Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watch What Happens Live: RHONJ's Teresa and Jacqueline

"Watch What Happens Live" just aired Monday night. The guests on the show were Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Off in my head, I am thinking 'after such an explosive episode of RHONJ, we'd be in for some fireworks.' Teresa is always good for few jabs especially when there is liquor involved.   However no Giudice!  Teresa was very tame and ladylike.  She seemed very sad about the christening gone wild and her deteriorating relationship with her brother Joe Gorga.  It was a fairly subdued show.

Let me digress for a bit. I love Andy Cohen. He is an entertaining host.  He really keeps the conversation going. I do have a bit of man crush on Andy. He is not the most attractive man but he does have charisma and some appeal. Just to clear things up I am heterosexual.  I am secure enough to share if I were homosexual; Andy would most likely be my type of guy.

Last night, Teresa looked really. It is probably the first time that I found myself attracted to her. She wore this sequined black dress.  She filled it out very nicely. The thing that put her dress over the top was her shoes. Maybe I am a sucker for sparkly shoes. Her silver & black shoes were on point.  I can almost see why Joe fathered four children with her.

Jacqueline, oh Jacqueline! She can do no wrong. I have to type that I have never truly paid attention to her legs. Man they looked great. Jacqueline wore a purple one shouldered sparkly dress which definitely suited her. Of course I know that Jacqueline fits my type of woman. So I have always found her to be the best looking on the show. Andy did bring up that she is looking better and asked her about any plastic surgery. I guess her beauty is too much for some. Of course as any proper woman would reply, she denied any surgery.

With both on the show I thought there'd be fireworks as I stated earlier. However, the only sparklers were their dresses and Teresa's shoes. Andy introduced a clip from the show discussing the Gorga switch. This is an interesting concept because it does describe Teresa perfectly. She hears something that pisses her off and she flips. This is where I can relate to Teresa. I also have that switch especially when I have stupid people in my mist. I go off and many people do not stand a chance when I flip my switch.  Standing 6' 4" helps.

Andy played a games called "Faida Della Famiglia" which translates to Family Feud in Italian. Nick, Andy's camera man from New Jersey was the one person that was surveyed. Nick could easily fit in with the cast of Jersey Shore. The girls had to match Nick's answers in order to win. They were asked several New Jerseyesque questions. The best question was the top Jersey name for a boy. Teresa answered Joe.  My wife Chris Laurita's wife answered Joey. What made the question funny was the answers Nick gave. Both Tony and Anthony were in his top five which makes total sense because Tony isn't short for Anthony. Oh wait, I just remembered Tony is short for Anthony. I guess that is why Nick is a camera guy on the show and not a brain surgeon. Of course my girl Jacqueline won the game and was given a Taylor Ham.  Check out the video clip for yourself!

See the game was funny.  The most exciting thing that happened on the show was that Jacqueline was asked a question about her daughter Ashley. Jacqueline decided that she would hide her ham in her dress. It stuck out like a penis. As she tried to answer the question, we were brought down to her crotch.  Of course Teresa decided that she would play with. It was a bit funny. She also deflected the question because it keeps us watching the show. 

Overall, the show was not as exciting as it could've been.  I am about to rewind my DVR just so I can watch Jacqueline again. Teresa for once did not air out her business too much. I commend her for it. Thanks Andy for keeping the show going because it was a bit slow. Thanks Jacqueline for wearing that dress. 

Credit: Bravotv.com

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