Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E12

Ramona has earned a dozen nicknames for her behavior!

“Requiem For A Poodle” is the title of episode 12, probably most of the drama will be about the memorial for Sonja’s dog, Milou. Let’s see . . .

LuAnn and Heather are shopping for bathing suits and in comes Kristen. LuAnn can’t wait for the gossip! She wants to know what happened with Kristen’s meeting with Ramona. Kristen tells them she brought her flowers. Ramona said she didn’t reach out to her all week because she wanted to see her in person to apologize. Kristen asks if Ramona ever threw a glass at anyone’s face before. LuAnn doesn’t remember her ever doing that. Did you notice how no one is mentioning it was a plastic glass?  Did you notice how, when they replayed the scene last week, they added a breaking “glass” noise to it? I don’t like Ramona, but I don’t like being made a fool of even more! They talk about all Ramona’s nicknames for all her deviant sides (Singer Stinger, Pinot Polar, Ramona-monster, Ramona-coaster, and Crazy Eyes) and laugh. Then Kristen says Ramona abruptly had to leave their meeting for the Hamptons as usual, and always uses the excuse “my daughter this and my daughter that,” when she doesn’t like how the conversation is going. LuAnn nods and says Ramona always runs for the Hamptons whenever there is a sign of trouble.

Oh goodie, a dog funeral! Let's buy hats!

Sonja calls and wants to have a memorial for her dog’s ashes she is sick of them being on the fireplace. LuAnn, Heather and Kristen are all going to the service. They decide to use it as an excuse to buy new hats. Kristen isn’t interested in the services, but it’s a good excuse to go to a nice house and hang out with the girls. That’s what happens when you’re a full-time mom, you look for any excuse to get out of the house. Sonja rounds up all her interns, they all loved Milou as much as she did. You think so? It can’t be they all want another chance to appear on the show at all, right? They plan the services together. Sonja doesn’t know how to say goodbye to Milou. She had him for 18 years. The funeral will be held on 72nd Street where she first got Milou, those were the good old days.

Kristen and Josh meet with a branding specialist. Her modeling career is ending and she needs something besides RHONY to do. She is auditioning for a workout video, God help her. Kristen is not in as good shape as she thought. Kristen really wants the job. You really have to be prepared for job interviews Kristen.

Can you work a fog machine? Can you do CPR?

Carole pops in to see Ramona, she needs to use her office to interview assistants while her home is being redone. Carole advertised on Twitter for an assistant. I actually saw that tweet and was tempted to apply. Ramona tells her that was the wrong thing to do, you’ll get nuts applying for the job. Speaking of not being prepared for an interviews, applicants walk in for the job without a resume. One of them is a rapper. Carole likes to ask a lot of crazy questions like can you work a fog machine? What is your favorite flower? What do you think of wire hangers? Have you read my book? . . .  no one seems to have read her book. Is it me? If I was interviewing with an author I would read both of books . .  .all two of them . . . and make sure she knew I did even if she didn’t ask.

The Milou Funeral production. Sonja has to separate from Milou emotionally so she goes to a healer, who had twins at 57 years old. Oy vey, are there no normal people on this show? Is that even possible? Medical science has come a lot farther than I thought when 57 year old grandmas start having babies. Then Sonja starts moaning about how resentful she feels about Ramona taking advantage of her this week. She reminds Sonja of her user and manipulating father. She compares Ramona to her sweet loving Milou. Sonja says a few parting words to the dog’s ashes in the box. It makes me wonder how Sonja handles the death of a person?

Why do I keep inviting my father to dinner?
Why doesn't everyone "Shut the f*ck up?"

At Aviva’s house for dinner, we have Sonja and Wendy. Aviva announces her father is coming tonight and Sonja still has the vivid image of his erection in her head. She is not too happy. Who else is there? George shows up, Harry is there, George’s 25 year old black girlfriend, who says they have been together 2.5 years, is also there. I do not believe for a second she is George’s girlfriend for all this time and Aviva hasn’t met her before now. George announces at dinner that he had to get his balls waxed. George tells Reid to put mirrors on his ceiling to spice up his love life. Aviva is getting disgusted with her father’s conversations and wants everyone to “Shut the f*ck up.” George hands his girlfriend a gift. It’s an engagement ring. She looks stunned. She wants to know if he is serious. He makes a joke then says yes. She says yes. Aviva thinks she is happy for her father, but it bothers her that her step mom is 25. I think the “girlfriend” wasn’t expecting a ring because she is not the girlfriend and didn’t know what to say or how to react. When is Bravo going to give us reality instead of lousy scripted material?

