Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mob Wives: Victoria Gotti Calls Mob Wives “A Train Wreck”

Does a "fired" Victoria Gotti have room to disrespect others?

Victoria Gotti was interviewed by Frank Moreno on AM 970 The Apple. Apparently Frank is not a fan of Mob Wives and found himself someone else, who feels the same way, to interview. 

Victoria had plenty to say when Frank wanted to compare her to Karen Gravano. Both Victoria and Karen have written books about mafia life, but Victoria says she wrote hers to help her brother, who was facing criminal charges. She says she was offered a book deal years before that, but refused until she thought a book might help save her brother’s life. She was clearly implying that Karen wrote her book for purely personal gain. Speaking of Karen she says, “I've never met this girl. I don't know her. I don't like what I see, per se, and hear, but at the same time, I think the whole 'Mob Wives' thing is a complete joke.”

Victoria also commented that Mob Wives was “a train wreck” and “it wasn’t real.” But she adds, "God bless them, is what I say.  If you ask me, do I see any major talent there in each of them, or any of them? No."

When Frank is asked why he is critical of Karen, but praises Victoria Gotti his answer is, “I guess to me the major difference is Karen is herself a convicted criminal, and she really doesn't have any major talents."

Listen to Interview here: Frank Morano's Interview of Victoria Gotti

MY TWO CENTS: Out of Respect & Loyalty

Is this is supposed to be an objective opinion? Could it be any more biased?  Seriously now, Victoria’s father, John Gotti, was arrested and convicted based on the testimony of Sammy Gravano. Could there be any more love lost or any more animosity between their two daughters?  The way it came down was that the FBI played tapes of John Gotti throwing Sammy under the bus, and they wanted his cooperation. Even with the evidence that Gotti was setting him up to take the fall, Sammy Gravano thought long and hard before making a deal with the Feds and breaking the code of silence. The truth of the matter is, it was either going to be John Gotti or Sammy Gravano going away for life. Sammy decided to take the deal. I’m sure Victoria and her family don’t see it that way. Nevertheless, to expect her to have any kind words for Karen is ridiculous. She is probably the last person I would ask about Karen!

I also noticed that both Frank Moreno and Victoria Gotti say that Karen and the other Mob Wives have no “major talent.” That’s their opinion. It’s nice that they share the same opinion, but there are many that would disagree, me included. The Mob Wives are just getting started. They only hit the airways less than a year ago. And besides that, I hated her show, “Growing Up Gotti” with her three spoiled brat sons. Give me AJ, Karina, Aleeya, Giselle, Carmen or Joseph any day of the week! Sorry, I haven’t met Ramona’s children, but from what I saw of them I would take them too! 

Victoria has major skills when it comes to taking personal phone calls on Celebrity Apprentice, episode 1!

Victoria sword fights wearing NOT armor, but her precious
Louis Vutton bag in episode 2!

Just another point about "major talent" because I am irked right now. Does Victoria have any major talent? Because, if she does I surely missed it.  I watched the first three episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and Victoria almost got fired the first week for not bringing in money, for taking personal phones calls, and for showing up late etc. Then she DID get fired in week two for whining, not taking on her assigned role, making mistakes etc. I expected her, as a mob daughter and business woman, to kick ass! But instead she was a total disappointment and her team lost both weeks. As soon as she left the women's team had a very united feel and they actually won their task. Maybe when it comes to talent, she should try emulating our VH1 Mob Wives instead of disparaging them? They have a hit series and are adding Chicago and who knows what else. They are in big demand. The public has voted and they are the BOMB!

PS Get Karen's book, Mob Daughter and read it, maybe if Victoria had she would know who Karen is!


Anonymous said...

I think by calling the Mob Wives was a train wreck, was totally wrong. The show is one of the most popular watched reality series on the tube right now. I hand paint wine glasses and have painted Mob/Mafia along with Lady Boss etc. and I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with the orders. So basically all the woman are a very hot commodity right now and are far from a train wreck!

Thanks for your wonderful recaps, you're also an awesome writer!

Anonymous said...

Her saying Godbless them is like saying with all do respect & then putting the hammer down on someone.She jealous because her show growing up Gotti was taken off.

JW said...

It's interesting that she would be so critical and that she would even be willing to comment on the show. If I recall correctly, there was speculation that her own show was cancelled due to backlash from some questionable breast cancer claims she made. I would avoid the topic out of fear that those stories would resurface.

