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Mob Wives: Recap "Cabin Fever" Ep 209

Renee's Arrival at the Poconos!

The episode begins at Belmont racetrack with Big Ang, Carla and Ramona watching the horses run. Big Ang loves gambling. Ramona knows nothing about racing, she just knows it’s a good excuse to dress up. They go for drinks and Karen meets up with them. Karen jokes saying she wants a cut of the winnings. She tells them that Barnes and Noble took her out to lunch and they told her that her book, Mob Daughter, is going to be a best seller.

Carla asks about Ramona’s Halloween party. Then she volunteers that she thought Ramona’s party was going to be over at 1 AM and that’s why she didn’t show up (cough, cough, will get back to this in my two cents!).  Ramona says she will have another party. Karen suggests the Poconos as a girls’getaway, for fun. Big Ang can’t go, she is having thyroid surgery. Big Ang asks what about Drita. Karen says, “What about Drita?” Carla says she doesn’t like the looks she gets whenever she mentions Drita’s name.

"It's nice." Just nice????

At Renee’s house it’s Junior’s birthday. Renee calls Junior and AJ down for breakfast. Renee explains to AJ that Junior is not really 46, because you are supposed to subtract the years spent in prison, where you are “preserved.”  Junior gets a couple of happy birthday texts. Renee doesn’t trust Junior’s ex. She gives Junior a very nice black wrist watch with a card. He says he likes it. But, he doesn’t react as excited as Renee thinks he should about the gift. She is not happy with him.

Drita and Carla take a walk in the park and discuss the Halloween party. They talk about how Renee was stressed out about having to leave to go to Ramona’s party. Carla tells Drita that Karen put together a trip to the Poconos. Drita isn’t going. Drita feels bad that Carla is going. Carla feels weird going, she is afraid it’s going to be a Drita bashing trip. She doesn’t trust Karen and Ramona 100%. They call Renee on the phone. Renee says her patience is running out with Junior. She says his ex called the other day. Renee is looking forward to getting away. Renee and Carla both wish Drita was going with them.

"I can't sleep alone!"

The car ride to the Poconos is drama free. Carla is happy to be getting away from Staten Island for a couple of days. Renee wants to get away and focus more on herself than Junior. When they get there, it’s dark out. It’s a cute house surrounded by the woods. Renee gets spooked by the woods and is upset right from the start. She calls them all crazy. Carla wants to see a bear or a deer. Ramona has her Louis Vutton bags and Renee has “all her f!ckin’ furs, her poor furs!” Ramona says the comforters on the bed smell like her grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather slept there. Renee starts to freak out saying that she cannot sleep alone. Carla reassures her saying there are two beds in one of the rooms. Renee says she can’t sleep alone in the bed. Oh boy! She tells Carla to sleep in the bed with her. Carla says with disgust, “I will not!”

At the Drunken Monkey, Drita meets up with Big Ang to chat. Drita says she wants to move forward with Karen at some point, but Ramona is a liar and hates Drita so much, they can never get along. Drita says, Ramona jumped into her fight between her and Karen, two on one, and it wasn’t cool. Big Ang and Drita talk about anger management. Big Ang is all for it. Drita says she has to learn to walk away from things that upset her.

At the Poconos Karen feels like a kid again because she grew up on a farm. They are going horse back riding. The horses scare Renee. Carla had three horses as a kid. Renee is jealous of the horse’s ass. They start moving and tell Renee to kick the horse so he will start moving. Renee doesn’t want to. The horse takes off and Renee is scared, but finally they are all laughing and having fun bouncing on the horses’ backs. When they are done, Carla and Renee say they need some marshmallows to roast. Then Renee opens up and says she is still bothered about what Drita told her that Ramona said: that Junior married her for her father and he would be a loser without her. Renee says she has been holding it back and wants to confront Ramona about this issue. Carla says Drita wouldn’t make something like that up, it must be true.

I think she needs "Restasis" cause she is suffering from "dry eye!"

