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Mob Wives: True To Their Zodiac Signs?

So we have watched 7 episodes of VH-1’s Mob Wives and gotten an earful and an eyeful of their personalities. I thought it might be fun to look at their astrological signs and see if they fit their character traits or not.

Renee is Cancer, I heard that on the Cherry Martinez radio interview, though her birthday is no where to be found.

Carla’s birthday is January 14th which makes her a Capricorn.

Drita’s birthday is February 6th which makes her an Aquarius.

Karen’s birthday is May 8th which makes her a Taurus (or a “Bull” like her father).


First let’s look at the personality traits of the sign Cancer:

Positive Traits:

Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Negative Traits:
Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

Renee fits quite a few of these personality traits. She is without a doubt emotional, she cries at the drop of a hat. For example, when AJ saw the tweet and heard the call from Carla’s boyfriend she went off the deep end. She cried and carried on to epic proportions, “He’s my son, Carla, he’s my son!” Now I am sure that AJ has heard plenty in his lifetime and a little more wasn’t going to send him over the edge. She gets angry when she feels she is being disrespected, which is all the time. Carla’s boyfriend disrespected her, Drita and Carla disrespected her by not showing up after the Mob Bust and they lied to her about Karen coming to Carla’s party.

She is loving. She cares about people, especially family and friends, and most of all she loves AJ. Frankly, I think her Jail Mail Inc. was a very imaginative idea. And her intuition kicked in when AJ walked in with his report card, she almost smelled it in his backpack. She is very cautious and shrewd about how much she reveals about the mob and has certain “quotes” down pat, for any time someone asks about the mob or her father. ”What mob?” or “The Feds say my father was allegedly a high ranking member of a crime family.” Renee is very protective of the people she loves. I pity the girl who marries AJ and doesn’t treat him like a king. And she totally took charge when Junior was arrested. She got the information for the lawyer and was worried sick about him…and yes, she cried.

Is she changeable and moody? I would say yes. It takes very little to set her off. She can be calm one minute and go ballistic the next, depending on what someone says. Overemotional and touchy? Just all the time. I get the impression you have to chose you words carefully when talking to Renee because she is listening with razor sharp ears to every word. If something hits her the wrong way, watch out. Now for clingy and unable to let go, I have two words to say: AJ and Junior. If we had a dollar for every time Renee said she needed to “let go” of Junior we could hire writers to do this blog for us.


Positive Traits:

Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

Negative Traits:
Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging
Over conventional and rigid

I’m just not seeing Carla fitting this personality 100%, nope not feeling it. Is she practical? Not so much when it comes to spending money. But maybe Joe left her a nice big stash of cash? I can see her being ambitious. She no sooner got on the show and she is out there “creating” her own clothing line. I put “creating” in quotation marks because I have never seen a sketch pad in her hands. But, she is going to exploit this Mob Wives fame for all it’s worth, and try to get this enterprise off the ground. Is she patient? Not with her kids. She doesn’t seem to want to be bothered and can’t wait for Joe to come home and take over raising her son. As for her daughter, the poor thing asked for a utensil at dinner and she snapped at her to get it herself. When Renee and Karen had the blowout at Carla’s party, Carla was the one that kept harping on the fact that they needed to resolve it. Even though, she created the mess by inviting Karen and not telling Renee, that wasn’t too bright or careful. Then, she was annoyingly impatient for them to get past it. I really don’t find her humorous, and as for reserved, that’s also debatable.

On the other hand, as biased as I am towards Carla, I do not see her fitting the negative traits either, and Lord knows I tried. She isn’t too pessimistic and in fact she seems to have everything optimistically under control. Her husband hasn’t even gotten out of jail yet and she has already moved on with someone else for over a year. She is looking out for her future, in business and in her love life, and she says she is happy with the boyfriend. Is she miserly? I don’t see it if she is. She spends money like it’s water. She tweeted about a few pairs of shoes she bought one day and I don‘t think she was at Payless. She doesn’t seem to hold grudges either. After her big fight with Renee, she said she was ready to put it behind her and move on. If someone grabbed a fist of my hair and threw me to the ground, you can bet I would be holding a grudge…maybe till hell froze over. Over conventional and rigid is not how I would describe Carla either. She doesn’t think of stock fraud as a crime, most people would, especially when senior citizens have been swindled out of their life savings. She met Joe at a stock firm and both of them got fired, which raises suspicions as to whether she participated in any fraud herself and to what degree. When it comes to crime, Carla seems pretty flexible to me.


Positive Traits:

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

Negative trait:
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached


Drita is a good representative of her sign in some ways. Yes, she is friendly. I even saw the softer side of her with her kids, when Karen cried, and after she made up with Lee. I give her points for being honest and loyal too. I don’t think it was her intention to be disloyal to Karen at all about the whole Lee issue. She just did not see it the same way as Karen. I think she is an “original” even among the Mob Wives, she stands out. She has a creative side as a makeup artist, as we have seen her transform Lara Spencer into a “mobbed” up version of herself. Her idea to “kill the picture” with Karen was an original way to bury the hatchet between them. She is independent and has had to be, because Lee has been away 10 out of 12 years of their marriage. I do not see her an intellectual at all, sorry.

She can appear to be stubborn at times, but I don’t find her contradictory. She says what she means and means what she says. She has been pretty consistent, except for one thing, whether she should stay with Lee and wait or not. I do think deep down she wants to wait and keep her family together, but when she is angry and frustrated she thinks of moving on. I don’t find her to be perverse, in fact when she was discussing her sexy pictures with Lee she was concerned the guards might see them. I don’t see her as unpredictable either. I think if you know Drita, you know how she is going to react in a given situation or if provoked. Just don’t provoke her. And, if you see her take off her shoes, run. Drita is anything but unemotional and detached. There is plenty of emotion going on inside her all the time and she can’t help but express it. If she was detached, many of the things that get under her skin would not.


Positive Traits:

Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving

Negative Traits:
Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy

Karen “the Bull” Gravano. Ironic that Karen was born under the sign of the Bull. Is Karen patient? Well she did wait all those years to talk to Drita about Lee. That’s a pretty long time to be upset about something. I can see her being warmhearted and loving from the way she speaks to her daughter and about her daughter, and even the way she spoke to Gerard (her brother) and David ( her ex-boyfriend) leads me to think she is family oriented. When she finally made it to Staten Island, she was pretty persistent and determined to get Drita to understand her position about Lee and their friendship. She tried bringing it up several times because she knew she wasn’t getting through to Drita. She seems like the calmest of the four women, even when all hell breaks out, you rarely see Karen reach her breaking point and lash out.

As for being jealous and possessive, well even though she says she has no feelings for Lee, maybe some of her issues lie in the fact that she didn’t want Drita to have him. She may not even be aware of these feelings, but they seem to be lying just beneath the surface whenever the conversation comes up. I think she is also a little resentful of Drita for dating Lee and she has stood her ground on this since the first show. I want to see what, if anything, comes up after they say it’s been resolved. Has Karen really put it behind her now? And Karen strikes me as the least self indulgent of the four women. Of course, she may not have the money the others have to spend, but she does okay for herself. I don’t see her as greedy, but as using the show as an opportunity to promote her book and increase sales so she build a better life for her daughter.

That’s my astrological take on the Mob Wives. Feel free to comment and express yours. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ mobwives_blgspt. We will be posting when new blogs go up so you can read them hot off the presses!

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Mob Wives: Recap Ep 107 Total Chaos

All hell breaks loose!

At Renee’s house the fighting continues! Renee claims she set up this dinner so they could discuss their issues calmly, but it’s anything but calm. Carla tells Renee she doesn’t want her boyfriend’s name coming out of her mouth any more. Then things get very physical, the lighting is dark and it’s hard to tell what is going on and who is hitting who. Karen describes it as “all madness broke out.” Renee continues to complain that AJ saw the texts and heard the boyfriend say foul things on the speakerphone. Karen thinks Drita looks like she is going to go after Renee so Karen steps in to protect Renee.

