own business, he opened a sports memorabilia store and goes to work every day. Everything is coming up roses for Drita and Lee. Drita loves the normal life. Drita tells Ang that Aleeya is being bullied at school. It’s “annoying” Drita, but she is trying to be “mature.”  She has to figure out how to handle it. What??? I still don’t know what there is to figure out? Maybe I’m missing something? Go to the school authorities and have it documented. If it’s serious, file a police report too. This way you can establish a pattern of behavior in case you have to press charges. Maybe it’s “Just Me?” Then, Big Ang says Alicia is having the girls over. Drita likes the idea because she likes Alicia and needs a night out away from everything.

The one NOTE wonder "Eddie"

This week Alicia is cooking pasta and sauce. It seems like just yesterday she was “cooking the books.” It looks like lasagna is in that big pot. She has a house full of people and everyone seems to be helping with the cooking. Little Carlo is peeling a cumber. She says the kids don’t know what she learned from the wire taps about Eddie. She has to put on a good face for them. And, from the looks of it, she is doing a good job laughing and enjoying her company. Her oldest son, Anthony, has been the man of the house, but he is going West Virginia to college. I guess this is when she asks the judge if she can go to WV to help him set up his dorm and then takes the plane to Las Vegas instead, but I digress. She is going to send him chicken cutlets, meatballs and condoms. Alicia talks to her brother outside, about Eddie’s lies and deceit. She can’t stand talking to Eddie (I wish she couldn’t stand talking about him, because I can’t take it!) and so she sends him emails telling him how hurt she is. Eddie betrayed her, ruined her trust, took her innocence. What??? Her innocence? I have to rewind and hear it again. Yep, she sure did say innocence. I think the last time this chick may have been “innocent” was maybe when she was 11 or 12. Insert a chorus from Poor Poor Pitiful Me here. She is trying to “keep it together for her boys,” and the best way to do that is to lie to a judge about where you are going, go on National television and air all your dirty laundry and make headlines?

Back in Staten Island Renee is talking to her good friend. Nikole. They talk about how everyone dated everyone in SI. Renee is pissed that Alicia interrogated her about the wire taps.  Eddie dated Carla, but he dated Nikole too and five others in between. Renee tells her Alicia heard Eddie and Carla on the tapes while she was 8 months pregnant and Renee’s name was mentioned. She wants Nikole’s advice because Nikole understands the situation. Nikole agrees it was not Renee’s responsibility to tell Alicia anything. Renee says her friendship and loyalty is to Edward, she has no responsibility to Alicia. Her loyalty is crystal clear and Renee is not a rat. Alicia is making it an issue with Renee when the issue should be with Eddie and their relationship. I have to agree with Renee. How the hell does she know what the dynamics of Alicia’s marriage was at the time? Maybe they had an open marriage? All wise guys cheat. That’s a given. As for Alicia not knowing Eddie was in the mob…I don’t think Renee believes that and I sure as hell don’t. Alicia knew Eddie’s father was killed by the mob, wouldn’t that raise anyone’s suspicions at the very least?

Renee is going on a date and has her makeup done at Drita’s store by Drita. She sounds excited and tells Drita they met through a mutual friend. He is the frist man she has dated who hasn’t been in jail. She says she is the one who gave him her number and he called her. Renee thinks he is gorgeous. He is not in the mob and he doesn’t know about her family life, but she intends to tell him. Renee looks fabulous, Drita did an awesome job! Chirp chirp!

Renee is meeting this guy and she is nervous. Her date’s name is Michael and he loves her eyes. Renee does have beautiful, stunning eyes. He likes to take control and order the food. Renee says he is a strong man, and that’s just what she likes. Renee decides to tell him about her lifestyle including her father and her ex-husband. He says he doesn’t care about her past or the two of them, he is there for her. Renee says it’s too good to be true, but she intends to enjoy it for however long it lasts. Renee had a great time on the date, there was conversation and he was attentive. I just have a question? How has this guy not heard of Mob Wives or Renee before this date? It’s all the talk on the street in Staten Island and in the media? Just askin’.

Alicia wants the "TRUTH?" Well seems like Karen has some for her!
I'd love a dish of lasagna with Karen and hear more of this truth!

Back to Philly we go…Alicia’s house. Alicia just wants the truth. The truth always comes out, just ask Karen Gravano! The girls arrive for dinner: Big Ang, Drita and Renee. Alicia says she has a million unanswered questions. She is still turnt up over what she heard on the wire tapped recordings of her husband Eddie. I I hear the name Eddie one more time I am going to be sick! What a broken record! She needs to vent and sound out the other women about what they think about Renee's “involvement.” She tells them she heard Eddie and his ex-girlfriend, Carla, on the tape, along with Renee’s name. Drita is shocked to hear that Renee went to have Chinese food with Eddie and his ex. Drita makes no bones about what she would do if she walked in on Lee and his ex at a restaurant...she would drive right through the window and run them over! Big Ang also seems to sympathize with Alicia's issue, even though she understands it's part of the lifestyle. However, Renee defends Eddie, she didn’t know if Alicia knew about their relationship, and says her loyalty is to him, he has been her lifelong friend. This conversation hits home with Drita who says, "Renee own up to the fact that you were in a shady situaton." Big Ang says, she "doesn't know what Renee was thinkin,' but I don't want no part of this." Ang adds, "How would Renee like it if it was her? She would be f*ckin' pissed." Hey wait a minute, what happened to the Big Ang who said, “Who cares who sleeps with who?” when there was all that talk about good old Carla sleeping with married men? Drita agrees with Ang, Renee would have gone to war if it happened to her. Alicia is most upset about the lies, lies, lies and for what? Chinese food?  I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be a long, long time before I order Chinese food again…I am sick of it. Oy.

