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Mob Wives: Ramona's HOT 97 Interview!

Ramona gives an informative and detailed interviewed about several topics. She begins by talking about her grandfather, Lefty “Guns” Ruggiero, who was portrayed in the movie “Donnie Brasco,” and her little chat with Al Pacino, who played him. They ask about Ramona’s mother and father. She says they are the “real deal,” they will never be on the show and they are not happy about her being on the show. She says they come from the point of view that you never speak of the mob. Ramona says, while she understands how they feel, she is only speaking about her own life and not about the mob. She touches on her situation with her boyfriend and says she will not speak about it because it’s not her place to speak about his issues. She says her one and only top priority are her four children. 

As for the show, they ask what’s happening between her and the other women. Ramona says, it’s pretty much what you see is what it is. We see who talks to each other and who doesn’t. Things are the same as when the season started and the altercation took place. Certain people still won’t come into a room…the host says, if you don’t know who she is talking about, she is talking about Drita. They ask if the feud between Ramona and Drita is real and Ramona says yes. “It’s so real.” She explains if it wasn’t real she wouldn’t be a prt of it because she doesn’t wear fake things why would she act fake. Ramona basically says that Drita could do whatever she wants and she is fine with it, but what she is not fine with is her stepping on certain people’s toes. They bring up Drita’s music video where she does some rapping. Ramona says whatever she can do to support her two children, she wishes her the best. 

They hit on the criticism the show got from the Italian community and then Victoria Gotti. Ramona refutes what Victoria Gotti had to say about her show and says her show was called Growing Up Gotti, but her kids’ last names aren’t Gotti. She was riding on the reputation of her father. 

They get into a lengthy conversation about her ex-husband, who is from the Middle East and her ordeal of being held in a foreign country for over two years trying to leave. Ramona doesn’t have any good things to say about her husband, who arranged things for her not to be able to leave and come home. 

Final Draft

Ramona drops a Music News Bomb, she co-manages an R&B group based out of Atlanta called Final Draft. She feels strongly that these kids are going to make it big and they have a track out on you tube. You can listen and watch the group here Final Draft "Do It" I love it! Give it a listen! They are HOT!

 Video credit: JMedinaHot97

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Mob Wives: My Letter to Karen Gravano

Dear Karen,

I have been thinking about writing this letter for a long time. I was looking for the right moment (actually I was scared Mob Mistress would stab me in the neck for writing it). From day one, when I began watching the show, I was amazed at your brilliance on screen. Your matter of fact attitude and your beauty drew me in instantly. I watched your every scene. You nailed every scene with class. I was proud of you when you came back to face the BS from the gossiping gang. You are the show. Of course, I may be a little biased. I have enjoyed watching you.  Your full figured body is sexy. Actually you are the sexiest one out of the entire cast. While Drita and Carla may have tight hot bodies, they do nothing for me. I am not a fan of the fake, and they both seem fake to me. I think when I truly fell in love was in the final episode of season one. Now it was not quite a fair fight. I understand street fights are never fair, but when Renee grabbed you and held you down to protect you, I was pissed. I wanted her to let you go in order to let you handle your business. Now I don't like fighting, but there was something in your eyes and how you screamed "I'll keep coming for you, you dirty ho," that made me think Karen is my dream woman.

 As we approached the second season, I could not wait. I watch each epsiode and love each moment that you had in your confessional. I love the clothes you picked out because they accentuated your cleavage. I was like "damn girl!" I even started following you on twitter. I may have stepped over the line on twitter, but it was all in fun. I also have to add that no cops or hitmen knocked on my door for it.  So I guess I wasn't too out of line. Maybe I should start sleeping with one eye open? Probably the highlight for my harassing you on twitter was when you gave me a birthday shout out. I was overjoyed. I will never forget that moment. I thought she actually knows I exist. I stepped up my twitter game and was constantly tweeting you. You would respond with a wink. The next step for me was purchasing your book. (I was kind of holding out hope that you would have sent me an autographed copy, but instead I bought it on my iPad.) I've read Mob Daughter. I love it. I imagine your voice reading to me as I lay in bed at night. After reading your book, I understood your tough exterior even more. You have your guard up because of your background. No one should expect you to be different. You also were raised in a family with loyalty. Something that others on your show no nothing about. But this is not about them. This is about you. I want to say thank you for sharing your life with me. I promise that I will always be a fan, listen and watch.

Forever yours,

The Underboss

I make no bones about Karen Gravano of Mob Wives being my favorite. I do not know Karen except for what I see on tv and read in her book. If you are on twitter you're more than welcome to follow me @undabawse.


Mob Mistress' input, "Why is Rockwell's single Someone's Watching Me playing in my head?"

The newest member to our blog Soft Tails stated they were touched by The Underboss' devotion to Karen Gravano.  As they read the letter Lionel Richie's Hello played in their head.  Here's the video & song to listen to as you read the letter:

Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo Reveals Made Up Storyline?

Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives in action.
Some thought I should do this post due to my gentle ways.  Oh boy were they so very wrong.  Chiara, Underboss and I get these continual repetitive questions about aren't we suppose to be unbiased or impartial.  I've never written anywhere that we are unbiased or impartial.  We are viewers just like most who read our site.  We watch Mob Wives every Sunday it airs like many of you.  We don't know the story lines.  VH1 doesn't give us previews of upcoming episodes.  I'm sure big brother Viacom doesn't even know we exist.  The 3 of us, soon to be 4 do this because we like blogging & watching the show.  If you can't tell by now Chiara likes it the most.  Underboss does what he can when he can.  He's on some sort of strike because I have a backlog of posts he's written that have yet to see the light of day.  We were all unbiased & impartial when we watched the trailers last year & 1st episode.  Once we got into season 1 of Mob Wives, we like who we like any given Sunday.  You don't have to like who we like.  You don't have to dislike the same Mob Wives we do.  Frankly, I don't wake up thinking, "Who likes me today?"  So, I sure in the hell don't give a flying rat turd if you like Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, Ramona Rizzo, Angela Raiola and sometimes Carla Facciolo.  I do.  I concern myself with who I like.  Who you like is your business; though you are welcome to share your opinion for the most part.  I dislike Drita D'avanzo per the show.  I am of the opinion that she is one of the lamest chicks ever on reality television.  Danielle Staub formerly of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is more credible than Drita D'avanzo in my opinion.