"The engagement" (enough said)

Back to Kristen’s workout video. She got the job and is excited. Now the production team gets the use of her house and a free infomercial for their video on RHONY. Maybe that gave Kristen an edge over more qualified fitness trainers who can exercise without getting out of breath? Josh is pissing her off because he is making fun of her while she is trying to work, yet he didn’t have any time for his daughter’s therapy session last week. Go figure. Am I the only one who doesn’t care for Josh? I think he has an agenda. My gut tells me he looking to get a spin off or a reality show of his own for his family or at least keep Kristen on the air for another season.

You call baby Ben's mother and he ended the relationship!

Sonja meets with Ramona and Aviva for lunch. Right now I am praying Aviva does not side with Ramona! Aviva asks them what did she miss while she was away. Sonja says Ramona left her flat on their trip to the Berkshires, and made a call that cost her her young boyfriend, Baby Ben. She tells Aviva that Ramona is a master manipulator. Ramona says Ben was too young. Sonja answers, it’s not about age, when you are sophisticated age doesn’t matter. Ramona tries to squash it. “If you’re happy I’m happy.” Sonja says, “I’m not happy.” Ramona promises not to call anyone any more. A man who works in the restaurant comes to the table and flirts with Sonja and gives her his number. Back to the funeral/ash spreading. Sonja is typing her goodbye Milou speech into her phone. Seriously, can someone get an intern over here to type this for her on a ipad or something!

Gotta love those hats!

Church bells are ringing. Sonja pops out of a car and Harry is already there. Milou was gay, but she brought the macho picture of him holding a tennis ball in his mouth. Here come the girls in black with hats. Stunning! Sonja is predictably unpredictable says LuAnn. Aviva is dressed for a regular funeral not a fashion show. I guess they left her out of the loop? They are all out in the middle of 72 Street. Sonja reads her speech by the house and the river. Here come the tears…a waterfall. Then she pours the ashes into the river after saying a prayer. RIP Milou.

Carole whispers she didn’t know Milou was gay. I love Carole and her little quips. Carole should get a spin off.

Picture credit: BRAVO

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E11

Still at the Berkshires, the ladies plan Ramona's intervention!

“The Ramona Trap” is the title of this week’s episode. Do you think they mean “trap” as in mouth and someone will tell her to “shut her trap?” No, this is about the ladies confronting Ramona on her bad behavior. Not sure I am ready for the drama. In any case it’s very hard to blog nonsense, which is what this show is all about.

We are still in the Berkshires, can you believe this? It’s morning and they all look hung over. Kristen looks pretty good for the wear. Sonja goes back to sleep. The perky yoga instructor shows up. Sonja says LuAnn looks pretty banged up and, of course, LuAnn is annoyed. Who is more banged up than Sonja? Everyone goes outside for yoga at 9 am, even Sonja, who wouldn’t dare be left out of television air time. Carole only likes two poses and she is sticking with them. Sonja is inventing her own kind of yoga. I wish I could ask Heather who the hell plans yoga at 9 am for guests you know love to drink the night away?

Carole is doing a photo shoot for a magazine. She is also writing a piece on manners for Town and Country and she needs tips from LuAnn, the Queen of manners and etiquette. Carole has one sentence so far. What do you bring a hostess at a party? Wine or a candle. I read Carole’s finished article and I recommend it. Carole is witty and I love her writing style, however some of her gift ideas are not for the everyday housewife. She is a little out of touch. I find that is the case with many “rich” people.  LINK to article.

Kristen meets Heather at Central Park with her son, Cash. They rehash Ramona’s glass throwing, anger and lying issues. Heather says they are doing the intervention at dinner tonight. Heather thinks it’s an issue of anger management. Heather says Ramona lied to get away from the Berkshires. So overall Ramona’s behavior is totally unacceptable. Kristen says she isn’t ready to see Ramona, so she won’t go. Maybe she wants her lip to heal before Ramona throws something else at her face?

Ramona is boxed in by linebacker LuAnn!

The confrontation dinner! LuAnn says they devised a plan to trap Ramona in her seat so she can’t leave. They have a u-shaped booth and they manipulate the situation so Ramona has to sit on the inside, not on the end. Everyone but Kristen is there. LuAnn is to the right of Ramona and, like a football player, she will block her from leaving. LuAnn asks about the Hamptons and the Molly Sims party. Ramona looks shocked then rolls her big eyes. LuAnn says Ramona left the Berkshires so she could go to a party. Sonja confronts Ramona about lying. Heather says it was hurtful that she left her house when she went to a lot of trouble planning a nice weekend. They think the whole childhood theatrics was a fabricated elaborate ploy to avoid telling the truth . . . she had a party to go to. Ramona  thinks Sonja is pissy because she wasn’t invited to the party.