Drita has a revelation, “this is Carla and Renee’s fight” so maybe she shouldn’t get so involved. Karen yells at Renee to sit down. Renee believes Carla is screaming at her because she doesn’t want to hear the truth. Then Renee has a “light bulb moment” and says she never raises her hands to anyone, and is upset with herself. She can’t believe all of this fighting was over a guy! Renee says she was seriously concerned for Carla and she thinks she deserves the best. Carla feels Renee is wrong to make so much out of it, because Carla is the one who knows him. Carla feels she knows what kind of person he is and how she feels about him.

Karen takes it upon herself to explain Renee’s position. Renee keeps yelling so Karen yells at Renee to “SHUT UP!” Karen explains that Renee was trying to tell Carla, as a friend, her opinion and how she feels. That’s what a true friend does. Karen tells Renee to stop, because now it’s done. Renee is angry, but realizes she has to let it go.

Drita is annoyed because Renee has no business talking to Karen about her and Lee. Then Karen brings up the Lee situation and says it’s not about Lee it’s about her and Drita. Drita really wants this to be the last time they talk about this. Karen explains how she felt betrayed by Drita. Drita doesn’t see it as being disloyal because Lee and Karen were broken up; it’s not like she stole him away from her. Karen had already moved on with someone else and had a baby, so Drita felt it was over. Carla agrees with Drita. She says this happened over 13 years ago; Karen left with a kid and another man so why does she need Drita to apologize? Drita wants to know what Karen wants her to do about it now, because she can’t turn back time and change anything. Karen just wants her to admit what she did, it’s about loyalty and trust. She wants her to acknowledge she did something wrong.

Renee steps in to make it clearer for Drita. She says that Drita should tell her that she is sorry, you were my friend and I hurt you. Karen starts to cry and is upset. She tells Drita that she was hurt because they were good friends and she didn’t call her to tell her she was dating Lee. Drita feels bad to see Karen hurt and crying and says she is sorry, she would never hurt Karen on purpose or let anyone else hurt her. They hug. I think I speak for “everyone” when I say, I really hope this is the last we hear of Karen, Lee and Drita’s storyline. They have sucked all the drama out of it and given Karen another chapter to add to her book.

Renee says she is done with Carla’s boyfriend. She said what she needed to say and now it’s up to Carla. Really Renee? That’s good news for viewers, but is Carla’s boyfriend done? In yesterday’s blog, Carla’s Boyfriend “Speaks Out” Via Lisa Falsone?, a third party had posted “his” side of the story on Carla’s Facebook Fan Page, indicating he wanted the truth to come out. Check out that blog for all the details, it’s very interesting.

They all make up and have a glass of wine! They “fight hard but they love harder.” They toast to new beginnings and drink to family. I’ve got to hand it to these four women. After a screaming, knock down, hair pulling, fist fighting, down on the floor, shoes off brawl, they are able to toast to the future, even before you can say, “marinara sauce.” Come to think of it, what happened to dinner?

The next day at Carla’s house, Drita drops by. They both complain about how exhausted they are from the brawl the night before, and these are the “gymnasts!”. They didn’t even get a chance to eat. Oh well, more for Junior and AJ. Carla hates it when Renee gets in her face. Drita couldn’t believe that Karen had been carrying on and on for a simple “I’m sorry.” Still, she hated to see her hurting. They both have a nice little laugh over it.

Renee and Karen meet for lunch. Karen feels they all got their issues out. Renee adds, she doesn’t want Carla’s boyfriend to touch her. Then she reveals that Junior has been staying with her and spending time with AJ before he goes to prison, it’s nothing romantic. Karen tells Renee she needs to be careful with Junior in the house, they aren’t good for each other. Renee tells her she needs to date, but she is looking for the right man. Karen suggests she try online dating and look for a normal guy who hasn’t been in prison. I think Renee is still too attached to Junior to go looking for anyone, even after all these years, and I can’t even imagine who her “Mr. Right” might be.

Carla meets her friends Etta and Eleanor for dinner at Cebu Restaurant. They all used to work on Wall Street. Carla was a sales assistant at a stock firm and met Joe Ferragamo there. Interesting, no? Then one day he got fired and so did she! When they got married everyone thought they were the ideal couple, and perfect family. Now he is getting out of prison in two weeks after being locked up for 6 years. Carla is concerned that Joe may be in shock, he has no wife, no house, no family, no job. I guess Carla doesn’t subscribe to the “stand by your man” mob wife mentality? She’s been dating over a year so far as we know. I wonder when the marriage was “over” for her and why she hasn’t make it official?

At Renee’s house, Drita shows up and starts to help Renee with the online dating that Karen suggested. Drita helps her to fill out the questionnaire on the dating site. She wants a man with a good sense of humor and strong enough to withstand her drama. Can such a man even exist, I wonder? Then Renee says she is a “loser.” What can she say her hobbies are? She writes to men in prison and goes there for visits? She is not happy with the response to her profile. No sooner the profile is up and an “Antonio” contacts her in an instant message (IM). He wants to talk on the phone. He is too eager. Renee found it stressful and didn’t like it. She tells Drita to shut down the computer.

Karen goes to the airport to pick up her daughter Karina for a visit. The two really seem to have missed each other and were so happy to see each other. Karen remarks that Karina has grown and developed and says, “my baby is home.” I really think Karen and her daughter have a good mother-daughter relationship. It’s one of the few bright spots of the show.

Karen shares her memories of Staten Island with Karina

Back at Drita’s house, the sexy pictures for Lee arrive. She goes through them all and loves them. She did this to keep the “spark” alive in their marriage. She asks Giselle which picture she likes and Giselle answers, “ I like you naked.” Drita laughs, and tells her she isn’t naked, she is wearing a bathing suit. Of course, she wasn’t far from naked either. She mails them right out to Lee.

Carla and Drita go to lunch. Carla tells Drita that Joe will be coming home in a couple of weeks, after being away for 6 years. Joe has to go to a halfway house. Drita tells her that it’s in a bad area, they fire gunshots there in the afternoon. Drita has a fleeting thought about Lee getting out and how happy she would feel, but Carla and Joe won’t be together.

At Carla’s house there is a big dinner. Drita and Karen come over with their kids. Karen laments that the kids get cheated out of a relationship with their fathers in this lifestyle, because they are always away in jail. Jojo, Carla’s son, get spiteful and misbehaves. There are only girls at the dinner party. Carla feels that when Joe gets out of prison he will help Jojo behave better, that’s what she is looking forward to. I think she is looking for a babysitter so she can party and date, but that’s just my take on it.

Renee’s friend Nikole comes by for a visit and they discuss the online dating. Renee says she thinks they are all psychos. She isn’t happy with the results she is getting. She thinks this would be the perfect time for her to start dating because AJ will be going to college and Junior will be going to prison. Renee doesn’t trust men let alone strangers. A minute later, she deletes her account.

Carla receives a phone call from Joe. He has 10 minutes to talk. He is coming home in two weeks and has to stay at the halfway house for a month. She wants to prepare a bag of clothes for him with underwear, socks, T-shirts, in a duffle bag. She says she will always help him.

Renee pops into the therapist office. Dating is a major concern, she hasn’t had a healthy relationship in years. She wants the opposite (meaning no disrespect) of what she has had. She wants a normal life, a guy with a regular job who comes home for dinner. The therapist says, “You exude what you attract.” (Shouldn’t it be you attract what you exude?) In order for her to have a normal life she needs to live a normal life. She tells Renee, either you are totally sick of the life style, so much so that you change it, or you are not. She doesn’t think Renee has gotten to that point yet. And, I don’t think she has gotten there yet either.

At Drita’s house there is a phone call from the NYS Correctional Facility from Lee. Lee got the pictures from Drita and he liked them. She enjoys conversations with Lee, that‘s all they have. He tells her the pictures are really nice. They discuss her breast size. She tells him they got bigger after she had the kids and then she got them done. The picture he liked best was the one of her in the bathing suit, wearing the fur jacket. She asks herself why she wants to make him happy when she isn’t. She tells him that he did three things right in his life, marry her and create his two girls. She wants her family to stay together.