Big Ang meets with her son AJ who is out of rehab and she is proud of him. He and his girlfriend are having a baby and Ang is excited to have another grandchild. Ang doesn’t want to upset him by telling him she is thinking of having her own baby. Geez, I think were all upset to hear that. First of all her age is against her and second how stable is her marriage? Is this responsible or reasonable thinking? Please. I think it’s storyline filler.

At Alicia’s house, she gets a letter from Eddie after she sends him an email. She reads “the typed letter” to her friend, Tina and sister, Renee. Let me say, before I go on, that I do not believe Eddie wrote that letter. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat Chinese food. In the letter he apologizes to Alicia and says she is his best friend, he has made many mistakes in their relationship, was a complete failure as a husband and he betrayed her. He is sorry for all he is done. He loves her. Alicia feels bad for him, but she is guarded and doesn’t want to be manipulated again. She would have a lot to get over in order to forgive him. They were a perfect happy family and in love. She doesn’t know if it’s a mistake to be loyal to him now. Her friend Tina says the opposite. She says Eddie has been the primary source of Alicia’s pain since she met her. I’m distracted. I keep wondering if the pension money paid for that house and pool and all the bills? Or maybe it was the designer knockoffs?

Drita takes Aleeya for self defense classes to help her with the bullying issue. Aleeya is looking very beautiful and grown up. Drita is going to pick up a few techniques too. This should build Aleeya’s confidence. I agree with Drita on this. A self defense program should be required of all young girls these days, maybe even put into the school curriculum instead of gym. However, it’s not the solution to her bullying and those kids should be confronted and punished for their behavior. Call the principal!

WHAT'S WRONG??? I was paying everyone a compliment!
The SOUTH Philly way!

Renee and her Boo, Michael, are going to meet the girls at girls night out. Big Ang is giving Natalie a second chance for Renee’s sake, the first time she was whacked. Alicia is fine with Renee, her issue is with Eddie. Natalie is in party mode, as usual, “shooting down the shots.” Even Renee thinks Natalie is out of control…drunk in no time. Drita thinks she isn’t normal…Natalie is calling them “whores” over and over. Natalie thinks that’s a compliment, but Drita is ready to break her face. Renee’s date shows up. Alicia thinks he is cute. Natalie kisses him on both cheeks, hugs him tight and says he “smells delicious.“ Natalie is sweating like a pig and maybe got her sweat on Michael. Disgusting. Renee goes nuts. She can’t believe she heard Natalie call Michael “delicious” and wants to strangle her. Renee wants to leave, she thinks Natalie is making him uncomfortable. Natalie won’t give Renee her bag so she can leave. Ang is totally fed up with Natalie. Renee feels disrespected and won’t talk to Natalie. Natalie has no clue what she did. Alicia is lost because Renee flipped out over Natalie’s comment…but not over Carla going out with Eddie.  Go figure? It’s too late for Renee not to be embarrassed. What a scene to subject a new man to! Now Renee thinks she and Natalie have nothing in common and Natalie isn’t liking Renee too much either.  I say send the Philly chicks back to SOUTH Philly already.

Drita tells Alicia the word “delicious” should have never come out of Natalie’s mouth. That was sick. Drita sides with Renee completely. I have to say, while I am not up on the new lingo, I can see where a comment like that, coming from someone like Natalie, could be taken the wrong way. However, Alicia still doesn’t get it, “it’s just Natalie being Natalie,” she says. She thinks Renee should have let it go. Hello Alicia! Have you ever watched Mob Wives before you actually signed up for the drama? Did you think the show was about having tea, crumpets and Chinese food? Renee joins them. Alicia says it wasn’t a big deal, Renee says no, it’s a matter of respect. Alicia still compares it to her situation, saying Renee has two sets of rules, one for her men and one for other women’s men. Drita doesn’t get Natalie either and is ready to break her face and then say she was joking about it. Drita seems angrier than Renee at this point. Surprisingly for me, is the fact that Renee still wants Natalie to be the face of her brand. So Renee wants to correct her and handle it. Personally, I would not want someone like Natalie, who has no class, no boundaries, no common sense, no sense of professionalism representing my new business. She is going to be the downfall of Mob Candy, she is the weak link! There are plenty of beautiful, aspiring models out there who know how to act in public…plenty! Get a new one, please Renee.

At the same time, Natalie meets with her friend, Amy, and tells her the “delicious story.” How Renee hired her for Mob Candy and brings a guy she started dating to girls’ night. So Natalie meets him and says he smells delicious. Amy says “that’s nice.“ I guess there is a different set of etiquette rules in SOUTH Philly? Natalie feels she was paying him a compliment, but Renee got all bent out of shape. She wants to know why Renee invited her boyfriend if she is that jealous and it was a girls’ night out? Now that comment makes sense and I’m stunned. If I was just dating someone I would not want to bring him around my friends or family too soon. Natalie says Renee doesn’t know her as much as she thought she knew her. Renee gave her a set of rules because she works for Mob Candy. Amy says what does she think, you’re her puppet? Natalie isn’t anyone’s puppet! Natalie says Renee doesn’t trust anyone. She disrespected HER and embarrassed HER and she is not giving her the time of day as her friend, so now she is choosing “d*ck over me?”   Natalie says Renee is dead to her. And this is the person Renee wants to keep as the face of her brand???

