Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Garofalo Disses Karen & Sammy Gravano

"You want to write an f*ckin' book? Write a book about how distraught
you were when you learned your father freakin' killed 19 people."

And so it begins.  We haven't even seen episode one, but here is a clip of the storyline to come. We have written about it before in more detail and Karen has expressed her feelings about it here and here. Is Alicia is in the cast to attack Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and Karen? Sammy did in fact kill 19 people and he confessed to that for a plea deal that allowed the Feds to put John Gotti away...ancient history. Yes, one of those people was Edward Garofalo, her father in law, a mobster himself. The hit was ordered by John Gotti and arranged by Sammy, 23 years ago. Was Alicia even in the picture back then? So what's her beef? Mobsters kill mobsters. It's part of the lifestyle. They sign up knowing  the risks and the dangers. So why are we now opening up this can of worms? And why isn't Karen sitting at that table with Drita and Big Ang so she can answer questions about "Why she didn't write how distraught she was in her book?" And maybe Karen could also address Alicia's perception that she is "prancing" around and "bragging" that Sammy is her dad. But Karen can't do that now, can she? Why? Because Karen isn't on the show this season.

Drita says she is "glad Karen is out of town because Karen and Alicia should never cross paths." Really? In my opinion, Karen is an original cast member of Mob Wives, born and raised in New York.  She should be on the show, no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Especially this season, if Alicia is going to be permitted to take pot shots at Karen and her father, and she is using both of their lives as her storyline.

And thank God for Big Ang! She recognizes that this mob history is between "Sammy and Eddie," and has no place on the show at all. Isn't this the men's business? Isn't the show about Mob Wives and their struggles? I am getting pretty confused.

Karen's book is about her life, not Sammy's life. Sammy wrote all about his crimes in his own book, Underboss. Maybe someone should explain this to Alicia?

So far, this isn't sitting well with me. I hope Karen will address her view or opinion right here or in the media, every step along the way. I want to hear her answers, and I'm sure most fans do too.

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Hey you said...

I agree that mobster business needs to stay among the men. its exciting to find out that Sammy Gravano will be home in 2 1/2!!

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most about this "new blood" is that she gets to tarnish Karen, her father, and Karen's working hard of NOT exploiting things, and Jenn G is allowing her to trash Karen with her not around to defend herself/her family. Not cool at all./ Im not liking this and it does show that some will do anything for the dollar. Disappointing!

Cathy said...

I am glad to see you all blogging again.

With all due respect; it looks as Renee is pushing "Mob Candy"
I feel we have a right to know (as viewers and potential customers) whats up with Renee copy catting off of Mob Candy magazine? They were fit to be tied when they learned Renee was going to use "Mob Candy" and Renee explanation was she forgot she had done the interview. I can not remember the whole scenerio - but as a business owner; I would be mad if someone hi jacked my stuff. Did Mob Candy Mag just agree and agree on a profit ? Sure, Renee can tell us its None of My Business.. But that is not going to make me want to buy her stuff.

Cathy said...

Jenn is mad at: Karen, Carla and Ramona because *gasp* they had the nerve to request more money.

Cathy said...

Darn! I forgot to add:

Big Ang is basically keeping Just Jenn Productions in business -- Jenn better do Angie right. Just Saying.

Also, Admin (of the blog)
You ladies do a great job covering this all. Please dont mistake my (whats the word im looking for? ) comments directed towards you all -- im not, you just report the news.

Anonymous said...

I agree!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^ 100%

Anonymous said...

In just that little clip, I can see why Karen bowed out of this season. Why would she want to be in the position of having to defend her father's actions to Alicia, especially without any control over how its edited to look. Too much room for BS that could really have a negative affect on real life stuff outside of the show. I can also understand why Karen is mad at Jenn. Jenn obviously has no loyalty to her friends.

Robert Griffin said...

You can see why she bowed out? She was forced out because the was no way DiMichele would have done the show. Karen has no problem talking about what her father did.

Anonymous said...

Damn So What? The S. O. B. Killed 19 people! Now it's Poor Sammy? Please!

Anonymous said...

You are right Renee did steal that logo! Her explanation was "while sitting on the couch pigging out on M&M's, the thought came to her!" BS! Did she forget she did the cover of the magazine Mob Candy?

Angela said...

You can not punish the child for the sins of the father. I was right Alicia and Karen don't need to cross paths, but it would have been one hell of a show. Mob business is men business, but don't get it twisted I will stick by my man at all cost. Ang took the diplomatic road and stated that she has no comment about the situation. I like what Renee had to say that she is not giving up her friendship with Karen. It is what it is and Guess what Philly may have a rep, but that means nothing.