Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mob Wives: Renee Is Back!

Mob Candy has been launched!

It's been months since season three of Mob Wives has ended. I didn't realize how much I missed  Renee until I watched the VH1 profile video. She looks and sounds great. Renee is definitely back! Before I get to the video, I want to let everyone know that Renee has launched her Mob Candy website (link above) where she has dresses, jewelry, T-shirts...and shoes to come know how particular Renee is about her shoes, so check it out.

Renee is doing well and moving on with her life. She tells us what her favorite scene is from the last three seasons...are you ready for it?  The fight on the rooftop. Not because Drita and Karen were fighting, but because they all ended up on the floor, with Renee in the middle, like the cream in an Oreo cookie. Renee loves New York and there is no way Philly can beat it...but she does give them credit for three things: Rocky, Rappers, and Benjamin Franklin. What can we expect from season 4? New fights, new friends, new drama and, of course, "plenty of new f*ckin' foes." She adds the "new blood" is bringing a whole new meaning to drama. Somehow, I get the feeling Renee is going to clash with the new wives, about what, I don't know. It should be interesting to see. One thing's for sure, for me, Renee is the cream of this season 4 crop!

Picture Credit: The Mob Candy Store
Video: VH1

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Anonymous said...

After three seasons of Renee, I can honestly say I don't understand why anyone actually takes her seriously. My BS meter goes off the charts every time she opens her mouth. I think she has ZERO authenticity and everything she does is for the cameras. She's decoration only and is by far the least interesting of the cast this year. I guarantee you that for as long as this show runs, we'll be treated to at least one "Renee's off the wagon" episode a season. There is no realness about her at all, IMO.