Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mob Wives: Karen's "Just The Fab" Interview

In a quick paced interview, Karen discusses her fight with Drita at Renee's party. Karen feels she was justified in defending herself and would do it again under the same circumstances. As for the controversy being stirred over her book by the families of the victims of Karen's father, Sammy, Karen says she agrees with them. She doesn't condone murder or what her father did. At the same time, when their fathers enter the lifestyle, they knew what could happen and it was a choice they made. "It's a cold, harsh reality of what goes on inside that world." Karen feels they may have tried selling their own stories in books, but were not given a book deal and are just hating on her because she got one. She feels entitled to tell her story, just like anyone else. Check it out!

P.S. Don't forget Karen's book signing tonight @ 7pm @ Boulevard Books & Cafe, 7518 13th Ave, Brooklyn

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Rosey said...

I agree with what Karen was saying in the interview that if you put your hands on her/attack her she is going to defend herself. I have had situations where people try to bully me into doing things or doing things their way (bosses) and like Karen said, at the end of the day I can be cordial, be in the same room and work with people but friends - NO.

Karen Archer said...

I do not see those who were killed by Sammy as victims. A victim is innocent,and on the receiving end of an unforeseen,unwarranted,unjust action of another individual. When our soildier's are killed in action they are a casualty of war. I see this as no different.These men were aware of the risks and consequences.The families that are left to mourn are the victims.Many criticize Karen from profiting from her book,but fail to acknowledge her own loss in the lifestyle. She is a financially independant woman who has a family to raise and should receive all the proceeds. In my opinion all her father did was control the overcrowding of the prision population. They were not upstanding law abiding citizens of their community and would have ended up incarcerated in the end.
Congrats to Karen Gravano for telling her story and I wish her future success in her journey.

Chiara Soprano said...

Well said Karen Archer. For the most part, the mob kills people within the mob and they have their reasons. When you go into that lifestyle you choose to accept everything that comes with it.

NoShiz80 said...

I've said it before and I'll say it, again... You can't just stand there and allow someone to attack you because that's pretty much sending the message that "Hey, do what you want to me b/c I'm gonna let you." She has every right to defend herself and go after someone who does that to her.
I loved the book. I think that it took an enormous amount of courage to put such a widely disputed part of her life out there like that. She didn't cause the probs that the MOB did. She didn't ask to be a part of it. Any person who loves their parent would support them no matter what. I would have to agree that all of the ppl who got into that lifestyle knew what was possible. You can't really point fingers and be angry with someone for a murder if it's possible that that person was doing the same things to others. Is it kind of "The pot calling the kettle black?" I don't know. I have never been a part of it.