Monday, March 26, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap “Torn Apart” Ep 211

Renee's world falls apart in this episode

Carla and Drita go out to New York City for a night on the town. Drita wants to meet some guys, drink, dance and have a good time, without drama. Drita feels free because of her filing for divorce from Lee. Carla says she is the “wing girl” and she spots the cute guys for Drita. Carla thinks Drita needs to brush up on her dating skills. Drita says she would love to meet a guy and go out on a date. Then she meets a guy who knows her and Lee and she gets annoyed because now Lee is going to know she was out having fun. Her night out is ruined. She has one last drink and she and Carla leave. She says it’s not easy to move on and close the door to a life.

Drita's attempt at dating isn't going smoothly!

Big Ang, Karen and Ramona go out for drinks. Big Ang talks about her Uncle Sally Dogs and Karen asks how he got that name. Big Ang says he was like a bull dog. Karen’s father, Sammy, was very close to Sally Dogs. Those were the good old days as they all reminisce over the fun times they all shared. Big Ang brings up about her past arrest and how a friend of hers wore a wire and taped her in the bathroom peeing…“the rat bastard!”

At Renee’s house, Renee checks Junior’s appointment book. Junior is going to be sentenced in a couple of months to 18 to 21 months jail time. There has to be a PSI report done. A pre-sentencing investigation looks at everything the person has done in their life. Renee says she fights with Junior for no reason and he has distanced himself from her and she is sad. He says she has mood swings because of his cheating in the past that she can’t let go of it. She feels he doesn’t love her and he says maybe it’s because of her bad attitude. She blames her mood on the fact that she is living in limbo not know what is going to happen and waiting for him to go to jail. She is afraid to lose him and she can’t handle it, it’s killing her. Junior is matter of fact about it. She wants to fix things and be happy…be happy with Junior. He says she has nothing to worry about, he will be there for her.

Bigg Ang has nothing good to say about her husband, Neil.

Big Ang and Drita are in a deli shopping. Drita tells Big Ang about her night out with Carla. Big Ang tells Drita about her husband, Neil. They are married two and a half years and after they got married things went downhill. He started staying out all night, cheating and drinking. She threw him out seven months ago. Big Ang doesn’t believe she should pay all the bills, that’s a man’s job. Big Ang tells Drita that she can’t go from a street guy to a regular guy. Big Ang’s husband is younger than Lee, only 38!

Ramona and Renee are sitting in a booth at a restaurant talking about Junior. Ramona says she has to stop bringing her past into her future. Renee tells Ramona how she feels neglected by Junior and how there is a lack of affection between them. But, Junior has been very close to her father over the years. Renee says her father called her to ask if she was alive and then hangs up. Ramona and her dad have no relationship at all. Renee says her dad doesn’t talk to her but she knows he will always be there for her. Ramona is sad because her kids don’t have a relationship with their father or their grandfather. Renee wants to repair her relationship with her father because he is 71 and hopes that one day he will forgive her.

Carla and Joe go to dinner and she tells him about a parent-teacher meeting at school . She wants him to go. Then she tells him about Drita’s idea to go speed dating and that she is going to join her and try it. He asks her if she knows what that is and she says no. Joe explains it to her and he supports her dating again. Joe and Carla reminisce about her great ass and corduroy pants.

Renee is in bed feeling anxiety, depression ad exhaustion.  She is hoping that Junior understand the conversation they had because he keeps pulling away from her and she doesn’t understand it. She hopes they can fix things because of the love they share.

Renee is expecting Junior to come home after meeting with his parole officer, but she finds a letter that he left for her and she reads it. She becomes agitated and nervous. Renee calls her friends Nikole and Karen, to tell them what is in the letter. Junior has turned himself in to the Feds for brandishing a pistol and armed robbery. Renee has no clue where he is and why he says he isn’t using his old lawyer. She doesn’t know what to do or who to call. She is stressed, confused and devastated.

