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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E11

Still at the Berkshires, the ladies plan Ramona's intervention!

“The Ramona Trap” is the title of this week’s episode. Do you think they mean “trap” as in mouth and someone will tell her to “shut her trap?” No, this is about the ladies confronting Ramona on her bad behavior. Not sure I am ready for the drama. In any case it’s very hard to blog nonsense, which is what this show is all about.

We are still in the Berkshires, can you believe this? It’s morning and they all look hung over. Kristen looks pretty good for the wear. Sonja goes back to sleep. The perky yoga instructor shows up. Sonja says LuAnn looks pretty banged up and, of course, LuAnn is annoyed. Who is more banged up than Sonja? Everyone goes outside for yoga at 9 am, even Sonja, who wouldn’t dare be left out of television air time. Carole only likes two poses and she is sticking with them. Sonja is inventing her own kind of yoga. I wish I could ask Heather who the hell plans yoga at 9 am for guests you know love to drink the night away?

Carole is doing a photo shoot for a magazine. She is also writing a piece on manners for Town and Country and she needs tips from LuAnn, the Queen of manners and etiquette. Carole has one sentence so far. What do you bring a hostess at a party? Wine or a candle. I read Carole’s finished article and I recommend it. Carole is witty and I love her writing style, however some of her gift ideas are not for the everyday housewife. She is a little out of touch. I find that is the case with many “rich” people.  LINK to article.

Kristen meets Heather at Central Park with her son, Cash. They rehash Ramona’s glass throwing, anger and lying issues. Heather says they are doing the intervention at dinner tonight. Heather thinks it’s an issue of anger management. Heather says Ramona lied to get away from the Berkshires. So overall Ramona’s behavior is totally unacceptable. Kristen says she isn’t ready to see Ramona, so she won’t go. Maybe she wants her lip to heal before Ramona throws something else at her face?

Ramona is boxed in by linebacker LuAnn!

The confrontation dinner! LuAnn says they devised a plan to trap Ramona in her seat so she can’t leave. They have a u-shaped booth and they manipulate the situation so Ramona has to sit on the inside, not on the end. Everyone but Kristen is there. LuAnn is to the right of Ramona and, like a football player, she will block her from leaving. LuAnn asks about the Hamptons and the Molly Sims party. Ramona looks shocked then rolls her big eyes. LuAnn says Ramona left the Berkshires so she could go to a party. Sonja confronts Ramona about lying. Heather says it was hurtful that she left her house when she went to a lot of trouble planning a nice weekend. They think the whole childhood theatrics was a fabricated elaborate ploy to avoid telling the truth . . . she had a party to go to. Ramona  thinks Sonja is pissy because she wasn’t invited to the party.

These b*tches are ganging up on me. F*ck them!

Ramona starts crying and holding her head. Everyone is ganging up on her. Ramona starts dropping “F” bombs and says she is leaving. She gets out of control and wants to get out of the booth. Carole tells her she should have been honest about why she was leaving. Ramona is talking nonstop and not listening to a word anyone is saying. Ramona is still crying about her childhood memories. Sonja says if Ramona has post traumatic stress she sure gets over it quickly. Ramona says she wanted to get out of the Berkshires, she wasn’t comfortable there. Now  Ramona admits she needs help dealing with her past.  She says she needs therapy just to shut them up and so she can get out of there.

At Kristen’s house her 17 month old daughter, Kingsley, isn’t walking yet. Her husband comes home in the middle of the day. Kristen asked him to do some therapy with Kingsley. She wants him to see what’s involved. He complains how hard it is for him to take 2 hours out from work, but he did it so Kristen will stop busting his chops. Nice. Meanwhile he is on the phone the entire therapy session. Kristen is annoyed and rightly so. Then he steps outside to take a call. Kristen gets up to confront him. He says he will be in in a minute. The therapist leaves and Kristen tries to explain that she needed his undivided attention. He feels harassed. He has pressure from his job so he can’t be home for everything. He has a demanding job with little flexibility. He says he doesn’t come home because there is never any food on the table. Now, that’s hitting below the belt! I think Kristen and Josh need to be on Dr. Phil. I can almost see them having their own reality show like Tori and Dean.

Who the hell is buying this?

Ramona is working out after her “blow-out,” how odd.  Mario walks in and she stops the workout and immediately switches to wine drinking, her favorite sport. She tells him about her dinner intervention and what happened at the Berkshires. She turned herself into the “victim.” She says she and Mario are married 21 years and have a successful marriage . . . what happened to his cheating and baby out of wedlock? It was all over the tabloids for months and they aren’t mentioning it on the show? That’s a storyline! I don’t care if it’s real or fake, it’s better that glass throwing and Ramona can play victim legitimately.

Sonja says the word “brand” and a pain shoots through my brain . . .  and says she doesn’t go over the top. What??? Everything Sonja does is over the top. Sonja and her interns are setting a table for the people who are going to discuss her brand. Oy Vey, I am glad this scene went nowhere.

I have a tendency to talk too much . . . 
did you know 76% of women fake orgasms?

LuAnn arranged a double date for her and Jacques and Carole and her friend, Neil. Carole is a little nervous. She is afraid she will talk too much and wants LuAnn to let her know if she does. She asks how old he is, he says 52. “That’s a lovely age.” Carole likes older men. The whole time Carole keeps asking if she is talking too much. She advises them that “76% of woman fake orgasms.“ Carole is really screwing up this date. I can’t wait to read her blog and get her take on it.

"No more throwing objects at people's faces, Ramona!"

Kristen is meeting Ramona for tea. Ramona invited her so we’ll see if an apology is forthcoming. Ramona thanks her for coming and says she feels terrible for what happened. She apologizes profusely. Kristen started feeling better about the situation. But she can’t get over the fact that Ramona threw something at her face twice in a few weeks? Then she asks Ramona if she is drinking too much or has anger management issues. Ramona is clearly getting annoyed now. Kristen thinks she should get help, she has issues. Ramona says she is leaving in a minute. Kristen made a trip there, from uptown,  for nothing, Ramona is always looking at her clock and running off. At least Ramona is remorseful. Kristen leaves. You get the feeling this whole apology was really a waste of time.

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