Monday, May 30, 2011

Mob Wives: Recap Ep 107 Total Chaos

All hell breaks loose!

At Renee’s house the fighting continues! Renee claims she set up this dinner so they could discuss their issues calmly, but it’s anything but calm. Carla tells Renee she doesn’t want her boyfriend’s name coming out of her mouth any more. Then things get very physical, the lighting is dark and it’s hard to tell what is going on and who is hitting who. Karen describes it as “all madness broke out.” Renee continues to complain that AJ saw the texts and heard the boyfriend say foul things on the speakerphone. Karen thinks Drita looks like she is going to go after Renee so Karen steps in to protect Renee.

Drita has a revelation, “this is Carla and Renee’s fight” so maybe she shouldn’t get so involved. Karen yells at Renee to sit down. Renee believes Carla is screaming at her because she doesn’t want to hear the truth. Then Renee has a “light bulb moment” and says she never raises her hands to anyone, and is upset with herself. She can’t believe all of this fighting was over a guy! Renee says she was seriously concerned for Carla and she thinks she deserves the best. Carla feels Renee is wrong to make so much out of it, because Carla is the one who knows him. Carla feels she knows what kind of person he is and how she feels about him.

Karen takes it upon herself to explain Renee’s position. Renee keeps yelling so Karen yells at Renee to “SHUT UP!” Karen explains that Renee was trying to tell Carla, as a friend, her opinion and how she feels. That’s what a true friend does. Karen tells Renee to stop, because now it’s done. Renee is angry, but realizes she has to let it go.

Drita is annoyed because Renee has no business talking to Karen about her and Lee. Then Karen brings up the Lee situation and says it’s not about Lee it’s about her and Drita. Drita really wants this to be the last time they talk about this. Karen explains how she felt betrayed by Drita. Drita doesn’t see it as being disloyal because Lee and Karen were broken up; it’s not like she stole him away from her. Karen had already moved on with someone else and had a baby, so Drita felt it was over. Carla agrees with Drita. She says this happened over 13 years ago; Karen left with a kid and another man so why does she need Drita to apologize? Drita wants to know what Karen wants her to do about it now, because she can’t turn back time and change anything. Karen just wants her to admit what she did, it’s about loyalty and trust. She wants her to acknowledge she did something wrong.

Renee steps in to make it clearer for Drita. She says that Drita should tell her that she is sorry, you were my friend and I hurt you. Karen starts to cry and is upset. She tells Drita that she was hurt because they were good friends and she didn’t call her to tell her she was dating Lee. Drita feels bad to see Karen hurt and crying and says she is sorry, she would never hurt Karen on purpose or let anyone else hurt her. They hug. I think I speak for “everyone” when I say, I really hope this is the last we hear of Karen, Lee and Drita’s storyline. They have sucked all the drama out of it and given Karen another chapter to add to her book.

Renee says she is done with Carla’s boyfriend. She said what she needed to say and now it’s up to Carla. Really Renee? That’s good news for viewers, but is Carla’s boyfriend done? In yesterday’s blog, Carla’s Boyfriend “Speaks Out” Via Lisa Falsone?, a third party had posted “his” side of the story on Carla’s Facebook Fan Page, indicating he wanted the truth to come out. Check out that blog for all the details, it’s very interesting.

They all make up and have a glass of wine! They “fight hard but they love harder.” They toast to new beginnings and drink to family. I’ve got to hand it to these four women. After a screaming, knock down, hair pulling, fist fighting, down on the floor, shoes off brawl, they are able to toast to the future, even before you can say, “marinara sauce.” Come to think of it, what happened to dinner?

The next day at Carla’s house, Drita drops by. They both complain about how exhausted they are from the brawl the night before, and these are the “gymnasts!”. They didn’t even get a chance to eat. Oh well, more for Junior and AJ. Carla hates it when Renee gets in her face. Drita couldn’t believe that Karen had been carrying on and on for a simple “I’m sorry.” Still, she hated to see her hurting. They both have a nice little laugh over it.

Renee and Karen meet for lunch. Karen feels they all got their issues out. Renee adds, she doesn’t want Carla’s boyfriend to touch her. Then she reveals that Junior has been staying with her and spending time with AJ before he goes to prison, it’s nothing romantic. Karen tells Renee she needs to be careful with Junior in the house, they aren’t good for each other. Renee tells her she needs to date, but she is looking for the right man. Karen suggests she try online dating and look for a normal guy who hasn’t been in prison. I think Renee is still too attached to Junior to go looking for anyone, even after all these years, and I can’t even imagine who her “Mr. Right” might be.