These b*tches are ganging up on me. F*ck them!

Ramona starts crying and holding her head. Everyone is ganging up on her. Ramona starts dropping “F” bombs and says she is leaving. She gets out of control and wants to get out of the booth. Carole tells her she should have been honest about why she was leaving. Ramona is talking nonstop and not listening to a word anyone is saying. Ramona is still crying about her childhood memories. Sonja says if Ramona has post traumatic stress she sure gets over it quickly. Ramona says she wanted to get out of the Berkshires, she wasn’t comfortable there. Now  Ramona admits she needs help dealing with her past.  She says she needs therapy just to shut them up and so she can get out of there.

At Kristen’s house her 17 month old daughter, Kingsley, isn’t walking yet. Her husband comes home in the middle of the day. Kristen asked him to do some therapy with Kingsley. She wants him to see what’s involved. He complains how hard it is for him to take 2 hours out from work, but he did it so Kristen will stop busting his chops. Nice. Meanwhile he is on the phone the entire therapy session. Kristen is annoyed and rightly so. Then he steps outside to take a call. Kristen gets up to confront him. He says he will be in in a minute. The therapist leaves and Kristen tries to explain that she needed his undivided attention. He feels harassed. He has pressure from his job so he can’t be home for everything. He has a demanding job with little flexibility. He says he doesn’t come home because there is never any food on the table. Now, that’s hitting below the belt! I think Kristen and Josh need to be on Dr. Phil. I can almost see them having their own reality show like Tori and Dean.

Who the hell is buying this?

Ramona is working out after her “blow-out,” how odd.  Mario walks in and she stops the workout and immediately switches to wine drinking, her favorite sport. She tells him about her dinner intervention and what happened at the Berkshires. She turned herself into the “victim.” She says she and Mario are married 21 years and have a successful marriage . . . what happened to his cheating and baby out of wedlock? It was all over the tabloids for months and they aren’t mentioning it on the show? That’s a storyline! I don’t care if it’s real or fake, it’s better that glass throwing and Ramona can play victim legitimately.

Sonja says the word “brand” and a pain shoots through my brain . . .  and says she doesn’t go over the top. What??? Everything Sonja does is over the top. Sonja and her interns are setting a table for the people who are going to discuss her brand. Oy Vey, I am glad this scene went nowhere.

I have a tendency to talk too much . . . 
did you know 76% of women fake orgasms?

LuAnn arranged a double date for her and Jacques and Carole and her friend, Neil. Carole is a little nervous. She is afraid she will talk too much and wants LuAnn to let her know if she does. She asks how old he is, he says 52. “That’s a lovely age.” Carole likes older men. The whole time Carole keeps asking if she is talking too much. She advises them that “76% of woman fake orgasms.“ Carole is really screwing up this date. I can’t wait to read her blog and get her take on it.

"No more throwing objects at people's faces, Ramona!"

Kristen is meeting Ramona for tea. Ramona invited her so we’ll see if an apology is forthcoming. Ramona thanks her for coming and says she feels terrible for what happened. She apologizes profusely. Kristen started feeling better about the situation. But she can’t get over the fact that Ramona threw something at her face twice in a few weeks? Then she asks Ramona if she is drinking too much or has anger management issues. Ramona is clearly getting annoyed now. Kristen thinks she should get help, she has issues. Ramona says she is leaving in a minute. Kristen made a trip there, from uptown,  for nothing, Ramona is always looking at her clock and running off. At least Ramona is remorseful. Kristen leaves. You get the feeling this whole apology was really a waste of time.

Picture Credit: Bravo

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Speaks On GTA 5 Lawsuit

Last night, Karen Gravano and her lawyer, Thomas Farinella,  appeared on HLN’s Nancy Grace show to address her lawsuit against Rockstar Games. I think what may have brought this on was Rockstar’s ridiculous response to her case in the media, saying she “was too fat to sue.”

As I discussed in yesterdays’ blog, Karen is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 for 40 million dollars in damages for using her likeness and life story for a character named Antonia Bottino. Up until now, Karen has not discussed her case. 

Nancy Grace, a very well known television lawyer who discusses legal cases in the news on her show, had a lot to say about Karen’s lawsuit. First of all, Nancy is outraged that Rockstar would claim Karen is “too fat to sue,” saying Karen is not fat, she is perfect, and their claim that she is, is ridiculous. Nancy also says that the character’s mannerisms and physical appearance are so similar to Karen’s that “it’s off the charts!” 