Renee calls Ramona and tells her Junior woke up and took himself to jail, leaving a letter for her on the nightstand. These new charges carry a sentence of seven years in prison and will be added to his old charges of gambling. In the letter, Junior writes that he loves her, he will always love her. He hopes things work out for her and that she moves on and finds someone. Renee cries and says she will never leave him and move on. She says she can’t even cry because all she can think of is that while he is in prison she won’t have to worry about him cheating on her.

Drita and Carla go speed dating and they don’t know what to expect. They are nervous. Drita is scared of meeting new guys. They meet a guy named Kevin who says he is engaged. That gets Drita worked up, like what the hell is he doing speed dating if he is in a relationship? Another guy lives out of state and she says he might as well be in prison because they will never be able to see each other. There are a couple of young, single guys who were never married and don’t have children and they also met a couple of jerks. No one was suitable. They both leave.

Karen goes over to Renee’s and Renee tells Karen everything that happened. Karen is in complete shock over the 7 year prison sentence and the whole good bye letter doesn’t make sense to her. Renee says she has nothing left, no money. Karen doesn’t know how to help her. Renee says she is losing it and starts saying, “I want to go, I want to go.” She doesn’t want to live. She is scaring Karen who tells her she has to be strong. Karen says, don’t let the government win and break you. Renee doesn’t blame the government, they are just doing their jobs.  Renee’s mental state is not right. Karen begs her to be strong for AJ. Karen relates to AJ because she was his age when her father was arrested. Renee needs to find out where Junior is right now. She calls the Federal Detention Center to ask about Junior. They tell her they can’t answer anything until after midnight. Renee wants answers, so she makes her friend Nikole call and ask about Junior. This time the woman asks the inmate’s name, and Nikole says “Pagan.” The woman says Hector Pagan? And then goes to check it out. She comes back to say that he is being processed right now and that he looks well. Nikole wants to make arrangements for AJ to see his father. The woman tells her that won’t be possible. Renee’s depression kicks in and she gets sick to her stomach.  Her biggest fear is being along, of growing old alone. Karen is there for her. Renee cries and screams that she can’t save her family. It’s all too much for her.

Nikole and Karen eventually leave Renee alone. Renee needs to know where Junior is to put her mind and AJ’s mind at ease. She says she has no spirit, no will no drive. Renee leaves a message for Junior’s parole officer. Then she talks to her cousin on the phone. Her cousin is at her father’s house. While she is asking her cousin questions regarding Junior’s situation she hears the police arrive at her dad’s house and terror sets in. Renee can hear what’s going on and realizes that her father is being arrested by the Feds. She cries saying she is ten minutes away and can’t get there fast enough to say good bye. Renee can’t save her family and she feels helpless. The episode ends with Renee having a serious emotional breakdown over her dad’s arrest.


It’s very difficult to have any fun writing up my opinion this week when the episode deals almost exclusively with Renee’s life falling apart right before our eyes. I am thankful that what we saw last night took place months ago and that we have seen Renee fight her way back from it. Jennifer Graziano tweeted that this week and next week’s episodes were very difficult for her to watch. They were for me too. I have to admit that, when the show first started and they said it was based on reality, I was a huge skeptic and felt a lot of it was scripted. But you just can’t script these kinds of things. They were in the news and we all read it. This is as real as it gets. Renee, more than any of the other mob wives, has endured so much in the past ten months, from her horrific surgery on June 27th,  battling a deadly infection, the arrest of Junior and then her father, to finding out Junior cut a deal that resulted in the ultimate betrayal of her family. And through it all, Renee has always maintained her dignity and class, continued with the show and made many appearances without skipping a beat. If that’s not a strong woman, I don’t know what is. That’s why I say, when you think of Mob Wives, you think of Renee Graziano.

