Monday, May 9, 2011

Mob Wives: Recap Ep 104 Do You Know Who I Am

It’s the day after the mob bust and Renee is talking to her friend about Junior being out on bail. The lawyer says it’s just gambling charges this time, so he’ll probably only get 18 months. Renee also tells her that AJ was devastated. Then Renee announces she is having a psychic party, which are very popular in Staten Island, because she wants to know what will happen next. Don’t we all?

Drita chats with Carla and says she hasn’t seen Renee since the party. Carla advises her to text Renee and talk it out. Drita texts: “Sorry about what happened--dinner?” Renee is still mad at Drita, first for being disrespectful at the party and second, because she didn’t come over the day of the mob bust.

Karen pays Drita a visit. They talk about Renee and Karen’s visit to see her after the news of the mob bust came out. Karen and Renee have made up, but Drita is now on the outs. Karen asks if she knows about the psychic party Renee is throwing. Drita says she didn’t know about it, but Renee will probably tell her at dinner when they make up.

Karen ends up at Renee’s house and Renee takes out some wine. The two of them talk about Drita. Renee is pissed off and Karen makes it worse by repeated something that Drita said at Carla’s party: “She said she wants to ring your dumb tw-- neck!” Renee can’t believe it, she never heard her say that. All she heard was “Get the F-bomb out of here!” Now, after hearing that, Renee decides she is NOT going to dinner with Drita and she calls a leaves a voice mail cancelling dinner because she can’t get over not being respected. Then Renee escalates the drama for Karen’s benefit, she yells she is “tired of hearing how tough Drita and Lee are” and then adds, her soon-to-be famous line, “You want to play Mafia Wars? I win, B*tch!”

Carla is at home with her kids. She has been raising them alone for 6 years. Joey Ferragamo went away when they were 2 and a half. Her son is very disrespectful and it’s obvious Carla doesn’t know how to handle him at all. Joey calls from prison and she tells him about how bad and disrespectful his son is being, but she doesn’t have to finish because, while Joey is on the phone, he can hear his son for himself. Joey decides to give his son a lecture over the phone about respecting his mother. His son isn’t even listening. It’s a farce. But, Joey will be getting out soon, and Carla thinks that will make all the difference with his son…I don’t. I get the feeling this was all staged and little “Joseph” was told to “act” up just for the sake of creating a television scene full of drama for Carla. Carmen, her daughter, was right there and didn’t say a word, but Joseph Jr. was bad mouthing his mother left and right. What are the odds that the cameras were there rolling just when Joey Ferragamo calls AND his son is having a field day “disrespecting” his mother? Coincidence???

Drita is getting ready for dinner with Renee. She decides to play her voice mail messages and, she hears the one from Renee, cancelling dinner at the last minute. Drita is already dressed to go out, so of course she calls Carla, who drops everything as usual, to head out to meet Drita. Carla can’t believe Renee cancelled. Neither of them know what is wrong with Renee, but Carla is mad that Renee cancelled because she wants this issue between Drita and Renee resolved. I keep asking myself why doesn’t Carla mind her own business and let them figure it out? Seems to me she would be better off spending her time disciplining her son. Funny thing, she never mentions Joey’s call from prison to anyone too.

Renee sees her therapist. She tells her every time she sees Junior she gets sucked back into the lifestyle she is desperate to leave. The therapist says she can’t or won’t say “no” to Junior. For some reason she can’t or won’t break free of Junior, even after the divorce. She tells Renee she needs not to be influenced or co-dependent on him. Renee says she wants a normal life, not the mob life, but she doesn’t do anything to break the cycle. I think she still cares for Junior and not just because he is the father of her son, AJ.

Drita and Carla meet up at the Nail/Spa. Carla tells Drita she is going to Renee’s psychic party and wants Drita to come. Neither of them know what Renee’s problem is. Carla still wants it resolved and over with. Then they have a good laugh over the fact that since Renee made up with Karen, she is now mad at Drita, and that Carla will be next.

Finally, it’s time for the psychic party at Renee’s. It’s kind of a big let down. Drita has not been invited because Renee wants positive energy there. The psychic does some very quick, boring readings. She tells AJ that he is wise for his years, probably because of his lifestyle, and she sees the judge coming down hard on Junior. Karen tells the psychic she is back in Staten Island trying to make amends with everyone and the psychic tells her “battles are coming.” Renee wants her reading done in front of everyone. The psychic tells Renee this is an “opportunity to look over old relationships, see who stays and who goes.” She mentions a Scorpio, Junior is a Scorpio. Renee needs a clean break from Junior. The psychic also says she needs to see “who her friends (girlfriends) are and who they aren’t.” She mentions an Aquarius, Drita is Aquarius. She says “Aquarius people like to hide in a crowd and needs to be dealt with one on one.” Renee now decides she needs to meet with Drita. As for the predictions, they were lame. I think letting go of Junior is convenient because he should be heading back to prison soon. As far as meeting Drita, one on one, this is a very nice set up, for an upcoming scene, to fill air time. I didn’t see that one coming…NOT!