This is a tribute to the one NOTE wonder: Alicia

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mob Wives: “Cooking The Books” South Philly Style

Some of the Real Housewives are putting out cookbooks, like Teresa Giudice, who has bragged about her 5 or 6 cookbooks all the while she is in trouble for bankruptcy fraud. And, even our own Graziano sisters, Renee, Lana and Jennifer, have their own cookbook coming out, “How To Use A Meat Clever,” in early February. They are including traditional Italian family recipes along with personal stories. Cookbooks are nothing new for reality personalities. But “cooking the books,” now that’s another story altogether. That distinction belongs to South Philly mob wife, Alicia DiMichele Garofalo.

We learned, on this season of Mob Wives, that the Feds indicted Alicia DiMichele Garofalo with embezzlement of pension funds from the trucking company she and her husband, Edward, owned. Apparently, the Feds discovered Alicia’s alleged “hobby” through the wire tapped conversations they had on her husband. Alicia claims she did nothing wrong and blames it all on Edward. Pension manipulation is just one of several ways to “cook the books.” It got me curious as to how one might cook a book. Maybe Alicia was cooking them and didn’t even know it?

The law states: “Any person who embezzles, steals, or unlawfully and willfully abstracts or converts to his own use or to the use of another, any of the moneys, funds, securities, premiums, credits, property, or other assets of any employee welfare benefit plan or employee pension benefit plan, or of any fund connected therewith, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. As used in this section, the term “any employee welfare benefit plan or employee pension benefit plan” means any employee benefit plan subject to any provision of title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.”

Now, let’s get a few facts about pension plans in place. Pensions plans are defined to pay out a certain amount of money to employees at retirement AND they usually must have enough money in there to pay benefits to all employees should the company fold. The money is typically invested in high yielding stocks for growth. If the pension fund earns money beyond what is expected, the company can claim some of that money as profit for itself. If a company underestimates what the investment on the pension from stocks is expected to be, in order to claim a larger profit for itself, that is one way of “cooking the books.” Basically, the “earnings” on the investment are manipulated so that more money can be applied to asset/profit for the owners and the pension plan is underfunded.

Another way a pension plan can be fraudulently manipulated is to take money withheld from employee paychecks, intended for the pension plan, and using it for personal gain. This seems to be an easier way for a bookkeeper to “cook the books,” as a they are typically the ones to do the payroll and allocate the money contributed by employees to their pension plans. Basically, the money contributed never makes it into the pension plan, but into the pockets of the embezzlers.

Of course, I didn’t get a peek at the books, but the indictment on Alicia reads: “The indictment also charges Colombo associate Garofalo and his wife, Alicia Dimichelle, with embezzlement from the welfare benefit plan and pension benefit plan funds operated on behalf of union laborers of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 282. As described in the detention memorandum, Garofalo and Dimichelle engaged in a double-breasting scheme* in which they used Colombo-controlled non-union shell companies, including DM Equipment, Big R Trucking, T&E Leasing, and Roman Sand and Stone, to circumvent Local 282 collective bargaining agreement union benefit contribution requirements.” The entire indictment, a good read, can be found here: FULL INDICTMENT

*The “double breasting” scheme is defined in the indictment.

While Alicia says she did nothing wrong, she did plead guilty. She is supposed to be sentenced in January, 2014. I find it hard to believe she didn’t know or participate in the embezzlement scheme, but then plead guilty. I find it hard to believe the Feds would charge her without real evidence, which I think would be readily available in the “books,” and in her handwriting. I find it hard to believe a person who would allegedly sell designer knockoffs as originals. I find it hard to believe someone who would lie to a judge about visiting her son at his dorm in Virginia, and then ends up in Las Vegas…tweeting what a great time she is having. Is this the same Alicia who was disgusted with all the lies, lies, lies and chinese food, she heard on the wire taps? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mob Wives: Drita Deals With Stalker Sneak Peek Ep 3

Drita talks to her staff about security procedures

Drita has her hands full. She is on season four of Mob Wives, she is still working on her relationship with Lee, her daughter Aleeya is being bullied, the SOUTH Philly chick Natalie is provoking her, she is trying to run her business Just Me Cosmetics, AND she has to figure out how to deal with a stalker who comes to her store and terrorizes her staff. Is that an overstatement? Not according to what I heard last week.

From watching the video I see that Drita has 5 employees who are all decked out in their business attire...Lady Boss T-Shirts...which I am sure you can buy at Drita's website. Drita is going to have some security devices installed to protect her employees. I guess they forgot that Lee install equipment last season so Drita could watch the store from the house? Nevermind, this is a new season, new blood and so new cameras are probably in order. Now from the looks of the stalker, who made an appearance last week and then waddled down the street, he doesn't appear to be menacing. Why haven't any of the girls taken his picture with their cell phones, I wonder? Why hasn't anyone thought of calling the police and filing a report, I yelled at the tv? Why didn't Drita run after him?  Maybe we will learn more this week. Maybe the stalker will see the VH1 van outside the store and take another peek inside to watch the filming of the meeting and make another cameo appearance.