Drita goes to see an “anger management doctor” or in common terminology a professional therapist. She tells him she has an issue with her anger and physical altercations. She relates the “perfect example” the “wheelchair/cheeseburger” story. A teary-eyed Drita tells the therapist that one day she witnessed some bullies laughing at a kid in a wheelchair and then they threw a cheeseburger in his face. She got weak in the knees (she grabs a tissue to dab her eye, but I don’t see any tears) and says she couldn’t control her anger and lashed out. The doctor says her feelings had to do with offending her sense of right and wrong, but anger is usually a result of someone screwing you over in some way. Drita tells him she is upset with herself. Karen is her husband’s ex and Ramona is her friend. They had issues and she tells him she punched Ramona in the mouth (more in my two cents). She learned as a kid to “stick up for herself or catch a beating.” He says unless someone is physically threatening you, she has to work on walking away from upsetting situations. As she leaves she says to herself, the therapist doesn’t know she is dealing with animals.

The vodka and Renee confront Ramona!

At the Poconos the vodka comes out…devil water. Renee has a few drinks and no antidepressants, that leads to double trouble. She says Junior’s ex called her three times last week telling her Junior is reaching out to her. Junior made the mistake of texting her back. They change his number and the ex still calls and says, “Ha ha ha b!tch he’s still lookin’ for me.” Renee goes off about the ex and that this has been going of for four years. The ex also called her son. Ramona thinks Junior is at fault and he should be the one to break it off and tell her off. Renee gets even more agitated at Ramona because she seems to just want to blame it all on the ex. Karen tries to calm Renee and tells her Ramona is just trying to defend Renee over Junior. Renee says she just doesn’t want him to cheat. But all the ladies acknowledge that cheating has always been part of the lifestyle: the goumada, the side chick, the b!tch. Carla just wants Renee to stop crying. Uh oh, Renee decides this is the moment to confront Ramona about what Drita told her she said about Junior, that he married her for her father and he is a loser without her. Ramona says Drita is lying and she never said it, period. Ramona says she didn’t even know Junior. Ramona can’t believe that Renee would actually think that she would say anything to Drita, let alone something about Junior. Renee has a meltdown. Renee calls Junior and wants Ramona to talk to him. Renee yells at Ramona to swear on her four kids that she never said it. Without a second’s hesitation, Ramona swears on her four kids and her grandfather. That is enough for Renee, now she believes Ramona is telling her the truth and feels Drita was lying to her. Carla speaks up for Drita and says she should be there! Then Renee turns on Carla and says she is blind and she should open her eyes. Carla is offended that they say she being molded by Drita. By lying to Renee about her family, Ramona feels Drita is manipulating her. Ramona says Drita is a lying, crumb snatcher and, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” of their circle of friends.

Ramona's parting gift to Drita!

The next morning the ladies are having breakfast. Karen is making French toast. Renee says she overreacted about what Drita said without having talked to Ramona first. She believes Ramona over Drita now. The ladies decide to go fishing. Renee seems the only one ok with worms, she could care less about them. She rips them in half for the hooks, everyone else is disgusted. Then they call Big Ang to see how she is doing and say they wish she was there with them. Renee has a flashback to her childhood and her father’s 36 foot boat. Renee loves fishing and would love to tell him about it, but their relationship is still strained. Karen just wants to catch something.

Thanks to Karen and Ramona having Renee's back, the jerk gets kicked out!

The girls get dressed for a night on the town. Karen says Renee used to be fun, but in her current state of mind, who knows what will happen. They go to a nice little place called Shenanigans for some fun, drinks, partying and a good time. Karen likes to flirt and talk to guys. A guy comes over to talk to the ladies. He starts flirting with Ramona. He starts getting out of line talking about his anatomy. Renee gets more and more annoyed. Finally she tell him “If you tell me about your hot tub one more time they’re going to find you floating in your f!ckin’ hot tub!”  He says he has one nut and he is still good in bed. Renee can’t take it, that did it! Ramona says he went after the biggest drama queen and now the situation gets loud, ugly and “dramafied.” Renee says he is disrespecting them. Karen backs up Renee and tells him to back off and Ramona gets up, raises her voice and tells him to stop disrespecting mothers! The jerk gets thrown out. Renee grabs her coat and screams she is leaving. They tell her not to let someone else ruin her good time. She has her phone out screaming, “Junior, I’m comin’ home!”

