Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mob Wives: Exposure Galore

Boy oh boy, how I wish Chiara was available. I had an idea for a blog entry. Yet, whatever it was has completely left me. I am 3 minutes away from being in a deep sleep. Don't worry I won't be sleeping with the fish(es).

The Mob Wives are making quite a bang on the celebrity scene. They're hitting night clubs, special events and red carpets. I am definitely not mad @ them. It's best to strike well the iron in hot. Whatever business endeavors they are interested in developing or expanding (let's hope legally), now is time to take advantage of all the free publicity. Whether it be Renee Graziano's Jail Mail (coughs bail), Carla Facciolo's clothing line, Drita D'avanzo's cosmetic line or Karen Gravano's memoir I am wishing all of the mobettes major success. I mean look at Bethanny Frankel formerly of 'The Housewives of New York' and Jill Zarin's underdog side dish (before Jill showed her true colors). Bethanny sold Skinny Girl for a reported $120, 000, 000. And imagine no one ended up with a canary in their mouth or cement shoes. Hard work and refraining from scamming the elderly or breaking into banks does pay! Who knew?

Moving along there has been quite a lot of activity for the Mob Wives. I am truly happy for them because it gives me a reason to blog. I sure in the hell hope you weren't expecting the word 'live' in place of blog. I found an interesting picture of Renee Graziano. I am ashamed to write; I would've seen the dress and brought it too. Just like Ms. Graziano I've would've been looking like I hijacked it from Kate Hudson's closet. I am sure the vibrant colors and loose fit are what attracted her to the dress. However, her legs are making Casper look as if he had an appointment with Drita's spray tan lady. Well all I can write is I am so glad it was Renee's mistake and not mine. If you are over forty and don't have the figure of a personal trainer, for the love of God do not wear dresses that look like your vagina is itching to make a public appearance. You have reached the end of a Blog Public Service Announcement.

Oh and if you have a 30 seconds to spare read the poll to your right (scroll up too) and vote. Jeanette, Love, Chiara, K. and Laura have you voted?


Chiara Soprano said...

Yes I voted! Ugh, what a dress, it's more like a long blouse to me. In any case, whatever age she is, she is too old to be wearing anything that short, sorry. Maybe they will all turn over a new leaf, if real jobs end up paying well. And maybe they won't be so lavish with their spending when they have to work for it, rather than take it.

Mob Mistress said...

I swear I would've brought that dress. I would've worn it with leggings or white jeans. Wow is all I can write.

I would love for Mob Wives to be an opening for all of the ladies to break free from the lifestyle of being supported partially or fully by illegal activities. Karen seems to have gone straight in Arizona. However who knows for sure desides her.

jnettemarie said...

Bethany Frankel was sucessful in her own right as a personal chef to some big names and she had the Skinny Girl Brand before RHONY. Nobody new of the mob ladies before April and what have they accomplished before that.

For starters, they all need to hire a stylist. I'm 42, and I like to dress sexy and feel good about myself. But I also dress appropriately. What was Renee thinking? The hair is to long and dark, her makeup is even darker, and the neckline makes her look to broad across the shoulders. She is big boned and her clothes make her seem thicker. But even with out a high priced stylist, couldn't she see in her own mirror who bad this looked. and who the hell let her out of the house like this. Satin is unforgiving and wrinkles. Look how it crinkles across her stomach, and make her look pauncy. OK...I'll stop cause I could go on for hours on Renee's fashion sense.

I hope they all take advantage of thier 15 minutes to better thier lives. But I'm not seeing any of them trying to better themselves or the lives of thier children.

A prime example...Victoria Gotti and what happened to her after her stint on A&E. She had a great opportunity and then lied about having breat cancer. And tell me again why she isn't on this show too?

Mob Mistress said...

Oh Jeanette you are such a shrinking violet!

I know Bethanny was an accomplished chef. I also know RHONY wasn't the beginning for her just as The apprentice wasn't either. However, appearing on RHONY didn't hurt her. Frankly I wouldn't know of Skinny Girl if I hadn't been a rapid fan of the show. Weekly the Skinny Girl brand received free marketing thanks to Bravo. It was a great idea. She executed it brilliantly.

Gotti is a four letter word around here. UGH. I hope your week is going well. Did you vote? LMAO

jnettemarie said...

Yes, I voted...I guess we all feel the same by the voting.

But I have to know your beef with Ms Vicky. I think her father caused his own demise frankly. You don't fly in the face of God, and that's what he did. I also don't agree with a system that lets one man off on his crimes to go after another. I'm old school, be a man, not a rat.

As for me...We had a really horrific tragedey in a suburb of philly last night. A 9 yr old girl was rapped, beat, and killed by her 24 yr old neighbor. It has really rocked the core of many in this area. What's even more tragic, the police were called 3 weeks ago becuase this same girl and a friend were lured into his apartment and he locked the door but they managed to get out. The cops said the girls twisted thier words and gave them all a warning. Last night he killed one out of revenge.

So I'm a little out of sorts tonight. I really enjoy this blog and you all make me laugh too, very witty we all are. And I'm anxious to hear all the dirties about the infamous Gotti's.

Mob Mistress said...

I'll run your Gotti request by Chiara. She's the Boss around hear. I am just a soldier.

I wanted the readers' general opinion for an upcoming blog. What better way than a poll?

It's really tragic what happened to the girl. I mean just horrific. It's unfortunate that the police got to him before the neighborhood could. I hope justice is served. But I know even justice won't bring her back or erase the horror of the last moments of her life.

I have a confession. I really want to find the dress Renee is wearing. I think it would look fabulous with white jeans, a ponytail, hoops and sandals. Oh and I agree Renee needs to embrace lower necklines. Perfect example her Twitter picture is hot!

jnettemarie said...

Hey Mistress, YES YES YES, that's how to wear that dress. When I look at this thou I see a tunic style shirt. It's not really my style cause I'm not a big on prints but I love long vnecks and tunics over legging or skinny jeans for causal.

And are we allowed or is it possible to have private chats? Or is that a No No. I'm newbie to blogging.

jnettemarie said...

Hey quick question, suppose I post a comment and it's decided it can't be posted for whatever reason. Do you notify us or do you just delete it. Cause I posted something a little bit ago and it's still not published, but my second comment is. Thanks?

I need a do's and dont's for blogging before I really piss off the wrong person.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for the promotion to Boss, Mob Mistress, maybe I'll bump myself down to Consigliere? Jnette, I would not mind looking into Gotti, he is tied to Sammy afterall, but I can't promise when. There are other blogs on the backburner heating up and getting ready to post. We had hit a few deadends on some issues and on others our cups runneth over. As soon as we know something, you can be sure you will too.

I am so sorry to hear about that poor 9 year old girl. These stories make me sick to my stomach. There should be the death penalty for anyone who harms a child, period!

Mob Mistress said...

Jeanette I can't imagine why would not post any of your comments. We aren't trying to be 'Big Sisters' around here. We just have a lot of activity and we don't want the trolls spamming our site. And you probably comments on a sightly older comment. Moderation is set for the older comments, not the fresh ones.

I am laughing @ Chiara.

Anonymous said...

all u mob wives are fake if you were a true mob wife you whould not be on tv youd be dead trust and loyty and respect not putting your self and other lifes on tv this is a joke to me be true to your self be a real italy women you dont put your men on blast

Mob Mistress said...

Anonymous obviously you are NOT a real mob wife or your mobster keeps you locked in the kitchen. These women aren't the first mob wives to reveal their lives. They won't be the last. And the ones before them are still walking around & living their lives. Get a grip or get informed, thanks for reading.