Recently, a pretty good site Reality Aired posted an interesting post.  I recommend all of you read it,  by CLICKING HERE before you continue with my post.  IMPORTANT UPDATE the original post has been edited.  I still stand by my reading comprehension & original opinion.  From firsthand experience, I know sites & blogs will edit or remove out of courtesy.  I still think Reality Aired is a really good site. You can still view part of the original post by clicking the picture below.  In the post it seems they spoke with the lovely Drita D'avanzo.  She allegedly revealed part of Mob Wives season 2 storyline by claiming her and Karen Gravano will make up.  She sure can't hold water! Drita also allegedly stated she likes to move forward.  Well move forward already!  Your life isn't at a stand still because the friend who wasn't your friend that you never said you weren't friends with is done with you.  Drita would love the viewers to believe all the fuss is about Lee D'avanzo and Karen can't get over that she married him & had kids.  Some of you believe that with all your little hearts.  I don't. I think it's about Drita NOT BEING A STAND UP FRIEND.  Today, it's about every time Drita feels some bit of truth is about to be revealed, she attempts to throw a punch.  You know she's trying to build the number of people she's put in the hospital and all [insert extreme eye roll here].  I don't know Karen Gravano & cannot speak for her.  However, I would NEVER EVER make up with anyone who physically attacked me twice.  I also wouldn't give the individual the time of day until they owned up on camera to the truth.  I do mean the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  Not some lame ass play nice so Drita can save face for all her adoring fans & remain relevant per Mob Wives.  Since Drita & Karen's falling out, one of them is a New York Times bestselling author & has multiple businesses coming to fruition.  It seems to me Karen Gravano has moved forward in a very big way.
Click picture for larger view of photo of original post.
Why does so so tough Drita need to make up with anyone to move forward?  I doubt it has to do with anyone else besides keeping herself in the loop of filming.  In addition, it crossed my mind this is a ploy to paint Karen into a corner by having fans pressure her into a reconciliation.  Since Drita is stating publicly she wants them to make up.  Didn't the cast sign confidientiality contracts?!

 Season 2 of Mob Wives hasn't even finished airing.  Yet, I can't wait for season 3.  I imagine mob daughters & wives are coming out of the woodwork as if termites to be a part of Mob Wives.  I say cast someone with a strong connection to the lifestyle & ditch Drita.  It's not like Drita D'avanzo doesn't have other options.   She is appearing in some rapper's video.  Per my first interview with Jennifer Graziano I hear Drita has mad rapping skills.  We can't forget her potential as a model.  Arizona Muse,  Toni Garrn and Chanel Iman move over.  She also has a cosmetics line we've read is coming out soon over and over again.  (CRICKETS)   I'll be sticking with Cargo, Make Up Forever, Yves St. Laurent, Veritas, Bobbi Brown and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics thank you very much.  Doesn't Roxanne Rizzo Drita's old friend from back in the day have a line out.  Summer is coming and I suggest you checkout her Bronze Glow.  I hear it's one of the best spray tan products available on the market.

As always whether I love, like or dislike a particular mob wife  I wish them all the happiness & success they can stand.  I don't know about you but I'll be tuned into Mob Wives this Sunday @ 8 PM on VH1.  On Sunday, we'll be posting a Renee Graziano interview done just days after discovering Junior's cooperation with authorities.  Special thanks to Eva Howard, Joshy, Cee Cee, Helen Wheels, Rach, Lizzard, Monique, Somaya, Hey You, Dee, MissCrop609, Julie. CrazieShayzie, FunLady28, Nicole in MA, Just Passin By, Keebs and our nameless readers & commenters.  Toodles.

Original Story: Reality Aired
Picture Credit: Our Bookie

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Mob Wives: Victims' Families Harass Karen Again!

I just came across an article in the New York Post where the victim’s families of Sammy Gravano are now trying to say that Karen broke the law when she fired a gun at the shooting range in the Poconos. They want an investigation done by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Philadelphia Field Division, who have not yet opened a case. 

This comes across to me as more harassment. Where and when does it end? Karen herself has said many times that she sympathizes with the families of her father’s victims. During his time with the mob, Sammy admitted to being involved in 19 murders. Karen’s own family suffered the loss of her uncle due to the lifestyle. She understands their pain. Many, if not all, of the victims were involved in the lifestyle and knew the possible consequences that went along with doing business in or with the mob. That was their choice, not Karen’s. It was her father who was involved in the murders, not Karen. They want Karen to pay for her father’s sins. They want Karen to pay for the decisions their own family members made when they chose to get involved with the mob? They protested her return to Staten Island. They protested her being cast on the show. They protested her right to write her story in her book, Mob Daughter. They wanted to claim the profits from her best selling book. Now they want her criminally investigated for shooting a firearm at a target, at a shooting range, which was a scene for the show. 

I am still trying to understand how Karen is to blame for any of their loss and pain. She didn't ask to be born, she didn't give her father instructions on how to live his life. She didn't participate in any of the murders. What exactly is she guilty of? If I am frustrated by it all I can only imagine how Karen must feel. I decided to call Karen and see what she had to say about, what I consider to be, continual harassment.

Karen was already aware of the article when I mentioned it. Karen says that she has been trying to shed light on what happened in the past by writing her book. She has been working to change all the negative aspects in her life to positive ones. She is focused on changing her life and has made some mistakes which she acknowledges in her book. She has said many times she does not condone murder, all murder is wrong. The victim's families only want to blame her father for what happened, but the truth of the matter is that their family members were involved with Sammy and/or the mob and they knew the risks they were taking. She feels the families are blaming her for being Sammy's daughter and for being successful. They also have books that they have wanted to get published, but weren't able to get book deals. If they feel they can tell their stories, why shouldn't she be able to tell hers? They are constantly trying to discredit her, and her name, every opportunity they get. Karen says she put all of it out there already. At one point in her life she says she felt like a victim, but now she considers herself a survivor.

I hope the victims families find a way to get closure and move beyond what happened in the past. Karen is in no way responsible for what happened to their family members. They should go on with their lives and let her go on with hers.

Mob Wives: St. Laz New Mob Wives Song

St. Laz

I love Twitter! This morning I was tweeted a "clean" version of the song "Mob Wives," an original creation of artist St. Laz. I am not a fan of rap or hip hop, but if it has to do with Mob Wives, I'm gonna love it...and I do! I was playing it this morning to get a feel for it and my daughter walks in and says what are you listening to? I say it's a new song dedicated to the Mob Wives and I am all about blogging anything that has to do with the show. My daughter adds her two cents and says "it's actually very good!"  I happen to agree. I saw that Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano retweeted the "dirty" version a couple of days ago. But, St. Laz was not only wise enough to make a "clean" version, he also sent it to me, the blogging maniac!

From St. Laz Facebook I copied this little intro: "Seen on MTV, St. Laz was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn and  is one of the biggest indie rappers in the music business, collabs with big artist such as jadakiss, jim jones, joel ortiz, uncle murda, styles p, sheek louch and more, hear st.laz on hot 97 and power 105.1 in NYC." Check out his facebook page @ and follow him on Twitter @StLaz

St. Laz has many tracks out there. If you love his music you will be happy to find more tracks @ St. Laz TRACKS

Please have a listen and let us know what you think of this NEW Mob Wives Song!

Pictures and Music: St. Laz

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Mob Wives Chicago: Leah & Christina In NYC

Christina Scoleri and Leah DeSimone

What would we do without Twitter? I have no clue, but hot off the tweets of Chicago Mob Wives Leah and Christina, I found this picture of the two of them headed to New York City yesterday. No one asked why and they didn't volunteer any information, but they sure seemed excited about their trip. Don't they look great in the above picture? Are they wearing leather pants? Anyway, I did try to get some information as to why they are here, but haven't heard back. If I do I will update this blog or start a new one. Stay tuned!