MY TWO CENTS (Opinion)

Holy Canoli! Where do I start? I’ll just focus on the main events because my brain is on drama overload. Carla! She tells Ramona and Karen a bold face lie! She says that she didn’t go to their party because she thought it ended at 1 AM. We just saw the clip where Carla tells Renee she is NOT leaving Drita’s party, Drita is her friend. There was no mention of what time Ramona’s party ended, she didn’t care, she had made up her mind. I’m sure Karen and Ramona would have understood why she didn’t show up if she had just told the truth. By now they have watched the show and can see she lied. I don’t get it, Carla claims not to like liars and although she talks the talk, she doesn’t walk the walk!

Junior is one big disappointment to Renee. He doesn’t take care of his business with his ex once and for all, knowing how insecure Renee is and how she feels about his cheating. That is not a man who is serious about working things out. His reaction to the gift was underwhelming. I’m sure Renee put a lot of thought into picking out a special and meaningful gift for him. His general, overall attitude has been bad. The relationship is toxic, as neither one of them are happy. The damage between them has gone beyond the magic of couples therapy. It would have never worked, even if Junior had not turned informant. I’m sorry that he is in so many episodes and Renee has to relive these hurtful moments again and again and then be expected to talk about them. I couldn’t do it.

I can understand why Karen suggested they all go to the Poconos for a weekend getaway. She has fond memories of spending time with her family there. But maybe the woods wasn’t the best choice. The only drama free time was the car ride up there. As soon as they get out of the car, the drama starts. I almost died laughing when Karen mentioned Ramona’s Louis Vutton bags! I would have bought a set of $79.99 luggage at Target for this trip. Renee is the last one to get out of the car and already she has major issues crying over her furs. Who takes furs into the woods? As soon as she gets in the cabin it dawns on her that she might have to sleep alone. Maybe she should have left the furs at home and taken her teddy bear instead? Carla makes an effort to reassure her there are two beds in one of the rooms, but that’s not good enough. Renee wants Carla to sleep with her in a twin bed! Sorry Renee, but no one is going to co-sign on that. But, I will say this, I would have spent good money to see a scene where Carla and Renee get into a twin bed together. Now that would have boosted ratings!

I suggested anger management for Drita right in this very blog several times. So, when I saw she was actually going, I was happy to watch. But, having said that, let’s get real. Before heading off to her first session, Drita meets with Big Ang and says Ramona is a liar and she stepped into to jump her with Karen, two on one. The video tape already shows this is not true, but whatever. Maybe if she thinks it’s true in her mind, it is to her. At her anger management session, Drita opens up about her past. What does she start with? The one fight she says she had in high school against bullies picking on a kid in a wheelchair. As she tells her story she reaches for a tissue, but I don’t see any tears! The story itself isn’t credible, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know. But the therapist says something interesting. He says that anger is the result of someone “screwing you over” (that must be the new medical jargon). So if Drita is having bar room brawls, it must have been for the fun of it. But she never gets into her Nocturnal fights, at least not yet.  Then she tells him about her fight with Karen and Ramona and how she punched Ramona in the mouth! Come on, we all know that was a lie already. Yes, she threw a punch…the first punch…but it never landed. Ramona did get a cut, but wasn’t even aware of it until someone else mentioned it. Ramona was never bruised or in pain. No one even knows whose jewelry scratched Ramona in all the chaos, but Drita wants to take credit for it and call it a punch? That’s just a figment of her imagination. Well I think Drita needs a few more sessions with her new therapist, maybe they will end with her punching him in the mouth?

The “devil water” vodka should not have gone to the Poconos with the girls because it only fueled the drama to the max. Renee has a bag full of prescribed medication with her for her pain from the botched surgery and complications. She says she isn’t taking her antidepressants, so her depression is being enhanced by the alcohol, which is a depressant. Renee is obviously extremely stressed over Junior. She is outraged with his ex-girlfriend, but the real issue is with Junior and her lack of trust in him. Her feelings mixed with vodka and no antidepressants, make her a loose canon. Yet she still comes to his defense and decides this is the perfect time to confront Ramona about what she allegedly said to Drita about Junior. I don’t know why Renee chose to believe Drita all these weeks and didn’t just ask Ramona outright. But, from my interview with Renee, she explained to me that she wasn’t thinking clearly part of this season due to the prescribed medication, and that explains a lot of her erratic, “dramafied” behavior. Renee asks Ramona to swear on her kids lives that she never said it. That’s a huge deal. When Ramona immediately does so, it changes everything for Renee. Now she has to question Drita’s honesty. And, Renee tells Carla she is blind if she can’t see Drita was lying. The lines are drawn! But the biggest issue is about just how angry is Ramona at this “manipulating, lying, crumb snatching b!tch.” This sounds like a finale fight to me. Seriously, if Drita told that lie to break up Renee and Ramona’s friendship, all hell is going to break loose. That’s a good reason for a fight. I would not want my face on the other side of Ramona’s fist if I told that lie. I just wonder how this is going to play out in the next couple of weeks.

