Monday, May 23, 2011

MOB Wives: Recap Ep 106 “Dumb or Stupid”

What an action packed episode! It was so worth waiting for and it did not disappoint. I call this episode the “GYM”nasts vs. the OUT of Shapes!

We start at Carla’s house as Drita comes to the door to tell her about Karen’s visit and how she was bashing Lee. She couldn’t believe that Karen would be so disrespectful in her home and say things to hurt her daughter. Carla says it’s ancient history already and men should not come between friends (too bad she doesn’t take her own advice later in the show!). Drita feels that Karen’s words changed their friendship and it will never be the same again.

Karen meets Renee for dinner and she also wants to discuss her visit with Drita. She says it was intense. Drita is still diminishing Karen’s relationship with Lee. Renee asks her if she called Drita a “coward.” Karen says no. Renee says so you still didn’t tell her how you really feel and the situation hasn’t been cleared up. Karen just wants Drita to accept responsibility for doing something wrong (by not telling her she was dating Lee) and say she is sorry.

Drita is at home and having a pleasant conversation with Lee. Everything is great since they made up. She tells him about the new “evil eye” tattoo she plans to get and asks him where she should get it. He says behind her neck. Then he asks for some “sexy” pictures of Drita showing some skin. Drita almost gets a little embarrassed, she doesn’t want the guards to see them. Lee tells her make sure they aren’t too dirty, cover up a little bit. That’s a caring husband for you.

Carla meets Renee at a restaurant and they discuss the Drita/Karen conversation. Renee explains Karen’s point of view to Carla, but Carla agrees with Drita that this all happened a very long time ago. Then, out of the blue, Renee says she doesn’t care for Carla’s boyfriend. Carla gets pissed about it again. Renee tells her she heard things and saw things that she is uncomfortable with. Carla responds that she is very happy with her boyfriend. Renee invites her to Sunday dinner with the intention of all four women getting everything out on the table.

At Renee’s house her friend, Nikole, drops by for a shameless plug of Renee’s new business Jail Mail Inc. People can send cards to inmates. It will be run from a website where you type in the person’s name, number, birthday and every month they will get an ecard in prison with a message. You order a “12 month package” for a year’s supply of ecards that are automatically sent out. Renee says that she has been thinking of this for a long time, but now that Junior is going back to jail it’s the right time to do it.

We end up in Drita’s closet with her three year old Giselle. The toddler, who is sweet as can be, comments that her mother has too many clothes. Drita picks out outfits for her sexy photo shoot for Lee. She even admits she has an enormous amount of clothes. Lee buys them for her while he is in prison; isn’t that thoughtful? A friend suggested he got them from “Commissary Chic,” boutique, but I wouldn’t know, I shop at JC Penney. Giselle thinks her mother is beautiful and, Drita says it’s sad, that her daughter doesn’t even know her father.

Renee calls Drita to invite her to Sunday dinner, no kids, just chit chat. She lies to Drita and tells her it will just be her, Renee and Carla. However, Renee has every intention of inviting Karen. This dinner is for the purpose of clearing the air.

Next we are at Carla’s house and Drita stops by. Carla can hardly wait to tell her everything Renee said about Karen, Lee and her boyfriend. Drita says that Renee contradicts herself and should mind her own business. She is tired of being judged by Renee for marrying Lee. Drita feels that Renee doesn’t like anyone and now Drita is pissed. Carla doesn’t want to be around Renee when she talks about other people (like her boyfriend), yet Carla does plenty of gossiping about her friends, hypocrite much? Now Drita is not too happy about going to Renee’s house for dinner and she is ready for a fight.

Another plug for Jail Mail Inc., as we enter the office of Magic Studio and meet Darren. Renee is there to have her website designed. She explains everything she is looking for. Jail Mail Inc…”we’re not incorporated we’re incarcerated.” She wants it to look like a prison, black, with prisoners popping out to get their mail. Clever!

Over at Fantasia Studios Drita arrives with the wardrobe for her photo shoot; sexy pictures for Lee! She gets her makeup done, puts on different outfits and poses in what appears to be a lengthy photo session. She feels this is a big deal because it shows Lee that she still cares, and then she adds, the pictures are going right in the mail box.

Renee calls her friend, Nikole, to tell her that she spoke to Carla about her boyfriend and that Carla went straight to her boyfriend and told him everything she said. The boyfriend texts Renee, “Renee keep my name out of your mouth.” AJ sees the text. Renee calls Carla’s boyfriend and has him on speaker phone to tell him off, and AJ winds up hearing every nasty thing he has to say to Renee. Renee is pissed at Carla.

DINNER TIME! The scene we have all been waiting for has arrived. Just prior to arriving Carla is saying that Renee better not bring up her boyfriend. Drita is annoyed that Renee was talking about her behind her back. Renee wants to confront all the issues and iron them out. Karen has no idea what she is walking into when she gets there.

Everything starts out fine. They talk about Drita’s new tattoo, the one of the “evil eye,” she has hanging all around her house and is now on her neck. She lifts up her hair for them to see it. Neither Carla or Drita know Karen is invited and on her way. Karen seems to come late to parties and dinner, especially when people don’t know she is coming. But, there are four places set at the table and that arouses Drita’s suspicions. Drita mentions the fourth plate. Renee says Karen is coming. Everyone gets seated for dinner. Drita tells us that Renee is spiteful and invited Karen because Carla invited her to Carla’s party and blindsided Renee. Carla says Renee lies and laughs (again a case of the pot calling the kettle black!) Renee tells her she doesn’t lie, she might enhance the truth, but not lie. Carla says she doesn’t believe Renee about the boyfriend. Renee seems to be upset and sincere that she is trying to warn Carla that he is a sleaze ball without saying too much. She says she should be able to share her feelings as her friend. Carla just wants ONE good reason why Renee doesn’t like him. Renee loudly breaks it down for her, “Because when your boyfriend drinks, he likes to touch!”