Just last week a member of the Mob Wives Chicago cast, Renee Fecarotta, flew in to New York City for a little work and a lot of fun. She brought her beautiful daughter, Giana and her lovely niece Lexi. She met up with the Staten Island wives and they all seems to have a great time partying the night away at the Greenhouse last weekend. 

PRACTICAL JOKE! Leah and Christina are NOT in New York! Apparently we have learned something first hand about Leah...she is a PRANKSTER and got me good and it's not even April FOOL's Day! Oh well, it was a great picture and I got a good laugh of the day out of it in the end.

Picture credit: Leah's Twitter Account

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Mob Wives: Recap “Torn Apart” Ep 211

Renee's world falls apart in this episode

Carla and Drita go out to New York City for a night on the town. Drita wants to meet some guys, drink, dance and have a good time, without drama. Drita feels free because of her filing for divorce from Lee. Carla says she is the “wing girl” and she spots the cute guys for Drita. Carla thinks Drita needs to brush up on her dating skills. Drita says she would love to meet a guy and go out on a date. Then she meets a guy who knows her and Lee and she gets annoyed because now Lee is going to know she was out having fun. Her night out is ruined. She has one last drink and she and Carla leave. She says it’s not easy to move on and close the door to a life.

Drita's attempt at dating isn't going smoothly!

Big Ang, Karen and Ramona go out for drinks. Big Ang talks about her Uncle Sally Dogs and Karen asks how he got that name. Big Ang says he was like a bull dog. Karen’s father, Sammy, was very close to Sally Dogs. Those were the good old days as they all reminisce over the fun times they all shared. Big Ang brings up about her past arrest and how a friend of hers wore a wire and taped her in the bathroom peeing…“the rat bastard!”

At Renee’s house, Renee checks Junior’s appointment book. Junior is going to be sentenced in a couple of months to 18 to 21 months jail time. There has to be a PSI report done. A pre-sentencing investigation looks at everything the person has done in their life. Renee says she fights with Junior for no reason and he has distanced himself from her and she is sad. He says she has mood swings because of his cheating in the past that she can’t let go of it. She feels he doesn’t love her and he says maybe it’s because of her bad attitude. She blames her mood on the fact that she is living in limbo not know what is going to happen and waiting for him to go to jail. She is afraid to lose him and she can’t handle it, it’s killing her. Junior is matter of fact about it. She wants to fix things and be happy…be happy with Junior. He says she has nothing to worry about, he will be there for her.

Bigg Ang has nothing good to say about her husband, Neil.

Big Ang and Drita are in a deli shopping. Drita tells Big Ang about her night out with Carla. Big Ang tells Drita about her husband, Neil. They are married two and a half years and after they got married things went downhill. He started staying out all night, cheating and drinking. She threw him out seven months ago. Big Ang doesn’t believe she should pay all the bills, that’s a man’s job. Big Ang tells Drita that she can’t go from a street guy to a regular guy. Big Ang’s husband is younger than Lee, only 38!

Ramona and Renee are sitting in a booth at a restaurant talking about Junior. Ramona says she has to stop bringing her past into her future. Renee tells Ramona how she feels neglected by Junior and how there is a lack of affection between them. But, Junior has been very close to her father over the years. Renee says her father called her to ask if she was alive and then hangs up. Ramona and her dad have no relationship at all. Renee says her dad doesn’t talk to her but she knows he will always be there for her. Ramona is sad because her kids don’t have a relationship with their father or their grandfather. Renee wants to repair her relationship with her father because he is 71 and hopes that one day he will forgive her.

Carla and Joe go to dinner and she tells him about a parent-teacher meeting at school . She wants him to go. Then she tells him about Drita’s idea to go speed dating and that she is going to join her and try it. He asks her if she knows what that is and she says no. Joe explains it to her and he supports her dating again. Joe and Carla reminisce about her great ass and corduroy pants.

Renee is in bed feeling anxiety, depression ad exhaustion.  She is hoping that Junior understand the conversation they had because he keeps pulling away from her and she doesn’t understand it. She hopes they can fix things because of the love they share.

Renee is expecting Junior to come home after meeting with his parole officer, but she finds a letter that he left for her and she reads it. She becomes agitated and nervous. Renee calls her friends Nikole and Karen, to tell them what is in the letter. Junior has turned himself in to the Feds for brandishing a pistol and armed robbery. Renee has no clue where he is and why he says he isn’t using his old lawyer. She doesn’t know what to do or who to call. She is stressed, confused and devastated.

Renee calls Ramona and tells her Junior woke up and took himself to jail, leaving a letter for her on the nightstand. These new charges carry a sentence of seven years in prison and will be added to his old charges of gambling. In the letter, Junior writes that he loves her, he will always love her. He hopes things work out for her and that she moves on and finds someone. Renee cries and says she will never leave him and move on. She says she can’t even cry because all she can think of is that while he is in prison she won’t have to worry about him cheating on her.

Drita and Carla go speed dating and they don’t know what to expect. They are nervous. Drita is scared of meeting new guys. They meet a guy named Kevin who says he is engaged. That gets Drita worked up, like what the hell is he doing speed dating if he is in a relationship? Another guy lives out of state and she says he might as well be in prison because they will never be able to see each other. There are a couple of young, single guys who were never married and don’t have children and they also met a couple of jerks. No one was suitable. They both leave.

Karen goes over to Renee’s and Renee tells Karen everything that happened. Karen is in complete shock over the 7 year prison sentence and the whole good bye letter doesn’t make sense to her. Renee says she has nothing left, no money. Karen doesn’t know how to help her. Renee says she is losing it and starts saying, “I want to go, I want to go.” She doesn’t want to live. She is scaring Karen who tells her she has to be strong. Karen says, don’t let the government win and break you. Renee doesn’t blame the government, they are just doing their jobs.  Renee’s mental state is not right. Karen begs her to be strong for AJ. Karen relates to AJ because she was his age when her father was arrested. Renee needs to find out where Junior is right now. She calls the Federal Detention Center to ask about Junior. They tell her they can’t answer anything until after midnight. Renee wants answers, so she makes her friend Nikole call and ask about Junior. This time the woman asks the inmate’s name, and Nikole says “Pagan.” The woman says Hector Pagan? And then goes to check it out. She comes back to say that he is being processed right now and that he looks well. Nikole wants to make arrangements for AJ to see his father. The woman tells her that won’t be possible. Renee’s depression kicks in and she gets sick to her stomach.  Her biggest fear is being along, of growing old alone. Karen is there for her. Renee cries and screams that she can’t save her family. It’s all too much for her.

