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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E8

Ramona fills the girls in on Sonja's debt crisis

And tonight’s episode is called “Unforgivable Debt,” undoubtedly because Sonja is drowning in a sea of bills she can’t pay, while she continues to live the carefree, luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous. The only thing she seems to cut corners on are costumes for burlesque shows and Mermaid parades. She should write a book on how to do that, I’d buy it!

So what the hell happens tonight? Sonja has a get together at her “borrowed house” in the Hamptons. Ramona and Aviva are coming over for brunch. Ramona calls to say she can’t come over, she has to rest. Sonja is pissed. Sonja and Aviva sit around the pool. Sonja is looking for Ramona’s support but thinks Ramona is projecting her unhappiness on her. Sonja is hurt. If she doesn’t know the self absorbed Ramona by now, she never will.

Ramona is hanging out with LuAnn and Carole at a Designer’s House event, raising money for breast cancer awareness. LuAnn has developed the skillful art of putting up with Ramona over the years. Ramona throws a plate in the pool. Is it turtle time? Luann says “it’s a designer house not a frat house.” Ramona reveals to the girls that Sonja was going to sell the house, but since she hasn’t, the court has now decided it will sell it for whatever they want. Sonja debts will not be forgiven and Ramona says it’s a sad state of affairs. Sonja is emotionally attached to her house. LuAnn was surprised and not too pleased that Ramona would reveal Sonja’s business to them. Is anyone else surprised? Ramona likes to talk about everyone’s business, but her own. Maybe Sonja should tell us what went on with the Mario affair?

Carole fills in the girls about Sonja's
situation as Ramona sees it

Holla Heather is waiting for Kristen and her son, Cash, to come over. Heather loves her great husband. He takes the kids while Heather, Kristen and Carole have some cheese, crackers and fruit. Carole tells them about the gossip Ramona just revealed regarding Sonja’s financial situation, and how the house is being sold out from under her. Carole thinks Sonja is in denial about it all. Heather doesn’t think that Ramona has Sonja’s back and she shouldn’t be talking about her issues. I think I need to teach a class in Ramona Singer 101. Doesn’t anyone know Ramona’s M.O.? Wasn’t it Heather who coined the term the “Singer Stinger?”

Does she still have some mileage in modeling?

Kristen is looking for a new agent, the old one isn’t getting her any modeling jobs. Her modeling career can’t be over just like that after 25 years, can it? Hmmm. The new agent, obviously lacking any sort of tact and diplomacy, says they are looking for younger women, but maybe she still has some mileage left. Who the hell says that? What is she a used car? He tells her to try secondary markets like Chicago and Milwaukee . . . what an insult. Kristen is disappointed that her career has peaked. Now what will she do? He suggests acting. You don’t suppose he knows she is on RHONY do you? I would have suggested modeling for products targeting middle age women, but what do I know.

Luann gets a headache after trying to figure out
what Sonja is trying to say

Luann and Aviva are at a wine tasting and Ramona and Sonja are supposedly coming, but who knows with their track record of last minute cancellations? Luann finds her wine too pert, and Aviva says it too acidic, like urine. That comment raises the eyebrows of the server! Both Ramona and Sonja show up, how do you like that? Ramona feels Sonja is acting cold towards her. Luann asks Sonja about the sale of the house. Sonja says she doesn’t want to sell any house. Luann asks about the toaster oven. Sonja says her brand is much bigger than a toaster oven . . . whatever that means. No one is getting it. The four of them sit outside. Ramona tells Aviva she made peace with her because of the group. Aviva says is fine with everyone except Carole. Aviva complains that Luann is on the fence and doesn’t take sides, which she wants her to do. Sonja jabs Luann and says she is just a diplomat. Luann thinks Sonja is being nasty to her. Ramona says all Sonja’s business ventures never come to fruition because she is spread too thin. When the others try to get an understanding of Sonja’s business ventures by asking questions, Sonja loses her mind! She starts a rant that sounds like a free association game she is playing with herself. “Don’t you get it! Isn’t anyone listening? This is about my brand! It’s bigger than a  toaster oven! Toaster, place mats, napkins, yellow and white diamonds, shoes, handbags, gloves, skin care . . . Everything.” Okay, okay, we get it. Sonja is taking over the Amazon Market Place.