It's pretty much a boring clip, but they can't give the whole show's drama away in sneak peeks. Enjoy!

Picture and Video credit: VH1

SNL Mob Humor: Three Wise Guys

Stallone, Goodman, De Niro

This video of the Three Wise Guys going to visit the baby Jesus was just too funny not to share. After all the drama on Mob Wives, we need a little laugh now and then. An early Christmas present!  Enjoy!

Picture and Video Credit: SNL

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mob Wives: Ep 3 Sneak Peek Alicia's Turnt Up!

Alicia points her finger at Renee and asks, "Did you f*ck Eddie, ever?"

This might be the best five and a half minutes of episode three, but then they probably wouldn't show so much of it! Alicia gets it into her head to invite the three Old Bloods over to her house for lunch. All she wants is the truth. She is still turnt up over what she heard on the wire tapped recordings of her husband Eddie. She needs to vent and sound out  the other women about how they feel about Renee's involvement. She tells them she heard Eddie and his ex-girlfriend, Carla, on the tape, along with Renee. Drita is shocked to hear that Renee went to lunch with Eddie and his ex. Drita makes no bones about what she would do if she walked in on Lee and his ex at a restaurant...she would drive right through the window and run them over! Big Ang also seems to sympathize with Alicia's issue, even though she understands it's part of the lifestyle. However, Renee appears to defend Eddie, or at least has a hard time going against him and take Alicia's side. Drita says, "Renee own up to the fact that you were in a shady situaton." Big Ang says, she "doesn't know what Renee was thinkin,' but I don't want no part of this." Ang adds, "How would Renee like it if it was her? She would be f*ckin' pissed." Drita agrees with Ang, Renee would have gone to war if it happened to her. Alicia is most upset about the lies. 

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap “Caught On Tape,” Ep 402

My two cents will be sprinkled in the recap like spice in a recipe!

Renee goes to Philly and lands in Alicia’s boutique with her fashion line. Alicia is going to sell Renee’s new line in her store…maybe next to the designer knock offs she is being sued for selling? But Alicia would never EVER do anything wrong, like embezzling or lying to a judge about going to Vegas, would she? (NY Post Designer Knock-Offs) They chat like old friends. Renee loves Edward, Edward loves Renee. Alicia has Eddie’s name tattooed on her wrist. He is still the love of her life. Love is in the air! It’s a regular love fest! Alicia tells Renee she was arrested, with eight other “gentlemen,” by the FBI. She explains that she did the books for the trucking company they owned because she wanted them done the “right” way.  The next thing you know 30 FBI agents show up at her door and arrest her on a Tuesday morning. She pleaded “guilty” to embezzlement, so I guess she wasn’t doing things correctly? And, she isn’t happy that her husband put her in this position. Awww,  now I can’t help but hear Linda Ronstadt singing, “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me” in my head.

Drita and Big Ang go to the beauty salon/spa. They talk about the Mob Candy launch party. Big Ang launches into her opinion of “loose canon” Natalie, and she is worried about Renee spending so much time with this “wacko,” the face of Mob Candy. Both Drita and Ang feel that Renee got too close, too soon with Natalie…they just met. Ang doesn’t like Natalie and feels she is a bad influence on Renee. Drita is worried that Renee will slip up and become the party girl again. Ang says when she met her for the first time she made absolute, zero sense. All she was interested in was downing shots.” Look, if that’s the case, she should have never been cast in the show…just sayn’. Then Drita tells Ang about a stalker that keeps coming into her store and bothering and scaring her staff. Ang tells her to put a buzzer on the door. How about calling 911 if he’s been there so many times? And what happened to the cameras that were installed last season so Drita could watch the store from home? If so, this guy has to be on film already. And, I do remember those cameras Drita asked Lee to install, don’t you? If you don’t you can read about it in my Recap on Episode 311. Moving on, Renee calls and invites Drita and Ang to go lunch with her and Natalie. Big Ang immediately says she ain’t going. She didn’t like what happened the last time they met. She was only interested in ordering shots and it was disrespectful.

Natalie and her boyfriend, London, meet for dinner. Natalie goes on and on about how Renee’s friends are already judging her without knowing her for even 5 or 10 minutes, and they have no class. No class, Natalie? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (get someone to explain that one to you). She keeps saying they don’t know her. She tells London she intends to confront Drita and Big Ang about the way they talked about her behind her back, at the Mob Candy launch party, when she was just a couple of feet away. She is an M80 from SOUTH PHILLY, they are only firecrackers, and she intends to set them straight and it won’t be pretty.

Drita is chatting away with Alicia on the boardwalk. Since Alicia was in town, Drita thought it would be a good idea for them to meet. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a perfect way for them to exchange sob stories? As they walk, they compare stories about how they met their husbands. Alicia feels Eddie lied to her about everything, she had no idea he was in the mob. Now why do I find this hard to believe?  Drita tells her Lee cheated on her. She had to take him back because the kids loved him too much, but she doesn’t seem to trust him 100%. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I didn’t need a recap of Drita’s life story with Lee. As for Alicia, I find it hard to believe anything she says. But, these two are bonding nicely. A kumbaya moment as I hear another chorus of Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me!