Nikole and Karen eventually leave Renee alone. Renee needs to know where Junior is to put her mind and AJ’s mind at ease. She says she has no spirit, no will no drive. Renee leaves a message for Junior’s parole officer. Then she talks to her cousin on the phone. Her cousin is at her father’s house. While she is asking her cousin questions regarding Junior’s situation she hears the police arrive at her dad’s house and terror sets in. Renee can hear what’s going on and realizes that her father is being arrested by the Feds. She cries saying she is ten minutes away and can’t get there fast enough to say good bye. Renee can’t save her family and she feels helpless. The episode ends with Renee having a serious emotional breakdown over her dad’s arrest.


It’s very difficult to have any fun writing up my opinion this week when the episode deals almost exclusively with Renee’s life falling apart right before our eyes. I am thankful that what we saw last night took place months ago and that we have seen Renee fight her way back from it. Jennifer Graziano tweeted that this week and next week’s episodes were very difficult for her to watch. They were for me too. I have to admit that, when the show first started and they said it was based on reality, I was a huge skeptic and felt a lot of it was scripted. But you just can’t script these kinds of things. They were in the news and we all read it. This is as real as it gets. Renee, more than any of the other mob wives, has endured so much in the past ten months, from her horrific surgery on June 27th,  battling a deadly infection, the arrest of Junior and then her father, to finding out Junior cut a deal that resulted in the ultimate betrayal of her family. And through it all, Renee has always maintained her dignity and class, continued with the show and made many appearances without skipping a beat. If that’s not a strong woman, I don’t know what is. That’s why I say, when you think of Mob Wives, you think of Renee Graziano.

Now for the show! Drita’s dating situation is looking a bit desperate. Going to a bar to find the right man isn’t going to work well for Drita. She has celebrity status and is recognizable. Someone, or more likely more than one person, is sure to know who she is. This will only be a waste of time in my opinion. Then she tried speed dating. Speed dating allows you to meet several people in the course of a few minutes, to see if you click. You spend five minutes with a person and then, if you like what you hear, you exchange numbers and meet for a drink during the week. I think that’s ok for people who are unknown, but certainly not for Drita, who will attract every jerk in the house. Here’s a suggestion for Jennifer to run with, if Drita is really available: Over the summer ask men who are interested in meeting Drita for dating and a possible relationship to submit a video of themselves and a resume. The videos must be five minutes long and reveal why they think they are the perfect match for Drita. The videos will be reviewed by Carla, Renee and Big Ang. They will pick three to five of the most promising eligible bachelor’s. Jennifer will have those guys checked out to make sure they are for real. Dates will be arranged with each guy and the whole process, from start to finish, will be filmed. It can be used as part of Mob Wives or be it’s own little summer spin off (please no Carrie Keagan as a host!). The spin off can be called, “Drita Needs A Regular Guy” or something…I can’t think of everything, I’m not getting paid.

The rest of the show is about Renee’s world crashing down around her. I was thinking about what to say this morning. Renee was emotional, but what happened is as bad as it gets for her. Next week’s episode may even be worse, when the truth comes out that Junior was behind her father’s arrest. That episode is called The Ultimate Betrayal.

I just have one comment to make about the part of the show dealing with Renee. I don’t mean it as a criticism, it’s just that I don’t understand something. I was shocked that both Nikole and Karen left Renee alone considering the state of mind she was in. Of course, they might have been told to leave, and Renee really wasn’t alone because the camera crew, and possibly even Jennifer herself, were still there. But when they are filming, they make it look as though she is at home alone. So I don’t know. I don’t think Renee should have been left alone and could have used the support of everyone around her. But, no one asked me and I am not the executive producer, so I will leave the thinking to Jennifer, since she has been doing very well without my help.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Leah DeSimone’s Interview

I was fortunate to be able to catch up with Leah DeSimone of Mob Wives Chicago for an informal interview. I know are readers want to get a feel for who is going to be in the cast of the new show. I can tell you that I really enjoyed chatting with Leah. She was very open and straight forward with her answers and had me laughing at times. I think she is going to bring a lot to the show…but let’s get to her interview!

Hi Leah, this is Chiara from Mobwives Blogspot. How are you?
Hi Chiara, I’m good, how are you.

I’m fine, thanks. I just have some questions for an informal interview so fans can get an idea of who you are.
Ok, sounds good.

Great. Have you watched season one and two of Mob Wives?
I watched season one. All my friends call me Drita. When I’ve been in the middle of telling them a story, they would say, “Dri, calm down.”

Which of the Mob Wives do you think you relate to the most?
I think I’m a combination of Drita and Big Ang. I mean, I won’t start any trouble, but I won’t think twice about using my tongue, which is wicked and deadly. I don’t have to use my fists to get my point across. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  Respect me and I’ll respect you. I am very much about respect, loyalty and honor and that’s how I grew up. As far as being like Big Ang, I am a mediator. I don’t want trouble and I don’t start trouble. I say if you can’t get along then just don’t be around each other.

Did you know any of your cast members before the show started?
Yes I did. I grew up with Christina. She was friends with my older brother and is two years older than me. I’ve know Pia for about 20 years. She was a bartender where my friends and I used to go and she always gave us VIP service. Whenever we said we were going, she would always have a table ready for us.

How did you meet Jennifer Graziano?
Jennifer flew in to meet me when I was shooting a scene for Mob Wives Chicago. It was my second time filming. Everyone liked me and I was hired six days later.

Was it a difficult decision for you to join the cast of Mob Wives Chicago?
No, not at all. My family felt that I would be an asset to the show and told me to do my best and just be myself.

Is there going to be much drama on Mob Wives Chicago?
Drama? No.

Without revealing too much, do you have any issues with anyone on the show?
The issues I had were prior to the show’s existence, and they will come out.

What would you say is the difference between Mob Wives Chicago and the original show?
The cast members. We all have different personalities.

Are you married or have children?
No, I’m single.

Well that’s good. What I mean is that you don’t have to deal with the issue of husbands or boyfriends being incarcerated.
That’s true. 

Will we be seeing any of your family members on the show?
Yes, you will be seeing some of my family members on the show.

Is there anything you want viewers to know about you before they see the show?
Just that I’m the real McCoy. I’m feel I’m no different than anyone else, rich or poor, famous or not. I truly believe that. I’m humble and I will stay humble. I’ll always be me. I could be a millionaire and I’d still go to Walmart.

The Mob Wives got a lot of criticism from the residents of Staten Island for being on a show that glorifies the “lifestyle” or makes Italians look bad? Have you experienced any negative reactions in Chicago?
Yes. The Italian American Club said we disgraced Italians. I don’t feel my story is disgracing any part of Italian culture. I was raised by my father and grandmother. My mother and father didn’t get along. My mother lived down the street and my father had custody of me. I was always able to see my mother. My father was very strict. He raised me with respect and loyalty. I was taught to be responsible and not to disgrace the family. I never did anything wrong. I don’t regret my childhood. We didn’t have timeouts when I was a kid, we just got beatings. I’m glad my father was strict and I thank him now. God only knows how things would have turned out if he hadn’t been strict. 