Now for the show! Drita’s dating situation is looking a bit desperate. Going to a bar to find the right man isn’t going to work well for Drita. She has celebrity status and is recognizable. Someone, or more likely more than one person, is sure to know who she is. This will only be a waste of time in my opinion. Then she tried speed dating. Speed dating allows you to meet several people in the course of a few minutes, to see if you click. You spend five minutes with a person and then, if you like what you hear, you exchange numbers and meet for a drink during the week. I think that’s ok for people who are unknown, but certainly not for Drita, who will attract every jerk in the house. Here’s a suggestion for Jennifer to run with, if Drita is really available: Over the summer ask men who are interested in meeting Drita for dating and a possible relationship to submit a video of themselves and a resume. The videos must be five minutes long and reveal why they think they are the perfect match for Drita. The videos will be reviewed by Carla, Renee and Big Ang. They will pick three to five of the most promising eligible bachelor’s. Jennifer will have those guys checked out to make sure they are for real. Dates will be arranged with each guy and the whole process, from start to finish, will be filmed. It can be used as part of Mob Wives or be it’s own little summer spin off (please no Carrie Keagan as a host!). The spin off can be called, “Drita Needs A Regular Guy” or something…I can’t think of everything, I’m not getting paid.

The rest of the show is about Renee’s world crashing down around her. I was thinking about what to say this morning. Renee was emotional, but what happened is as bad as it gets for her. Next week’s episode may even be worse, when the truth comes out that Junior was behind her father’s arrest. That episode is called The Ultimate Betrayal.

I just have one comment to make about the part of the show dealing with Renee. I don’t mean it as a criticism, it’s just that I don’t understand something. I was shocked that both Nikole and Karen left Renee alone considering the state of mind she was in. Of course, they might have been told to leave, and Renee really wasn’t alone because the camera crew, and possibly even Jennifer herself, were still there. But when they are filming, they make it look as though she is at home alone. So I don’t know. I don’t think Renee should have been left alone and could have used the support of everyone around her. But, no one asked me and I am not the executive producer, so I will leave the thinking to Jennifer, since she has been doing very well without my help.


@Perri6 said...

BAHAHAHAHA Rocky Balboa Racoon is Brilliant CHIARA! LOVE IT! I found this episode to sad, this was REAL, I just feel Renee has been thru hell, and we have been watching her fall apart, and wish someone would help her! I don't know how she is coping at all! I also was horrified when nicole and Karen left her alone, but didnt occur to me Jenn was there, so I feel better! I think Karen has really stepped up and who can relate to what Renees is going thru more than Karen! I just feel Renee has been living this nightmare now for months, and relived it again last night! I hope she can try and put this behind her one day!

Chiara Soprano said...

Glad you liked it, I needed to ad a little humor at the end. BT Karen said that although she left she didn't go far. Apparently her exit was for the taping only.

Kathy Cummings said...

This blog was done beautifully and with plenty of love and compassion. My heart breaks for Renee and A.J. I can't even imagine going through half of what Renee has. And for her to come out still shining and even stronger is a testament for how wonderful of a human being and mother she is. I hope for the best for her. All the happiness and love in the world, she deserves it.

Deana3452 said...

I missed something.Does Renee's dad not talk to her because of the show or something else?

Chiara Soprano said...

Renee's dad stopped talking to her and Jenn when they told him about the show.

Just Passin By said...

Renne is emotional enough and this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Renee, hang in there. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger. You'll end up being the mentally healthiest one of the Mob Wives because this will make you grow, as you probably already have done since this was filmed. God bless you, Renee.

Nicole in MA said...

I finally got to see this episode today. Poor Renee. Just heartbreaking. I felt terrible for her and AJ. I have to say I liked the Carla that was in this episode. Especially the scenes with her husband. (?they are still married right). Can not wait to see the next episode.