Drita goes to her store and her employee tells her the stalker came in again today. She says he keeps looking around, even behind the counter. Drita is irate. Drita calls Lee to tell him what is going on with this guy scaring her employees. Drita wants him to be scared like she’s scared. Lee tells her to give the girl his number, he can be there in two minutes if the guy comes back. She says she is going to beat him bad and Lee will have to bail her out. I still think it would be better to file a police report than to risk Lee getting into trouble handling this, but what do I know?

What's the f*ckin' beef?

Natalie walks in to the restaurant to meet Renee. Renee wants to clear the air about what Natalie heard Drita and Ang say behind her back. Ang isn’t coming. Natalie is riled up and Renee tries to calm her down. Drita is blindsided by Natalie’s confrontation. Drita readily admits to saying Natalie was probably drunk. Drita says she didn’t bring Natalie up in the conversation, and justifiably asks where are the other two are? Now Drita is riled up. “It’s better to be drunk than be a dick-head.” But they both seem to be the same type…quick to anger and to fight. In this showdown, I have to side with Drita, the leaping leopard. Natalie was beyond drunk when she and Ang met with her the first time and then she falls off the stage? It was a reasonable assumption to make that she was drunk, the girl loves to drink and party. Guess what, says Natalie, Drita may be a tough girl BUT she is from (all together now) SOUTH PHILLY, and she isn’t going to stand for this BS.

Alicia listens to hours and hours of Eddie’s wire taps and she doesn’t like it. The Feds feel, based on the wire taps, that Alicia, the bookkeeper, conspired to “cook the books” with her husband. Alicia’s brother shows up, and she tells him the evidence they have against her is from the wire taps. She needs to listen to five years of conversations so she can put what is on there into context for them and presumably prove her innocence and defend her case. Alicia believes in honesty and respect (like when she lied to the judge or sold knock off designer clothes?). She is upset because she hears him talking to girls, he lied a lot. Alicia hears lie, after lie. after lie. Her brother, who likes Eddie, says, “it’s a guy thing.” Her brother says he would never say anything against Eddie. Alicia is devastated, she thought she was the lucky wife. Okay one more time: poor, poor, pitiful me.

And a "penny" for Ang's thoughts!

Drita and Ang and Renee meet to talk about Natalie. Ang is turnt up! She has plenty to say about Natalie. Drita doesn’t like the way the confrontation lunch went down and tells Ang good thing she didn’t go. They both tell Ang how Natalie didn’t like Drita calling her drunk. Ang makes a face, like someone passed gas, then says she told Natalie she was crazy to her face. Renee wants to know their beef with Natalie. Ang lets Renee have it with both barrels: “I think she is a f*ckin’ trouble maker! Me and her go meet her for lunch, she couldn’t f*ckin’ talk! She didn’t make one bit of sense, she was talking in riddles, she was whacked! She was f*ckin’ mumblin’.” Ang says in the confessional, “I’m already fed up with this girl…she is just a train wreck.” Renee tries to make light of it, saying they could put up with Natalie having a bad day if they could put up with her for three years. Drita counters with she only tolerates that kind of thing from friends, not someone she just met. Renee has to find a way to bring peace between them and says she will talk to Natalie.

At Natalie’s house, in SOUTH Philly, Renee drops by to personally talk to her about paying attention to the “rules,” how things got out of hand between her and the girls and for the sake of Mob Candy.  Renee says Big Ang and Drita told her the whole story about their first meeting with Natalie and the confrontation lunch. Everything Ang said, Renee told Natalie. Natalie says she will do what she wants and “be me,” she doesn’t give a f*ck.”  Renee tells her when she drinks she is rowdy. Renee is the “Boss” and Natalie has to make a better impression on the girls and maybe win their respect. Natalie doesn’t like it, but says she can handle that. Why do I have some serious doubts about that?

Carto Funeral Home
A cozy place for a chat

Natalie and Alicia meet at the Carto funeral home to chat. Nice atmosphere. Plenty of mobsters were laid out there, boasts Natalie. Good to know.  Alicia wants to chat about the other goumada, “Carla,” who used to date her husband Eddie and also works on Mob Candy with Renee. She tells Natalie the two of them remained friendly throughout the marriage, and they went out to dinner a couple of times…it was all on the wire tap! AND, to add insult to injury, Renee was even at dinner with them and never told Alicia. Alicia is sick to her stomach. She was deceived and betrayed. Natalie agrees with Alicia. If she said anything else about it I couldn’t make it out, she talks like she has marbles in her mouth. Renee and Carla are lifetime friends, but Alicia is determined to talk to Renee about this issue. She is devastated…poor, poor pitiful me. I wish I could tell you more, but the dead woman’s blue dress, hanging behind them as they talked, was very distracting to say the least.

Back to Drita’s store and the stalker. Drita needs to do something. Obviously, the cameras she asked Lee to install in season three aren’t working. Michael, the alarm guy, shows up. He wants to put cameras up so the stalker can be ID’d. Drita tells him about a stalker she had years ago. Just then, at that exact moment, the guy shows up at the door  and peers in. Drita opens the door and politely asks him, “Are you the guy who keeps bothering my girls?” She tries to tell him off but, like a Weebles doll, he wobbles off down the street. Meanwhile, Drita, with her lightning speed and menacing talk, stands there like a deer caught in the headlights. Even I could have caught the guy while Michael, the alarm guy, calls 911. But, neither of them did anything. Go figure?