How would you describe your personality?
I would say I am very comedic. I’m very true to my word. I’m honest, funny, and witty.
I can be very cocky. Very cocky. I don’t take any sh!t. I think before I speak, but if I don’t like you, I’ll tell you to your face. I’m down to earth and open minded.

Can you tell us a special childhood memory you have of you and your father?
Yes I can. When I was a little girl and lived with my father and grandmother, I couldn’t wait for my father to come home. Every day I would sit looking out the window for him. When he pulled up and saw me, he would wave to me to come out. I would run through the house and get my shoes on. Then I would go with him to the dice games. He was the best dice player! All the men would put money in my jeans and they used me for good luck. I thank God every day that my father is here.

Well, Leah that’s all I have for now. I want to wish you good luck with the show. It was really a pleasure talking to you.
Thank you. I enjoyed talking to you too, and call me if you need anything.

Thanks, I will. Have a good night.
You too.

Leah was a lot of fun to talk to. She kept throwing in old Sicilian expressions into our conversation. Some I knew, some I didn’t. But I loved all of them and I asked her if she would be sprinkling some of them into the show. She said yes! That made me laugh. That just gives me one more thing to look forward to. And, again, kudos to Jennifer Graziano for what I think is another awesome cast member to her new show!

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Picture credit: Leah DeSimone

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mob Wives: Catching Up With Renee!

Renee with Stevie Ryan
The Stevie responsible for Lee's Grandmother's Ziti Parody!

We all know Renee has been out in LA having a great time. Some of it was work related, some of it was spent with family, but all of it good. I miss Renee when she is away, but I am so glad she got the opportunity to enjoy herself. Renee and I had a little chat to bring us up to date on what’s been going on and what we need to know.

Hi Renee, how was your trip to LA? 
It was absolutely amazing! I got to spend time with my family and friends. My sister was out here with me. I did a big interview with Extra that will be airing in two weeks. I did a segment on The Doctors, with my new plastic surgeon, Dr. Fiorillo, and we discussed my surgery. I also did something with Stevie Ryan for the Stevie Ryan TV Show. I danced, I laughed and had a very good time while I was away. 

AJ, Renee and Cameron

How is AJ doing?
AJ had a great time in LA. He met the son of a friend of mine, and they are going to work on a T-Shirt line. They even have a name picked out for it. He made some friends in California. He went on a shopping spree with his friend, Cameron, and spent all my money. But, it was worth every freakin’ penny. We had dinner at Frankie’s. There is also an episode coming up on the show about his father, and he is prepared for it.

Episode 10 “Fire Away” opened up a can of worms. Now that Ramona swore on her children’s lives, you don’t believe Drita. Will you confront Drita and ask her to swear on her children too, or just take it that she is lying?
Swearing on kids is an Italian thing, like swearing on someone’s eyes or on your mother. It means, "don't f*ck with me." For Ramona to swear on her children it means automatic belief. I’m not going to ask Drita to swear on her children, but there is going to be a meeting with her. You have to remember that this took place a while ago, prior to Junior cooperating, when I was on a lot of pain medication and not thinking clearly. I don’t necessarily see some things the same way today.

Of course Carla was going to tell Drita everything that happened in the Poconos, because her loyalty is to her. Will you confront her on the show about that and where do you stand now?
Yes, 100% I am confronting Carla about going to Drita. I am always one confront someone when I have an issue with them. I never make an issue sit. I want the truth, even if it hurts me to hear it. I need to know the truth for my own self respect and to know where I stand. I just want the person to give me what I want to know. Today, things are different. I’m like Switzerland and I don’t want to get involved in fighting, unless it concerns family.

We recently found a clip of you and Carla fighting after an interview, can you tell us what brought that on?
It happened in my house with the press there. Someone told me that Carla allegedly said something very untrue that could ruin my reputation with my family. At that point it didn’t matter if it was true or not. When it comes to my family there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect them. But I wasn’t reacting to that in the clip. What made me extremely upset was when she said, “Go f*ck yourself” on her way out. That did it! All the anger I was holding back came out. I found it very disrespectful. Looking back on it, I admit I was dead wrong to raise my hands to her and I regret it tremendously. It will all be revealed in an upcoming episode.

What would you like fans to know that we haven’t gotten in previous interviews about you?
I just wants people to know that I am not always crying or a drama queen, the way it appears on the show. I might scream and yell and there are crazy moments, but my emotions are triggered by whatever is going on at the time. My relief is to cry, like Drita’s is to fight. But, I am a happy person, a great person, a great mother and a great role model to other teenagers. I’m not always crying, which is the impression people are getting from watching the show. I would like people to remember that I am fighting depression; I had major complications from my surgery in June; I suffered from a massive infection that almost killed me; I had to deal with Junior cooperating with the Feds; I had to cope with my father going back to prison and his being ill; and I still need major reconstructive surgery to fix what was done to me in my prior surgery. There is no tissue over the bone in my back, where the other surgery was performed. But, I am a strong individual. God helps me to be strong. I get up every time life knocks me down. My father gave me strength and power beyond belief. 

Ok, now I have to run, it was great talking to you Chiara!
Same here Renee, take care!

I know when we are watching Mob Wives we might forget all that Renee has endured over the past year, but it’s been a lot. I don’t know if I could have coped with it all and still gone on with the show and all the appearances Renee has had to do. Maybe her behavior on the show has been erratic and emotional this season, but whose wouldn’t be? She not only has gone through a lot physically, emotionally and mentally, but she had to film at the same time and while taking a lot of prescribed pain medication. I admire Renee. I see her as a fighter who comes always back, no matter what life throws her. 

And, by the way, while I am thinking of it, I want to add that Renee is beautiful in person; the television screen doesn’t do her justice at all. I have seen her two times and she is a radiant, has a beautiful smile and a life of the party personality. 

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Picture Credit: Renee Graziano

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Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Eats @ Frankie's On Melrose

Recently 2 of the 3 Graziano sisters hit up the west coast.  I still want to see Lana Graziano in action! Isn't she good friends with Bigg Ang? I hear she can burn up a storm.  Typing of food leave it to Renee Graziano of Mob Wives to seek out an Italian Restaurant wherever she is in the world.  Apparently her favorite Italian joint to eat at in Los Angeles, California is Frankie's On Melrose.

I've never been to Frankie's but I hear Renee isn't the only reality celebrity who loves them some Frankie's. The straight forward and sometimes not so nice Tami Roman of The Real World & Basketball Wives is allegedly a patron too.  Can Kesha catch a break Tami?  While mentioning Tami, one can't go without mentioning her latest catch phrase, "Bitch, Bitch and more Bitch!"  Y'all thought Renee was off the chain!  Tami Roman is a beast.  I mean beast in the most complimentary of ways.  Check out her site here & if you are suffering in the hair department visit Creme de la Creme Hair to take a gander @ her unbeweavable "Curls by Roman"!

