Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mob Wives: True To Their Zodiac Signs?

So we have watched 7 episodes of VH-1’s Mob Wives and gotten an earful and an eyeful of their personalities. I thought it might be fun to look at their astrological signs and see if they fit their character traits or not.

Renee is Cancer, I heard that on the Cherry Martinez radio interview, though her birthday is no where to be found.

Carla’s birthday is January 14th which makes her a Capricorn.

Drita’s birthday is February 6th which makes her an Aquarius.

Karen’s birthday is May 8th which makes her a Taurus (or a “Bull” like her father).


First let’s look at the personality traits of the sign Cancer:

Positive Traits:

Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Negative Traits:
Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

Renee fits quite a few of these personality traits. She is without a doubt emotional, she cries at the drop of a hat. For example, when AJ saw the tweet and heard the call from Carla’s boyfriend she went off the deep end. She cried and carried on to epic proportions, “He’s my son, Carla, he’s my son!” Now I am sure that AJ has heard plenty in his lifetime and a little more wasn’t going to send him over the edge. She gets angry when she feels she is being disrespected, which is all the time. Carla’s boyfriend disrespected her, Drita and Carla disrespected her by not showing up after the Mob Bust and they lied to her about Karen coming to Carla’s party.

She is loving. She cares about people, especially family and friends, and most of all she loves AJ. Frankly, I think her Jail Mail Inc. was a very imaginative idea. And her intuition kicked in when AJ walked in with his report card, she almost smelled it in his backpack. She is very cautious and shrewd about how much she reveals about the mob and has certain “quotes” down pat, for any time someone asks about the mob or her father. ”What mob?” or “The Feds say my father was allegedly a high ranking member of a crime family.” Renee is very protective of the people she loves. I pity the girl who marries AJ and doesn’t treat him like a king. And she totally took charge when Junior was arrested. She got the information for the lawyer and was worried sick about him…and yes, she cried.

Is she changeable and moody? I would say yes. It takes very little to set her off. She can be calm one minute and go ballistic the next, depending on what someone says. Overemotional and touchy? Just all the time. I get the impression you have to chose you words carefully when talking to Renee because she is listening with razor sharp ears to every word. If something hits her the wrong way, watch out. Now for clingy and unable to let go, I have two words to say: AJ and Junior. If we had a dollar for every time Renee said she needed to “let go” of Junior we could hire writers to do this blog for us.


Positive Traits:

Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

Negative Traits:
Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging
Over conventional and rigid

I’m just not seeing Carla fitting this personality 100%, nope not feeling it. Is she practical? Not so much when it comes to spending money. But maybe Joe left her a nice big stash of cash? I can see her being ambitious. She no sooner got on the show and she is out there “creating” her own clothing line. I put “creating” in quotation marks because I have never seen a sketch pad in her hands. But, she is going to exploit this Mob Wives fame for all it’s worth, and try to get this enterprise off the ground. Is she patient? Not with her kids. She doesn’t seem to want to be bothered and can’t wait for Joe to come home and take over raising her son. As for her daughter, the poor thing asked for a utensil at dinner and she snapped at her to get it herself. When Renee and Karen had the blowout at Carla’s party, Carla was the one that kept harping on the fact that they needed to resolve it. Even though, she created the mess by inviting Karen and not telling Renee, that wasn’t too bright or careful. Then, she was annoyingly impatient for them to get past it. I really don’t find her humorous, and as for reserved, that’s also debatable.

On the other hand, as biased as I am towards Carla, I do not see her fitting the negative traits either, and Lord knows I tried. She isn’t too pessimistic and in fact she seems to have everything optimistically under control. Her husband hasn’t even gotten out of jail yet and she has already moved on with someone else for over a year. She is looking out for her future, in business and in her love life, and she says she is happy with the boyfriend. Is she miserly? I don’t see it if she is. She spends money like it’s water. She tweeted about a few pairs of shoes she bought one day and I don‘t think she was at Payless. She doesn’t seem to hold grudges either. After her big fight with Renee, she said she was ready to put it behind her and move on. If someone grabbed a fist of my hair and threw me to the ground, you can bet I would be holding a grudge…maybe till hell froze over. Over conventional and rigid is not how I would describe Carla either. She doesn’t think of stock fraud as a crime, most people would, especially when senior citizens have been swindled out of their life savings. She met Joe at a stock firm and both of them got fired, which raises suspicions as to whether she participated in any fraud herself and to what degree. When it comes to crime, Carla seems pretty flexible to me.


Positive Traits:

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

Negative trait:
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached


Drita is a good representative of her sign in some ways. Yes, she is friendly. I even saw the softer side of her with her kids, when Karen cried, and after she made up with Lee. I give her points for being honest and loyal too. I don’t think it was her intention to be disloyal to Karen at all about the whole Lee issue. She just did not see it the same way as Karen. I think she is an “original” even among the Mob Wives, she stands out. She has a creative side as a makeup artist, as we have seen her transform Lara Spencer into a “mobbed” up version of herself. Her idea to “kill the picture” with Karen was an original way to bury the hatchet between them. She is independent and has had to be, because Lee has been away 10 out of 12 years of their marriage. I do not see her an intellectual at all, sorry.