Renee and Carla exchange words and Karen arrives. Karen can hear the arguing from outside. “Look what the wind blew in,” says Carla. I found this to be disrespectful, but Carla thinks she is being charming. Drita looks like she has an attitude, but doesn’t want to rehash the conversation with Karen and fight. Renee tells Carla that she deserves better. Carla doesn’t think she should have anything to say about her boyfriend and Karen thinks Renee should be able to give her opinion. Then, Karen backs up what Renee said earlier. She tells them that her boyfriend grabbed her ass at Drita’s party. Carla doesn’t care, “he drinks and touches and jokes, he does it out in the open.” She doesn’t take it “personal.” Renee asks her, “Are you Dumb or Stupid!!!” Carla thinks his behavior is funny. I think Carla is stupid (more later).

Then, Carla has the nerve to tell Renee “You should have come that night and told me…B*tch!” And she adds she can call her b*tch, because Renee likes that word. Now excuse me if I am wrong, and the tape doesn’t lie, but Renee did go to her at the party to try to tell her about that louse of a boyfriend. What did Carla do? She says she doesn’t want to hear it and then walks away. She admits to it. So, Renee fulfills her responsibility, as Carla’s friend, to let her know what a creep she is dating, at least in my opinion.

Now Renee and Carla are in each other’s faces screaming. And Renee, who is two inches from Carla’s face, yells that her boyfriend is a “c*nt,” and all hell breaks loose. Major catfight! Carla’s hand start to smash Renee in the face and Renee grabs a fistful of Carla’s hair and down they go to the floor with Drita and Karen “trying,” not so hard, to break them up. Drita, “It’s Insanity!” Carla, “It’s Crazy!” Karen, “They’re all mad and irrational!” Renee, “I’m done with Carla.” VH-1 “Ratings Bonanza!”

Renee is pissed at Carla because she doesn’t keep her man in check. She keeps screaming that AJ saw the text message from the boyfriend and then heard the nasty things he said on the phone to Renee. Drita takes off her shoes and prepares to fight, she has had enough of all the screaming. Drita says it’s a blood bath. Renee wants to show Carla the texts, Carla calls her a liar. Karen tells Renee to shut up. And that’s where it ends, but does it?

Okay, now it’s my turn. Drita did two things wrong in the past, she dated her girlfriend’s ex and she never told her about it. Karen is just now getting around to confronting her about it, many years later. That makes Karen wrong in my book. If she had a legitimate issue she should have brought it up when she first found out about it, not all these years later. Besides that, she keeps wanting to rehash it because Drita never owned what she did and apologized for it. It’s time to drop it. Lee is a loser anyway, at least he was in Karen’s eyes. Karen moved on and she should keep moving. If she is still hurt or angry she should spill her guts in the book. Maybe get Renee to help her “enhance” the truth! That will only increase sales and both Drita and Lee will be sure to read every freaking word. Case closed!

Renee is a good friend in my book. The night of Drita’s party, she went up to Carla, after Carla’s boyfriend “disrespected” her at the bar, to tell her what happened. It was Carla who did not want to hear it and walked away. Then, at Renee’s house, she lies and says Renee should have told her that night, “but you did-ent,” “but you did-ent,” “but you did-ent.” If she would have said that one more time I would have hurled my shoe at the television! Renee tries to tell Carla about the boyfriend at the restaurant, but Carla doesn’t want to hear it there either. Who doesn't listen to a friend you have known for over 25 years, if they have something important to tell you?  Renee takes the bull by the horns and decides to have a sit down dinner to iron it all out: Drita and Karen’s issues and Renee needs to have her say about the boyfriend.

Now, while at dinner, Karen supports what Renee is saying about Carla’s disrespectful boyfriend and says “he grabbed my ass” at the party. Carla laughs and makes light of it and blames it on his drinking. Then she adds, he did it out in the open so he wasn’t hiding anything. Really??? Is she Dumb or Stupid? Is she that desperate for a man that she is willing to put up with that? If anyone can respect Carla after that scene please explain how. I need to know.

Finally, my last issues with Carla (for now). She has been dating this snake for a year or more. Meanwhile, she has been lying to her children about their father working, not being in jail. So how does she explain the boyfriend to them? Hey, kids, daddy works too much so I decided to get a boyfriend to keep me company? Secondly, she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about the boyfriend and yet she has two children to protect. She is exposing them to a low life. What kind of mother does that? Does she know what this guy is capable of? I just don’t get Carla at all. Every time I see her in action or she opens her mouth, I like her less and I like the other 3 more. I wish they would have mentioned the boyfriend’s name, because if she won’t check him out, I will.


Love said...

“GYM”nasts vs. the OUT of Shapes!"
Brilliant, Chiara!!! Love it!!

I missed them posturing, and the phone call, I guess Renee let "her son" listen to it?? I missed that in all the cussing action- I will have to watch for it.
I am amazed at how quick you get these great recaps up and never miss a thing!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Love, I try to get them up as soon as possible for those who may have missed the show or like my "pot shots"! You would be surprised at how many things I miss, but I am fortunate that both you and Jeanette fill in the missing pieces and I hope readers take the time to read your comments because they definitely are worthwhile and add to the information provided.

Mob Mistress said...

I had to read this again, too funny.