Now back to Frankie's, their menu looks so damn good.  I'm craving the Pork Chop Giganti.  Check out their menu for yourself here.  You never know who you might bump into on your way in.  At the very worst you won't bump into anyone, however you'll enjoy some good old Italian cuisine.  Frankie's On Melrose is located @ 7228 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, Ca 90038!

Mon-Sat 12pm-12am
Sunday 5-10pm

Renee sure loves her son & her nephews.  I still just want to pinch Justin's cheeks.  He is such a cutie pie. I'd also like to pinch the cheeks of some of our favorite readers English Mob Wives Luva, Perri, Julie, Team MobWives 666, Kathy Cummings & Deana.

Photo Credit: Frankie's Website

Video Credit: PopTvDotCOM

Mob Wives: Recap “Fire Away” Ep 210

The fun at Shenanigans continues with Carla and her former "archenemies."

The fun at Shenanigans continues as Renee calls Junior to tell him to pick her up, and leaves Carla alone with Ramona and Karen. They ask if she is glad she came and if she is having a good time with them. Carla says yes. Then the name Drita comes up and Carla cringes. Karen says that Carla is Team Carla. Karen says she only has a problem with one person and she brought that person into her circle. But, both Ramona and Karen say they respect Carla for being loyal to Drita.

Neck brace for thyroid surgery?

Back in Staten Island Big Ang is wearing a neck brace and Drita comes over to visit. Big Ang had a biopsy of her thyroid and needs surgery to remove it. Big Ang talks about a handsome young doctor who tells her to get in a wheelchair. She said it was like a horror movie, going down a corridor with cabinets and medicine. She felt like she was going to the electric chair. Surgery sucks! Drita talks about going to anger management and how she has to learn to argue without using her fists. Big Ang thinks all the fighting is out of control. Drita wants to sit down with Karen and discuss their issues.

Carla calls Joe on the phone, from the Poconos, and tells him about the loser at the bar. She feels that Joe is going to be a big help to her with the kids once he is done with the halfway house. He says he will be done in a few days. Her kids are going to be ecstatic.

Renee's a gun expert!

Karen finds Renee in the cabin. Renee says she decided to stay in the Poconos and calm down. Renee rehashes the scene of the jerk at the bar who called them “b!tches.” Karen thinks the whole thing escalated. Renee doesn’t tolerate disrespect. Karen wants to know what they are going to do today. It’s their last day and Renee wants to get in a little shooting. They all go to the shooting range. Karen says she was 6 when she saw her first handgun under her father’s bed. The instructor gives them safety tips, always point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction and treat it as if it is always loaded. He says fire arms are for sport. Ramona likes all guns. Renee is really enjoying the whole shooting experience, but Renee can’t hit the target at all. She finally gets in a good shot in and is able to release some of her aggression. Renee and Carla are happy to be going home to Staten Island.

At Drita’s house, she is on the phone with her cousin Jackie who wants her to do some modeling for her swimwear line. Drita says yes and gives her, her measurements: 34D-25-34. Drita is glad to be getting paid for the modeling.

Renee, Junior, AJ and Sydney all go out to a nice dinner. Renee asks how long they have been dating. It’s been 4 months. Renee is happy AJ found a girl who respects him and his parents. Renee is happy to be with her family.

Latex or lambskin condoms! What's the difference?

At Renee’s house, Renee decides she needs to talk to AJ about sex because he is going to a party in NJ and might be sleeping over. AJ doesn’t want to talk about sex with Renee, but that isn’t going to stop Renee. She is prepared to tell him a few things like the difference between latex condoms and lambskin condoms. AJ is getting very embarrassed and says he doesn’t use condoms and then clarifies that he isn’t sexually active. Then they both get up from the living room and Renee chases AJ around the kitchen while they both laugh.

At Karen’s house, Ramona pays a visit to talk about her daughter, Melina’s, birthday. Ramona is getting her a computer, but Melina wants something from her boyfriend, Joe. Melina wants to visit him in jail and Ramona is torn about what to do. Both Karen and Ramona knows how it feels to visit a loved one in jail. Karen thinks she should let her do it, it might comfort her. Ramona says Karina was upset. And Karen answers because Karina had a gun put to her head by a cop and watched her father get arrested. She says she was comforted when she got to see he was alright in jail. Ramona decides she will take Melina for a visit.

Carla and Drita go bowling to have some fun. Drita decides to ask Carla about her trip to the Poconos and if they talked about her. Carla says how did you guess, and then goes into all the drama that happened when Renee drank the vodka and confronted Ramona. Carla says a melee started. Ramona told Renee that Drita was a liar. Drita is getting furious and says she can’t stand Ramona. Carla says that Renee sides with Drita when she is with them, but when she is with Ramona and Karen she sides with Ramona. Drita says Ramona had her nose in the air and always thought she was better than everyone. She was a rich spoiled b!tch! Now she wants to act tough and fight. Drita says Ramona is fiesty because she got popped in the mouth. Scene ends when Drita bowls a strike.

Drita reminds me of a grown up Pebbles Flintstone!

Drita is really heated from her conversation with Carla so she goes to see Big Ang. They both decide to get spray tans. Drita needs one for the modeling gig at her cousin’s house. Big Ang takes off her robe and she is wearing a bikini at age 51. Everyone is impressed. Big Ang is getting over her surgery and likes the tan. Drita is always happy when she is around Big Ang and now she feels ready for her photo shoot. She goes to her cousin’s house where she puts on a few suits and they take pictures. Drita says she is doing things to improve herself like boxing, anger management and modeling.

Bigg Ang fill out a swimsuit like nobody's business!

Melina, 11, and her mother, Ramona go to have a bite to eat after visiting her boyfriend, Joe, in prison. Her daughter says she found the place depressing and she was sad to leave. Tears stream down her face as she tells Ramona she is attached to Joe. Ramona tells her to pray. She asks her if she was scared. Ramona tells her that she used to go visit her grandfather, when she was Melina’s age, and she understands how she feels. It’s hard to say good bye. Ramona says that her children have no relationship with their father or her own father, and now this happens to the boyfriend, the one man in their lives.

Ramona sets Renee straight about Drita's motives for lying.

At Ramona’s house, Renee drops in for a talk. She takes out her phone to show Ramona that she got an email from Drita about what happened in the Poconos. Ramona is seeing red. She tells Renee that Drita lied about everything in order to embarrass and hurt Renee and to break up their friendship and their families. As Ramona talks, Renee literally starts shaking from the aggravation. Renee gets very worked up. Then Renee becomes very angry at Carla, saying she should have stayed neutral. Ramona thinks, Carla shouldn’t have to stay neutral, she is Drita’s friend and isn’t wrong to side with her. Renee decides she needs to have a serious talk with Drita as she leaves. 

The long awaited homecoming of Daddy!

Joe is finished with the halfway house! Carla invites him over for a family dinner. Joe wasn’t allowed to enter their home while he was in the halfway house. She is making a big dinner and asks Joseph to set the table for her. The doorbell rings and it’s Joe. The kids and Carla are excited to see him. Joe looks good! He likes the house. Carla says it’s good to have a man in the house again. They look like a beautiful family sitting at the dinner table. Carla doesn’t know if they will each end up married to different people or find their way back to each other. Time will tell.