She can appear to be stubborn at times, but I don’t find her contradictory. She says what she means and means what she says. She has been pretty consistent, except for one thing, whether she should stay with Lee and wait or not. I do think deep down she wants to wait and keep her family together, but when she is angry and frustrated she thinks of moving on. I don’t find her to be perverse, in fact when she was discussing her sexy pictures with Lee she was concerned the guards might see them. I don’t see her as unpredictable either. I think if you know Drita, you know how she is going to react in a given situation or if provoked. Just don’t provoke her. And, if you see her take off her shoes, run. Drita is anything but unemotional and detached. There is plenty of emotion going on inside her all the time and she can’t help but express it. If she was detached, many of the things that get under her skin would not.


Positive Traits:

Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving

Negative Traits:
Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy

Karen “the Bull” Gravano. Ironic that Karen was born under the sign of the Bull. Is Karen patient? Well she did wait all those years to talk to Drita about Lee. That’s a pretty long time to be upset about something. I can see her being warmhearted and loving from the way she speaks to her daughter and about her daughter, and even the way she spoke to Gerard (her brother) and David ( her ex-boyfriend) leads me to think she is family oriented. When she finally made it to Staten Island, she was pretty persistent and determined to get Drita to understand her position about Lee and their friendship. She tried bringing it up several times because she knew she wasn’t getting through to Drita. She seems like the calmest of the four women, even when all hell breaks out, you rarely see Karen reach her breaking point and lash out.

As for being jealous and possessive, well even though she says she has no feelings for Lee, maybe some of her issues lie in the fact that she didn’t want Drita to have him. She may not even be aware of these feelings, but they seem to be lying just beneath the surface whenever the conversation comes up. I think she is also a little resentful of Drita for dating Lee and she has stood her ground on this since the first show. I want to see what, if anything, comes up after they say it’s been resolved. Has Karen really put it behind her now? And Karen strikes me as the least self indulgent of the four women. Of course, she may not have the money the others have to spend, but she does okay for herself. I don’t see her as greedy, but as using the show as an opportunity to promote her book and increase sales so she build a better life for her daughter.

That’s my astrological take on the Mob Wives. Feel free to comment and express yours. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ mobwives_blgspt. We will be posting when new blogs go up so you can read them hot off the presses!


Love said...

You guys are so creative!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Love, glad you enjoyed it! It took a while to find Renee's sign. I was just curious and it was fun!

Linda said...

I googled and somewhere it said Renee's birthday was April 19th?

Chiara Soprano said...

I also saw that Linda, but I could not confirm it. However, on the radio interview (Blog to be posted soon) it was clear that she was born under the sign of Cancer, so I felt that was more reliable.

Linda said...

Ok, yes, the radio interview info is much more betterererer and more reliablerererer, agreed.

jnettemarie said...

Why is Renee's DOB such a mystery anyway?

Chiara Soprano said...

Not just her DOB, I didn't care about the year, she claims to be 41. I just wanted the month and day. But when they said her sign on the radio, I was finally able to write the blog. Looks like she has a birthday coming up before the end of season one?

Ashanti said...

OMG. I've been wondering for the longest which sign each of the women were. I'm an Aquarius & for some reason figured that Drita was also an Aquarius. This breakdown of astrological signs does help to understanding each of the women individually. This blog is pretty cool since I've been obsessed with figuring out which sign fit each woman.

Chiara Soprano said...

LOL Ashanti, glad you enjoyed it. I was curious too, for the same reasons. I blog about whatever pops into my mind, recent developments, the show, and the history of the families, among other things.

Anonymous said...

Can you figure out what Big Angs birthday is?

Chiara Soprano said...

I will ask Big Ang and see if she will tell me and then post it here for you if she does :)

Anonymous said...

i thought karen was a cancer...she has a cancer symbol tattoo in her inner wrist

Chiara Soprano said...

Karen's birthday is May 8th as far as I know and that would make her a Taurus.

Anonymous said...

What is carlas husbands sign??

Anonymous said...

Big Ang is a Cancer June 30th

Janil Wimberly said...

What Is That New Chick Natalie's Sign?...The Natalie From Philly

Chiara Soprano said...

Natalie Didonato is the new Natalie from Philly and her sign is Cancer. If you are asking about Gnat, maybe you can ask her on Twitter. @NatalieeGuercio

Chiara Soprano said...

P.S. GNATalie just had a birthday around Dec 11 or 12 making her a Sagitarius.

Anonymous said...

ok, good. cancerian 28/6/1979 (premature)

@stroFiend said...

YAS this blog post is everything!!!