Chiara Soprano said...

Funny you should mention that JW because I saw the controversy and she said she had cancer and when they dug into it, she amended it to precancerous cells. Now why on earth would anyone do that? And then she thinks she should be judging others?

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of the Gotti family and I would think that you and those who took the time to comment on such a frivolous statement, would be cautious in speaking! Everyone has their own opinion to different subjects, as well as Victoria has mentioned about Karen Gravano's book.

But further defamation of the Gotti family, especially Victoria makes you and those who commented no different than how you're speaking of the Gotti's!

Truth is Sammy is a rat and John Gotti took immense care of Sammy for many years. Shame, but like John, Sammy will also never be set free from prison!

As far as the book, I have NOT nor will NOT read such trash written about NOT only Karen, BUT the many names of the families who exist in her book. Did she get permission from the family members of fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles etc. to put their names in her book? Or was this book glorification for Sammy and a quick buck for Karen?

That's what true, interested people want to know.

Friend of the Gotti's

JW said...

I completely agree Chiara. I was actually surprised to see that she agreed to do Celebrity Apprentice given the risk that people would have brought up the breast cancer story again. Given how horribly she performed on the show, you would think she would just lay low. Not only was she a weak team member, she didn't even last long enough to get any real exposure for her charity - which is what participating in Celebrity Apprentice is supposed to be about.

Anonymous said...

As for Victoria not knowing who Karen was....that is a crock of s***. She knows who she is and can't fool anyone!

Anonymous said...

Oh and BTW I'm sure you will NOT post my comment, as I'm sure your blog is one sided!

Friend of the Gotti Family

Mob Mistress said...

Friend of Gotti family,

I don't base the value of my opinion on who I'm friends with. You don't like Chiara's take read it or don't read it. Victoria Gotti voiced her opinion. Chiara voiced hers. At the end of the day Gotti turned on Sammy in an attempt to save himself.

Now I'll share mine:

I don't give a fuck who you are friends with. Victoria has made a buck or two off of the Gotti name. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Thanks for reading our site and taking the time to comment. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

How could you speak of the Gotti young men as you did, that was over the top, and as far as spoiled most children are by their parents. If they are lucky enough!

Now to this Mob Mistress:

I also don't give a fuck who you are, much less who you're friends with! BUT don't speak what you don't have the wisdom to back up your statement of how John turned on anyone!

I'm just wondering if you are infatuated with the life or just acting out due to some built up anger issues you might have. I have respect as due the Gotti's for anyone writting a book, blog or etc., But to verbally attack Victoria and her sons is an uncalled attempt to discredit and disgrace the family!

Proud friend of the Gotti's

Anonymous said...

I think the mobwives show is scripted. These girls are all friends and not really mob affiliated. Except for renee..karens father is too but he flipped. Victoria stated her opinion everyone has one....so whats the big deal..i think mobwives should really get some mobwives on the show..otherwise call it mobties..

Mob Mistress said...

Chiara can speak on the Gotti children because they displayed themselves on national television. If she saw them in action, she can have whatever opinion of them she chooses. At least she has an informed opinion, unlike an individual chiming in on a book they have not read.

You can wonder all you want. It makes no difference to me. I don't need to prove anything to you. It's our blog and we voice our opinions. You don't like it, the smart thing to do would be not to read it. I didn't write one thing about the Gotti kids.

I have ears. I read. You may not believe the tapes. I do! You can be a Gotti cheerleader all day long. It's your life not mine. At the end of the day, I didn't know him, doesn't mean I don't know some of his actions. He was a convicted criminal. End of story.

Mob Mistress said...

I don't know if the show is scripted. I do feel there is staging involved or there would be no show. All the women are not friends. You are definitely entitled to your opinion.

Jennifer Graziano has stated several times that Mob Wives shouldn't be taken literally. You are very incorrect when writing only Renee has true ties. Renee, Karen and Ramona had/have immediate family members who were in the mob. Bigg Ang and Carla's uncles were both in the mob.

"Victoria stated her opinion everyone has one....so whats the big deal."

I agree with you 100%. I don't think it's a big deal. It's an interesting opinion coming from a woman who had a successful show & book and comes from the same lifestyle. Chiara simply shared her take on it. Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective.

Rj said...

i literally laughed out loud when i read the headline.