Anonymous said...

how did anyone not notice the horrific editing on VH-1's part??!?!? they really need to address this:
why are renees nails BLACK when she reads the letter from junior..THEN they are mysteriously red and chipped when everyones comes over?
bad bad editing. this has ruined the show for me. makes me think this was reshot a few times..

Funlady28 said...

This episode was just heartbreaking. I can't imagine going through all of that emotional turmoil. I really respect Renee for going through all of this and still going strong.

Mob Mistress said...

Editing in shots of her lighting a cigarette, I don't think is a major crime or makes Renee's suffering any less.

Good recap Chiara!

Anonymous said...

Lol Mr. Rocky Balboa Raccoon looks pretty good! Chiara u know the saying...
"Every Girl needs a Raccoon in her life!"
I'm waiting 4 my Raccoon in shinning armor!
Lol! Thanks 4 lighting the mood, last nights episode was horrific...
Worse thing I've seen since,
Laurie Strode cut off the Wrong Man's Halloween H2O.
Just Horrible:-(

Anonymous said...

God, poor Renee. So is Junior out now, or did the Feds just reduce his sentence in exchange for being an informant?

Joe seems really mature and sweet. I feel like Drita's divorce is about as real as Heidi and Spencer's. I think she's just trying to maintain her Image but I don't think they're really broken up, so I hope this dating story doesn't go on week after week. Personally I'd rather see Big Ang out looking for love, that would be much more entertaining.

Mob Mistress said...

"I feel like Drita's divorce is about as real as Heidi and Spencer's. I think she's just trying to maintain her Image but I don't think they're really broken up, so I hope this dating story doesn't go on week after week."

You just made me laugh so hard. THANK YOU!

keebs said...

Well put Kathy...

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Renee, her suffering is due to her insignificance in any ones life. I hope her son stays with her for a few more years to help her feel loved by someone.
It's hard for me to watch, lots of bad editing.

Julie said...

Im glad you mentioned that because I thought It was ne seeing things.....

Julie said...

Great recap!!
My heart goes out to Renee and AJ also to Jennifer this had to be really hard time for them all. My prayers are with them!!

Anonymous said...

I feel for Renee. She is a strong lady with true love in her heart. In time she will soar above Junior and his BS. Put your crown on Renee. You are a queen.

Dee said...

When Renee started to scream while hearing her father getting arrested... it was too much for me. I agree, she's been through so much lately and it doesn't sound like it's going to get better any time soon. My heart goes out to her and AJ.

Kathy cummings said...

Thank you very much

MissCrop609 said...

Hmmm...Drita can't possible date Rocky Balboa Raccoon. He's not her type. He's not carrying a wrench.

I pray Renee can someday move forward from Junior. It's like she's given him her soul and he stomped on it.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that Renee's cousin on the phone is not named nor is her voice heard on the line (or any of the commotion for that matter).

The episode could have been reshot a few times because the matter had to be addressed and the woman is suffering greatly so any way the show desired to deal with the situation is fine (it is a very private and emotional matter).

Helen Wheels said...


Renee (on phone from Poconos bar): Jun-iuhr! I’m comin home!

Junior (frantically dialing phone from home): Hello? May I speak to the agent in charge? Uh, yeah, hello? This is Junior Pagan. I’m ready to take that deal! I will do anything to get the hell away from this crazy woman! Tell me what you need and you got it! Wear a wire? Sure. I can do that. You say I’ll have to relocate to Adak, Alaska? Haven’t you got any place a little harder to get to?
- end scene -

It’s just my hunch but something tells me that when Junior moved in with Renee he was already wired for sound. Remember, Renee said that since he’d been back Junior had spent most of his time with Daddy.

For the record, when your father is a lifelong criminal and one of the top Mafia echelon, no one should be surprised when the Feds come knocking at the door.

Renee carried on as if her poor father had stopped at the wrong bar, at the wrong time and found himself a victim of unfortunate circumstance.

Sorry. Renee the drama queen gets no sympathy from me. Hell, her own son didn't want to be bothered with her. He couldn't get out of the room quick enough once he saw she was turning on her drama switch.