Karen briefly discusses the similarities saying that she sees herself in the physical aspects of the character, Antonia Bottini, her eye color, her bone structure and even the way she talks. But, more than that, Karen says from the minute the character gets into the car, she begins to tell Karen’s life story. Their fathers are both named Sammy, they moved out west, the father forbid them to be on a reality show etc. Nancy Grace says, “They ripped off Karen Gravano’s life.”  Mr. Farinella says, “The story, from start to finish, is Karen’s story.

One of my followers, who was watching the show, tweeted out:

Rockstar was contacted by the show, but refused to comment. Instead, they are sticking to their story that the character is slimmer than Karen, was kidnapped and buried alive and those differences are enough to distinguish the character, Antonia, from Karen. Meanwhile, they are making money every day on the sale of their game, using Karen’s likeness and story, to the tune of two billion dollars so far. 

It’s clear to me that Antonia is Karen Gravano. Karen’s story is so unique that it cannot be confused with anyone else’s. Add to that the physical attributes of the character and her likeness to Karen and there is no doubt this is NOT a coincidence.  What do you think? Has Grand Theft Auto 5 turned into Grand Theft Identity?

Picture & Video Credit: Nancy Grace

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mob Wives: Grand Theft Auto V Or Grand Theft Identity?

Karen Gravano                 Antonia Bottino

I have been following the lawsuit filed by Karen Gravano against the makers of Grand Theft Auto V. Not much is being reported on Karen's end yet. However, according to Forbes Magazine, they recently estimate the revenue from the sale of the video game to be close to 2 billion dollars. That's a lot of money! But while the characters in the video game are stealing cars, are the makers of the game, Rockstar Games, possibly stealing identities for their characters?

Let's see what the makers of Grand Theft Auto have to say about using Karen Gravano's likeness and identity for their character, Antonia Bottino. According to TMZ, the makers admit there is some resemblance, but allegedly say their character is slimmer than Karen, therefore it is not her. Hmmm, is that their case? Sounds pretty weak to me. It might be something as simple as the "artist" who drew Antonia was not very good? Or maybe Antonia was wearing spanx? They look pretty much alike to me except Karen is much prettier. But what they may lack in physical characteristics, Rockstar more than makes up for in the details of their lives.

In a blog written on February 26th, 2014, I took the time to outline all the factual similarities between Karen Gravano and Antonia Bottino. However, I didn't put them both on a scale to weigh them because we all know that is just impossible, even though Rockstar Games is allegedly using that as their defense. Can I insert and eyeroll here? Here is what I wrote in my first blog on this case:

Let's see...Karen/Antonia both have fathers who were underbosses in the mob. Karen's father is Sammy Gravano, Antonia's father is Sammy Bottino. Sammy Gravano worked for the Gambino Crime Family under John Gotti, the Teflon Don. Antonia's father worked for the Gambetti Crime Family, under Don Jon Gravelli. Karen's father was arrested for murder and turned informant for a plea deal. Antonia's father was arrested for murder and turned snitch. Both Karen and Antonia had trouble accepting their fathers cooperating with authorities. Karen and Antonia's families both moved out west to go into hiding . . . we know Sammy Gravano moved his from their fathers' decision.  Antonia and Karen were approached about being in a reality television show. Both fathers were against their daughters being on a show about the mob . . . Karen in Mob Wives and Antonia in Wise B*tches. Come on . . . if that's not Karen, who the hell is it?

I think anyone with an ounce of common sense would come to the reasonable conclusion that Antonia Bottino is a deadringer for Karen Gravano's life and likeness. It's a no brainer. So I hope some of that two billion dollar ends up in Karen's pocket because this seems to be, what is known in the law as, "commercial misappropriation." And I credit my "go to" lawyer, from Staten Island Law, Elura Nanos with identifying the cause of action in this case.

Picture Credit: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 and VH1

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What the Hell Moments S6 E10

Lip-Gate Continues . . . 

“Bon Voyage, Ramona” refers to Ramona’s escape from the Berkshires. After she impulsively throws a “plastic” glass of wine at Kristen, who overheard her talking about her on the boat and splashes her, Ramona comes across something in the woods that sends her off the deep end and out of the Berkshires. I wonder what that could be . . . It’s trees and branches!

In the second episode of Lip-Gate, Sonja and Ramona drive off in the car and leave Luann to check Kristen’s teeth for damage. Ramona regrets injuring Kristen, but says she was provoked and she reacted. Kristen complains to Carole about the incident. Kristen wants to know what’s the deal with Ramona’s hair? Carole says she is into her “blowdries.” Frankly, Ramona’s hair doesn’t look so great so maybe she should switch over to wearing wigs?

