Monday, December 16, 2013

Mob Wives: Ep 3 Sneak Peek Alicia's Turnt Up!

Alicia points her finger at Renee and asks, "Did you f*ck Eddie, ever?"

This might be the best five and a half minutes of episode three, but then they probably wouldn't show so much of it! Alicia gets it into her head to invite the three Old Bloods over to her house for lunch. All she wants is the truth. She is still turnt up over what she heard on the wire tapped recordings of her husband Eddie. She needs to vent and sound out  the other women about how they feel about Renee's involvement. She tells them she heard Eddie and his ex-girlfriend, Carla, on the tape, along with Renee. Drita is shocked to hear that Renee went to lunch with Eddie and his ex. Drita makes no bones about what she would do if she walked in on Lee and his ex at a restaurant...she would drive right through the window and run them over! Big Ang also seems to sympathize with Alicia's issue, even though she understands it's part of the lifestyle. However, Renee appears to defend Eddie, or at least has a hard time going against him and take Alicia's side. Drita says, "Renee own up to the fact that you were in a shady situaton." Big Ang says, she "doesn't know what Renee was thinkin,' but I don't want no part of this." Ang adds, "How would Renee like it if it was her? She would be f*ckin' pissed." Drita agrees with Ang, Renee would have gone to war if it happened to her. Alicia is most upset about the lies. 

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

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