I have to add my two cents now. I am so glad Karen and Drita made up, finally! I’m not sure the Renee, Carla and boyfriend issue is totally resolved because from the developments reported in yesterday’s blog, it seems the boyfriend is not happy with how he has been portrayed. Also, if we have learned anything at all from watching the show, it’s that Renee never let’s anything go.

The online dating is a waste of time for Renee. She isn’t about to settle down with a “normal” guy because she will never be done with the mob “lifestyle.” She is still going to restaurants and saying out loud, for everyone to hear, “I’m Anthony Graziano’s daughter!” She is still bailing out Junior. She is starting “Jail Mail Inc.” She is hanging out with “Mob Wives.” She quotes the “rules” of the mob on a daily basis: it’s all about loyalty and respect. It’s so ingrained in her that she can never do what the therapist said, and walk away from it. And frankly, I don’t think she wants to. She is very happy with her “Mob Princess” title and wears her crown with pride. I think she would go back to Junior in a heartbeat, but it’s really Junior who is avoiding a reconciliation.

As for Joe Ferragamo and Carla dearest, I have a few words to say. You knew I would! After the first show, where Carla says she doesn’t consider “stock fraud” a crime, I did a little research on Mr. Ferragamo. You can read his detailed “resume” on our second “most popular” blog list on your right. He was quite good at stock fraud, and it wasn’t a one time deal. It turns out that Carla was a sales assistant at a stock firm, which is where she met Joe. I was wondering how they met. She had to tell him that “he was doing ‘it’ all wrong.” Then she confesses that he got fired and she did too, right after him. This was an “Ah, ha moment for me!” What can anyone make of that? I’ll tell you what it sounds like to me. It sounds like he was doing something illegal with the stock and Carla was well aware of it and maybe participated in it, for them both to get fired. Carla is not so innocent as she would like us to believe. So, for old times sake, she is going to pack him a bag for the halfway house filled with socks and underwear. He seems fine with that. I’ll add that, from the pictures, Joe appears to be a very good looking man. However, I reserve judgment until I see what he looks like now, because six years in prison can really age a person.

That’s all I am going to say for now. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs keeping you up to date on current news as well as background history. We when know about it, you’ll know about it! Have a good week!

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Mob Wives: Debra Gravano, Karen’s Mother

Typically, mob wives didn’t play a very active role in the mob business. Their role was to keep the house nice and take care of the kids. They cooked and cleaned. They weren’t involved in the crimes, they weren’t told anything about mob business, they didn’t ask where the money came from. But, all that seems to be changing in recent years. Just on “Mob Wives” alone, we have a few women, actually daughters of mobsters, who have participated and gotten into their own share of trouble with various criminal activities. Jenn, the executive producer, was involved in Hector Pagan’s marijuana distribution ring, Lana, her older sister, was involved in her husband’s tax fraud, and Karen played a part in her father’s Ecstasy ring in Arizona.

However, there is one wife who eventually got tangled up in her husband’s business, Debra Gravano. The Ecstasy ring in Arizona seems to have been a family affair, with all four of the Gravanos involved to one degree or another. I got curious as to what was Debra’s role in all this. This is a woman who married one of the most infamous gangsters in recent mob history, Sammy Gravano. A woman, who after learning her husband played a role in the murder and dismemberment of her own brother, Nicholas Scibetta, still went and joined her husband in Arizona and became part of his drug distribution ring. I am almost at a loss for words to go on, but go on I shall.

The first time law enforcement heard about the Arizona drug ring operated by Gravano, was in 1999. They soon learned that Debra, his wife, was working with her son Gerard at “Marathon” Construction Company (the same name Sammy used for his company in NY). The police wire taps captured many conversations. One conversation was between Gerard and Sammy. Gerard tells Sammy that his mother wants to know if it’s okay to lend Papa $70 for gas receipts. Sammy says yes, tell her to bring it to work tomorrow. Translation: Debra Gravano was to take $70,000 from the home safe and loan it to Papa to buy drugs. The next morning Debra arrives with the money at the construction company. Then there were three follow up calls between Debra and Sammy.

Sammy calls Debra and, in an angry accusatory tone, tells her the money was short by $5,000. She insists it was all there, she counted the $70,000 herself.  Sammy calls a second time, still aggravated about the shortage because this was the second time a delivery was short, and he thinks Debra is the one who is taking the money. In the third call, Sammy admits to Debra that the money was all there, he had just miscounted it.

The police eventually got enough evidence to arrest the whole Gravano family, and many others involved in the ring. They were indicted in early 2000. Debra plead guilty to “one count of illegally conducting an enterprise” and received 5 years probation. She was allegedly active in the smuggling of the ecstasy and the money she was holding was used to buy more ecstasy. This operation took one million dollars out of Arizona’s economy to purchase illegal drugs and then there were the expenses of the consequences in loss of health, danger to public safety, welfare expenses and harming those who used the drugs, all additional expenses the state had to bear.

On November 18, 2003, the Attorney General for the State of Arizona, ordered Debra and Sammy Gravano to pay the sum of $805,713.41 to the State of Arizona, as reimbursement for monies spent to investigate and prosecute the activities of their drug ring.

I have to wonder how much, if anything, they paid back on that judgment.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mob Wives: A Parody of Drita D’Avanzo!

I was looking for blogworthy Mob Wives material to write about and share, when I came across this parody of Drita. It’s mocks her “fight” with Lee about how long he will be in prison. It’s only two and a half minutes long, but by the end of it I had tears streaming down my face! Of course it doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love a good parody, and this one was especially funny. I’ll bet you have to watch it more than once.

I thought it was hilarious and watched it a few times already. Am I alone? Let me know what you think!


Performed by Amy Phillips and Brett Guennel of “Under the Rooster Productions”

Mob Wives: Louis Facciolo - A Friend Betrayed

Truly I want to share with y'all. After all the Mob stories and characters I've read the Facciolo brothers' story pulls @ my heart strings.  We share our honest opinions around here.  However, as heartless, cruel and vile some of these men's crimes or lifestyles seem; I sometimes see beyond their mob activities or associations.  I see sons, fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles and cousins.  But I truly doubt the majority of you visit to read my bleeding heart diatribes.  Whoever these men were to their families @ the end of the day they were other families' nightmares.  Many a times over they stole from someone's son, father, husband, brother, uncleor cousin.  Many a times over they had a hand in the murder of someone's son, father, husband, brother or cousin.

Awhile back Chiara touched on Bruno Facciolo's story, also known as Uncle Bruno to Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives.  Now I'll touch on his brother Louis Facciolo who is Carla Facciolo's father.  Information is scarce on Louis Facciolo.  Unlike his brother, Louis was not 'in' the mob.  However, Mr. Facciolo was a known associate.  By all accounts he had a tight relationship with his brother Bruno a hit man and chef.  Louis Facciolo also seemed to be a devoted & generous friend.  Would you believe his generosity to a trusted friend would lead to his getting caught up in a major undercover sting operation?  I would after starting this blog.

Mr. Facciolo had a close friend Salvatore "Sonny" Visconti.  Sonny was allegedly a hijacker.  What he hijacked I don't know.  Actually I do know I just don't care to go into it.  Both friends had lost their beloved brothers. Louis' brother Bruno Facciolo was murdered.  In 1990 he was found dead in his trunk with a canary stuffed in his mouth.  To read the full story of Bruno Facciolo's death just <==== just click his name.  Sonny's brother Alfred Visconti was shot & killed in 1991.  Louis knowing his friend was short on cash, stepped in & paid for Alfred's funeral.  Now I don't know what dirt Mr. Facciolo did or didn't do.  What I do know is that was a stand up guy move.  How many of us would pay for a friend's brother's funeral around $10,000?  I'll write it here and now.  My father died and his was cremated.  So, I know I wouldn't do it.

It appears that Louis Facciolo's kindness & huge favor was forgotten.  The FBI was conducting a sting operation to catch stolen goods traffickers. Alledgely Salvatore Visconti was a canary for some time unbeknownst to Louis.  Once Salvatore became sick, he agreed to be a witness.  Salvatore would use Facciolo's trust to enable him to introduce an undercover agent to the Carnarsie Crew.