Sonja knows that Ramona had a bad childhood and suffered abuse. Sonja is brought to theatrical tears when Ramona compares herself to her father. Ramona says Kristen reminded her of her father and the time he made her throw a glass at him. Ramona washes and blows out her perfect hair.

 Heather and Luann discuss strategy: ice for Kristen’s lips and wine for Ramona’s belly. Maybe they can do damage control and save the trip.

You splashed me and I busted your lip,
all's fair with hair

Kristen has ice on her lip and a headache. Carole says, “Don’t f*ck with her blow dry.” Kristen sarcastically says, “Thanks for the memo.” Ramona does a “sort of” apology which is not good enough for Kristen as they go to head to head combat. Ramona sums up their issues: You threw water at me and I threw a glass at you. Ramona says she was provoked. Kristen says you cut my lip and I bled. Everyone else is standing by watching the show. Ramona continues to get hysterical about getting wet. I haven’t seen anyone that upset about getting wet since watching the Wizard of Oz and the witch melting! Too bad Ramona didn’t melt. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Ramona complaining about all Aviva’s phobias and now she is going to freak out over water? Wasn’t Ramona in the pool naked when Aviva and Reid arrived at St. Bart’s? By the way, do I think a plastic glass actually cut Kristen’s lip? No I do not. Those things are very light weight and would hardly have any impact when thrown a couple of feet. I think she bit her own lip so they could milk this storyline for three episodes. Maybe Carole will write a book about the lack of reality in reality television.

Kristen thinks Ramona just hates her. Luann tells Ramona her hair turned out okay after all. Carole says it‘s like a Polish joke, “How many women does it take to rehash an apology not accepted?” Kristen complains the only wine available is Ramona’s Pinot Grigio and she hopes Ramona doesn’t throw the bottle at her. Heather just wants everyone to have a good time and has a surprise planned for dinner. Suddenly, someone pulls up on the driveway and it’s a fat Elvis! Kristen is freaking out. Ramona says, “Is this the best the Berkshires has to offer…she thinks Kristen was going to “do him” right there and then. Kristen really appreciates the surprise and it helped her forget about her lip and the drama.

Breakfast time. Ramona is in her room suffering, while the others are cooking. Ramona calls her friend, “Adam” and asks if he can send his plane to pick her up, he agrees. Carole checks on her and, seeing an open suitcase, asks her if she is packing. Ramona says no she is just organizing her clothes. But no one can fool super sleuth Carole, she knows a packed suitcase when she sees one. Heather thinks everyone is rested and relaxed now. Heather wants to take them on a little stroll through the woods. Ramona is still complaining about the tension at breakfast. Ramona is rushing everyone to finish up and get going. They all go into the woods and hug trees. Ramona is still torturing Carole with her excuses about throwing of the glass. Ramona confesses that the woods bring her back to her childhood and her father. The Berkshires triggered                                                                                        the memories of her parents arguing.

OMG! Ramona can believe her eyes!
Trees and branches in a forest!

Then she sees a fallen tree and some branches in a small clearing and Ramona is traumatized. Ramona exclaims, “This is “f*cking unreal.” OMG! Who on earth would expect the see trees and branches in a forest?  Ramona says it looks like her backyard when she was a kid. She tells Carole her father brought her mom to the country where no one could hear her scream. Ramona relives her childhood, imaginary friends and mud pies. Ramona is about to have a melt down and Carole needs reinforcements because she is freaking out over Ramona‘s odd behavior. They find Heather and Ramona tells her she needs to leave because she is overwhelmed by her past. Ramona tells Carole her friend is coming to get her at the airport and she needs a ride. Carole is stunned and then laughs because she thinks the whole scene was an act so Ramona had an excuse to leave. Meanwhile, Sonja yells at Kristen because she doesn’t understand what Ramona went through in her childhood. Kristen says she shouldn’t take it out on her. Sonja is hysterical crying. Thank God for Luann, The Countess of Grammar, who explains that they were throwing the word “provoking” around as an adjective when it’s actually a verb! Sonja picks up where Ramona left off, arguing with Kristen. Sonja thinks Kristen wet her intentionally. Adam rescues Ramona from the hell that is called the Berkshires. Carole hugs her goodbye. Carole says Ramona is very dramatic . . . No way, ya think? “Bon voyage Ramona you’ve given us a lot to talk about at dinner tonight,” says Carole.

