Friday, May 2, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Interview Causes Twitter Beef?

Renee answering questions honestly

It was brought to my attention that more than a few snarky tweets were out there by members of the Mob Wives cast recently. Apparently, Renee did an interview back on April 10th with Zach Sang and the gang, and some of the “ladies” have just gotten around to watching it. To say they were less than pleased with Renee’s blunt honesty is an understatement. Renee took this opportunity to answer questions concerning season four, the cast and her feelings about whether or not she would return to season 5. To properly get the impact of the tweets and to be clear about what is being referred to, you should watch the video first. For example, in the tweets it isn’t totally clear who Drita is pissed at for not having the name of her store, “Lady Boss,” roll off the tip of her tongue. But, if you watch the video, you can see that Renee has a bit of a memory lapse when she tries to come up with the name of Drita’s store. I didn’t think it was a big deal myself, but Drita’s claws came out over it. Here is the video:

I’ve watched the interview twice and I didn’t hear anything outrageous or untrue expressed by Renee to warrant these comments flying back and forth on Twitter. I’m sure others may have a different opinion, obviously the cast does. Now here are the tweets:

 Natalie starts things off with a bang and a link to the video

Alicia chimes in, Goddess that she is

Drita has the most to say over a memory lapse

Renee responds to the war of words

Drita takes her last shot

And there you have it. Is this a sneak peek into the drama of season 5? Drita certainly went ballistic at the reunion show of season 4 and blindsided Renee with a barrage of accusations going back to the first three seasons. We know now that Alicia has resigned and I cannot for the life of me see Natalie coming back . . . so now what? If I were the executive in charge of this production I would certainly do whatever it takes to bring back Karen Gravano. Hell, make her an offer she can't refuse! Let's get Mob Wives back on track with "real and reality!" Get rid of the loud mouth, vulgar, 80% naked SOUTH Philly funeral home cosmetician who makes up dead people and has no mob ties. And don't find another lying Philly wise gal who can't decide if she is guilty of embezzlement or not; who is forever crying over her ex-husband cheating but is also cheating on him herself with a married man; who claims poverty, but is decked out in jewelry from head to toe; who wants to pay back $20,000 even though the amount allegedly stolen was closer to three million. There are legitimate mob wives out there, so let's find a couple of them who are willing to be real and tell their stories. 

Picture Credit: Zach Sang and the gang


Anonymous said...

Lol Renee is too funny. She was throwing shade. She forgot Drita's business name on purpose to show that her business isn't anything worth remembering haha. It's a dig and Renee knows that's why she laughed.

leigh said...

wow i have always been a Drita fan...but those tweets are so immature from her!For her to go off tweeting about renee over nothing..well she must have a little to much time on her hands these days

Chiara Soprano said...

Drita always shows her true colors and I ain't talking lipstick and nail polish lol