Alicia has a new “beef” this week and it’s with Renee! Alicia needs to confront Renee about what she heard on the wire taps. It’s been eating away at her. She arrives at Renee’s house and doesn’t waste a minute getting down to business. She tells Renee she has been listening to 5 years of wire taps. She says she heard Eddie talking to “the other” Carla on the tape and that Renee was on the tape too. Alicia tells her the whole conversation and how she was 8 months pregnant at the time. Renee admits to going out to dinner with them, but will not say how many times she was invited to join them. Edward is like Renee’s big brother, so why is Alicia so irritated with her? Alicia heard Renee’s name mentioned a lot and wants her to know how many times Eddie was with Carla. Renee isn’t going to “rat” him out. He is one of her dearest friends, who she has known all her life. Alicia is pissed because he lied and deceived her while she was pregnant. Alicia is now mad at Renee. Renee is getting riled up, it’s not her business. Is this the set up for next week’s drama?  The previews for next week are nothing short of explosive.

And a BIG S/O to DonDig and his amazing powers of observation brought to you by 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mob Wives: Drita Meets Her Stalker - Sneak Peek 402

Drita spots the stalker!

Here we go again. If anyone has been reading our blog from day one, you might remember that I kept saying the show is scripted. Many times Mob Mistress tried to tell me it wasn't, but I didn't buy it 100%. I am not saying that nothing real happens in the show because we did have Junior turn informant, the largest Feds Mob Bust, Renee's surgery and rehab. There is plenty of reality in Mob Wives. But, here and there, I can't help but feel there is a scene set up and scripted for our benefit. This is one of them.

In this scene, Drita is in her store calmly talking to someone about a stalker she had years ago, when she was pregnant. At that exact moment, with cameras rolling, a man show up at her front door and peers in. Drita starts pointing and says "that's the guy!" Does she mean that's her stalker from years ago? Because that's what it sounds like in this clip. Or does she mean, that's the guy who has been coming into her store bothering her girls? That's right, she said, "Bothering her girls!"

As I am watching this one minute clip, my husband is listening from across the room and says, "Are we supposed to believe that the stalker showed up at the exact same time she is talking about him with the cameras rolling?" 

Well are we? I had to laugh because he doesn't even watch Mob Wives, but he has heard a lot about them and has met most of them in person. And no, I don't believe it was a huge coincidence. This appears to be staged or scripted to me.

Wasn't it just in last week's episode that Drita was telling Lee that Aleeya was being bullied in school? I didn't buy that either and said so in my recap. She was just too calm about it. Now she is talking about a stalker...A STALKER, and she opens the door and says, "Are you the guy who keeps coming in here bothering my girls?" Then she watches him literally trot away from the store??? Seriously, is this the Drita who was just ready to break Natalie's face for confronting her about a "drunk" comment? Now she is just chatting about her daughters being bullied and stalked? This does not have the ring of truth to it...not at all. I'm a protective mother and I have gone ballistic over a hell of a lot less then these two incidents, and I'm not even violent. But, when it comes to my girls, I don't want a hair on their head touched!

Now you can watch the clip and decide for yourselves...stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mob Wives: Renee Wire Tapped? Sneak Peek Ep 402

Renee learns that she is on the wire tap recordings
the FBI has on Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofalo!

Alicia has some news for Renee. She has been listening to 5 years of wire taps and guess whose voice she comes across? Right, Renee's. But what does Renee say in those recordings? And, where will this lead? I will say this...I did see something in the supertrailer that was appeared that Renee was screaming at Alicia over something in the newspapers...could it be something from those recordings was leaked? Between Drita being fed up with Natalie, and Renee upset with Alicia, things don't look good for the New Blood.

Picture & Video Credit: VH1

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mob Wives: Gravanos vs Garofalos Family Feud

It’s the men’s business. It’s not supposed to be a storyline on Mob Wives. But, then again, inquiring minds like mine, want to know…since they brought it up. There is a lot more to the history between the Gravanos and the Garofalos than we know. In fact, from what I am reading, this is really a “family” affair in more ways than one. I hope you can follow this blog and I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies because this is really complicated and confusing.

Let’s try to get the participants straight. We have Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, his sister Fran is married to Edward “Cousin Eddie” Garafola, Sammy’s brother in-law, AND Edward “The Chink” Garofalo Sr. (Alicia’s father in-law or, as she calls him, “the victim”). I have to wonder if you can be in the mob and also claim to be a victim?  PLEASE NOTE: the spellings of the two names are very similar Garafola and Garofalo!

Here’s what I could piece together…Sammy and his brother in-law, “Cousin Eddie”  Garafola were both in the Gambino crime family and owned a disco and other businesses together. Garafola got in trouble with the Feds and was charged with several serious criminal counts. He was in trouble for a big stock fraud scheme along with 19 other mobsters, in addition to other crimes. Allegedly, Garafola tried to convince Sammy to cooperate, along with him, with the authorities in October, 1991. According to Sammy:

"Comes October (1991) and I'm still not even thinking of cooperating, it's my whining brother-in-law Eddie, a whining motherfucker all my life, who puts the idea in my head. He's caused me nothing but trouble with his devious ways, always looking for the angle. A couple of guys in my crew wanted to whack him. You can't trust him, they said. But he's got a big edge with me. His wife is my sister and I ain't ever going to hurt her, even though he's treating her like shit."