Nuts and Hot Tubs! I’m sorry, but now my skepticism gets the better part of me when they meet the jerk at the bar. Why can’t I shake the feeling that he was a plant and told to go over to their table and start some trouble or more drama? I think the only people surprised that night were the customers at the other tables. It just didn’t have a ring of truth to it. He flirts with all the women, Renee gets upset over nuts and hot tubs, and the other women have Renee‘s back…meaning Karen and Ramona…because Carla wouldn’t ever get involved. The final piece of drama for the night ends with the guy getting kicked out and Renee storming off screaming for Junior on her phone. That last few seconds got me laughing.

Finally, I have to take this last breath to give kudos to Karen, who made the most insightful comment of the night when she said that Drita’s issues are not so much about her fighting as they are about her lying! I guess we need to sign her up for “lying management” now?

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Deana3452 said...

I was like WTF when Ramona said she didn't say anything and Renee still flipped out. I thought she misheard her at first. I had to rewind it to see if I missed something. I was thinking if she said, "No, I didn't say that" why Renee was mad. In any event, I would love to hear what the sister in law has to say about the matter...but I am sure she isn't going to come on the show for one thing.

Kathy cummings said...

This episode was just too much for me. It's hard to watch Renee so out of control and I feel bad for her for everything going on. I did feel bad for Ramona because I think there was a better calmer way to be approached with this. The one thing that bothers me is that they are saying Drita is trying to start trouble. Drita didn't run to Renee and say that. She had talked to Renee's sister in law. Renee asked Drita about it and she said yes it was said. And drita said that it was 2 years ago when Ramona came back. Around the time Ramona has even said she was then talking with Drita. I have to give Karen and Carla credit for remaining calm and trying to move into more positive things. I hope Drita really does continue with anger management because she is a mother, but I agree there is deeper issues there. I just wish we could get over the high school drama and talk like women and move on. I think they would be a great force if they worked together instead of against each other. They need to focus on their children and not killing each other.

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy your comments make perfect sense. My issue is that yes it was said two years ago, but who knows what was said? We have seen Drita misrepresent facts right before our eyes. When Ramona swore on her kids lives, that was enough for me. There is a good mix in personalities on the show. Jennifer knows what she is doing! Thanks for commenting!

Kathy Cummings said...

I agree that it was so long ago and words could have been misconstrued, but I think if Ramona had said anything it wasn't to attack Junior but only to defend Renee because she is too good for him. And at the end of the day if she had said it she was right. He obviously was a loser who used Renee for her family and that's terrible. I see both sides of it all. I think they are all right and all wrong. I just wish there wasn't so much chaos and hatred. They are all mothers going through tough times. I started watching this show because it was different from the other "wives" shows. It was women who had common ground, an understanding and could support each other regardless of their differences. I understand that things have happened in the past, but I'm not the same person I was 15 years ago and I'm sure none of them are either. It stopped being about the hard times for these women and became the Drita vs. Karen show. I love all of them and just want to see them get behind high school drama. If you can't make amends with someone that's fine, but don't even waste breath on someone who isnt important to you. Negativity is poison.

@Perri6 said...