Carla meets her friends Etta and Eleanor for dinner at Cebu Restaurant. They all used to work on Wall Street. Carla was a sales assistant at a stock firm and met Joe Ferragamo there. Interesting, no? Then one day he got fired and so did she! When they got married everyone thought they were the ideal couple, and perfect family. Now he is getting out of prison in two weeks after being locked up for 6 years. Carla is concerned that Joe may be in shock, he has no wife, no house, no family, no job. I guess Carla doesn’t subscribe to the “stand by your man” mob wife mentality? She’s been dating over a year so far as we know. I wonder when the marriage was “over” for her and why she hasn’t make it official?

At Renee’s house, Drita shows up and starts to help Renee with the online dating that Karen suggested. Drita helps her to fill out the questionnaire on the dating site. She wants a man with a good sense of humor and strong enough to withstand her drama. Can such a man even exist, I wonder? Then Renee says she is a “loser.” What can she say her hobbies are? She writes to men in prison and goes there for visits? She is not happy with the response to her profile. No sooner the profile is up and an “Antonio” contacts her in an instant message (IM). He wants to talk on the phone. He is too eager. Renee found it stressful and didn’t like it. She tells Drita to shut down the computer.

Karen goes to the airport to pick up her daughter Karina for a visit. The two really seem to have missed each other and were so happy to see each other. Karen remarks that Karina has grown and developed and says, “my baby is home.” I really think Karen and her daughter have a good mother-daughter relationship. It’s one of the few bright spots of the show.

Karen shares her memories of Staten Island with Karina

Back at Drita’s house, the sexy pictures for Lee arrive. She goes through them all and loves them. She did this to keep the “spark” alive in their marriage. She asks Giselle which picture she likes and Giselle answers, “ I like you naked.” Drita laughs, and tells her she isn’t naked, she is wearing a bathing suit. Of course, she wasn’t far from naked either. She mails them right out to Lee.

Carla and Drita go to lunch. Carla tells Drita that Joe will be coming home in a couple of weeks, after being away for 6 years. Joe has to go to a halfway house. Drita tells her that it’s in a bad area, they fire gunshots there in the afternoon. Drita has a fleeting thought about Lee getting out and how happy she would feel, but Carla and Joe won’t be together.

At Carla’s house there is a big dinner. Drita and Karen come over with their kids. Karen laments that the kids get cheated out of a relationship with their fathers in this lifestyle, because they are always away in jail. Jojo, Carla’s son, get spiteful and misbehaves. There are only girls at the dinner party. Carla feels that when Joe gets out of prison he will help Jojo behave better, that’s what she is looking forward to. I think she is looking for a babysitter so she can party and date, but that’s just my take on it.

Renee’s friend Nikole comes by for a visit and they discuss the online dating. Renee says she thinks they are all psychos. She isn’t happy with the results she is getting. She thinks this would be the perfect time for her to start dating because AJ will be going to college and Junior will be going to prison. Renee doesn’t trust men let alone strangers. A minute later, she deletes her account.

Carla receives a phone call from Joe. He has 10 minutes to talk. He is coming home in two weeks and has to stay at the halfway house for a month. She wants to prepare a bag of clothes for him with underwear, socks, T-shirts, in a duffle bag. She says she will always help him.

Renee pops into the therapist office. Dating is a major concern, she hasn’t had a healthy relationship in years. She wants the opposite (meaning no disrespect) of what she has had. She wants a normal life, a guy with a regular job who comes home for dinner. The therapist says, “You exude what you attract.” (Shouldn’t it be you attract what you exude?) In order for her to have a normal life she needs to live a normal life. She tells Renee, either you are totally sick of the life style, so much so that you change it, or you are not. She doesn’t think Renee has gotten to that point yet. And, I don’t think she has gotten there yet either.

At Drita’s house there is a phone call from the NYS Correctional Facility from Lee. Lee got the pictures from Drita and he liked them. She enjoys conversations with Lee, that‘s all they have. He tells her the pictures are really nice. They discuss her breast size. She tells him they got bigger after she had the kids and then she got them done. The picture he liked best was the one of her in the bathing suit, wearing the fur jacket. She asks herself why she wants to make him happy when she isn’t. She tells him that he did three things right in his life, marry her and create his two girls. She wants her family to stay together.

I have to add my two cents now. I am so glad Karen and Drita made up, finally! I’m not sure the Renee, Carla and boyfriend issue is totally resolved because from the developments reported in yesterday’s blog, it seems the boyfriend is not happy with how he has been portrayed. Also, if we have learned anything at all from watching the show, it’s that Renee never let’s anything go.