Back at Carla’s house the kids are at it again. Carla’s mother was there too, she happens to live around the corner. Somehow I pictured Carla’s mother differently in my mind, as an older, classy woman. Instead, she looked like a mean old lady. Carla’s says her father went to jail when she was in her 20’s. Her mother never hid it from her and now she is questioning whether she should have hid it from her kids. Her mother says yes, she was right to do that, they were too young and after all their father isn’t a bad person--“big deal” (as far as the crimes he committed). Carla decides that Joe is the one that should tell them about his being in prison, she doesn’t want them hearing it from someone else. Finally, she has figured out what I have been saying all along. Can I just mention here that Carla admitted to her father being in jail when she was very young (maybe 7), now she admits he also went to jail while she was in her twenties, BUT she never admits he was working for the mob, like his brother Bruno. People don’t go to jail for nothing.

Renee and Drita meet for dinner so Renee can confront Drita about disrespect. They discuss how they both have bad tempers (that wins the award for understatement of the year). Renee says she did not like being threatened and Drita counters with, “BUT I never did anything.” They are both strong willed and will not back down in a fight. Then, as you would expect, Drita feels she needs to apologize again. Drita insightfully says, that she thinks the stress from their lifestyle causes them to take it out on each other.

Renee and Karen go out for drinks and a jerk comes over to Karen telling her he wants to show her some sexual pictures. Renee gets irritated and tells him to apologize. “Do you know who I am?” says Renee. The jerk couldn’t care less. That riles her up and she calls Junior and orders him to get down to the Z1 Lounge right now, or he will need to bail her out. Renee waits outside for Junior, but Karen tells her that Junior could be arrested if he gets into trouble while out on bail. Renee gets nervous and realizes she did the wrong thing calling Junior. Too bad Karen couldn’t tell her that while she was making the call. He gets there in his expensive white car. He starts looking for the jerk. Renee tries to get Junior to leave, but now that he is there and angry, he not going anywhere. So Renee stops trying to get him to leave and gives him a description of the jerk and tells him where he is. Nice going, Renee. Junior goes up to him and wants to know “what’s the problem with him and his ex-wife?’ The audio of the film stops and cameras back off while Junior “chats” with Jerk. After a couple of minutes with Junior, the jerk comes out and apologizes very nicely to Renee. Junior drives off after Renee slaps a big wet kiss on him.

“Loyalty, love, respect, honesty, trust“….that’s what the lifestyle is all about for Renee.

Well, my skeptical, cynicism is in full bloom. Who thinks this was a legitimate jerk who just happened to be at the Z1 lounge? My hand is not going up. I think he was a bad “actor,” a friend, relative or whatever, sent in there to create this scene. More scripted manipulation, if you ask me. The women no sooner sit down to chat when the jerk catches Karen’s eye and walks right over. I barely heard him say anything before Renee went ballistic. Why wasn’t there a bouncer, a bartender or a manager on the spot immediately to handle the situation. Renee yells loud enough so that everyone had to be aware of the problem. For that matter, why didn’t one of the camera people or film crew get involved? No one stopped her from calling Junior or stopped taping the scene. Surely someone (film crew, restaurant employees and patrons at the lounge) could have helped these poor damsels in distress?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode, feel free to leave a comment!



Love said...

Geez, wrote a big one out and got an error from google!

OK, VH1, I hope you've found this and are listening:

Whomever you paid to antagonize the ladies = bad actor. You made Renee look like a twit for calling Hector when he was out on bail. Wasn't there a better way to enlighten us that Hector still protects Renee? Renee, call me, I had a hard time letting go of my ex, too!

Tired of these girls fighting- when they're out on the town together in real life, it's so silly. If Renee hated Karen, why did her sister hire her for the show? Where's the loyalty? OH, that's the PREMISE of the show they concocted over some sangria?

Here's a hint: You've got 4 fascinating women that have great stories to tell, if they'd just tell it! Forget the set ups. Simple conversations about how they really feel, their lives, etc, would be great. Do a Real Housewives house tour, we're all dying to see them!!! (At least I am!) Better yet, tell us HOW they paid for them!! Show A.J. on a date, the struggles all teens have. Drita's foray in Soccer. Anything but bogus set ups where Karen talks too fast and you think we're getting excited to see a MOB brawl- we're not.

Carla, you need to hire me for a nanny, I'd set those kids straight in no time. I had twins myself, along with two others, and taught kindergarten all day to boot. No spas, bars for me. Get a backbone and discipline them@!@@@ I didn't have a mommy running over. Your children will respect you so much more in the long run if you force respect now.

Anyone notice that Drita's hair is longer? Still LOVE her!

jnettemarie said...

Honestly, they all really annoyed me this week. So i'll just go down the list.

They all seem to be overacting parts in a "B" Movie. The restaurant scene with Jr was not even believable. The psychic reading was a joke. And somebody please tell Renee that everyone knows who her father is except for a few people in the Amish Community.

Has any of these Ladies every heard of "LESS IS MORE". I'm starting to think the ladies on Kensington Avenue have more class, and most of them don't even have teeth.

Oh, Ladies I could say so much more but I'll save it for later.

Chiara Soprano said...

Love and Jenette you are both on the same page as I am. These contrived scenarios are insulting our intelligence. I agree it would be great if they opened up about their struggles. So far I really don't see much struggling. I see a lot of joking at their friends expense and friends talking behind each other's backs. Where's the loyalty and respect?