The set  up began when Sonny started thanking Louis excessively for stepping in and paying for Alfred's funeral.  Sonny claimed to be on better financial footing.  He wanted to pay his friend back.  Louis told him that he didn't have to.  However, Sonny insisted by giving Louis $500 and several VCRs. Not long after the first repayment Sonny would introduce Steve the fence, who was actually an undercover agent to Louis.  The agent made good for well over a year before the bees came to his honey.  Louis Facciolo was his in to the Gambino family.  The dominos fell and a reported 50+ soldiers and associates were taken down.

There are many sites stating that Louis Facciolo died in 1990.  I believe they are confusing his reported death with that of his brother's Bruno Facciolo who was murdered in 1990.  We know Louis was alive in 1991 when he paid for Alfred's funeral.  We also know he got unwittingly caught up in sting around 1992-1994.  Carla Facciolo has mentioned that her father did time in the joint when she was in her 20s in the 90s.  We have search public records and have yet to come up with a death certificate for Mr. Facciolo.  Louis Facciolo is very much alive.  We hope he is happy, healthy and loving his grandchildren.

At the end of the day, I may not care for the lifestyle.  However, I get the duality of some of these men.  I get that many of us see just criminals.  Their families see loving and caring men who kept roofs over their heads and furs on their backs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scarface: A Different Look

Lately, I have been busy with all this writing. I have a tendency to write as I speak which does not always work for the reader. It is a good thing I have a ghost editor to fix my mistakes. And make sense of my barely passed the 10th grade education.

On with this blog, pissing off people is something I have knack for. I had a friend who used to say that it was better to be pissed off than pissed on. I guess that is true except in the case of those who like golden showers. 

Scarface, the classic movie by Brian DePalma will be the topic of this post. I have watched Scarface a few times. It is quite possibly the most quoted movie in rap lyrics ever. Many of those same rappers have shrines in their homes to this movie. I love the movie. It's a long movie for me.  I find it slow in some places.  So it can take me a few sittings to watch the movie in it's entirety.

For those who have never seen this movie, it is about a Cuban refugee Tony Montana. Tony ends up in Miami and works his way up the drug dealer gangster food chain. It is a real rags to riches story, the pursuit of the American dream in Reagan era economics. Tony Montana was a real bad ass. He was a cold-blooded killer.  He knew how to reach to the top through any means necessary. There is one small fact that many people seem to overlook.


Many will debate that Tony was just an overprotective big brother. I disagree.  There was a strange sexual tension between Tony and his younger sister Gina. He was protective and looked after her throughout the movie. It seemed like a benign relationship. It almost was more of a father daughter type relationship.  There is never a mention of their father in the movie. Their relationship seemed harmless in the beginning. He would give her money & buy her things. Yet, he had a mean streak when it came to Gina. There is a scene where Tony sees his sister dancing with a guy. They head off to the restroom to make out. Tony the God good big brother follows them into the restroom. He beats the dude. He yells at Gina. I can see the overprotective brother looking out for his younger sister. There is something not quite right with this scene. You can feel the possessive tension.

Tony's right hand man in the movie was Manny.  Throughout the movie Manny stood by Tony's side and had his back always.  They reached for the top together. One would think that if anybody was good enough for Gina, Manny would be the guy. But sadly, that is not the case. Tony finds out that they are together. He flips out. Tony kills Manny, he sister's husband. If that is not envy and jealousy, I don't know what is.

Finally, we come to the end where Gina confronts Tony. She basically lays it out. Gina knows her brother wants her. She throws herself @ him with gun in hand. Before Tony denies her accusations for a moment we see his lust for her. Moments later, Gina is killed by those trying to kill Tony.

Tony was in love with his sister. If the scene had been different we may have saw a another side to Tony. Instead we overlook his faults and possible incestuous love of his sibling.  We instead as a viewer focus on his hardcore gangsterism. He went out like a champ, killing many of the guys who ended up succeeding in killing him.

I challenge you to watch the movie from my perspective. You may have a different opinion of the hip hop hero Tony Montana.  Here's the scene which reveals my perception of his lust for his sister.  I hope you enjoy even if you disagree.

Mob Wives: Cops a Second Season!

Chiara, Underboss and I are just over the blog moon about VH1 picking up the Mob Wives for a second season.  We are sure our readers Jeanette, Love and Angela will equally be over the moon.  In case you are wondering as Chiara was the photo is an art piece of a cow jumping over the moon.

We love Twitter around here.  We laugh.  We smirk.  We find out information Nascar fast!  A big congratulations to Karen, Renee, Drita and Carla for being the car wreck we are rubber necking to see each week.  Also a huge congratulations to Jennifer Graziano for having a vision and seeing it come to fruition.  We love a woman on her grind. 

Well folks I am sure I could add something to this post.  However, I haven't had my coffee nor breakfast this morning.  I am irritable and cranky.  Oh yeah the poll is neck & neck!  We need you all to vote.  We want to know your take on things.  You'll find the poll to your right.

Now I am off to eat breakfast and then to edit a couple of posts.  On the subject of posts, our most popular blog entry is Chiara's Jail Mail Inc. !  There are several comments that we cannot post due to people trying to recruit Carla for prostituting (Yes, we're serious.) and leaving their phone numbers for Renee.  They have great ideas for Jail Mail Inc. and family behind bars.  People we do not know any of the ladies.  We are not the Mob Wives.  Stop recruiting and sharing your personal information in the comments.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watch What Happens Live: RHONJ's Teresa and Jacqueline

"Watch What Happens Live" just aired Monday night. The guests on the show were Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Off in my head, I am thinking 'after such an explosive episode of RHONJ, we'd be in for some fireworks.' Teresa is always good for few jabs especially when there is liquor involved.   However no Giudice!  Teresa was very tame and ladylike.  She seemed very sad about the christening gone wild and her deteriorating relationship with her brother Joe Gorga.  It was a fairly subdued show.

Let me digress for a bit. I love Andy Cohen. He is an entertaining host.  He really keeps the conversation going. I do have a bit of man crush on Andy. He is not the most attractive man but he does have charisma and some appeal. Just to clear things up I am heterosexual.  I am secure enough to share if I were homosexual; Andy would most likely be my type of guy.

Last night, Teresa looked really. It is probably the first time that I found myself attracted to her. She wore this sequined black dress.  She filled it out very nicely. The thing that put her dress over the top was her shoes. Maybe I am a sucker for sparkly shoes. Her silver & black shoes were on point.  I can almost see why Joe fathered four children with her.

Jacqueline, oh Jacqueline! She can do no wrong. I have to type that I have never truly paid attention to her legs. Man they looked great. Jacqueline wore a purple one shouldered sparkly dress which definitely suited her. Of course I know that Jacqueline fits my type of woman. So I have always found her to be the best looking on the show. Andy did bring up that she is looking better and asked her about any plastic surgery. I guess her beauty is too much for some. Of course as any proper woman would reply, she denied any surgery.

With both on the show I thought there'd be fireworks as I stated earlier. However, the only sparklers were their dresses and Teresa's shoes. Andy introduced a clip from the show discussing the Gorga switch. This is an interesting concept because it does describe Teresa perfectly. She hears something that pisses her off and she flips. This is where I can relate to Teresa. I also have that switch especially when I have stupid people in my mist. I go off and many people do not stand a chance when I flip my switch.  Standing 6' 4" helps.

Andy played a games called "Faida Della Famiglia" which translates to Family Feud in Italian. Nick, Andy's camera man from New Jersey was the one person that was surveyed. Nick could easily fit in with the cast of Jersey Shore. The girls had to match Nick's answers in order to win. They were asked several New Jerseyesque questions. The best question was the top Jersey name for a boy. Teresa answered Joe.  My wife Chris Laurita's wife answered Joey. What made the question funny was the answers Nick gave. Both Tony and Anthony were in his top five which makes total sense because Tony isn't short for Anthony. Oh wait, I just remembered Tony is short for Anthony. I guess that is why Nick is a camera guy on the show and not a brain surgeon. Of course my girl Jacqueline won the game and was given a Taylor Ham.  Check out the video clip for yourself!

