Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mob Wives: My Least Favorite Mob Wife, Carla

Carla wins hands down as my least favorite mob wife. It boils down to her continual state of denial and her secrecy regarding all her connections to the mob. Why agree to be on a show that promotes mob associations, only to say you are only remotely associated to the mob through an uncle, Bruno Facciolo (who was murdered in August of 1990).

She acknowledges that her father, the brother of Bruno, was imprisoned at least twice; once when she was a child and the other time when she was in her 20’s. She never tells us why her father was imprisoned even though she claims her mother never hid his imprisonment from their children. Surely she must have overheard a conversation or asked why he was in jail. That would be my first reaction if my father went away for years. For me it just raises a red flag that she is hiding things. I feel she is purposely not disclosing his name, the reason for his incarceration and possibly his affiliation with the mob. In fact, on the Joy Behar show, she said her father wasn’t a “member” of the mob, but no one asked if he was an “associate.”

When she talks about her husband, the stock broker, she downplays his crimes. It’s as though she is saying: what’s stock fraud compared to murder, drug trafficking, larceny, loan sharking and crimes like that? When I looked into exactly what Joseph Ferragamo had done (see blog for May 11), I was more than a little angry with Carla’s attitude. He was involved in stock fraud, of one kind or another, for years. He worked at many companies, changing firms often, and participating in the latest money making scheme of the day. The money he benefited from came from victims he scammed, many of whom were vulnerable senior citizens. I wonder if Carla ever gives a thought to any of these people when she looks into her mother’s 67 year old eyes. Even Carla’s mother seems sympathetic to her son-in-law’s plight. “He isn’t a bad person,“ she is heard saying while sitting at Carla’s kitchen table. And, while discussing Joey’s crimes, her mother responds “big deal.“ To her it wasn’t a “big deal,“ but then again, it wasn’t her money he was stealing, was it? There is also some reason to believe that Joey Ferragamo allegedly had ties to organized crime according to Federal authorities, as one of the firms may have been run by organized crime members. But, Carla hasn’t revealed a thing.

Yet her VH1 bio seems to indicate that she was raised in the mob lifestyle. Here’s a quote: “While her father went to prison when she was young, it didn't stop her from living the lifestyle she grew to love. When Carla was 17 she started dating street guys and really got a taste of the life. She hung out with girls like Renee, and others -- whose parents were either in the life or extremely wealthy.” That suggests to me that her mob lifestyle was provided by more than just an “uncle.” She even dated mobsters, so the bio says. I wonder when and how she met Joey, don’t you? Maybe that’s a little secret too?

Yes, Carla is secretive about her family’s involvement in the mob and she is in a state of denial about where the money, that pays for her lavish lifestyle came from. Hard working, elderly people, who saved money for their retirement are paying for her gym membership, her limos, her wardrobe, her new clothing line, her house, her manicures and pedicures, her liquor, her hair, her condo in Florida…you name it. She may seem like the “wallflower” on the show, but under her “polished” (and I use the word as loosely as possible) exterior, is a woman with no conscience.

Who is your least favorite mob wife and why? I’d really like to know. Leave a comment and check out the POLL on your right to cast your vote.


Love said...

I am surprised you can't dig up more dirt on her.
I wished I loved in Stanton Island just to get gossip!

Anonymous said...

i respect your opinion but i have to disagree and i will tell u why.... i don't think that carla is trying to be secretive with her fathers "connection". the other girls on the show talk freely about their fathers "connections" because they are currently incarcirated. carlas father is not in prison and maybe she does not want to cause any trouble for him. obviously VH1 thinks she has a good enough connection to have her on the show. as far as her husbands ALLEGED connections, as u can read in your own blog he was never convicted of any mafia related crimes!! also, who really cares how she pays for her luxuries?? its not coming out of our pockets!! what about all the people on public assistance who keep having children and get their nails done and get their hair done and some of them drive nicer cars than the Mobwives!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Carla's father is deceased, so he won't be getting into any more trouble. And while I respect your opinion also, I do care how they pay for their lifestyle. Scamming elderly people out of their life savings is deplorable. Certainly if they did it to your parents you would have a different attitude. I know how hard my parents worked and how it would have devastated them to lose everything so Carla could live like a queen.

Mob Mistress said...

Hello Anonymous!

I am glad you took the time to share your opinion. The situation with Carla's father is an interesting one. I get were you are coming from. Yet, it just doesn't gel with me or my logic. Before Mrs. Facciolo signed up for the the show her family and their connections should've been her first consideration. When you join a series such as this you are opening your family, friends and associates up for scrutiny. Whether her father is incarcerated or not, people are interested in who he is. It's not about the public being nosey. It's about her putting herself, lifestyle, etc. out for the public to consume.

