Friday, May 20, 2011

Mob Movies: Life Lessons & Big Balls

First off, I guess I should do a quick introduction. I am an average man who works hard and plays hard. I am not a writer like the Mistress or Chiara. I do not have their wit and style when it comes to writing. I am straight shooter who will pull no punches. I have opinions on many things.  I will share with anybody who dares to actually read. I am excited that the Mistress has allowed me to post my thoughts on the "Mob Wives" and other shows. Now here comes my first attempt to share my thoughts for you to consider, enjoy, disagree or whatever you choose. I actually don't give a fuck. Now on to my thoughts about mob and mafia movies.

Growing up, I watched every movie that dealt with the mafia. I have spent weekends watching "The Godfather" trilogy. I have lumbered through Scarface and Goodfellas. Now I will share some thoughts on it. In the movie, "Scarface", there are many quotes that I can think of that have molded me into the man that I am.

The first one is this: "All I have in this world is balls and my word." This is appropriate for any man worth his weight. The man can be the don or just an earner; this quote applies. A man is only as good as the word he gives. If I am a liar and a snake then I do not command the respect of other people. Nobody would be willing to listen. If I am not honest then I cannot be trusted. That is why when I give you my word you know that you can trust it. The second part of the quote deals with my balls. If you think of the Greek statues of nude men specifically David you'll see a small penis and adequate balls. The true measure of a man is the size of his balls. It is a sign of masculinity. A signal if you will that I am ready to impregnate the entire population of women in the world. A man who is gutsy is referred to as having big balls. You are a man if you are willing to stand up for what you believe in.  This is why in my line of work I do speak my mind and stand behind my balls. This is a quote for all men to live by.

Another quote is, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer." This is great because you have to keep an eye on your friends but a closer eye on your enemies. They are trying to cause your downfall. They will rat on you and hit you when you are not looking. This is the reason why I feel you need to keep your enemies closer.

Today, I was talking to some of my earners.  One brought up the scene in which Manolo and Tony are hanging out on a beach in Miami. Manolo tells Tony that American women like when you flick your tongue rapidly while trying to hit on them. Tony calls Manolo sick for doing so.  In the movie it is a funny scene because this fails miserably for Manolo. However, I understand his point. American women want a bold man. They do not need a man who is weak or afraid. They want a person who is strong and willing to be straightforward when it comes to decision making and sex.

"Never sit with your back to the door." Now this should be easy to understand but I will give you my everyday explanation. You have to always be aware of your surroundings. You have to keep your head on a swivel.  You never know when somebody is trying to cause you or your family harm. I live by this day in and day out.

There are many examples of how the mob life has affected me and my everyday activities. I could go on and on.  But I think you get the idea. We have all been influenced by these movies and television shows.

Now that I gave you a bit about my philosophy, I look forward to forcing my opinion on you about a few shows. Stay tuned for my next post about the Housewives of New Jersey season opener.

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Chiara Soprano said...

Underboss, it's great to have a male perspective here. I would have never, ever came up with that idea for a blog! Well done! I look forward to future points of view with great interest.

Mob Mistress said...

Of course you wouldn't come up with this idea, nor would I. We do NOT have them kind of balls!

I really enjoyed the blog Underboss. Ditto everything Chiara said! I love the RHONY and their foolishness. We are growing fast and I thank the readers for the crazy hits!

jnettemarie said...

LOVING our Underboss…Boss Man great post, and might I say you’re quite witty. I can’t wait to dish about the drama going on in NJ. And I’d love to see Teresa and Drita sit down to a meal together? Now that would be a show…

Mob Mistress said...

Hey Jeanette!

I hope you had a good week! Actually Underboss has a RHONJ post in editing. It should be up tonight or in the morning. I took a peak at it and I like it a lot.

Oh and a chat box will be up Sunday around 6 PM Eastern time so we can chat about the Sunday's show. We are listening.

jnettemarie said...

I survived a tornedo and senior prom...If it all don't end tomorrow I'd say it was a good week. Thanks for asking.

It will be fun to chat about the show as it's going on.

Mob Mistress said...

I am so happy you survived both the storm and the prom!

Yes, Chiara and I are listening to you. So the box will be up and waiting for you Sunday before the show starts.

Chiara Soprano said...

I'll be taking notes for the recap, so don't think I am ignoring you all. I love the idea of the chat! Keep your eye on the Twitter box too. I'll be picking out their best tweets to post for more "insider" info on their real lives!

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

I loved the quotes & enjoyed the blog welcome're gonna need those big balls if ur gonna hang with Chiara&MM cuz those chicks have got some balls