See the game was funny.  The most exciting thing that happened on the show was that Jacqueline was asked a question about her daughter Ashley. Jacqueline decided that she would hide her ham in her dress. It stuck out like a penis. As she tried to answer the question, we were brought down to her crotch.  Of course Teresa decided that she would play with. It was a bit funny. She also deflected the question because it keeps us watching the show. 

Overall, the show was not as exciting as it could've been.  I am about to rewind my DVR just so I can watch Jacqueline again. Teresa for once did not air out her business too much. I commend her for it. Thanks Andy for keeping the show going because it was a bit slow. Thanks Jacqueline for wearing that dress. 

Credit: Bravotv.com

The Housewives of New Jersey:Joe G. vs Joe G.

Premiere Episode - Season 3

Now I hate to admit it but I am a sucker for "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." I was eagerly sitting watching the first episode.  As I watched, I was intrigued by the one of the newest housewives, Melissa Gorga, the loving sister-in-law of Teresa Giudice. Melissa looks like she may have just turned 18. It's a compliment to her but it would make her husband a bit of a pedophile (not really 18 years old is legal). The focus seemed to be on Mrs. Gorga. I could not help but think, 'This is a girl who is starved for attention and needs validation through being liked.' It is human nature to want to be liked and to be the best for some people. But it seems one of two of the newest Housewives of New Jersey is trying too hard. I mean way hard.  The other new addition to the show is Kathy Wakile.

The show starts @ The Manor.  I guess this is a fancy establishment or something.  Teresa Giudice with husband Joe and kids are all dressed up.  Boy that family can dress!  Walking in Teresa asks how his stomach is holding up.  We see a sign welcoming guests to the christening celebration for Guiseppe Gorga.  Seconds later we see Teresa approaching her brother & sister-in-law's table.  She congratulates them.  Her brother tells her to step away from the table and then tells her she's garbage. What the hell?

The screen goes dark, I read, One week earlier.  Thank you  Bravo!  I was lost in the sauce.  Now we are @ the Giudice's pizza place.  It's packed and called Giuseppe's Homestyle Pizzeria!  Can I get a slice?  Joe is slinging pizzas and talking to one of his employees.  Teresa is looking stylish as ever.  Bankruptcy hasn't hurt her at all in the looks department.  Next she's sits down for a book signing of her best seller cookbook "Skinny Italian".  Gia, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita show up to support their friend, castmate and mother.  The Guidices appear to be doing all right.

Next we get to check on the progress with the Manzos.  If there were ever a Cleaver family of reality television, I think the Manzos would be it.  Caroline with husband and adult children in tow are looking @ an apartment.  I see a spin off show in the very, very near future.  If this isn't a prepping of the viewer for the "Boys to Manzos", I don't know what is.  I wish them success.  The boys are showing off their apartment to their doting mother, father Albert and sister Lauren.  We learn that Albie's law school dreams have been put out.  He looking forward to moving on and out.  Caroline's funny baby boy Christopher will be moving in with his older brother.  Remember the Manzos are thick as thieves.  So though we know Caroline is proud, we see her pain of letting 2 out of 3 of her babies go.  Say or write whatever you want about that woman, she is a good mother.  The Manzos appear to still be solid as a rock as a family.

I get to see the New Jersey Housewife I fancy the most next, Jacqueline Laurita.  Mrs. Laurita I have to remind myself this woman is married is on her way to visit her oldest child@ work .  Ashley is an intern for none other than Lizzie Grubman.  Jacqueline meets Lizzie.  She casually mentions in front of Jacqueline that Ashley needs to work on showing up to work.  Ashley whines about not having a car.  Ashley whines about commuting being expensive.  Ashley then mentions about wanting to move to New York.  Lizzie is just standing there like, "Okay."  Jacqueline asks her how she plans on affording the move.  As if Jacqueline can hear me I say, "You know she expects step daddy to foot the bill!"  Ashley says they can talk about it over lunch.  At lunch Jacqueline's husband is waiting for his wife and Ashley.  He instantly knows something has gone wrong.  My wife His wife, his wife, his wife fills him in.  He gives his stepdaughter some solid advice with Jacqueline chiming in.  The tears fall.  A mother feeling not heard excuses herself from the table.  I have an Ashley of my own.  So, I feel the Lauritas pain.

Next Teresa & Jacqueline are having a chat @ a local park.  Teresa shares how her brother has drifted from her, since he married Melissa.  People warned her.  Jacqueline thinks she should try to talk to her brother about it.  Besides the distance between her sibling, her own family's financial situation was a blow to her.  She shares that she didn't know about how bad it was, until Joe told her they needed to go to the lawyer's office.  Jacqueline tells her that she'll get through both the financial and brother situation.  Teresa sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

All right people, it's time for us to be introduced to the new blood.  First up is Melissa Gorga.  She is living the American dream.  She's spoiled.  Her and Joe have been married for 6 years.  She's in a sparkling blue dress when she asks him to lotion her legs.  He asks to lotion her butt cheeks.  He knows they are dry.  I laugh.  She brags how her husband showed her the plans for their 15,000 square foot home.  And Teresa never told her that her home was beautiful.  She states that Joe expects a home cooked meal every night.  The kids must be clean.  There are to be no dishes in the sink.  Joe says his wife is his hero.  Good for them, really no sarcasm here. Still @ the Gorgas we hear how happy they are to bring their last son into God's Kingdom.

Conveniently the door bell rings, and it's #2 of the new blood the Housewives of New Jersey clan.  It's Kathy Wakile, Teresa & Joe's first cousin.  Melissa shares that Kathy and her have a close relationship, more like sisters.  Kathy is her go to person.  As they eat lunch Kathy asks about Teresa.  The negativity starts. 

Next we get to see Kathy's home.  We see her in the kitchen with her husband Rich.  She shares a story about her father realizing he isn't Italian.  Not that it matters to me, he is Lebanese.  I would type some of my best friends are Lebanese.  Frankly I don't know what the ethnic background of my friends.  I don't ask. I don't care. Kathy rides her bike to the market.  Once inside she mentions that women are afraid of vegetables.  What the fuck?  We find out she has two kids Victoria and Joseph.  They are good looking kids.  Kathy is either a filler just an extra New Jersey wife or instigator.

We are back @ the Manzos.  Christopher is doing his Cajun voice which is gibberish.  Albie gets lectured on keeping Christopher in line. Good luck!

We are back @ the Gorgas.  Folks are getting ready for the christening. Trust me when I type more Gorgas means more dramatics for one of Bravo's hottest fist pumping shows. The whole storyline focuses on  Melissa and Joe Gorga's christening of their baby boy. I am not Catholic. I do have plenty of Catholic family members. So, I have been to a few christenings. This should be a happy time for celebration with family and friends.

I never thought you should get tipsy prior to going to church.  However, the classy parents of baby Joey drink champagne, beers and get table pounding happy. Maybe they thought the church roof would fall down on top of them.  Alcohol does have a numbing affect, no? Frankly I do not mind the "feel no pain" attitude. However, I might do the same if my whole life seemed to be devoted to keeping up with the Jones & one upping them.

We are back @ the Guidices who are getting ready for the christening.  Gia has a gymnast competition that she can't miss.  She'll missed part of the celebration.  I might add now, not the part she should have missed.  Joe Giudice is lagging in the garage.  The poor guy is sick.  Every reader sing and clap with me, "Diarrhea (clap, clap), diarrhea  (clap, clap) people think it's funny but it's really wet and runny. Diarrhea (clap, clap), diarrhea (clap, clap) no pain no gain just let it drain."

The premiere episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" season 3 seems to be all about the competition between the Gorgas and Guidices. There is some underlying resentment that was touched on in the episode. Teresa and her brother Joe were close once upon a time.  Jealousy appears to have divided the siblings. If you ask me the source of the division is Melissa Gorga. Remember earlier I stated that she looked 18. She acts like an 18 year old mean girl.  Melissa's goals may be to compete for attention and causing problems, specifically for Teresa. Teresa has never been a favorite of mine but I feel bad for her. She has a husband who tries to do right by her.  Joe Guidice may or may not be honest about how much money they did not have. Or maybe she doesn't listen.  Women why do you not listen?  Back to the money situation or the lack of it, I do understand the ridicule they received for filing bankruptcy.  We watch them for two seasons live in a mansion and shop up a New Jersey snow storm.  I even remember Teresa say that buying a preowned home was gross or something of that nature.  Honesty I don't know the details of their finances.  So, I'll write Mr. Guidice should've put his foot down; told his feisty wife to stop shopping; or told her, 'Honey the money tree has been pruned!' 

