Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mob Wives: Ramona's HOT 97 Interview!

Ramona gives an informative and detailed interviewed about several topics. She begins by talking about her grandfather, Lefty “Guns” Ruggiero, who was portrayed in the movie “Donnie Brasco,” and her little chat with Al Pacino, who played him. They ask about Ramona’s mother and father. She says they are the “real deal,” they will never be on the show and they are not happy about her being on the show. She says they come from the point of view that you never speak of the mob. Ramona says, while she understands how they feel, she is only speaking about her own life and not about the mob. She touches on her situation with her boyfriend and says she will not speak about it because it’s not her place to speak about his issues. She says her one and only top priority are her four children. 

As for the show, they ask what’s happening between her and the other women. Ramona says, it’s pretty much what you see is what it is. We see who talks to each other and who doesn’t. Things are the same as when the season started and the altercation took place. Certain people still won’t come into a room…the host says, if you don’t know who she is talking about, she is talking about Drita. They ask if the feud between Ramona and Drita is real and Ramona says yes. “It’s so real.” She explains if it wasn’t real she wouldn’t be a prt of it because she doesn’t wear fake things why would she act fake. Ramona basically says that Drita could do whatever she wants and she is fine with it, but what she is not fine with is her stepping on certain people’s toes. They bring up Drita’s music video where she does some rapping. Ramona says whatever she can do to support her two children, she wishes her the best. 

They hit on the criticism the show got from the Italian community and then Victoria Gotti. Ramona refutes what Victoria Gotti had to say about her show and says her show was called Growing Up Gotti, but her kids’ last names aren’t Gotti. She was riding on the reputation of her father. 

They get into a lengthy conversation about her ex-husband, who is from the Middle East and her ordeal of being held in a foreign country for over two years trying to leave. Ramona doesn’t have any good things to say about her husband, who arranged things for her not to be able to leave and come home. 

Final Draft

Ramona drops a Music News Bomb, she co-manages an R&B group based out of Atlanta called Final Draft. She feels strongly that these kids are going to make it big and they have a track out on you tube. You can listen and watch the group here Final Draft "Do It" I love it! Give it a listen! They are HOT!

 Video credit: JMedinaHot97


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ramona doesn't wear fake things so that must mean she is not fake....just maybe superficial? I had to laugh out loud on that one! Since when does wearing something fake repesent one's character? Does that mean that her fake nails make her fake? I ponder if this woman ever thinks before she speaks. I think her band she is promoting is awesome and they are definitely going places! Loved, loved, loved them. As for Ramona I think she contradicts herself a lot. I do believe that in her heart her four children are her top priority however exposing them to the "lifestyle" and getting herself arrested probably isn't the best way to go about protecting them. If she is involved with a man who is involved in the "lifestyle" she is putting herself and in turn putting her children in danger. One thing I can tell for sure...she is a passionate person who loves 1000% and I'm sure she is a great Mother. Though some of the things she says don't make sense, I believe she is a good person & loyal to a fault! I believe one can be a loyal friend and be there for someone without taking on their friends conflicts with other people. That part does get a bit old but it is who she is love her or hate her...

Lina said...

I thought she said she left her husband because she found out he was in the mob? In this interview she made it seem (to appear hard, nonetheless) that she got with him knowing he was in the mob. I have tried to like Ramona, I really have, she's beautiful, interesting (her background, living in Jordan, etc) but she seems to contradict herself ALWAYS. If anything, I would think she is the liar...not Drita. (And no, I'm not Team Drita, I'm not team anybody I really do like them all except Ramona). They probably think all this drama is good for the show but in reality it's not, I just find my blood pressure going up watching these women this season. I know life doesn't turn out this way but I would love to see them all make up, be loyal, etc but I know that will never happen. The only good thing about Ramona that I've seen is that she is a TRUE FRIEND...with Karen's father cooperating AND the way she treated Renee, I cannot speak badly about her on that.

Mob Mistress said...

I thought she was stating he was involved and she learned later how shady he was.

You may be right. I may be right. We listened to the same interview and came to different conclusions.

I like Ramona a lot. She adds to Mob Wives a different dynamic as Bigg Ang equally does. Thanks for sharing your take on Ramona. I hope you have a great day.