Monday, December 30, 2013

Mob Wives: “Renee Lashes Out At Natalie,“ Sneak Peek Ep 405

There must be 50 ways to be delicious!

In episode 405, “Vegas Part Two,” there is going to be a confrontation! This is a great clip, I found it entertaining! The word “delicious” is burning a hole in Renee’s brain, and what’s worse, she feels that Natalie still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Drita isn’t able to eat her breakfast with all this talk going on, so she decides to go get Natalie. Where is Natalie? That’s what we all want to know, right? The other four are sitting down eating breakfast, but Natalie is sitting alone, in another room, waiting for Drita to come get her? Hmmmm, was that prearranged or scripted? Nevermind, whatever, I loved it!

Drita goes to get Natalie, but first makes a confession that, yes, she did talk behind Natalie’s back because she was heated by the “whore” comment, which Natalie explains was “endearing.” Drita tells her Ang didn’t like it either, so she better pull her aside and explain it to her. However, Drita fails to mention that Renee is a ticking nuclear time bomb about the word “delicious,” before she drags her out of the safety of her “room” and to the breakfast table. Why? It seems like she left out the most important part of her chat.

So Natalie says good morning and sits down to enjoy breakfast. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even get to taste a morsel because Renee wants to educate her about the word “delicious.” Renee looks around the table and says, “Grapes are delicious, strawberries are delicious, pancakes are delicious BUT the man sitting next to me is not delicious. Natalie is not concerned, she didn‘t mean anything by it. She tries to eat. Renee is pissed and gets up. Renee goes over to Alicia, Edward’s my friend all my life and he smells delicious. Alicia doesn’t blink an eye (and now we know why). But Natalie answers, “Oh you would know, you went out to dinner with him a few times.” Well, that just threw gasoline on the fire! Renee is ready for a smack down. Notice how none of the other three women are saying “boo” or hardly moving a muscle. It’s all playing out so nicely for the cameras. Where is peacemaker Ang? Where is Alicia who appointed herself the peacemaker and thought inviting Natalie was a great idea? Where is Drita, who went to get Natalie so this could be resolved? They are sitting there like the three monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil! That’s what friends are for. And then Renee wants to take Natalie for a “walk” and Natalie says, “Delicious? Your man looks like a turtle stuck in the f*ckin’ headlights.” It ends with Natalie holding a broken glass in her hand saying, “Who the hell is Renee Graziano!?!“ I guess we will see how it all turns out Thursday night! Be there!


Anonymous said...

So, full disclosure, there are some wayward boobs in this clip that make it hard to focus. That dress is doing nothing for Renee. And are Drita's boobs different sizes or is her bra making one higher than the other? Natural boobs can be mismatched, but fake boobs shouldn't do that. Right?

Queensos said...

Renee is a looney tune that needs serious help. This whole delicious nonsense is just that nonsense. Imma need for Renee to act her age. She doesn't allow the girl to apologize yet she wants to keep harping on the "delicious" comment. Renee should be going bat sh!t crazy over the fact that she relapsed not because someone said a man she's been dating for 5 seconds is delicious. This is all so childish and stupid!

Anonymous said...

I interpret Drita, Alicia and Big Ang sitting back while Natalie and Renee go at it as they know Renee needs to let her anger out because Renee will do what ever she wants anyways. So I wouldn't question their friendhip at all.

leigh said...

Well....we all like drama but this is just a little silly. Over that comment and i know Natalie made the situation way worse with how she responded but Renee obviously wants to create this monster because if she had of been listening to natalie the girl has apologized etc many times over......natalie is so damn good looking does she ever look bad?
The fights always get broken up so quickly but u would think ang or drita would say renee enough c'mon.
On another note completely away from this i noticed on facebook that karens ex dave just had a baby girl with rebekah....