Joe Gorga, we learn is a hard working man. He is a big money developer which affords his family a certain lifestyle. He seems to have his wife on a short leash. She cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids. I guess that is a good thing. In the episode, we find out that the two Joes grew up together and were close. Joe Giudice looked after his father-in-law while he was sick. Joe Gorga was working. The entire episode we heard that Joe Giudice is lazy and Joe Gorga is a hard-working man according to Melissa.  Huh, since when is taking care of a sick in-law a lazy move?

As the episode goes along we are finally brought full circle. We're brought back to The Manor were it all went down.  I cannot call it a reception because everybody in attendance was looking like they were regulars at 13th Ave Pub in Lynnwood, Washington on a Friday night. I guess I am getting off topic again. I have tendency to ramble but I do have a point.

At the christening celebration, we see Joe Gorga getting blitzed with his friends. He asks Joe Giudice to have a drink. He declines.  Allow me to remind you that Mr. Giudice is suffering from bubble guts. This refusal is the trigger to the drama. Teresa and Joe are trying to be cordial which for them seems to be a challenge. I can appreciate they did not make the event about them. They even danced with their beautiful nephew. They respected the family. I can't write the same about the Gorgas.  Did they learn their etiquette from the high school lunch room?

Teresa goes up to Melissa and Joe to congratulate them. Drunk Joe and immature Melissa ask why is she doing it now. They basically disrespected their sister and sister-in-law. Joe Gorga calls Teresa garbage. Now I am a man.  If someone in my family called my wife garbage, I would be ready to kill them. Joe Gorga does decide to address the situation. Of course nothing happened really just a bunch of cussing and grabbing. I heard someone yell, "Gun!"  I also saw a group of numb nuts seem to try to keep the patriarch of the Gorga clan away from his son.  Who are these goons?  Is this Mob Wives?

I am of the opinion that Melissa Gorga is the root of all the bullshit this episode.  She seems jealous of Teresa. Melissa drove a wedge between the siblings and created this friction between the Joes. Now if you can remember earlier, I made the claim that Melissa looks about 18. I am sure she is older but she is really immature. She needs all the attention. The sad thing is that Teresa and her are one in the same. The season should be interesting. We should see how this drama unfolds. Until the end, I will be watching.  At the end of this episode my thoughts were:

It was primarily Joe G. versus Joe G.  episode 1 of season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I think Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline won.  They handled themselves well this episode.  I had the nerve to think this series would be boring without the seemingly narcissistic, lying, crying, former stripper Danielle Staub.

Credit: Bravo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mob Wives: Episode 6, Drita’s Evil Eye Tattoo

Drita goes to Masterpiece Tattoos for her new “Evil Eye” tattoo. Lee told her to put it on the back of her neck and that’s exactly what she does. The tattoo artist drew Drita’s own eye into the design of the tattoo. I guess it turned out pretty good if you like that sort of body art.

Drita explains the symbolism of the “evil eye” is to ward off evil. She is trying to ward off the evil people wish on her due to their jealousy. And when you look at the eye, the evil you wish on the person “hits you back.”

Drita thinks the final product is amazing! Do you?

Picture Credit: VH1 

MOB Wives: Recap Ep 106 “Dumb or Stupid”

What an action packed episode! It was so worth waiting for and it did not disappoint. I call this episode the “GYM”nasts vs. the OUT of Shapes!

We start at Carla’s house as Drita comes to the door to tell her about Karen’s visit and how she was bashing Lee. She couldn’t believe that Karen would be so disrespectful in her home and say things to hurt her daughter. Carla says it’s ancient history already and men should not come between friends (too bad she doesn’t take her own advice later in the show!). Drita feels that Karen’s words changed their friendship and it will never be the same again.

Karen meets Renee for dinner and she also wants to discuss her visit with Drita. She says it was intense. Drita is still diminishing Karen’s relationship with Lee. Renee asks her if she called Drita a “coward.” Karen says no. Renee says so you still didn’t tell her how you really feel and the situation hasn’t been cleared up. Karen just wants Drita to accept responsibility for doing something wrong (by not telling her she was dating Lee) and say she is sorry.

Drita is at home and having a pleasant conversation with Lee. Everything is great since they made up. She tells him about the new “evil eye” tattoo she plans to get and asks him where she should get it. He says behind her neck. Then he asks for some “sexy” pictures of Drita showing some skin. Drita almost gets a little embarrassed, she doesn’t want the guards to see them. Lee tells her make sure they aren’t too dirty, cover up a little bit. That’s a caring husband for you.

Carla meets Renee at a restaurant and they discuss the Drita/Karen conversation. Renee explains Karen’s point of view to Carla, but Carla agrees with Drita that this all happened a very long time ago. Then, out of the blue, Renee says she doesn’t care for Carla’s boyfriend. Carla gets pissed about it again. Renee tells her she heard things and saw things that she is uncomfortable with. Carla responds that she is very happy with her boyfriend. Renee invites her to Sunday dinner with the intention of all four women getting everything out on the table.

At Renee’s house her friend, Nikole, drops by for a shameless plug of Renee’s new business Jail Mail Inc. People can send cards to inmates. It will be run from a website where you type in the person’s name, number, birthday and every month they will get an ecard in prison with a message. You order a “12 month package” for a year’s supply of ecards that are automatically sent out. Renee says that she has been thinking of this for a long time, but now that Junior is going back to jail it’s the right time to do it.

We end up in Drita’s closet with her three year old Giselle. The toddler, who is sweet as can be, comments that her mother has too many clothes. Drita picks out outfits for her sexy photo shoot for Lee. She even admits she has an enormous amount of clothes. Lee buys them for her while he is in prison; isn’t that thoughtful? A friend suggested he got them from “Commissary Chic,” boutique, but I wouldn’t know, I shop at JC Penney. Giselle thinks her mother is beautiful and, Drita says it’s sad, that her daughter doesn’t even know her father.

Renee calls Drita to invite her to Sunday dinner, no kids, just chit chat. She lies to Drita and tells her it will just be her, Renee and Carla. However, Renee has every intention of inviting Karen. This dinner is for the purpose of clearing the air.

Next we are at Carla’s house and Drita stops by. Carla can hardly wait to tell her everything Renee said about Karen, Lee and her boyfriend. Drita says that Renee contradicts herself and should mind her own business. She is tired of being judged by Renee for marrying Lee. Drita feels that Renee doesn’t like anyone and now Drita is pissed. Carla doesn’t want to be around Renee when she talks about other people (like her boyfriend), yet Carla does plenty of gossiping about her friends, hypocrite much? Now Drita is not too happy about going to Renee’s house for dinner and she is ready for a fight.

Another plug for Jail Mail Inc., as we enter the office of Magic Studio and meet Darren. Renee is there to have her website designed. She explains everything she is looking for. Jail Mail Inc…”we’re not incorporated we’re incarcerated.” She wants it to look like a prison, black, with prisoners popping out to get their mail. Clever!

Over at Fantasia Studios Drita arrives with the wardrobe for her photo shoot; sexy pictures for Lee! She gets her makeup done, puts on different outfits and poses in what appears to be a lengthy photo session. She feels this is a big deal because it shows Lee that she still cares, and then she adds, the pictures are going right in the mail box.

Renee calls her friend, Nikole, to tell her that she spoke to Carla about her boyfriend and that Carla went straight to her boyfriend and told him everything she said. The boyfriend texts Renee, “Renee keep my name out of your mouth.” AJ sees the text. Renee calls Carla’s boyfriend and has him on speaker phone to tell him off, and AJ winds up hearing every nasty thing he has to say to Renee. Renee is pissed at Carla.

