Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mob Wives: Renee Wire Tapped? Sneak Peek Ep 402

Renee learns that she is on the wire tap recordings
the FBI has on Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofalo!

Alicia has some news for Renee. She has been listening to 5 years of wire taps and guess whose voice she comes across? Right, Renee's. But what does Renee say in those recordings? And, where will this lead? I will say this...I did see something in the supertrailer that was appeared that Renee was screaming at Alicia over something in the newspapers...could it be something from those recordings was leaked? Between Drita being fed up with Natalie, and Renee upset with Alicia, things don't look good for the New Blood.

Picture & Video Credit: VH1


Anonymous said...

Alicia is wasting her time chasing just one of many lies. It is not on Renee to tell her what her hubby lies about. Friends for life before he married you doll and you have bigger fish to fry then worrying about getting Chinese food lunch dates.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone also notice in this scene that Alicia's nails miraculously change from solid pink nail paolish to a glitter nail paolish? Also, in several scenes she had eyelashes on and lip gloss as well as certain bracelets. Then all of a sudden no eylashes, and no lip gloss and different bracelets? I had never thought this was scripted befor until this! Now I am not sure i can see the show in the same light anymore. :/

Chiara Soprano said...

To be honest, these aren't things I pay close attention to because I am writing and watching the show. However, I will try to watch for these things because if I spot them you can be sure I will be highlighting it in the blog. Thanks for your comments!