"He says, 'I hate to say this Sammy, but maybe you should cooperate. I'll go with you. Me and you cooperate and we'll go into a whole other life. Take our families and run after it's over…We'll make another life, Sammy.'" Gravano says he took Garafola's advice and agreed to cooperate, but Garafola, "double crosses me. You know, it's like when you're kids standing by the edge of the pool, and it's one, two, three, jump! Schmucko jumped, and he didn't."

In 1996, Peter Gotti, acting boss, allegedly met with John Gotti in prison and was given orders to kill Sammy Gravano, who was now in Arizona, having served his five years from the plea deal. His brother in-law, Eddie Garafola was one of the hit men sent to Arizona to carry out the orders. He made many trips, but failed. The plan was never completed because Sammy was arrested in 2000 for his participation in an Arizona ecstasy ring.

Alicia DiMichele with husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garofalo
This is the same Edward “Cousin Eddie” Garafola who pleaded guilty in 2004 for participating in the murder of his cousin, Edward “The Chink” Garofalo, Alicia’s father in-law, in 1990. The hit was ordered by John Gotti and carried out by Sammy Gravano‘s crew, because it was allegedly thought that Garofalo was cooperating with authorities, amongst other reasons. Garofalo was gunned down outside his Brooklyn home. Sammy has recently agreed to testify on behalf of hit man, Daniel Fama, to say that the mob had no knowledge of Garofalo’s cooperation, he was killed for other reasons. The Feds have dubbed this murder, Gotti’s Last Hit. So this is the beef Alicia’s husband has with Karen, and it’s Alicia’s issue by proxy. Considering Karen was only about 17 years old when this murder took place, I can’t see why she should be held accountable in any way, shape or form by the Garofalos or any of Sammy’s other “victims.” I could be wrong but, from everything I have read, the mob doesn’t include women in their business, let alone 17 year old girls.

Meanwhile, the son of Eddie “the Chink” Garofalo Sr. and husband of Alicia, “Edward “Tall Guy,” Jr. has recently been sentenced to seven years in prison. Various sources report he has been indicted for racketeering, extortion, conspiracy to murder, witness tampering, and embezzlement. Do you think any of his crimes had victims?  Did you ever hear Alicia say she was “distraught” over his victims and their families? I didn’t. But I did hear her say how much she loved her husband…and all I've ever heard Karen say was she loved her father.

And here is a little article about “Tall Guy” you might be interested in reading: Beat-the-Beep-out-of-him! 

Quotes: Underboss by Peter Maas

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mob Wives: The Old Drita Is Back - Sneak Peek Ep 402

Drita is sizing up Natalie

Ready, Set, Go...and we are off! The sneak peek definitely is establishing some bad blood between the old blood and the new blood. This week there is going to be a confrontation between Natalie and Drita. Renee arranges a meeting/sit down between Natalie, Drita and Big Ang to "clear the air," because Natalie is feeling irritated. She tells Renee that she heard Drita, Ang and Alicia talking about her behind her back at the Mob Candy launch party. Big Ang, who has already made it clear that she has had enough of Natalie, makes her excuses and doesn't show up. No one filled Drita in as to what this little lunch was all about, so she seems to be blindsided when Renee tells her she is walking into the the lion's den. Drita sits down and is promptly confronted by Natalie, to which she justifiably says where is Big Ang and Alicia? Shouldn't they be there? I'll answer for all of us, "Yes, Drita, they should have all been there, not just you." When Natalie tells Drita she heard her tell the others that she was drunk, Drita admits it without hesitation. "I said you were probably drunk. Big Ang said you were nuts." Natalie doesn't take it too well and tells Drita I was a foot away, you have something to say, say it to my face. Drita didn't think it was a big deal. But, off camera, in the confessional, Drita shows her claws. She says Renee must have forgotten to tell her new employee, "By the way, Drita might break your f*ckin' face. She has a tendency to leap over a table and f*ck your ass up."  There was have it! Drita's calm and peaceful streak is over...let the fisticuffs begin! If there is a fight, who is your money on? 

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio Pops Bottle on a Graziano Relative at Greenhouse?

After seeing Natalie Guercio rock that lace romper with red thigh high boots, I’ve decided to go on a diet.

*pops meatball in mouth*

The Mob Wives Premiere Pary at Greenhouse in New York, thursday night was a bottle popping event.  Several gossip sites, blogs and an online news outlet or two have made mention Princess Funeral Home a.k.a. Natalie Guercio popped a bottle causing a woman named Alexis (Genovese) Crinion a visit to the hospital and a few stitches.  Ladies, Mob Wives, b!tches can’t we all just get along for one night?!  Nooooooooooooo, we can’t.  

What none of the sites have told you is Alexis a.k.a.  Bad Barbie is the cousin of Jennifer, Renee & Lana Graziano.  Several sources claimed to have witnessed earlier during the party Lana Graziano and Natalie Guercio exchange heated words.  Princess Funeral Home later allegedly approached Jennifer Graziano and her sisters Renee & Lana as they were seated asking something to the effect of, “What the f@ck is your sister’s problem?!”   