DINNER TIME! The scene we have all been waiting for has arrived. Just prior to arriving Carla is saying that Renee better not bring up her boyfriend. Drita is annoyed that Renee was talking about her behind her back. Renee wants to confront all the issues and iron them out. Karen has no idea what she is walking into when she gets there.

Everything starts out fine. They talk about Drita’s new tattoo, the one of the “evil eye,” she has hanging all around her house and is now on her neck. She lifts up her hair for them to see it. Neither Carla or Drita know Karen is invited and on her way. Karen seems to come late to parties and dinner, especially when people don’t know she is coming. But, there are four places set at the table and that arouses Drita’s suspicions. Drita mentions the fourth plate. Renee says Karen is coming. Everyone gets seated for dinner. Drita tells us that Renee is spiteful and invited Karen because Carla invited her to Carla’s party and blindsided Renee. Carla says Renee lies and laughs (again a case of the pot calling the kettle black!) Renee tells her she doesn’t lie, she might enhance the truth, but not lie. Carla says she doesn’t believe Renee about the boyfriend. Renee seems to be upset and sincere that she is trying to warn Carla that he is a sleaze ball without saying too much. She says she should be able to share her feelings as her friend. Carla just wants ONE good reason why Renee doesn’t like him. Renee loudly breaks it down for her, “Because when your boyfriend drinks, he likes to touch!”

Renee and Carla exchange words and Karen arrives. Karen can hear the arguing from outside. “Look what the wind blew in,” says Carla. I found this to be disrespectful, but Carla thinks she is being charming. Drita looks like she has an attitude, but doesn’t want to rehash the conversation with Karen and fight. Renee tells Carla that she deserves better. Carla doesn’t think she should have anything to say about her boyfriend and Karen thinks Renee should be able to give her opinion. Then, Karen backs up what Renee said earlier. She tells them that her boyfriend grabbed her ass at Drita’s party. Carla doesn’t care, “he drinks and touches and jokes, he does it out in the open.” She doesn’t take it “personal.” Renee asks her, “Are you Dumb or Stupid!!!” Carla thinks his behavior is funny. I think Carla is stupid (more later).

Then, Carla has the nerve to tell Renee “You should have come that night and told me…B*tch!” And she adds she can call her b*tch, because Renee likes that word. Now excuse me if I am wrong, and the tape doesn’t lie, but Renee did go to her at the party to try to tell her about that louse of a boyfriend. What did Carla do? She says she doesn’t want to hear it and then walks away. She admits to it. So, Renee fulfills her responsibility, as Carla’s friend, to let her know what a creep she is dating, at least in my opinion.

Now Renee and Carla are in each other’s faces screaming. And Renee, who is two inches from Carla’s face, yells that her boyfriend is a “c*nt,” and all hell breaks loose. Major catfight! Carla’s hand start to smash Renee in the face and Renee grabs a fistful of Carla’s hair and down they go to the floor with Drita and Karen “trying,” not so hard, to break them up. Drita, “It’s Insanity!” Carla, “It’s Crazy!” Karen, “They’re all mad and irrational!” Renee, “I’m done with Carla.” VH-1 “Ratings Bonanza!”

Renee is pissed at Carla because she doesn’t keep her man in check. She keeps screaming that AJ saw the text message from the boyfriend and then heard the nasty things he said on the phone to Renee. Drita takes off her shoes and prepares to fight, she has had enough of all the screaming. Drita says it’s a blood bath. Renee wants to show Carla the texts, Carla calls her a liar. Karen tells Renee to shut up. And that’s where it ends, but does it?

Okay, now it’s my turn. Drita did two things wrong in the past, she dated her girlfriend’s ex and she never told her about it. Karen is just now getting around to confronting her about it, many years later. That makes Karen wrong in my book. If she had a legitimate issue she should have brought it up when she first found out about it, not all these years later. Besides that, she keeps wanting to rehash it because Drita never owned what she did and apologized for it. It’s time to drop it. Lee is a loser anyway, at least he was in Karen’s eyes. Karen moved on and she should keep moving. If she is still hurt or angry she should spill her guts in the book. Maybe get Renee to help her “enhance” the truth! That will only increase sales and both Drita and Lee will be sure to read every freaking word. Case closed!

Renee is a good friend in my book. The night of Drita’s party, she went up to Carla, after Carla’s boyfriend “disrespected” her at the bar, to tell her what happened. It was Carla who did not want to hear it and walked away. Then, at Renee’s house, she lies and says Renee should have told her that night, “but you did-ent,” “but you did-ent,” “but you did-ent.” If she would have said that one more time I would have hurled my shoe at the television! Renee tries to tell Carla about the boyfriend at the restaurant, but Carla doesn’t want to hear it there either. Who doesn't listen to a friend you have known for over 25 years, if they have something important to tell you?  Renee takes the bull by the horns and decides to have a sit down dinner to iron it all out: Drita and Karen’s issues and Renee needs to have her say about the boyfriend.

Now, while at dinner, Karen supports what Renee is saying about Carla’s disrespectful boyfriend and says “he grabbed my ass” at the party. Carla laughs and makes light of it and blames it on his drinking. Then she adds, he did it out in the open so he wasn’t hiding anything. Really??? Is she Dumb or Stupid? Is she that desperate for a man that she is willing to put up with that? If anyone can respect Carla after that scene please explain how. I need to know.

Finally, my last issues with Carla (for now). She has been dating this snake for a year or more. Meanwhile, she has been lying to her children about their father working, not being in jail. So how does she explain the boyfriend to them? Hey, kids, daddy works too much so I decided to get a boyfriend to keep me company? Secondly, she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about the boyfriend and yet she has two children to protect. She is exposing them to a low life. What kind of mother does that? Does she know what this guy is capable of? I just don’t get Carla at all. Every time I see her in action or she opens her mouth, I like her less and I like the other 3 more. I wish they would have mentioned the boyfriend’s name, because if she won’t check him out, I will.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee & Carla Get It On!

Wow is about all I can type.  Episode 6 of Mob Wives was full of action.  First, Carla Facciolo put her hand on Renee Graziano's neck (Carla's 35th 44th birthday party) and then she smooshes her in the face in tonight's episode.  Renee pounced on her like a lioness on a deer.  If I were Carla I would've left if I were so offended by Renee's accounts of her lover boy's behavior.  What is Carla mad about?  If Carla has faith in who she's laying up with then shrug it off and hit up a drive-thru on the way home.  Hell she could've easily told Renee that she is standing by her man #2 and to hush up.

I respect all woman who try to tell their friends the real deal about their men.  And if the cat has been texting or tweeting about A.J., I totally understand Renee being fired up.  I mean what grown @ss man has sh!t to say about a kid  not his?!  Well if you missed the fight or just want to see it go down one more time, here you go!

What's your take on episode 6, the fight and the Mob Wives in general?  We'd love to know.  We have a poll to your right and a quick scroll up.  So please take a second to vote.  If your Monday permits do come back to read Chiara's review of tonight's show and the get down.  Jennifer Graziano is one smart cookie.  I hope she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Credit:  VH1 & JustJenn Productions

Mob Wives: You Deserve Better! Sneak Peak Episode 6

Yes, I am hell of wrong for the picture.  I couldn't resist.  The expression on Renee Graziano's face says it all, "Is this b!tch for real?"  Now look I haven't seen epidode 6 of Mob Wives.  So I don't know what the hell is going down.  I will be watching tonight with the rest of you all to find out! What I am guessing is that the mob wives are discussing a situation outside of Carla Facciolo's boyfriend's come on or joke attempt during Drita D'avanzo's birthday party.

Here's my take on the showdown:

We see the 44 year old Carla Facciolo telling Renee Graziano that she thinks it's funny.  Renee tells her that she respects Carla that's why she's telling her.  We all know who this is about: Carla's nameless, blurred out boyfriend.  To all productions teams, if they are not willing to share their names and faces, the viewer does not want to see them during the episode.  Okay, so Carla is defending her boyfriend by accusing Renee of not being honest about the situation.  Renee as a whole Hector and A.J. on her team.  Why does she need to make up sh!t about Carla's blurred boyfriend.  Carla goes too far by calling Renee a bitch as she is playing hostess to all the ladies.  Holy moly spaghetti sauce & meatballs!  Once they are face to face it starts to go down.  Based on the edited version I am Family Renee all the way on this one.  You watch and see for yourself.