Renee had the opportunity to break the so-called cycle of the "lifestyle." She did not have to marry someone from the "lifestyle" and then go on to glamorize that "lifestyle" for the rest of her life. She has made conscious decisions her entire adult life. Those decision have always included trading on her father’s infamous influence. What do you think Karen was talking about when they were at the table reminiscing about the good old days? It is because the good old days for them meant never having to wait their turn for anything. It meant you acted like your shit didn’t stink because you really believed that and everyone around you acted like they held the same opinion.

Renee carries herself with class and dignity? You're joking right. If you're not then you must be a blood relative or being paid to say it. If you really listen to Renee she is nothing but a loud-mouthed abusive punk. She is always threatening that someone is going to turn up dead somewhere, with a knife in their neck, etc., if they dare to cross her. She leads with, "Do you know who I am?" Yes, Renee we know who you are. You are cheap, vulgar and crass.

And if “Daddy” meant that much to her she wouldn’t be on the show in the first place nor would her sister have even proposed it to any network. The show is the reason Renee, Jennifer and Daddy are estranged. Again a choice was made. It appears a cheap grasp at some fleeting fame for herself was more important than Daddy’s wishes or even the “code” Renee and the rest of her “crew” are always acting as if they are beholden to.

Mob Mistress said...

"If you're not then you must be a blood relative or being paid to say it."

You are entitled to your opinion. It's a show. We only see a sliver of who the Mob Wives are. I'm not a Drita fan. Per the show I can't stand her. Outside of the show she may be a great individual. I'll never know.

FACT: Chiara is not a blood relative to any Mob Wives cast member. She equally doesn't get paid to blog about the show or the cast.

Helen Wheels said...

I'll take you at your word. However, if you are truly just an impartial observer as you claim it boggles the mind that you would refer to Renee as someone with "class and dignity." Renee has proved time and again she wouldn't know class and dignity if they showed up at her door with notarized references. Any "impartial" observer can see that.

Anonymous said...

Helen......that was hysterical!! Imagine having her waiting for you after 7 years in jail!!
I agree with what you said, I don't feel sorry for her, everybody made their own choices here. I feel bad for AJ, poor kid, his father is a rat, his grandfather is in jail again and he lives with a crazy woman!!
Something I don't understand is Renee's father allegedly doesn't speak to her because of the show but was still in contact with Junior. Junior also appeared on the show last season and was even in the promo for this season. So I wonder, did Renee really have no contact with her father or did they just make it seem that way so he wouldn't be punished for it?

Mob Mistress said...

Is there a breakdown in reading comprehension? You don't have to take me at my word. I know the truth. I don't know why it boggles your mind about another's opinion. If you are good with yours, what does it matter? We are just referencing a reality show. We aren't discussing world hunger or the crisis in Syria.

Where did I write impartial in my previous comment? I believe I clearly stated everyone is entitled to their opinion. After watching the show, I have my favorites. So I am very partial when it comes to certain cast members.

It's entertainment. You've shared your opinion of Renee Graziano. We posted it. We thank you for your time in visiting our site & commenting. I'm just not going to continue this back & forth about Chiara's opinion. It's her opinion and she doesn't have to break it down or justify it to anyone.

It is mighty presumptuous of you to make the statement of:

"Any impartial observer can see that."

People impartial or not see from their perspective. Individuals don't always see the same thing. You have a wonderful day!

Helen Wheels said...

Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Your site is where I got you are "impartial." In your above disclaimer you state, "'s not personal for us...we are the peanut gallery."

Mob Mistress said...

It's not personal. Now 'not personal' is synonymous with impartial?

We are the peanut galley. We watch the show. We chose to blog about an upcoming show. The show turned out to be a success.


a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

You are the one who seems to be caught up on a stranger's opinion.

Rach said...