Thank God the witch flew away!

Carole gets back to the house and tells the others about Ramona’s escape. Sonja is annoyed that she didn’t say goodbye. Kristen is looking forward to a day without Ramona. They go out to the lake and go on a boat. They have a nice young boat captain who is 20 years old of course. Sonja goes into flirt mode even though he is a baby . . . Baby Austin. Carole looks disgusted saying she is old enough to be his mother. Kristen says without Ramona there is no stress or drama. Carole says finally some peace and quiet. Carole Nightingale is obsessed with checking Kristen’s lip. Carole tells her everything Ramona said about her. Kristen gets fired up, but whatever, Ramona is out of there.

Kristen calls her husband and tells him Ramona threw a glass at her face and cut her lip. He can’t believe it. Okay, I hope this is the last time we have to rehash this ridiculously unbelievable story!

The evidence is undeniable! Sonja has been ditched and
lied to!

The ladies go out to dinner and are dressed to the nines. Carole is not bi-sexual, but if she was bi-sexual she wants to make it very clear that she would not sleep with Sonja because that would mean she would have slept with Harry! Uh oh, Luann gets a text saying Ramona is at a party in the Hamptons. Luann thinks Ramona planned the whole escape just to go to this party. Sonja doesn’t believe that Ramona ditched her. Sonja gets upset because they are all saying Ramona lied to her and knew all along she was going to Molly’s party. Everyone agrees Ramona is rotten and has something bad to say about her. A new text come in . . . it’s a picture of Ramona in the Hamptons at the party and

Sonja looks like she is going to cry. Boo Hoo, I am defending that b*tch and she runs off to a party without even saying good-bye? LuAnn suggests they do an intervention for Ramona. They need to confront her about her behavior and lying. I wish them luck trying to get through to her egocentric mind. I’m sure she will say they are all ganging up on her. Well all I can say is I’m happy for Aviva, she is off the hot seat!

What I want to know is this, when Aviva rejoins the drama, who will fill her in on Lip-Gate and whose side will she take? I hope she is smart enough not to align herself with Ramona. Enough said.

Picture Credit: Bravo

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6E9

No way is Sonja going to listen to Josh or anyone!
Didn't we learn anything from Heather helping her?

“The Last Splash” is the title of tonight’s drama fest. Another of the famous housewives trips takes place as Heather invites everyone, except Aviva, who is busy, to go to the Berkshires. Ramona has been apologizing on Twitter for throwing a glass of wine at Kristen. Kristen tweets that this episode is “Lip-Gate” . . . I wonder what is in store for us tonight?

What the hell is wrong with Sonja? Sonja goes over to Kristen’s for some advice from her husband, Josh, about how to launch her businesses and hopefully turn her financial situation around. Sonja incoherently explains all the ventures under her Sonja brand umbrella. Josh says she talks about a lot of things, but she has no focus. He advises her to hire an advertising agency, professionals who will create her brand and decide which ventures she should pursue and in what order. Sonja has mastered the art of ignoring advice. Instead, she is sticking to her own agenda and listening to the voices in her head. Sonja keeps telling him she has people she is working with. He keeps telling her to stop and get people who will create her brand. Obviously, Josh can see Sonja is all over the map with her ideas and “her people” haven’t managed to do anything yet. Round and round in circles they go. I get dizzy. Kristen returns and sees things didn’t go as planned. Sonja leaves. Josh says she is “delusional.” Didn’t we all know that already?

It's tough when a guy breaks up with you before
you even have a first date!

Off we go to Carole’s house in Beverly Hills. Her friends come over. She shows them her new book, the galley edition. Carole says she broke up with Russ 6 months ago and she brings up her dating slump. Carole tells them she got set up with a guy who calls and cancels their date because he recently started seeing someone else. Carole says, he broke up with her before they even went on a date. Poor Carole.

The obnoxious, snobby Singers just don't "get" the Berkshires

The girls meet at a restaurant. Ramona and Kristen are the first to show up and they are at odds over the wine throwing incident. Luann and Jacques are also there to take up space, they say nothing. Everyone is seated and Heather makes a toast. She invites them to her home in the Berkshires for the weekend. The Singers don’t “get” the Berkshires, everyone they know vacations in the Hamptons, but they will be good sports and go. Is it just me or are these two obnoxious? Heather says everyone is coming except Aviva, who is busy with something else. Whether Aviva was really busy or decided to sit this one out, I don’t know, but it was a smart move. Josh tells everyone that he met with Sonja and she has no focus. Ramona is annoyed at Kristen and Josh for talking about Sonja behind her back. LuAnn doesn’t think Josh should talk badly about a woman at a dinner table, but understands his frustration. Did Ramona forget she was talking behind Sonja’s back last week? I guess that’s okay because they are bff’s? And what the hell is Heather thinking  inviting everyone to her home? She has been around these housewives long enough to know this is not a good idea. I guess Bravo made her do it.