Now that you've seen for yourself whose family are you trying to earn for Family Renee or Family Carla?  Let's us know, also the chat box will be up and running a little later today.  If you want to stop by and chat up a storm before, during and after the show we will be here.  Do NOT miss tonight's episode of Mob Wives on VH1 @ 8/7 PM Central.  It's going to be a pasta fight without the noodles!

Credit: VH1 & JustJenn Productions

Mob Wives: Hector Pagan aka Junior

Hector “Junior” Pagan

Hector Pagan, better know as “Junior,” was married to Renee Graziano and is the father of her son, AJ or Anthony John. He has had his share of run ins with the law over the years. Back in the early 2000s he was involved in a large marijuana distribution ring along with sister-in-law, Jenn Graziano. Then, in early January of this year, he was picked up, along with over 40 other mobsters, and indicted on illegal gambling charges.

However, back on December 13, 2006, during an investigation leading to the arrest of a dozen mobsters, Pagan reportedly almost ended up being a victim of a "rubout."   A Staten Island crew of the Colombo crime family, run by Michael and Anthony Souza, were arrested for allegedly planning the murder of Hector Pagan, a Bonanno family associate at the time.   Hector allegedly disrespected Michael Sousa over a financial dispute.

Federal agents taped telephone conversations in August and September 2006, in which Michael Sousa told Pagan, "I am going to smash your f-ing head in," according to the indictment. Also, during the conversation, Michael allegedly brags about how much he enjoys violence. He was quoted as saying, "I beat people up with chairs, barstools, I cut a guy's eye out of his head with a wine glass.” The threat of physical harm was established.

In a document, United States vs. Sousa, dated March 19, 2008, it was revealed that Sousa discussed the murder of Pagan with a cooperating witness. On December 7th, 2006, the cooperating witness agreed to record a conversation with Sousa, about the planned surprise attack that would supposedly end in murder, in which Sousa stated that he planned to use a silencer on Pagan. Sousa then went under the dashboard of his car to show the witness the homemade silencer he intended to use.The indictment was the end of an eight month long DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) investigation for crimes committed between January 2004 and August 2006. Charges against the crew included racketeering, robbery, assault, weapon possession, loan sharking, gambling and drug dealing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mob Movies: Life Lessons & Big Balls

First off, I guess I should do a quick introduction. I am an average man who works hard and plays hard. I am not a writer like the Mistress or Chiara. I do not have their wit and style when it comes to writing. I am straight shooter who will pull no punches. I have opinions on many things.  I will share with anybody who dares to actually read. I am excited that the Mistress has allowed me to post my thoughts on the "Mob Wives" and other shows. Now here comes my first attempt to share my thoughts for you to consider, enjoy, disagree or whatever you choose. I actually don't give a fuck. Now on to my thoughts about mob and mafia movies.

Growing up, I watched every movie that dealt with the mafia. I have spent weekends watching "The Godfather" trilogy. I have lumbered through Scarface and Goodfellas. Now I will share some thoughts on it. In the movie, "Scarface", there are many quotes that I can think of that have molded me into the man that I am.

The first one is this: "All I have in this world is balls and my word." This is appropriate for any man worth his weight. The man can be the don or just an earner; this quote applies. A man is only as good as the word he gives. If I am a liar and a snake then I do not command the respect of other people. Nobody would be willing to listen. If I am not honest then I cannot be trusted. That is why when I give you my word you know that you can trust it. The second part of the quote deals with my balls. If you think of the Greek statues of nude men specifically David you'll see a small penis and adequate balls. The true measure of a man is the size of his balls. It is a sign of masculinity. A signal if you will that I am ready to impregnate the entire population of women in the world. A man who is gutsy is referred to as having big balls. You are a man if you are willing to stand up for what you believe in.  This is why in my line of work I do speak my mind and stand behind my balls. This is a quote for all men to live by.

Another quote is, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer." This is great because you have to keep an eye on your friends but a closer eye on your enemies. They are trying to cause your downfall. They will rat on you and hit you when you are not looking. This is the reason why I feel you need to keep your enemies closer.

Today, I was talking to some of my earners.  One brought up the scene in which Manolo and Tony are hanging out on a beach in Miami. Manolo tells Tony that American women like when you flick your tongue rapidly while trying to hit on them. Tony calls Manolo sick for doing so.  In the movie it is a funny scene because this fails miserably for Manolo. However, I understand his point. American women want a bold man. They do not need a man who is weak or afraid. They want a person who is strong and willing to be straightforward when it comes to decision making and sex.

"Never sit with your back to the door." Now this should be easy to understand but I will give you my everyday explanation. You have to always be aware of your surroundings. You have to keep your head on a swivel.  You never know when somebody is trying to cause you or your family harm. I live by this day in and day out.

There are many examples of how the mob life has affected me and my everyday activities. I could go on and on.  But I think you get the idea. We have all been influenced by these movies and television shows.

Now that I gave you a bit about my philosophy, I look forward to forcing my opinion on you about a few shows. Stay tuned for my next post about the Housewives of New Jersey season opener.

Credit: YouTube

Mob Wives: Ness (Nezir) Selmani, Drita’s Father

Drita’s maiden name is Selmani, it’s kind of an Italian sounding name, even though she is Albanian. Drita looks quite a bit like her father, but that is where the similarity ends. Drita’s father is a far cry from the other three women’s fathers on the show, Mob Wives. While Drita fits right in with daughters raised in the mob lifestyle, her father is a fine, upstanding, law abiding man. I found this particular blog very refreshing to write. Finally, a person I can relate to, who works hard, has a legitimate career, pays his taxes and is looked up to by many in his profession. Her father is Nezir Selmani, better known as Ness, and he is the Head Coach of the “Rams,“ the women’s soccer team at Fordham University, in the Bronx, New York City. He has been their coach for 15 years and is a graduate of Prishtina University, in what was then Yugoslavia,1972.

Selmani is Albanian and was born and raised in Kosovo. He grew up playing soccer, the “poor man’s sport,” as he refers to it, because it requires very little equipment. In 1972, after he graduated college, his family moved to the United States. They settled in New York, where Selmani played on semi-professional teams and also coached the Empire State girls and boys teams. Before working at Fordham, he had successfully coached several semi-professional clubs. His experience was impressive.

Selmani began his career at Fordham by assisting the head coach of the men’s soccer team in 1994. The men’s team went up in rank. Selmani began coaching the Rams, the women’s team, in 1996. Due to his leadership, the team has had a long and successful record of wins year after year. In 2007, he had led the team to 5 winning seasons in six years and for the second time he was voted Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year by the women’s soccer divisions. His Fordham peers, voted him University Coach of the Year, also for the second time. A modest man, Selmani refuses to take credit for his team’s accomplishments. Instead he gives the credit to his players. His office is said to have many pictures of his current and past players displayed, too numerous to count. He keeps track of all their birthdays so that he can personally call them to wish them a Happy Birthday.

“When seeking recruits, Selmani says he looks first at a player’s grades and then at her soccer ability. ‘I am a very strict coach,’ he says, ‘but I am trying to build good minds as well as good soccer players.’”

I was quite impressed with what I read about Mr. Selmani. I even found a little audio recording, and if you are interested, you can listen to him speak with his European accent (link below). Now I can completely understand why he said he was disowning Drita for marrying Lee. He must have been totally heartbroken. I can only imagine his embarrassment now, as many of his students and colleagues may be tuning in to Mob Wives and watching his daughter on national television. What must his reaction be, if he has even seen the show, and witnessed what has become of his daughter. I can tell you, if she were my daughter, I would be sick over it. Reading about her father makes me wonder if Drita has any regrets about marrying Lee and going against her decent, moral upbringing. I would think it would be hard to go against everything you have ever known and taught to be right, but Drita makes it look easy.

Audio of Mr. Selmani speaking on helmets for soccer players: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlbKVAujrQc

Quote: http://www.fordham.edu/