Though I don't know truly what these women's goals are in regards to being part of the show. First it would be JustJenn's Productions who would decide if their connections were legit to even cast them. Who better to decide if their connections are legit besides the daughther of Anthony Graziano?

We've read and research a lot about Mr. Ferragamo. It is our firm belief he has some dealings with the Mob. Your logic of him never been convicted of having mob ties is like screaming from the roof tops O.J. Simpson wasn't convicted of murder. We get it. However, Nicole Simpson is still dead.

If she wasn't on a television show weekly, Chiara and I sure in the hell wouldn't care. Frankly we don't care. We've made a choice to blog about the show and all things related to it. So it makes perfect sense for us to blog about what affords the Mob Wives their life style. Considering I've been paying federal taxes for decades and her husbands' crimes are federal, WE ARE PAYING FOR THEIR LIFE STYLES @ one time or another. My money pays for the federal court systems and his vacation in prison.

Our blog isn't about individuals on public assistance. So we don't cover those issues. However, I've never seen someone on public assistance living the lifestyles of these four women. I'd personally would much rather my money go for a set of $20 acrylics than housing & feeding a grown ass man who could've did the right thing by not commiting federal crimes, scamming the elderly. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. :D I hope you come back again.

Hello Love!

You crack me up!

Love said...

I totally agree with Chiara and Mob Mistress. It's people like us that watch the show help her show stay on. Curiosity is what keeps these shows drivin along.
Anonymous, I respect your opinion and it's good to see various opinions.

jnettemarie said...

Our Mistress hit it right on the head...

Anonymous, thanks for the post. Carla is the most unlikeable I think because she is the most unapproachable and distant. You don't join a nationally televised reality show and not expect to have your life dissected like a frog in 3rd period. HELLO??? ITS A SHOW ABOUT THE WOMEN AFFILIATED WITH MOBSTERS!

Her husband committed the same crimes as Madoff. It's documented that one of the firms he managed was run by organized crime. Umm, didn't Christopher Soprano do the same thing at one point in that show? He stole LOTS of money from innocent people and Carla and her mother make no apologizes for it. Her edited appearances on the show and on the talk show circuit only add to her bitchy personna.

By the way, In the state of PA we currently house over 51,000 inmates at a cost of approx. $32,000 per year. That's of 1 billion a year. So in theory, the law abiding citizens of NY are paying taxes to house Carla's xHusband, while she lives in the lap of luxury off his crimes.

So yea, I do believe Carla needs to come clean about how she affords her lifestyle. Along with the other ladies. Ya can't have you cake...

Chiara Soprano said...

As always Jeanette, I really appreciate your comments and totally agree with everything you've stated. Thank you for your thoughts and for expanding even more on what we have said!

jnettemarie said...

Thanks Chiara!

Anonymous said...

hey chiara,

i don't know where u get ur info but her father is NOT deceased!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, there are conflicting sources as about his death. If you have personal information to the contrary then I appreciate your letting us know. I apologize for making that mistake.

jnettemarie said...

Let's not loose site of the real issue. These women are living a very comfortable lifestyle off the blood money of innocent victims. It is because of the crimes of their fathers, Uncles, and Brothers that even affords them the 15 minutes and all the fringe benefits of being on TV.
So frankly I don’t give a shit whose father is alive or dead. For these women to think being they can go on national TV in this unremorseful manor and not have to answer for their lifestyles is disturbing. They all seem as arrogant as the gangsters they’re protecting.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure i really get this.....u ladies watch the show so that u can blog about it, right? well then u are boosting the ratings and making them more popular which will allow them to make more money!! so u are condeming them for their lifestyle and how they pay for it but in reality u are supporting them!!!!

just enjoy it for what it is....entertainment!!

Mob Mistress said...

Once again I find error in Anonymous' logic.

Neither Chiara nor I are judges or God. Therefore we do not have the power to condemn these ladies or their lifestyles. Yet, as law abiding citizens it is disheartening to watch anyone benefit and live lavish lifestyles off of crimes.

Yes, we watch the show and blog about it. I acknowledge my viewship is supporting them. I acknowledge that our blogging about them may introduce others to their show. Our blog is promoting their show in a small way. However, supporting them in this LEGAL activity is now way supporting their previous illegal activities or that of their loved ones.

The show is entertaining. However, if not for their Mob affiliation their would be no show right? So we blog about it how we see fit.

They decided to make their lives public. We decided to share our opinions. Of course I hope they were smart enough to know all would not be smiling and eating bons bons and thinking they were the next best thing since Dyson vacuum cleaners.

jnettemarie said...

I watch this show because I personally am a survivor of a similiar lifestyle. However, after I had my 3 kids I made the conscious deecision to break that chain so my daughters could have a better life. I worked shit jobs, lived within my means, and did it on my own. Now I not saying I was mother Teresa, but today I have 2 daughters in college.