But they do make a lovely little family!

MY TWO CENTS: (Opinion)

A lot less drama this week. Here goes. I think Carla only went to the Poconos because the show wanted her to and she got paid for the air time. There is no way in hell that she went for “fun.” Things were put to rest with Karen and Ramona, but she hasn’t spent any time with them since their sit downs, so why would she spend a long weekend with them? I know Renee was there “for” Carla, but Renee clearly hasn’t been herself. Even Karen mentioned that in green screen. Carla was lucky things went as well as they did.

As for Big Ang, I am sorry she needed the surgery and it was such an ordeal. It’s always a scary experience. But, as much as she says she is against fighting,  she is still egging Drita on whenever she talks about fighting Ramona. That’s not the way to keep the peace! 

Personally, I would not find the shooting range a place to relax or to have fun for that matter. It was interesting to see how much Ramona and Renee knew about guns. Renee practically named every gun on the table! I could tell you the difference between a pistol and a rifle and that’s about it. Evidently they picked up on a few things growing up. I’m glad that Renee felt better after hitting her target. Better for her to hit it there than at home.

After Renee and Junior have dinner with AJ and his girlfriend, Sydney, Renee decides it’s time for her to have the “sex” talk with AJ. AJ is already 17, so I’m sure he thinks he knows everything he needs to know about sex. However, having the “sex talk” on television is the height of embarrassment. I’m sure he would have turned red had he been alone with Renee without the cameras. One thing I know, teenagers do not like to talk about sex with their parents. The time to have the talk is when they are preteens, which I’m sure Renee did. I imagine this talk was for entertainment value only. Poor AJ, the things he does for his Aunt Jenn!

The whole business about Melina wanting to visit Ramona’s boyfriend in jail was very touching. Melina is a very sweet, sensitive little girl. She shed some quiet tears, which are the saddest, because you can tell they come from the heart. I could see that Ramona agonized over her decision to take her daughter to see Joe. I think her daughter was mature enough to handle it and we can’t always protect our children from the realities of life. Sometimes we have to expose them to situations we don’t like and be there to walk them through it. It looks like Ramona and her daughter even bonded over this experience. 
Frankly, I was more horrified about what Karen said about Karina’s experience. That had to be extremely traumatizing for her. 

Carla and Drita’s “fun” at the bowling alley was spoiled the second the Poconos came up. Drita is mad saying Ramona lied. Drita is seeing red even as she bowls a strike. But Ramona is also mad saying Drita lied. Ramona took it a step further and swore on her children’s and grandfather’s lives that she is not lying. That carries a lot of weight with Renee and with me. That is not something a loving mother would do, if they were lying. To be honest, I was a bit horrified that Renee asked Ramona to do that, but Ramona did it in a split second, without hesitating. Maybe that is part of the lifestyle? I don’t believe in swearing on people’s lives, but it is extremely persuasive when they do. So what’s next? Will Renee ask Drita to swear on her girls’ lives too?

Drita is so pissed, after bowling with Carla, that she runs to Big Ang. They both decide to get spray tans. Drita needs it for her modeling gig anyway. Big Ang gets rid of her neck brace and wears a swimsuit. I have lots I could say here. First of all I never heard of someone wearing a neck brace for thyroid surgery…ever. Neck braces are for whiplash, or spinal cord injuries. I looked it up and couldn’t find a good reason for the neck brace as a treatment for thyroid surgery. I can only imagine it was just to cover Big Ang’s neck, because maybe she didn’t have any surgery? I didn’t see any issues with her neck when she was getting the spray tan, did you? I’m sorry if she did have a thyroid issue, but if she didn’t, can someone please make up a more plausible excuse, like removal of a bunion on her foot. And I have to mention Big Ang in a swimsuit. I just want to say I never saw anyone fill out a swim suit better. I can’t believe she found one in her size.

Joe Ferragamo finally makes it on the show! Carla looked very happy. It was a very heartwarming scene seeing the family reunited in their home. Carla seems to have softened regarding Joe and open to future possibilities. She even looked sincere too. I am reserving judgment on this one. She just might have been excited because he’ll be moving in and helping out with the kids now. 

Finally, Renee brings Drita’s email to show Ramona what she said. I don’t believe Drita wrote an email, but that’s just me. Ramona and Renee’s little explosive discussion about Drita leaves me wondering how Drita is going to explain her lying about what she said, Ramona said? Renee will not rest until she gets at the truth because now it has put a strain on her relationship with Ramona and tested it. I don’t know if Drita knows she lied or not. Drita lies quite a bit, or she twists the truth so much that she might not think she lied. You know, like she told Karen on the rooftop, “It’s important to state the fact that we weren’t friends when I got together with Lee.” But on the balcony, she said, “I never said we weren’t friends, I always said we were friends.” So it’s hard to know what’s going on in that pretty little head of hers.

What did you think? I’ve love to know!

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Mob Wives Chicago: Nora Schweihs' Interview

Nora's Interview

I have been eagerly awaiting this day because I was very anxious to talk to Nora Schweihs. I like to get a feel for the Chicago Mob Wives before the show airs in June. Nora was gracious enough to speak with me and answer all my questions. I can tell you right now that this mob wife is very direct and to the point. I enjoyed her honesty and her being up front about her beliefs. Oh, and she also has her own way with words! Let’s get to the interview.

Hi, can I please speak to Nora?
Yes, who is calling?

This is Chiara from Mobwives Blogspot calling about our interview.
Oh yes, how are you? We are getting some very nice weather here in Chicago.

I’m fine, thank you. We have had a great winter here in New York too. It made up for last year. I just want to have an informal interview with you, like girlfriends, for the purposes of giving fans some insight into who you are.
Ok that’s great. 

Have you had the chance to watch Mob Wives?
I watched a little bit of season one and maybe 4 or 5 shows from season two. The reason is that I hardly have time to watch tv. I go to school full time and I also have the filming for the show. By the time I get home, I just want to go to bed.

I am a firm believer in higher education; what are you going to school for?
Well, I am going for my Master’s Degree right now. I have completed three degrees in fours years. I started by studying Criminal Justice and got my Associate’s degree in paralegal studies, then I completed my Bachelor’s Degree and now, as of June 9th, I will be graduating with my Master’s Degree in Business Management. I can’t believe it, it’s so exciting!

It really is exciting and amazing you accomplished so much in such a short time.
It was an accelerated program and I threw myself into it. I always worked before, in the restaurant business and in real estate. I gave up everything to take care of my father and then, when I lost him, I decided to go back to school. Filming for the show will be over in May and I’ll graduate in June. Everything is coming together for me.

From what you have seen of the show, Mob Wives, is there anyone you feel you relate to?
I would have to say I relate the most to Renee (Graziano) and then I found out I really knew Renee in the past when our fathers were in prison together.  I think Renee and I had similar backgrounds, raise with the same morals and grew up the same way. I see more of myself in her. Renee and Jennifer are the only ones I knew personally.

