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Mob Wives Chicago: Leah DeSimone’s Interview

I was fortunate to be able to catch up with Leah DeSimone of Mob Wives Chicago for an informal interview. I know are readers want to get a feel for who is going to be in the cast of the new show. I can tell you that I really enjoyed chatting with Leah. She was very open and straight forward with her answers and had me laughing at times. I think she is going to bring a lot to the show…but let’s get to her interview!

Hi Leah, this is Chiara from Mobwives Blogspot. How are you?
Hi Chiara, I’m good, how are you.

I’m fine, thanks. I just have some questions for an informal interview so fans can get an idea of who you are.
Ok, sounds good.

Great. Have you watched season one and two of Mob Wives?
I watched season one. All my friends call me Drita. When I’ve been in the middle of telling them a story, they would say, “Dri, calm down.”

Which of the Mob Wives do you think you relate to the most?
I think I’m a combination of Drita and Big Ang. I mean, I won’t start any trouble, but I won’t think twice about using my tongue, which is wicked and deadly. I don’t have to use my fists to get my point across. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  Respect me and I’ll respect you. I am very much about respect, loyalty and honor and that’s how I grew up. As far as being like Big Ang, I am a mediator. I don’t want trouble and I don’t start trouble. I say if you can’t get along then just don’t be around each other.

Did you know any of your cast members before the show started?
Yes I did. I grew up with Christina. She was friends with my older brother and is two years older than me. I’ve know Pia for about 20 years. She was a bartender where my friends and I used to go and she always gave us VIP service. Whenever we said we were going, she would always have a table ready for us.

How did you meet Jennifer Graziano?
Jennifer flew in to meet me when I was shooting a scene for Mob Wives Chicago. It was my second time filming. Everyone liked me and I was hired six days later.

Was it a difficult decision for you to join the cast of Mob Wives Chicago?
No, not at all. My family felt that I would be an asset to the show and told me to do my best and just be myself.

Is there going to be much drama on Mob Wives Chicago?
Drama? No.

Without revealing too much, do you have any issues with anyone on the show?
The issues I had were prior to the show’s existence, and they will come out.

What would you say is the difference between Mob Wives Chicago and the original show?
The cast members. We all have different personalities.

Are you married or have children?
No, I’m single.

Well that’s good. What I mean is that you don’t have to deal with the issue of husbands or boyfriends being incarcerated.
That’s true. 

Will we be seeing any of your family members on the show?
Yes, you will be seeing some of my family members on the show.

Is there anything you want viewers to know about you before they see the show?
Just that I’m the real McCoy. I’m feel I’m no different than anyone else, rich or poor, famous or not. I truly believe that. I’m humble and I will stay humble. I’ll always be me. I could be a millionaire and I’d still go to Walmart.

The Mob Wives got a lot of criticism from the residents of Staten Island for being on a show that glorifies the “lifestyle” or makes Italians look bad? Have you experienced any negative reactions in Chicago?
Yes. The Italian American Club said we disgraced Italians. I don’t feel my story is disgracing any part of Italian culture. I was raised by my father and grandmother. My mother and father didn’t get along. My mother lived down the street and my father had custody of me. I was always able to see my mother. My father was very strict. He raised me with respect and loyalty. I was taught to be responsible and not to disgrace the family. I never did anything wrong. I don’t regret my childhood. We didn’t have timeouts when I was a kid, we just got beatings. I’m glad my father was strict and I thank him now. God only knows how things would have turned out if he hadn’t been strict. 

How would you describe your personality?
I would say I am very comedic. I’m very true to my word. I’m honest, funny, and witty.
I can be very cocky. Very cocky. I don’t take any sh!t. I think before I speak, but if I don’t like you, I’ll tell you to your face. I’m down to earth and open minded.

Can you tell us a special childhood memory you have of you and your father?
Yes I can. When I was a little girl and lived with my father and grandmother, I couldn’t wait for my father to come home. Every day I would sit looking out the window for him. When he pulled up and saw me, he would wave to me to come out. I would run through the house and get my shoes on. Then I would go with him to the dice games. He was the best dice player! All the men would put money in my jeans and they used me for good luck. I thank God every day that my father is here.

Well, Leah that’s all I have for now. I want to wish you good luck with the show. It was really a pleasure talking to you.
Thank you. I enjoyed talking to you too, and call me if you need anything.

Thanks, I will. Have a good night.
You too.

Leah was a lot of fun to talk to. She kept throwing in old Sicilian expressions into our conversation. Some I knew, some I didn’t. But I loved all of them and I asked her if she would be sprinkling some of them into the show. She said yes! That made me laugh. That just gives me one more thing to look forward to. And, again, kudos to Jennifer Graziano for what I think is another awesome cast member to her new show!

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Picture credit: Leah DeSimone


Julie said...

Great interview as always!! Can't wait to see Leah on Mobwives Chicago...She's the real McCoy!!

Anonymous said...

Its so interesting to find out more about all the New MOb Wives of Chicago. I really enjoy the interviews!

Chiara Soprano said...

We have more interviews coming so watch for them!

Big Bubbz said...

Leah just be your natural self and you will be the brightest star. God Bless & Good ya!

~Big Bubbz

Rosey said...

Thanks, and always great interviews from you and Mob Mistress! I love that you are giving an insight into their personalities! Love it!

debbiecraig817 said...

What is the problem on tweeter that .they had to say basically don't kill the messenger....that they only provide the service...I'm referring to blog @ciara soprano blog for mobwives chicago...I believe that's were I saw it...can't people just grow up and lighten up?

Monique said...

From your point of view, Chiara, do you believe that her description of being a mix of Big Ang and Drita to be accurate? I know we are just getting to know her, but that could be a dangerous thing! LOL

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique, from the one conversation I had with Leah I didn't find that to be accurate, lol. We were very cordial and comfortable speaking to each other and it came up that she doesn't need to get "physical." You want my gut opinion? I think she is a mix of Renee's loyalty and honor values and fun side combined with a "no nonsense, say what I mean" Ramona side. We will see if I am right when the show airs, make a note and remind me. I love being right! LOL