This episode if your a real FAN of #MOBWIVES, and pay attention to what is going on in each one of their lives,would have understood how smart Jenn graziano is, and wouldnt have been overwhelmed(well to a certain point)We are all entitled to our opinions, and comment on them here, however, to say what bothers you is that they say Drita is starting trouble is not fair, you are obviously not watching the same #Mobwives the rest of us are, its on film, we all see what she does, we all saw her lie to therapist last night, everything that comes out of DRITA"S mouth is a lie or trying to start trouble! sorry had to reply to comment! I agree with Chiara's 2cents, first and foremost Carla lying, Drita is rubbing off on her, I saw last week and heard her say I AM NOT LEAVING DRITA"s Party, HELLO!! I was very confused of what Ramona said when Renee blurted out what Drita said she said about junior! But happy it wasnt what i thought! Truthfully I was so upset that Renee even beleived Drita to begin with, I never believed it for a second< Drita told this to Renee's sister,Drita is a trouble maker, and saw Ramona as a threat to her! The last scene in the bar to me was stupid, i didnt like it at all! I just want to say that i think Karen was trying to do a nice thing for Renee, and she is truly a great person! I think Renee was looking forward to going and wanted to, but has way to much on her mind, and maybe should have waited for a better time to speak to Ramona! However im thrilled its verified, and cant wait to see what happens, lets see if DRITA SAYS SHE PUNCHED RENEE IN THE FACE AND PUT HER IN THE HOSPITAL!! I find her going to Anger management a waste of time, expecially her comment walking out that he doesnt know she is dealing with Animals, yes he does Drita, he knows there is one, you, he just listened to you!!

Anonymous said...

I think Ramona did say that Junior just used Renee. She doesn't exactly have a filter in her brain that censors what she says!

Kathy Cummings said...

Listen periri6, I DO watch every episode
, have from the beginning. I am a REAL fan. For you to say that I don't realize how smart Jenn Graziano is is completely ridiculous. I think she is brilliant. She's created a great show. I'm not saying Drita isnt a liar, I said she didn't run To Renee in the past 2 years and tell her this. She simply answered Renee's question. I like all the women. But I've caught lies from all of them. Maybe if you were paying attention you would have caughtl them too. The difference between you and I is that I Like all the women while you are obviously a Drita hater. That's your right and your opinion. I just feel they all need to act like the adult women and mothers they are. You can sit there and find ways any of them are starting trouble. I get drama makes for great t.v. But I think it's sad that they waste so much time hating each other, we only see what the show allows us to see. They all have other things in there lives and I don't feel it's completely fair to judge any of them on what we get in one hour each week. There are things that I don't care for in all of them, but I understand they are human like me and have their faults. I respect all of them for opening up their lives for the world to see and standing up for what they believe in regardless if I agree. But please don't question my ability to see things on the show and Handle anything. I'm not blind, deaf or stupid. I just try to see all points of view.

Anonymous said...

Ramona keeps it 100, if she said it she would own up to it. If she didn't have a filter, she would have put Renee on blast a thousand times already. Renee's been acting crazier and crazier and both Ramona and Karen have shown nothing but restraint and loyalty in letting it all slide.

In that clip from the sit-down, Drita's still saying she and Ramona can't be friends because she punched Ramona's mouth. She needs to go all in already and say they can't be friends because she plugged
the hell out of Ramona's eye and Ramona spent the
whole night crying. If we have to listen to a constant
stream of lies and delusions, at least keep it fresh
and funny. I actually feel bad for Carla because at
this point I'd be wondering if my friend might actually
be crazy. You have to be really committed (no pun intended) to keep all these lies going despite the cameras.

Chiara Soprano said...

Last Anon, I understand what you are saying but you mixed up the names a little.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mix 'em up, I meant that Drita's current routine is played out and if she's gonna continue to lie so much, she should just go over the top and make it entertaining. I saw one smash-eyed fake badass crying there that night, use that, makes a better story. You shoulda seen it Carla. 10 different ambulances had to come to take pieces ova to 10 different hospitals. I busted her eye so bad I don't even know how she could squeeze 10 hours of tears out of it. She's too scared to even look at me even if she could.

Anonymous said...

Drita probably didn't run to Renee because it didn't happen and she never even heard about it before Renee started "questioning" her. She also looks a lot less like she's the one stirring it all up if she just innocently responds to Renee's questions than if she kicks the whole thing off.

I could believe she said something about Junior, but that's also disrespectful to Renee and we haven't seen that yet. I also don't believe Ramona would ever trust Drita that much. They may have been talking two years ago, but that doesn't mean they were close enough to take it to that level.

Anonymous said... trying 2 find the right words...
Cheeseburger conversation was weird, the guy she was talking 2 was "interesting"-_- It was clear her nerves was tore up about something, but i don't understand how someone's nerves can come undone about a thing that happen in high school,on lunch break.-_- Shaking.. grabbing tissues? I don't get it.-_-

But i did love the part where there in the woods!:-) "I dont want 2 Sleep alone!" #Priceless:-)

HotTub Man was "interesting" Chiara i soo seemed...fake.. but who am i 2 judge?...-_-...

