Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Speaks On GTA 5 Lawsuit

Last night, Karen Gravano and her lawyer, Thomas Farinella,  appeared on HLN’s Nancy Grace show to address her lawsuit against Rockstar Games. I think what may have brought this on was Rockstar’s ridiculous response to her case in the media, saying she “was too fat to sue.”

As I discussed in yesterdays’ blog, Karen is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 for 40 million dollars in damages for using her likeness and life story for a character named Antonia Bottino. Up until now, Karen has not discussed her case. 

Nancy Grace, a very well known television lawyer who discusses legal cases in the news on her show, had a lot to say about Karen’s lawsuit. First of all, Nancy is outraged that Rockstar would claim Karen is “too fat to sue,” saying Karen is not fat, she is perfect, and their claim that she is, is ridiculous. Nancy also says that the character’s mannerisms and physical appearance are so similar to Karen’s that “it’s off the charts!” 

Karen briefly discusses the similarities saying that she sees herself in the physical aspects of the character, Antonia Bottini, her eye color, her bone structure and even the way she talks. But, more than that, Karen says from the minute the character gets into the car, she begins to tell Karen’s life story. Their fathers are both named Sammy, they moved out west, the father forbid them to be on a reality show etc. Nancy Grace says, “They ripped off Karen Gravano’s life.”  Mr. Farinella says, “The story, from start to finish, is Karen’s story.

One of my followers, who was watching the show, tweeted out:

Rockstar was contacted by the show, but refused to comment. Instead, they are sticking to their story that the character is slimmer than Karen, was kidnapped and buried alive and those differences are enough to distinguish the character, Antonia, from Karen. Meanwhile, they are making money every day on the sale of their game, using Karen’s likeness and story, to the tune of two billion dollars so far. 

It’s clear to me that Antonia is Karen Gravano. Karen’s story is so unique that it cannot be confused with anyone else’s. Add to that the physical attributes of the character and her likeness to Karen and there is no doubt this is NOT a coincidence.  What do you think? Has Grand Theft Auto 5 turned into Grand Theft Identity?

Picture & Video Credit: Nancy Grace


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's pretty clear to everyone that Antonia is Karen. I hope she gets compensated well for her troubles. Oh and that asinine comment from Rockstar about Karen's weight. Sheesh, they obviously didn't consult with counsel or with any PR peeps before coming out with that statement.

Speaking of Karen, will she be coming back to MW? Please say she is....

Chiara Soprano said...

I would love to tell you she will be back, but as of now and as far as I know, no deal has been made. Thanks for your comments on the lawsuit, I hope it all plays out in Karen's favor.

Angela said...

The similarities are uncanny and I hope Karen gets her settlement. It is shows that her story is interesting enough to steal. She needs to be back on Mob Wives.