I thought this show would be more about thier stuggles, being single mothers, and fighting the stigma taht comes from being in a family of bad guys. Now when I watch it just gives me a bad taste in my mouth. And I write on this blog because it gives me a place to vent about how I feel and MY opinions.

And these fine ladies here, Chiara, Mistress, and Love allow me this small pleasure.

But I also like to thank you annon, becausae this one of the most interesting discussions I've had here.

Chiara Soprano said...

Jeanette, I applaud you for being brave enough to give up the lifestyle and making a better life for you and your children. You bring an important perspective to the discussion that I value, based on your experience. The show claimed they would show the struggles of single mothers dealing with the "stigma" (perfect word Jeanette) of being connected to the mob. So far the only struggles I have seen are petty arguments between the four of them (probably scripted), struggles getting in and out of limos, getting in and out of dresses and furs, holding their liquor, problems with one "bad" report card, deciding which weights and exercises to do at the gym, and what color nail polish to pick at the spa. Life is tough?

Thank you Jeanette, you are what this show should have been about and I have come to look forward to your input on these blogs every day!

Anonymous said...

u all have valid points and i am so not against how u feel. i just watch the show at face value; i truly do not believe that this is how these ladies really live their lives!! yes, they have nice houses and drive nice cars but im sure the show is paying for all their nights out, they dont even actually belong to some of the gyms they tape at, and maybe in Carla's case, her boyfriend finances her life!!!

Anonymous said...

good for u jnette!! u def are a strong woman and i hope that ur daughters go on to be successful people!! its not easy to walk away, but in the long-run, u are def better off!

jnettemarie said...

Thank you Chiara and annonymous for your kind words.

Sending all my girls Cupcakes & Cocktails, Happy Hump Day!

Mob Mistress said...

Well what I choose to blog about is what they show me on the series and public information.

I applaud Jeanette. I made a similar choice years ago. It was heartbreaking but necessary.

And again we are watching the show because we are interested. I thought is was going to be different and honestly if not for this blog they'd have one less viewer. I know me not tuning in would mean nothing as far as their ratings are concerned.

The concept is a good one. The cast is an interesting one. I don't know if they are working with limited content or if editing is leaving out the meat. At the end of the day I wish the series success and each of the ladies and their kids.

But I won't be muting my opinion.

Chiara Soprano said...

Well I woke up to this tweet by Carla and somehow it didn't sit well with me:
Dam! The cleaning lady never showed up. I will cook any day but cleaning my house myself. HATE IT!!!

I hate cleaning too, maybe I need my husband to rob some elderly neighbors? @@

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about I know Carla n Ots hilarious how much you care..... Almost everything you guys have said is backwards or over exaggerated by so much I alnost died reading it.... Her bio is not fake n Joey is not in the mob AT ALL ... not saying he didn't comity crimes and that he's not wrong but he's not mob affiliated .... She did have some relatives who were when she was a child but nothing too serious like the other two girls minus drita .... Whats sickening
Is how they behave on the show because before there was
One Carla n drita were normal women with no Attitudes n fighting like u see on the show now drita walks around thinking she's the baddest chick around who will fight anyone I think she forgot she's a grown ass woman with a family ..... Carla on the otherhand is not secretive she just doesn't hve as much background as the other girls and if ya wanna get technical drita has none except the fact she dates criminals and bad boys wnho like that life style.... Her husband or ex husband nowadays was put in jail for bank robbing not mob killings and what not

Mob Mistress said...

We don't care outside of watching the show. If it's not blog related Chiara, Underboss and I do NOT think of the ladies. And if you truly know Carla as you claim an uncle who was allegedly a hit man & a father associated is serious business if you ask me.

But you didn't so I shall digress. She is not divorced from Lee and we understand he was a thief and not a made man. I hope you have an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

I respect the different opinions as well but let's not forget. These women did nothing wrong!! It was the men in their past that did.

They are making money because of this show...just like the Housewives of ... shows. Some of which had regular earnings until their reality shows. If you closely look at the footage of their houses...its not the "lap of luxury" lifestyle.

I respect Carla for wanting to keep some level of privacy for her family. She has exposed her immediate family with her husband and children. I respect the fact that she is not exposing other siblings, cousins and relatives to having their business on national tv.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I know this is an older post but I really wanted to point out that perhaps Carla doesn't divulge much because there isn't much to divulge? Perhaps her father is just a garden variety Italian criminal not associated with the mob?

Also I never understand why men like Joseph with a head for finances just don't make money the legitimate way. Of course I understand the dynamics of greed but it looks like he was able to gain some extra money but I havent seen any yachts and Carla always wears the same jewelry.