Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mob Wives: St. Laz New Mob Wives Song

St. Laz

I love Twitter! This morning I was tweeted a "clean" version of the song "Mob Wives," an original creation of artist St. Laz. I am not a fan of rap or hip hop, but if it has to do with Mob Wives, I'm gonna love it...and I do! I was playing it this morning to get a feel for it and my daughter walks in and says what are you listening to? I say it's a new song dedicated to the Mob Wives and I am all about blogging anything that has to do with the show. My daughter adds her two cents and says "it's actually very good!"  I happen to agree. I saw that Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano retweeted the "dirty" version a couple of days ago. But, St. Laz was not only wise enough to make a "clean" version, he also sent it to me, the blogging maniac!

From St. Laz Facebook I copied this little intro: "Seen on MTV, St. Laz was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn and  is one of the biggest indie rappers in the music business, collabs with big artist such as jadakiss, jim jones, joel ortiz, uncle murda, styles p, sheek louch and more, hear st.laz on hot 97 and power 105.1 in NYC." Check out his facebook page @ and follow him on Twitter @StLaz

St. Laz has many tracks out there. If you love his music you will be happy to find more tracks @ St. Laz TRACKS

Please have a listen and let us know what you think of this NEW Mob Wives Song!

Pictures and Music: St. Laz


teammobwives666 said...

Nothing against the new Mob Wives song, but I like Rock Mafia's Big Bang the best. After all that's the music that the show started out with.

Now if that was the opening song for Mob Wives Chicago, that would be awesome! Just sayin~

Chiara Soprano said...

Oh I definitely agree the Rock Mafia song is now synonymous with Mob Wives and I love it...but this might be good for Chicago or just to use in one of the shows. I sent it directly to Jenn to listen to.

Hey you said...

Im attached to the Big BAng Mob Wives songs, one Mob Wives theme song i cant stand is the itunes Mob wives season II downloads, this New St. Laz song might sound better there. Im wondering what CMW theme song is gonna be.

Brandon Fuentes said...

What's this new theme song called?

Anonymous said...

st laz real name is brian johnston he murdered a 3 year old little girl and went to prison for it . he is a known scammer . check the police record