The online dating is a waste of time for Renee. She isn’t about to settle down with a “normal” guy because she will never be done with the mob “lifestyle.” She is still going to restaurants and saying out loud, for everyone to hear, “I’m Anthony Graziano’s daughter!” She is still bailing out Junior. She is starting “Jail Mail Inc.” She is hanging out with “Mob Wives.” She quotes the “rules” of the mob on a daily basis: it’s all about loyalty and respect. It’s so ingrained in her that she can never do what the therapist said, and walk away from it. And frankly, I don’t think she wants to. She is very happy with her “Mob Princess” title and wears her crown with pride. I think she would go back to Junior in a heartbeat, but it’s really Junior who is avoiding a reconciliation.

As for Joe Ferragamo and Carla dearest, I have a few words to say. You knew I would! After the first show, where Carla says she doesn’t consider “stock fraud” a crime, I did a little research on Mr. Ferragamo. You can read his detailed “resume” on our second “most popular” blog list on your right. He was quite good at stock fraud, and it wasn’t a one time deal. It turns out that Carla was a sales assistant at a stock firm, which is where she met Joe. I was wondering how they met. She had to tell him that “he was doing ‘it’ all wrong.” Then she confesses that he got fired and she did too, right after him. This was an “Ah, ha moment for me!” What can anyone make of that? I’ll tell you what it sounds like to me. It sounds like he was doing something illegal with the stock and Carla was well aware of it and maybe participated in it, for them both to get fired. Carla is not so innocent as she would like us to believe. So, for old times sake, she is going to pack him a bag for the halfway house filled with socks and underwear. He seems fine with that. I’ll add that, from the pictures, Joe appears to be a very good looking man. However, I reserve judgment until I see what he looks like now, because six years in prison can really age a person.

That’s all I am going to say for now. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs keeping you up to date on current news as well as background history. We when know about it, you’ll know about it! Have a good week!

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Love said...

My little fingers are partying on the computer....yeah!! This silly Lee story is over!I didn't think Carla could look like a worse mother, but she topped herself tonight. Drita's little girl asked for a utensil, she snaps "got get it yourself, I'm not a maid!" struck me as AWFUL! No wonder those little monsters of hers act like thugs.... just following momma!! I don't believe the theory, they act like that 'cause dad's gone, or older girls wind him up' Carla's brat, why wouldn't they be? I've known lots of children who have only one parent, and they do great. Blame it on the MOM. Poor hubby, coming home to those two little ones.
I thought the big "maturing" story from Karen was a tad icky, for some reason, yet sweet, too. She hasn't been gone a year! I always hated when my mom pointed out such things. To this day, I can't hardly say the...nip word without throwing up in my mouth.
Carla, you are the most selfish girl in the world, Drita, you were being a good friend talking to JoJo.
Drita and Karen do seems to have the best relationships with their kiddos.
I'm ready for more!!!
OH, and, on the preview of Renee going back to Hector. You shouldn't move on until you can without looking back is what they say, I'm sure this will come out as her "finishing" with him by the time he leaves, so she's free to date then storyline....

Chiara Soprano said...

Good Morning Love! I love your mini recaps, always right on point and you manage to catch things I miss every week. I look forward to your comments and find myself saying "I can't believe I missed that!" I feel better knowing that everyone seems to be getting the same "vibes" about Carla, it's not just me! She is too into herself and very insincere. Can't wait to see what everyone else thinks!

Anonymous said...

hey LOVE, u should watch the episode again.....carlas daughter asked for the utensil, not dritas!! i would of told my daughter to get it herself too!!

Laur said...

Oh my word, I cannot stand Karen and I really think that Drita had no reason to apologize to her. Karen's kid is older than Drita's marriage. Get over it, Karen.
Carla must be the most checked out parent I have ever seen on TV. I would have told my kid (If I had one.)to get it herself too, but not in that nasty tone. Carla seems to act that she's very put upon, like everything wrong in her life is someone else is doing, unfortunately seems she regards her kids as something wrong as well.

Mob Mistress said...

Hello All!

Dropping in to say a quick 'Hi!' before my mommy catches me on her computer. LMAO! Anyhow new poll with be up and new tweets. I need Chiara to send me another PM so I can retrieve the information. I pray she isn't already asleep for tonight.

Chiara Soprano said...

Not asleep just yet, but not far from it, just tell me what you need. :)

Love said...