Next thing we know, Carole is sitting with Kristen and a professional matchmaker. Carole realizes she has been dating the same “type” of man over and over for the past 10 years. She needs to revise what she is looking for. They discuss the different types of men and Carole wants to know what is the perfect type for her. Kristen thinks she needs a businessman. The matchmaker says he will arrange a “drink” date for a brief meeting with someone for her. Carole doesn’t know if this process is for her or not, it sounds awkward. Carole has been placed in a lot of situations that are out of her comfort zone thanks to scripted reality. This is just another ridiculous storyline concocted by producers. Why Carole stays on the show is beyond me. Oh wait, no it’s not! She did it for the sake of her new book, Widow’s Guide. Last season she got the “buzz” out and this season she is selling it. Free infomercials. Do I think that was the “ploy” Bravo Andy used to reel her in to the cast? Yes I do.

Ramona complains, she isn't very limber.

Sonja and Luann try some antigravity yoga. And Ramona shows up. Damn it. Sonja says she could do without Ramona today but she’ll deal with it. This is the first thing Sonja has ever said that I agree 100% with, only I can’t deal with it. Apparently this outing was Luann’s (producer’s) idea and everyone there is younger than they are. They are all hanging lopsided from filmsy, silky hammock things. Ramona is glad the class is over and wants to know, “who goes to the Berkshires?” No tennis court, no pool. Ramona likes “luxurious.” Ramona grew up in upstate NY and it reminds her of her lousy childhood. She hasn’t been there since her father died. Now if this isn’t foreshadowing for some trouble at the Berkshires, I don’t know what is.

They are all on their way to the Berkshires, Ramona, Luann, Sonja are in one car. Ramona says the Berkshires are for people who can’t afford the Hamptons. She asks if Heather has air conditioning at her house? They tell her of course she has air conditioning. Heather calls them to see where they are and tells Ramona she has no air conditioning. Ramona immediately calls the air conditioner fairy and demands that one be delivered to Heather’s house. Ramona says Luann is a terrible driver. From what I could see, she may be right. Perhaps the countess isn’t used to driving?  Carole and Kristen are driving up together in another car and Kristen rehashes the wine incident.

Arrival at The Berkshires. Heather and Luann hug. Ramona and Sonja finally get out of the car. It’s hot as hell. Ramona asks Heather “if this the house or the garage.” Heather is insulted, who asks that? All I can say is “you invited her Heather.” Ramona says it looks beautiful on the inside. Heather sarcastically replies, “it’s not bad for a garage.” Ramona says the house is boiling. Ramona is dying. Heather keeps pointing out to them where they can stand to catch a breeze from the window. Carole and Kristen arrive. A delivery “man” comes to the door with an air conditioner and Ramona tells him to bring it upstairs. Actually, he looks like one of those young interns that Bravo always has on hand . . . By the dozen.

Kristen thinks it’s obnoxious that Ramona ordered an air conditioner and had it delivered to Heather‘s house. Heather takes it pretty well and says old people need to stay cool in the summer. Sonja makes a pass at the delivery kid, telling him he is good looking. Uh oh, it doesn’t look like the windows are suited for air conditioners, they open sideways. The “delivery intern kid” is looking at the box like it’s the first time he ever had to install an air conditioner. The air conditioner is on the floor blowing air and Ramona and Sonja are right in front of it cooling off their boobs.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream
Life without Ramona Singer would be such a dream!

Heather suggests swimming in the pond and once again Ramona has issues with getting her hair wet. I guess she thinks she looks bad enough without adding stringy wet hair. They get to the lake and have to get their own canoes. Ramona is complaining nonstop, what else is new. Heather, Luann and Kristen go in one canoe, Carole, Ramona and Sonja in the other. I actually feel very sorry for Carole. It’s peaceful on the lake and they all seem to be quietly enjoying the water for a second. They are going to do a little fishing. Carole is enjoying herself trying to catch a fish while Heather is still trying to figure out how to get her reel to work. Carole catches a small fish.

Kristen and Heather get an earful!