The whole thing left me shaking my head, while 100 questions raced through my mind.

Cant wait till next week! I don't know how it could get any more crazy, but i think it will be:-)

Anonymous said...

U know what I think drita and Ramona need to get in a ring and fight then Drita and kereen need to get in the ring Drita says she busted Ramona lip that's not true that guy hit Ramona and it doesn't show who hit Drita eye

The Underboss said...

Great recap. You hit the nail on the head. I was tweeting some the same points last night. Great job Chiara

Anonymous said...

I found it funny that Drira ran her mouth with reasons as to why she wasnt going on the trip. Drita wasn't even invited. Hoe, sit down. Love the girl but she's getting out of pocket.

Anonymous said...

Even if she was invited, why would she go? It's so obvious that ramona lied to renee. If she didn't say it, why did she get so worked up about it? Liars always get angry when theyre being called out. She's such a liar how did renee believe that snake?

Anonymous said...

Ramona didn't get worked up at all until Renee freaked out and started throwing shit and shrieking. She lost it when she realized once again Drita was behind the whole thing. Renee believed Ramona because she said Ramona's never lied to her. Somebody who doesn't lie usually has more credibility than someone who changes every story 590 times.

morena said...

My 2 cents! Why Drita decide to go AM. now? Because this is all plan! Renee will confront Drita about the Ramona comment and we all going to be so surprise cause Drita won't start to throw PUNCHES why? cause she's going to said that since she is going to AM she learn to walk out before throwing a Punch! Yea sure..what casualties that the whole Renee,Ramoma Drita drama will explode after Drita AM therapy! Why? because JENIFFER know that no matter what Renee is her sister and as the show producer she won't be able to take sides! But how could u not take side if ur sis is on a fight with anyone... THIS R THE PPL THAT EVERY THING IS LOYALTY! so jen will have to be loyal to her sis... and kick Drita from the show..cause knowing Renee she would flip if she has a fight with someone and Jen still talk or is friend with that person. You guys saw the show Renee did even tho Ramona told her she didn't said anything about JR. I bet that she won't make that show with Drita. or if she do I bet Drita won't dare to throw a punch...she's not stupid! I like Renee but sometimes she can be very annoying! I understand that she was going tru alot but there's no excuse for her to scream on ppl face when they r just having a conversation! She is out of control and only crazy ppl act that way. She is the friend u r afraid to go out with cause u know u will end up in some drama! Still love her tho!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone played that game of telephone? Where one person whispers something in one person's ear, then the next person whispers it to the next and so on and so on, and the last person repeats it out loud, and it sound TOTALLY different than what was originally said, and you all laugh about it? Well, I think this show is one big game of telephone--all of these women talk so much shit about each other, that they forget what exactly was originally said, but instead of laughing that's when the fighting starts. NONE of these women are perfect, but they ALL have a lot of heart and they love to gossip about each other--it's unavoidable, like taxes and menopause. I love this show...

Anonymous said...

Why are these grown women so concerned with what they THINK someone else said about them? I was always told A dog that will bring a bone will take a bone. So perhaps they need to start going off on the people that keep telling them "Drita said this or Drita said that". As for Ramona she doesn't keep anything 100, she's a not so young anymore woman with children but always discussing fighting?! That's ridiculous. However if she's so determined to fight, fight Drita 1:1, not gang up on her with her and her cousin. That they were proud of their actions is mind boggling. Renee needs to stop drinking if she's going to take psych meds...defeats the purpose. Renee should catch a clue. She's not happy but Junior is because he could care less about her feelings, about her, etc. Stop getting mad at these so-called women he's dating. He's the one she supposedly has a relationship with, those women don't owe her a thing, talk to Junior. Wait...she really can't press the issue because he will leave. Renee is a pathetic, simpering, loud crass mouthed hag who is emotionally unstable. Yes she can be funny but when she's not she's certifiable.

Mob Mistress said...

"As for Ramona she doesn't keep anything 100, she's a not so young anymore woman with children but always discussing fighting?!"

I've watched season 1 and nine episodes of season 2 of Mob Wives. Drita D'avanzo is the mob wife who is continually bragging about fighting.