Monday, December 23, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Vegas" - Part 1 Ep 404

Drita is betting hundreds at Blackjack!

So, this is the "girls' trip" to Vegas! You know the one? It's the one that Alicia took after lying to the judge that she had to help her son, Anthony, set up his dorm room in West Virginia, but then took a detour to the other side of the country. By the way, is that the embezzled pension money she is gambling with? What about the embezzlement VICTIMS and their families??? Can they get some of that money? Or Maybe Alicia is using money from the designer knock offs she has been selling to unsuspecting customers in her Addiction stores? Can they get a refund? Maybe she found herself a sugar daddy? Who knows?

Meanwhile Renee is up in bed, "sleeping it off," according to Drita, who is losing hundreds of dollars of her own money and will soon have to tell her husband, Lee. I wonder how many pavers that cash would have paid for? Have a look for yourself!

Video and Picture credit: VH1


Angela said...

Drita is going to tell Lee because she is scared of Lee.

Donna F said...

Drita had bad luck cause Lee argued with her before she left! Drita babe, stand when the dealer shows 6 or less! If they show a face card hit of course. Sorry babe :(