Ramona, who is the biggest pot stirrer, tells Sonja that Josh was bashing her at dinner. Heather swims up to the canoe and overhears Ramona talking about Kristen. Ramona doesn’t like Kristen and calls her a bystander who talks to no one. Kristen swims up and hears Ramona say Josh was bashing Sonja and Kristen didn’t stop her. Kristen splashes Ramona . . .

and Ramona gets pissed. Ramona throws her glass at Kristen’s face. Kristen’s lip is bleeding. Ramona yells at Kristen, “You are two for two. You’re a b*tch.”  Luann says Ramona overreacted to Kristen’s fun splash. Heather says Ramona is out of line, the girl (Kristen) makes money on her face. Carole thinks they are crazy and she is out of there. Kristen’s lip is swollen and cut. Ramona claims she was provoked. She takes off with Sonja. Good riddens.

Fat lip? I couldn't swear it was swollen or bleeding.

I am just going to add that nothing in this episode has the ring of truth to it. The whole thing seems to be fabricated for our enjoyment. Too bad none of it is enjoyable. I think reality television should at least have a plausible script with a pinch of credibility. Would anyone in their right mind hang out with people they don’t like, let alone take trips with them? Please. Let’s get real Bravo. You need better writers. Hire Carole.

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Responds to Drita’s Reunion Attack!

In yet another candid interview with Global Grind, Renee Graziano finally expresses her thoughts about the way Drita attacked her at the Season 4 Reunion Show. I have been waiting to hear Renee’s point of view, which is similar to mine. She doesn’t understand why Drita went back to complain about events that occurred during season one and two. On top of that, Renee and Drita were never really “at odds” and Renee feels she has always had Drita’s back. Why Drita threatened to crack her head is a mystery to Renee, who is not a fighter. Renee is done. She does not consider Drita a friend, just a co-worker. That being said, Renee is open to an apology, if Drita ever wants to explain why she came at her so aggressively.

As far as Natalie goes, there is no relationship at all. Her attack on Renee’s relapse was basically unforgivable. Natalie called Renee out on her addiction and yet she was one of the people “partying with her.”

As for Ang, she wishes she would have given her more support than she did with the other girls talking about her behind her back. Renee discusses what happened in Vegas and why.

Renee's new mantra seems to be "Don't speak my truths and expect me to hide your lies."

Rumors about Renee getting her own show? A couple of things are in the works, but there is very little revealed right now.

Picture & Video Credit: Global Grind

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Interview Causes Twitter Beef?

Renee answering questions honestly

It was brought to my attention that more than a few snarky tweets were out there by members of the Mob Wives cast recently. Apparently, Renee did an interview back on April 10th with Zach Sang and the gang, and some of the “ladies” have just gotten around to watching it. To say they were less than pleased with Renee’s blunt honesty is an understatement. Renee took this opportunity to answer questions concerning season four, the cast and her feelings about whether or not she would return to season 5. To properly get the impact of the tweets and to be clear about what is being referred to, you should watch the video first. For example, in the tweets it isn’t totally clear who Drita is pissed at for not having the name of her store, “Lady Boss,” roll off the tip of her tongue. But, if you watch the video, you can see that Renee has a bit of a memory lapse when she tries to come up with the name of Drita’s store. I didn’t think it was a big deal myself, but Drita’s claws came out over it. Here is the video:

I’ve watched the interview twice and I didn’t hear anything outrageous or untrue expressed by Renee to warrant these comments flying back and forth on Twitter. I’m sure others may have a different opinion, obviously the cast does. Now here are the tweets:

 Natalie starts things off with a bang and a link to the video

Alicia chimes in, Goddess that she is

Drita has the most to say over a memory lapse

Renee responds to the war of words

Drita takes her last shot

And there you have it. Is this a sneak peek into the drama of season 5? Drita certainly went ballistic at the reunion show of season 4 and blindsided Renee with a barrage of accusations going back to the first three seasons. We know now that Alicia has resigned and I cannot for the life of me see Natalie coming back . . . so now what? If I were the executive in charge of this production I would certainly do whatever it takes to bring back Karen Gravano. Hell, make her an offer she can't refuse! Let's get Mob Wives back on track with "real and reality!" Get rid of the loud mouth, vulgar, 80% naked SOUTH Philly funeral home cosmetician who makes up dead people and has no mob ties. And don't find another lying Philly wise gal who can't decide if she is guilty of embezzlement or not; who is forever crying over her ex-husband cheating but is also cheating on him herself with a married man; who claims poverty, but is decked out in jewelry from head to toe; who wants to pay back $20,000 even though the amount allegedly stolen was closer to three million. There are legitimate mob wives out there, so let's find a couple of them who are willing to be real and tell their stories. 

Picture Credit: Zach Sang and the gang