Monday, May 2, 2011

Mob Wives: Anything for Lana Graziano

Chiara is on my ass to blog something. Frankly, I am too into the Osama Bin Laden kill news coverage. I am having a love affair with CNN right now. I want one newspaper to steal my headline: Obama Trumps Osama.

Now back to blog business one of the Graziano sisters has made a request on Facebook:


Well Ms. Zancocchio we couldn't help you out with your request on Facebook. However, we can here on the Mob Wives Blogspot. I have to share that both Lana and her daddy Anthony Graziano were looking rough in their mug shots. In fairness, they looked better than I did on my driver's license photo. I must share that father and daughter clean up very well. And no I am not just blogging that because they are well connected. Here's a better picture of Lana Graziano Zancocchio and Anthony Graziano during happier times.

I don't know what you're thinking. However, Lana sure seems loyal to her father. At the end of this blog, I respect that for better or worse. We are thinking VH1 runs the Mob Wives' facebook page. We could be wrong. Yet still, surely Lana's sisters Renee and Jennifer Graziano could pull some weight and get some better pictures up of their beloved father.


Chiara Soprano said...

Great blog Mob Mistress! That is a much better picture than the mug shots I have seen. I can't blame her for wanting her a decent picture of her dad posted and I am glad you could oblige!

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you Chiara! I aim to please. I do know I cannot please everyone.

I would want the best possible light shined on my loved one(s) too. It is a nice picture of the two of them.

jnettemarie said...

It's a great picture. I would feel the same way, that's her father...Right Wrond Wrong or Indifferent she is proud of her father and would rather this then his mug shot. Good work Ms. Soprano

jnettemarie said...

AND also to our Mistress!!! Great Photo

Mob Mistress said...

Thanks Jeanette!