Chiara Soprano said...

Friend of Gotti's I understand you don't like my opinion as it is negative, but at least I watched the show and formed an opinion. However, if you don't trust my opinion on the show Growing Up Gotti, I found a link where several viewers expressed similar, independent opinions as mine. Here is the link, you might want to write to all of them too: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405545/reviews

As for being one sided, that is simply not correct. I wrote blogs inn favor of Victoria Gotti for Celebrity Apprentice and expected her to do well. I rooted for her. She was a disappointment. I blogged that opinion too.

Thanks for commenting.

teammobwives666 said...

If I may voice, so to speak, my opinion/s. I think, NO I know that the writer of this blog does a very good and informed job. She obviously does a thorough amount of investigating before posting her stories. All you have to do is check for yourself.

I myself and plenty of other readers and bloggers enjoy coming here and reading the up to date happenings. So do we have to worry about getting "whacked" because I/we are commenting on the owner of this blog? hahaha I think not!!!

Chiara, I thank you for posting and keeping everyone up to date! PLEASE keep up the good work~

Monique said...

I totally forgot about Growing Up Gotti. I think Victoria is speaking with a hint of jealousy. What I like about Mobwives is that they bring to the spotlight the reason they should be watched to begin with, which is America's fascination to everything relating to the Mob world and that is why they are successful and MB Chicago will be a hit as well.

Victoria approached her show as a "normal (boring) single mother of 3". She didn't have the foresight to at least mention her ties to the world or introduce other characters in the show that were tied to the mob. Should she had approached her show with this angle she would have been a hit. The only reason people were intrigued by her show to begin with was the title "Growing Up Gotti", which for some reason implied that there would be some sort of interesting association to being a Gotti. What we got was the complete opposite. It almost seemed she was ashamed of being a Gotti and wanted to prove something to the world as a non-mobster. Yes, we get it, you are not a mobster or in the mob, but don't knock others that are smart enough to embrace their past to make a better future for themselves. I see nothing wrong with what the MB are doing. Their families made them suffer enough, let them make a better life for themselves by writing books, having a show etc.. It's the least they could get out of it since thy are always haunted by their pasts and find it difficult to lead normal lives...

Victoria is just hating...

Love love love your blog! You rock!

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique, thank you, I appreciate your comments. I went to youtube to refresh my memory of why her show left a bad taste in my mouth and I think you said it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I love reading your blog!! it is very informative and I always look for new posts after each episode. I must say that I was intrigued by Victoria Gotti when she had her show and was disappointed that it didnt really show or tell her life experience. Maybe thats why i enjoy MBW now. It does give us insight to a world a lot of us are not used to or lived.

Keep up the good writing and I will continue to come back and read. Free speech is wonderful isnt it???? hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Frank Moreno is full of it. He claims he is disgusted with Karen's past, yet he accepts Victoria Gotti's excuse that she only wrote her book to "save" her brother's life??? Errr, she wasn't trying to "save" him from an illness, she was trying to save him from prison, and the crimes he was accused of are far, far, far worse than anything Karen's done. Imagine his reaction if Karen was going around saying she wrote the book to raise money to put her father back on the street? Please.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt it be crazy if victoria gotti was on mob wives?
i know for sure shed hVe beef with karen
and it would lead to a fight

maybe thats why victoria is hating cuz shes not
part of the MW cast

Chiara Soprano said...

To the last anonymous, if you look on the right hand side of the blog to where it lists our FAVORITE blogs, you will see one about what if Victoria Gotti was on Mob Wives and there is your answer LOL

Anonymous said...

Please Victoria is a shit stirrer cause for her to say she never met Karen is a lie cause if you have two fathers that are the powerful men of their area everyone knows who you are so your paths have crossed at least once or more. Second she is desperate for her attention cause why is she trying to get on the show and quote form twitter This is only the beginning. Plus why would she dumb enough to go on the real housewives if she does not want to be noticed. As for Karen she and Victoria in the same room = trouble. Victoria is a knock off who is crying cause the real book is out there with the truth and they say the truth will hurt, but set you free

unknown ink said...

Why are we even interested in mW. Be the name gotti. Also on gug. Victoria is not a want to be she is. A few other words class and respect. She is not on the show trying to fight talking about rats rats rats it should be the name of the show. I would love Victoria to be on mW for the class. Just tired of fights cop caller rats come on.