Anonymous, I assume you are right, it was Carla's daughter, I appreciate the correction. I stand my ground on Carla's parenting. COLD. Carla could of easily said, "Please get one out of the drawer honey." VS. a snide and hateful remark. ESP. in front of a dinner party, PLEASE! And she knew there were going to be several kids there, why not have a basket of utensils within easy reach for the kiddos?
She let's Drita do the dirty for her, PLEASE. Drita, if that's JoJo's problem, then what's next, you blame any teen love angst of your children on the absent father (classic syndrome for girls)
I am a teacher. If kids are labeled, it will happen. Kids know what yu think of them. Disdain is easily picked up. It should be that since Carla has raised them, she takes responsibility for their behavior instead of "waiting" for daddy to come pick up her mess. A "daddy" shell shocked from the pen, and never really been a parent!!
Sorry, Carla is like the loud mouthed attention seeking girl you hated in school, just b/c you hated to listen to her.
Sorry, Carla grates me, she stinks like a sea monkey after a night out.... oh, I forgot, she IS ONE!!
Chiaro, it's easy to say..."and remember this!", after someone else as done all the good work!! Touche!

Linda said...

Agreed...Carla wins the award for Crappiest Parent of the Century. Kudos to Drita for taking the bull by the horns and dealing with Jojo when a fight broke out. Drita took immediate control over the situation, and gee! She did that without a husband. Carla seems to be that girl that always got what she wanted and never had to work for anything because of her looks. She also didn't develop any kind of moral standard, even for a mob wife/child, because she has gotten caught in so many lies so far and has had no repercussions from any of them.

Drita cracks me up. Her analogies and comments, combined with that voice and accent, are stellar! She is the funniest one, with Renee a very close second. I also hope Karen gives up on the Lee/Drita-is- a-traitor thing. It's very high school. I do like Karen and her daughter seems like a great kid. CARLA, TAKE SOME LESSONS FROM YOUR FRIENDS!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, in the italian home i grew up in, if i asked for something my mother would of answered me the same way. just like if we left the tv on my dad would say "what do u think, i'm con edison?" that was very cool for drita to help out when jojo was upset and i do the same with my friends kids, that doesnt make the mother a bad parent, sometimes the kids will only listen to reason from someone else!!

Chiara Soprano said...

I agree with most everything being said. I know my parents didn't always answer me as nicely as they could have, but there were many tender moments of affection in our home. We have seen all the Mob Wives be tender with their children, except for Carla and I think that's where the criticism about her parenting, or lack of it, is coming from. They are all rasiing these children without their husbands, but Carla's son needs some discipline. Even Renee layed down the law to AJ about his grades with Junior there. Carla just doesn't seem to take an active interest in her kids, it's like they are almost an annoyance.

Anonymous said...

wow!! i cant believe that someone would actually think that renee is a good parent!! when she yelled at her son for his bad grades, she could barely keep a straight face!! also, she brings her son in on all the drama in her life, is that good parenting??

Love said...

Well Said, Chiaro.
There's not reason to be snipe to your child in this day and age. My parents had some of the doesn't make it a good example of parenting at a dinner party. If she does it on TV, what dos she say in private? I bet she's a screamer.
I adored my parents, yet, as they probably did, learned some things not to do (be snide over nothing), and to do (be polite when company's over).

Chiara Soprano said...

Anonymous, I think Renee "appears to be a good parent. She couldn't yell at him with a straight face. All his grades were above 80 except for Art, where he got a 75. That tells me he is a good student, but they needed a little "drama" for the show. He is also mature for his age and is respectful. I've read his fans page and his posts and he seems like a very nice, decent young man. I give the credit to his mother (who never fails to give him a hug).

jnettemarie said...

hello my lovelies...I'm back! Feel like I missed so much. I have seen the episode yet, will watch tonight. But boy oh boy looks like so much has happened from what I've read.

Carla is our Erica Kane! She has not shown me one redeeming quality. I wonder how much Joe will tolerate when released? He might not be so accepting when not locked up behind steel bars. Her kids have no manners because she has no manners.

That would have been hysterical if Renee went on some blind internet date. Can you imagine her reaction when some sleazy guy with comb over shows up?

I'll be back after I watch...

jnettemarie said...

Hello my Lovelies!!! OMG, I missed so much.

Carla is our Erica Kane. There isn't one redeeming quality about her. Just wondering how much Joe's gonna tolerate when he's not locked behind steel bars?

Can you imagine if Renee did go on one of the internet dates and some sleeze ball with a comb over showed up? Her reaction would be priceless. That wouldve been hysterical!

I'll be back after I watch it tonight

Chiara Soprano said...

Can't wait to see what you think Jnette. The holiday made it tough to stay on track here, but we managed!

jnettemarie said...

Chiara, I did it again. Posted basically the same thing twice because I thought the first one didn't go thru...I think I had one to many Corona's on boat yesterday! I can't wait to watch, AND now that we have some closure looking forward to the drama that lies ahead. HA HA HA