Bad Barbie with her loving cousin Lana Zanococchio
Natalie must have some embalming fluid in her veins.  Word on the streets is Jennifer is the calm, calculating one; Renee is the funny, dramatical one; and Lana is the one who’ll go no holds barred on that @ss.  After Jennifer diffused the situation things seemed to have calmed down.  As the night progressed the two (Natalie & Lana) would cross paths again.  Sources shared Lana Graziano was being protective of her sister Renee.  Things got heated, a scuffle followed.  Alexis attempted to intervene & stop the ladies from fighting.  Alexis also known as Barbie was rewarded when Natalie Guercio allegedly hit her in the head with a bottle.  I’ve heard of bottle service but this takes the cake.  Alexis' injuries consisted of 3 stitches in her hairline,  another 3 over her nose and 18 stitches in the middle of her forehead.  Alexis received a total of 24 stitches and has a black eye.  It’s always sad to learn of an individual getting hurt when trying to do the right thing.  Alexis was a totally innocent do-gooder.

Now I don’t know what you all are thinking.  I am thinking: If Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo and Love Majewski had been at Greenhouse premiere party the would’ve been nipped in the bud first go around.  I’m just typing out loud.  I also have to recognize that it’s hard not to stick up and want to protect a sibling.

Now there is an individual on Twitter claiming to be in the knoooooooow.  It appears he has been communicating with Princess Funeral Home.  He seems to be mad at Jennifer Graziano and none too happy with Natalie.  I have to share because he is revealing his alleged communications with her & making claims he has audio of her demonstrating she’s racist.  Sources confirmed he was at the premiere party.  Here’s an alleged conversation Natalie Guercio had with Infinity Boy:

UPDATE:  The video has been removed claiming the show is scripted as we predicted.  So Cousin Vinny, the familia provided us with our very own copy.  Scroll down and the very last video is the one you want to listen to.  I am no voice analyst or anything but it sure sounds like Princess Funeral Home to me.   In the mean time, this sound video alleges Natalie Guercio uses the N-word.  We cannot confirm this is Natalie Guercio.  It sure sounds like her to us. You decide for yourself as always.

Big Ang’s little sister seems to be highly interested in what “Infinity Boy” is up to.  Was Big Ang looking for last minute food donations for her premiere party at the Drunken Monkey?

We’ll wrap this up with a quick video from Mob Wives season 4 premiere party Princess Funeral Home wants you all to know she is from P-H-I-L-L-Y.

We’re thinking this is all one hot mess of foolishness.  We sincerely wish Alexis a speedy recovery.   Stitches aren’t fun.  Also it’s rumored the Greenhouse maybe shut down due to the recent clash.

Off topic: Anyone else think it was weird that Drita D’avanzo bounced so fast?

Death threats oh me oh my!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Mob Wives: Carmela's Take On Season 4 Premiere Party!

(Note: Jennifer Graziano extended an invitation to our blogging team to attend the premiere. We are all thankful and appreciative of Jenn's thoughtful and generous gesture. It meant a lot to all of us. We asked Carmela to go to represent us and we thank her for going and bringing back a blog to share with all of us.)

The Mob Wives premier party took place last night at The Greenhouse in NYC. Well, I have to say, I had a grand old time. Arriving early, I got to see  Big Ang, who was all dolled up in very BIG fur. She looked great! I was wondering how she was going to be in two places at one time, but she hung out and took photos, then gracefully headed  to the Drunken Monkey.



I got to meet the “New Blood” of the show, Alicia and Natalie. Both looked stunning. Alicia's red studded dress was a head-turner. It was as if it was painted on her and she  wore it well.   Natalie sported an outfit that made her look like a model in a runway lingerie fashion show. She managed to stand right in front of me during the season premiere  and I giggled from too much vodka and secretly took a few photos of her butt that I will not post.

Jenn was making her speech when...

Drita called in

Drita did make it there, but only for a few minutes. While Jenn was doing her speech Drita called in. She couldn't stay, something about her husband and kids. So that answered one of my questions - if they were still together. Someone tweeted a picture of Drita outside, she looked flawless, as usual.

And then of course there was Renee. She was having so much fun. I asked her for a few photos and she gracefully posed. All in all, a great night with a bunch a fun people. I could hardly watch the show as it was very loud, crowded and I was distracted. I caught bits and pieces, but I will catch up on a rerun.

Jenns' speech consisted of thanking VH1 and the people who believed in her. She talked about meeting both Alicia and Natalie and knew they had something in them.  She thanked Drita and mentioned her tough exterior. And of course, she thanked Big Ang, who she called a superstar and always a pleasure to work with. Then she talked about Renee, last but not least. Renee says "oh shit - I thought this was my party, but apparently it’s yours!" Jenn talked about how Renee put her life out there as an open book and opened her soul to the world, something she says she wouldn't have had the courage to do. Renee hopes that someone can learn from her experiences. Jenn says she was born for this. Jenn calls her original girls the OG's. She dedicated the night to Nina Diaz, Lonnie Holmes, Adam Gonzales along with the Team at LEFT/RIGHT who are there with her in the trenches everyday in the production of Mob Wives. My favorite quote of the night was when Jenn said, referring to the OG's, "One will be missed, the others not so much.”

Thank you to my blogging team and to Jennifer Graziano for the gracious invitation to attend this special event. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Picture Credit: Carmela Corleone