Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mob Wives: Gangster Music

It's Sunday morning. I imagine a million plus viewers are probably munching on dry spaghetti waiting for tonight's episode of Mob Wives. I am not munching on dry spaghetti. I am actually eating a Bagel-ful. Bagel-fuls are so fucking delicious. Apple cinnamon with cream cheese are my favorite.

We write what we write around here. A lot of times it is so not nice. It's sad actually because we're not even trying to be mean. Mob Wives just brings out our inner mean with some of their bullshit. Today though I decided to rewatch the premiere episode and finally episode 2 completely. I realized we can write whatever we want about VH1's Mob Wives series. However, we would be liars if we wrote that Mob Wives doesn't have the best soundtrack of any show on air today. The music they are playing during all the mobette's shanigans is pure fire.

Off course I have to mention Big Bang by Rock Mafia. I never heard or listened to the group before this show. I am not going to lie and write I am going to run out and buy their CD. However, I really like the theme song of Mob Wives. So a big thanks to Rock Mafia.

I have a music lover's beef with Raphael Saadiq. I don't like how he threw Dawn his group mate under the bus. He ran over her and backed up. Mr. Saadiq's talent is undeniable. His gift is giving the sixties & seventies sound a modern spin. It's familar but not old. It's fresh, comfortable, soulful and simply great music. He is on my boycott list. However, his single Good Man makes me want to remove him from my list. I think about it for 5 minutes. Mr. Saadiq stays on the list. Hey, I am stubborn what can I write.

My favorite song so far is Trepasser by Deluka. One I am a huge European Alternative Rock whore. Deluka is that sound mixed with a rough edge. I love her voice. I will 100% be buying Deluka's CD. I am chumping at the bit to hear more music from Deluka.

Other singles are Get Some by Lykke Li, With or Without You by Kirsten Price, Perfect Day by The Constellations, Loving You is Killing Me by Aloe Blacc and Wicked by Jupiter Rising. Can we revisit Get Some? Thanks! The lyrics, "Like a shot gun needs an outcome. I am prostitute. You're going to get some" are hysterical. Why did someone in my home just walk pass singing this song? Hell naw! I can't take another surprise. It is an entertaining song I must write that for the record.

Prayin' is another hot single by Plan B. I usually try plan A first. Hell but if all of Plan B's music is as good as this single I may hit up Best Buy or iTunes for more of their music. By the way, I am praying none of the Mob Wives take offense to this blog. We are really nice people. We just blog mean. Well I know Chiara is pen & notebook ready to write her review for episode 3 of Mob Wives. So if you just stumbled on this blog by accident we beg you to tune in tonight @ 8/7 central to catch Mob Wives. Hey, we may not be their biggest fans nor goonettes. Yet, if they are cancelled or aren't picked up for a second season; what will we blog about?! Housewives blogging about recipes and kids are so yesterday. So check out VH1 tonight and then come back and tell us what you think.


Love said...

Just found your blog, best one of the show!~ I spent today looking up property data of the ladies. I found Carla's house under Robin FERRAGAMO,and Drita's is under Drita Selmani (Maiden name).
For the life of me I can not find Renee's, although I wonder if her name is Rosaura?
You have to play with the Richmond County, NY Property data, transfer the block/lot to address, then use goggle maps. I wonder what Renee's is under?

Mob Mistress said...

Hey Love!

We've research their properties (some). I was writing a blog entry on it and then deleted it. At the end of the day these ladies are all mothers. I'd hate to be part of a nut job getting on their tails, if you know what I mean. So I backed off with that angle.

We are so glad that you like our blog. You can always send us blog ideas to!

How are you liking the series so far?

jnettemarie said...

Hello Ladies, and welcome Love! You did the right thing Mistress deleting that entry. It's one thing to snoop a little on your own, I mean who hasnt right? But it's another to publicly post it for the crazies who might actually knock on their doors.

I'm sure these ladies will find this blog, and I hope they might actually join the conversations. After all the nasty comments on SILIVE (Link below) this is nothing. And I don't think we've been mean. We just state it as we see it, ain't nothing wrong with that.

Looking forward to watching at 10!

Mob Mistress said...

I blog with a conscious. LOL! I do realize that as a viewer they are characters to me. However, in their lives they are real people who have loved ones and feelings.

I've visited Silive and some other sites. I am not writing that we are getting the Nice Blog of the Year Award. However, we are not as harsh as some bloggers. Even though Chiara isn't playing. You are right just opinions. And we are sitting on top of Carla's father. It's just we are not 100% sure it's him. But we can smell it as if sauce is stewing on our stoves.

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Love and welcome! We appreciate your comments. I have also researched their properties, not to post addresses, but property values. I am at a lost as to how they maintain their lavish lifestyle and at whose expense. Is that unethical? Not inmy mind. For example, I do not know one single, struggling mom who canget frustrated and goes shopping for a six thousand dollar fur! Stay tuned for my next blog.

Chiara Soprano said...

@Mob Mistress: Our spaghetti is not "dry." We have a traditional Sunday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with thick, flavorful tomato sauce. Great job reviewing the music on the show. I have no clue as to what I am listening to. Maybe I should pay more attention? I am just so captivated by the "dialogue" I will depend on you to bring me up to date on their sound track.

Love said...

I agree about posting it- sorry, I didn't think about you putting it out there and a crazy get it. I just get curious about properties, and it is public info.

jnettemarie said...

Hey Love, I have 3 daughter between 18 and 21. Believe me...I've gotten very good at internet investigating! No harm in feeding your own curiosities.

Have a good one, Jeanette

Mob Mistress said...

No apology needed Love! I am thankful for your input. I just wanted to share with you from where I am coming from in my blogging.

Would you believe that I am not noisey by nature? So if I don't plan on posting it I really am not interested in knowing the information. My angle was okay the premise of the show is to show how these women are similar to the average single mother. Well ummmm those houses are quite nice! I felt I couldn't be informative without sharing too much information, that's all.

Kelly said...

I love the songs they pick for the show i wish i could get a list of all the music keep being real mob wives...

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Kelly~

If I come across a complete list I'll be sure to post it for you!