Was is a difficult decision for you to join the cast of Mob Wives Chicago?
Absolutely not. I met Jenn and we talked. I am extremely excited to tell my story, to tell the truth. The media destroyed my father. He was a businessman and an amazing person. I was his princess. This show is a chance for me to talk about my dad and make people see him through my eyes; to make him shine. He was a wonderful person and not just my father, but my best friend. I took care of him after he had his quadruple bypass surgery. I'm grateful we had that time together.

What were some of the lies being told about your dad (Frank "The German" Schweihs)?
They say he was a hit man and committed murders. My dad was never convicted of the things they accuse him of doing. The whole Marilyn Monroe story is just hearsay. My father taught me “never believe anything you don’t hear or see yourself.” I live by that.

How does your family feel about your being in the show?
I really don’t care how my family feels. No one tells me what to do, it’s none of their business. 
(For a split second I almost think I am talking to Mob Mistress of our blog, that's just what she would say!)

Are you married and do you have children?
I was married. I married very young, at 22, and divorced him after 8 years. I went to live with my father to care for him and after he passed my focus has been on me, my career and my education. I am rebuilding my life, working on myself, getting my power back. I am on a mission to complete those things.

Did you know anyone from your cast before joining the show?
My family lived near Renee Fecarotta’s uncle, in Riverside. I met her through his children. I knew Pia years ago. I don’t know anything about Leah or Christine, we are getting to know each other.

Without revealing too much, which of the cast members, if any, do you have issues or drama with on the show?
I really don’t have issues with anyone on the show. I only have issues with people who do something to me that is really drastic. Otherwise, I walk away from people who are opinionated and judgmental. I have no time for drama. Besides that, I was raised not to make a spectacle of yourself in public. But, don’t push me to the limit, because if you do, you are going to find that I’m not a very nice person. If you “hit me deep” I am going to have a reaction in self defense.

Is there anything you want viewers to know about you before the show airs?
Basically, with me, what you see is what you get. Some people think of me as a cold b!tch, but I have no time for nonsense, I have been to hell and back. I keep my guard up. I am the type of person that either loves you or doesn’t like you and there is “no middle in that oreo cookie.”  I am not going to put on any pretense, but I will be cordial.

The Mob Wives have gotten criticized for being on the show and glorifying the “lifestyle” or making Italians look bad. Have you experienced any negative reaction in Chicago?
I am the only mob wife that is not Italian, I am German and Greek. My father was in the mob and he was German. There has been some tension from the shallow minded people, in the Italian community, about the show.  I was glad to learn that Drita was Albanian though.

Yes, I wondered about your dad not being Italian; isn’t there a rule about mobsters being only Italian?
I don’t know, but he grew up around Italians. They respected him and that’s why he was so important. They broke the rule for him.

How would you describe your personality?
I would say I keep my answers short and sweet. I talk fast. I can be witty, I get that from my father who was a very witty man. I am the type of person that, if I am your friend, I am your friend for life. My father taught me how to test true friends by the process of elimination. You tell all your friends a different version of the same story and when you hear the story being spread around you know who is behind it.

Do you have a special memory of your father that you would like to share with viewers?
When I lived with my father in Florida, we went out every day. He taught me about integrity and class. He had me on a pedestal from when I was a little girl. I remember that we all got cars when we graduated from high school. On my graduation day, he drove up from Florida with a bouquet of roses, in my new car. He was sitting in the front of the high school waiting for me. When I got to the car he told me that he didn’t smoke in the car the whole way up from Florida, and he was a three pack a day smoker. It was amazing that he thought of me the whole time driving up and never smoked in the car. 

Is there anything else you would like to add before we end our conversation?
Just that I want to thank Jennifer every day for making me the happiest person in the world  and for giving me this opportunity. I am getting my personality back and my life back and I am being given the chance to get the truth out. I can tell my story honestly, no more hiding. It’s reality and I get to be myself.

Well, Nora, it was very nice talking to you and I hope we get a chance to talk again soon.
Thank you, it was very nice talking to you too.

Well, I enjoyed chatting with Nora. She is a very interesting person and I know there is a lot more to her and her story than I was able to capture during this interview. I liked her "what you see is what you get" comment because I often say that about myself, so I can relate to it. I look forward to seeing her on Mob Wives Chicago for more insight into her personality. Finally, I have to say kudos to Jennifer Graziano, because from what I have seen, heard and read, it looks like she picked a winning cast for the new show...not that I ever doubted she would.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee's Dr. Michael Fiorillo

Over in Twitterland, it was tweeted that Renee and Dr. Fiorillo did a segment on the show, The Doctor’s, in Los Angeles this week, educating people on plastic surgery. The show is scheduled to air in April. Renee is becoming quite the celebrity and has the spotlight on her at all times. And, because of her botched plastic surgery and it’s complications, she has had to turn to a new doctor for help. That doctor is Michael A. Fiorillo, M. D. who specializes in cosmetic surgery, and a very handsome looking man he is too! I thought it would be nice to check out the doctor who is now overseeing Renee’s care.

Dr. Fiorillo is a quite successful, board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery. He obtained his degree from Roselind Franklin University of Medicine & Science, North Chicago, Illinois and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has 15 years of experience and is known for trying to achieve a post surgery “natural look.” The doctor has three offices in the New York City metro area, including one in New Jersey. Dr. Fiorillo is also a family man; he and his wife, Jill, have four young children. His website and facebook page both provide a very impressive “picture” of the man.

On a side note, he even has experience with boxing injuries! He serves on the New York State Athletic Commission as Ringside Physician since 1996. Just in case "anyone" pursues boxing lessons and needs a good doctor!

You can check out his website for more information if you are interested in learning more about him. There is a wealth of information provided for any and all of your concerns or curiosity. You can follow Dr. Fiorillo on Twitter @Dr_Fiorillo 

Dr. Fiorillo's website:
Dr. Fiorillo's Facebook: Dr. Fiorillo Facebook Page

Picture Credit: Dr. Fiorillo's Facebook Page

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mob Wives: Someone Has Ramona In Their Mouth

Drita D'avanzo gets her green screen on.
Most of us watch Mob Wives.  Some of us love each and every one of the Mob Wives.  Some of us have our favorites and aren't to fond of a particular Mob Wife or two.  Then there are some who just watch every Sunday in order to confirm their dislike of the women starring in Mob Wives.

Many claim Drita D'avanzo doesn't talk about Ramona.  Some claim Ramona Rizzo is obsessed with Drita and is always the one who is running her mouth. I will add per the sneak peek it appears Carla Facciolo brought up the topic of Ramona.  The way I see things all of the Mob Wives talk about one another on any given Sunday.  The drama along with the women's personalities propels the continued success of Mob Wives.  

Anger management seems to be doing wonders for Panic Punch.  I wonder if bowling is good for releasing aggression.

Video Credit: VH1