Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Leah & Christina In NYC

Christina Scoleri and Leah DeSimone

What would we do without Twitter? I have no clue, but hot off the tweets of Chicago Mob Wives Leah and Christina, I found this picture of the two of them headed to New York City yesterday. No one asked why and they didn't volunteer any information, but they sure seemed excited about their trip. Don't they look great in the above picture? Are they wearing leather pants? Anyway, I did try to get some information as to why they are here, but haven't heard back. If I do I will update this blog or start a new one. Stay tuned!

Just last week a member of the Mob Wives Chicago cast, Renee Fecarotta, flew in to New York City for a little work and a lot of fun. She brought her beautiful daughter, Giana and her lovely niece Lexi. She met up with the Staten Island wives and they all seems to have a great time partying the night away at the Greenhouse last weekend. 

PRACTICAL JOKE! Leah and Christina are NOT in New York! Apparently we have learned something first hand about Leah...she is a PRANKSTER and got me good and it's not even April FOOL's Day! Oh well, it was a great picture and I got a good laugh of the day out of it in the end.

Picture credit: Leah's Twitter Account


Chiara Soprano said...

Well now you've gotten another glimpse into Leah and her "fun" side. Next time, before I blog, I'll get a notarized statement verifying what she says is true LOL

Anonymous said...

These ladies always keep their purses on the floor classy!

keebs said...

I love them and don't even know them..good for them for keeping us ontoes.Mob wives Chicago is gonna represent in a big way; yes I'm biased cause I live the