Monday, December 9, 2013

Mob Wives: The Old Drita Is Back - Sneak Peek Ep 402

Drita is sizing up Natalie

Ready, Set, Go...and we are off! The sneak peek definitely is establishing some bad blood between the old blood and the new blood. This week there is going to be a confrontation between Natalie and Drita. Renee arranges a meeting/sit down between Natalie, Drita and Big Ang to "clear the air," because Natalie is feeling irritated. She tells Renee that she heard Drita, Ang and Alicia talking about her behind her back at the Mob Candy launch party. Big Ang, who has already made it clear that she has had enough of Natalie, makes her excuses and doesn't show up. No one filled Drita in as to what this little lunch was all about, so she seems to be blindsided when Renee tells her she is walking into the the lion's den. Drita sits down and is promptly confronted by Natalie, to which she justifiably says where is Big Ang and Alicia? Shouldn't they be there? I'll answer for all of us, "Yes, Drita, they should have all been there, not just you." When Natalie tells Drita she heard her tell the others that she was drunk, Drita admits it without hesitation. "I said you were probably drunk. Big Ang said you were nuts." Natalie doesn't take it too well and tells Drita I was a foot away, you have something to say, say it to my face. Drita didn't think it was a big deal. But, off camera, in the confessional, Drita shows her claws. She says Renee must have forgotten to tell her new employee, "By the way, Drita might break your f*ckin' face. She has a tendency to leap over a table and f*ck your ass up."  There was have it! Drita's calm and peaceful streak is over...let the fisticuffs begin! If there is a fight, who is your money on? 

Picture and Video Credit: VH1


stacy said...

Since Drita is all talk and no action, my money is on Natalie. I dislike both btw. This show is going down the tubes!!

Anonymous said...

Cant say that Drita is wrong here. Im not for the violence but Natalie makes me feel like hitting her also. She was drunk as hell and made a fool of herself first episode. Guess what girly, people will say something! If you are so tough why you crying about this?

Angela said...

I think south philly is all talk. I will stick Drita cuz we have seen her show and prove so far on the roof top and At the party. Nat might need to go back across the ben franklin To get some people