Heather is going after Spanx but
first things first: Tequila

Heather drops in on Carole with a six pack and tequila. I wish I had a friend who dropped by with tequila. Carole provides the pizza. I notice Carole never cooks, she always has food brought in. Heather discusses her patent infringement lawsuit. Who thought Spanx would want to take a poor girl’s three panel girdle? They get a little tipsy. Carole wants to get rid of her piano. She wants to make changes, refresh the home, and start new. They have a few more shots of tequila, which always helps friends sort things out.

Sonja cleans her toilet and bidet. Ramona pops in (at her own risk) to see her. Ramona has been waiting to have this conversation with Sonja, but Sonja hasn’t said a word. Ramona wants her to start looking for an apartment in case she has to move. Sonja says she has angels on her side. She tells Ramona you have to think positively and stay calm. Sonja says live in the moment not in fear. Ramona just wants her to be prepared. Sonja says she can take care of herself . . . Ramona thinks Sonja has her head in the sand and is avoiding reality. It’s like these two just met for the first time on last night’s episode. Sonja’s head has always been in the sand.

Harry comes over to Aviva’s for dinner because Harrison is going away to sleep away camp. Aviva’s little boy, Hudson, says, “I hate Harry.” He doesn’t like to be tickled. The first thing Harry does is tickle him. I think Hudson had the best line of the night. I’m not crazy about Harry either.

Baby Ben is a no show!

Sonja is meeting Baby Ben for dinner at six. She thinks he will give her support. Once again her head is in the sand. Well, Baby Ben is late . . . why didn’t he pick her up, I wonder to myself? Uh oh, it’s 6:50 PM and no Baby Ben, and no call. She has been stood up. When you have a boyfriend in college that’s bound to happen.

Carole's oven is cooking the books!

Carole has some construction guys over to check out her home, she wants to refresh it. Get rid of the office and make it a walk-in closet. The kitchen will become the office, says Carole . . . a genius idea! She never uses her kitchen anyway. Carole doesn’t cook. She says the only pot she uses is her tea pot. The construction guys have some reservations about this idea. After all, if she ever plans to sell the place , most people will want a kitchen. Carole doesn’t envision selling it, problem solved.

Kristen retaliates for the Pinot!

All the women meet at the spa to relax. Ramona comes prepared with her wine bottle and glass. Kristen is in the hot tub. Sonja hasn’t spoken to Baby Ben in days, maybe he is too young for her? Sonja thinks Ramona did something to stop him from calling. Ramona actually did call someone close to Ben. Ramona keeps saying how young Baby Ben is and says he could be her son, it’s incestuous. Aviva asks if Ramona is being judgmental and a meddler. Someone says Ramona is jealous and Kristen says, “yeah.“ Ramona throws her drink on Kristen for no reason at all. Kristen is appalled. She splashes Ramona, who just had her hair done for a party she is going to later. Ramona is just a little annoyed, almost like she expected it . . . Scripted?


Ramona calls Kristen an instigator . . . Sonja yells at Ramona for taking Baby Ben away from her and throwing Pinot on Kristen. “Did Ramona miss that memo 65 years ago about no hitting?” asks Kristen. You know, now that Kristen mentions it, Ramona is looking like she aged a bit since last season. Either that, or her trip to Africa, Mario’s affair and Avery’s going to college, all took their toll on her. So far these 8 episodes have taken a toll on me!

P.S. I just wanted to point out that Aviva managed to get through an episode unscathed while Ramona is replacing her as the thorn in everyone’s side. I prefer it this way. I find Ramona much better at being annoying. I think she has had more practice!

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