Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mob Wives: Drita Deals With Stalker Sneak Peek Ep 3

Drita talks to her staff about security procedures

Drita has her hands full. She is on season four of Mob Wives, she is still working on her relationship with Lee, her daughter Aleeya is being bullied, the SOUTH Philly chick Natalie is provoking her, she is trying to run her business Just Me Cosmetics, AND she has to figure out how to deal with a stalker who comes to her store and terrorizes her staff. Is that an overstatement? Not according to what I heard last week.

From watching the video I see that Drita has 5 employees who are all decked out in their business attire...Lady Boss T-Shirts...which I am sure you can buy at Drita's website. Drita is going to have some security devices installed to protect her employees. I guess they forgot that Lee install equipment last season so Drita could watch the store from the house? Nevermind, this is a new season, new blood and so new cameras are probably in order. Now from the looks of the stalker, who made an appearance last week and then waddled down the street, he doesn't appear to be menacing. Why haven't any of the girls taken his picture with their cell phones, I wonder? Why hasn't anyone thought of calling the police and filing a report, I yelled at the tv? Why didn't Drita run after him?  Maybe we will learn more this week. Maybe the stalker will see the VH1 van outside the store and take another peek inside to watch the filming of the meeting and make another cameo appearance.

It's pretty much a boring clip, but they can't give the whole show's drama away in sneak peeks. Enjoy!

Picture and Video credit: VH1

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