Monday, May 5, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Responds to Drita’s Reunion Attack!

In yet another candid interview with Global Grind, Renee Graziano finally expresses her thoughts about the way Drita attacked her at the Season 4 Reunion Show. I have been waiting to hear Renee’s point of view, which is similar to mine. She doesn’t understand why Drita went back to complain about events that occurred during season one and two. On top of that, Renee and Drita were never really “at odds” and Renee feels she has always had Drita’s back. Why Drita threatened to crack her head is a mystery to Renee, who is not a fighter. Renee is done. She does not consider Drita a friend, just a co-worker. That being said, Renee is open to an apology, if Drita ever wants to explain why she came at her so aggressively.

As far as Natalie goes, there is no relationship at all. Her attack on Renee’s relapse was basically unforgivable. Natalie called Renee out on her addiction and yet she was one of the people “partying with her.”

As for Ang, she wishes she would have given her more support than she did with the other girls talking about her behind her back. Renee discusses what happened in Vegas and why.

Renee's new mantra seems to be "Don't speak my truths and expect me to hide your lies."

Rumors about Renee getting her own show? A couple of things are in the works, but there is very little revealed right now.

Picture & Video Credit: Global Grind

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