I love all of the ladies on the show!
The pain just keeps piling on Rene! Oh my!
Can the woman get a break, ever? Her life is in a whirlwind.

Did anybody else want to take a few deep breaths for her?
And that Fed on the phone, what a piece of work? They're all trained to be you-know-whats! If they aren't naturally, already.

Anonymous said...

I'm unbiased and impartial, so I understand a lot of what Helen Wheels has to say. She's right. Completely. Renee did make a lot of these choices. She also chose never to leave Junior. Look what happened.
Why would you stay with a guy after how many years when he's cheated on you..BEFORE you two got married. Continued the cheating afterwards, and further than that, called you fat and blamed your weight bc of it? Renee needs to woman up. She claims this and that about protecting AJ, but you could easily say that it is unbelievably unhealthy for a child to watch their mother be mistreated and disrespected by their own father. It destroys a child.

I feel for renee, but I also feel like she made those choices, despite the constant warnings she definitely had to receive from other people. Hopefully this teaches other women in her position what they should do.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the final scene again and the screen on Renee's phone keeps popping up and down in different shots so there is a continuity error there (something I've seen on "Mob Wives" in the past).

I still feel sorry for Renee's suffering.

Monique said...

Renee is cool as hell and I think that just the fact that she is able to rise above all the BS she is going through is proof enough that she is a true class act! Many other woman in her situation, who are soccer moms and "perfect examples" to society would have collapsed at the notion that their husband is a rat or their dad is in jail. Many would hit the bottle or abuse prescription drugs or whatever negative coping mechanism they can get their hands on. Renee, on the other hand, is doing the best she can with the cards she has been dealt and is trying her best to keep her integrity in the process.

Since this blog is all about opinion, I think Helen makes some valid points, but I could refute and dispute each and every one of her points if I wanted to, but I will just comment on one of her last points:

"And if “Daddy” meant that much to her she wouldn’t be on the show in the first place nor would her sister have even proposed it to any network"

Yeah, well if SHE meant that much to Dadddy he would have chosen to lead a better life and example for his daughters. Renee and her sister are the product of their father, his upbringing and his belief system. Obviously he values comfort and the almighty dollar above everything, even above setting a good example for his daughters. By proposing a show such as this one, they are extending their belief in the "hustle" and in getting paid and creating a comfortable lifestyles for themselves without having to live the "lifestyle" they were brought up with. So if you look at it from this point of view, they have actually proven to be much better individuals than their father while not breaking any laws and hurting anyone in the process. So what if she has a big mouth? Last time I checked EXPRESSING YOUR MIND ANY WAY YOU PLEASE isn't against the law.

Anonymous said...

VH1 is conveniently there to film the dramatic scene (maybe even multiple times) and to see what shock and awe this comes to Renee . Hmmm the Feds agree to wire him knowing that he is taping a reality TV show??? Yeah because the Feds like to put thier shit out there like that . Renee happens to call her cousin at the MOMENT they are arresting her father. Junior leaves a pretty little note that we get to hear read out loud confirming this is first time Renee is hearing it . Renee dramatic statement that she will NEVER GIVE UP on JR . Not adding up. The very diabolically part of me says Renee knew. She wanted it televised and documented to see what a shock this was so her fans, family and son would not suspect her of knowing a head of time. She ultimately choose Jr over her father. I think that is partly why she has been a wreck all season. Knowing what was coming. Weirder still Renee gives an interview that she has already forgiving him?

Anonymous said...

If Renees father was due to be arrested that day it makes sense that Jr would turn himself into police for protection. Not oly did he rat on renees father but he also ratted on some big bosses that were also arrested that day . How anyone in that life would bother with him knowing his conection to the show and that he not only. Condoned it but was on it himself. Well that’s. Beyond my imagination. I didn’t like the part with Renee talking about peanut butter and bread. Is she kidding me? Her and her sister are making a fortune off the show. Plus she makes thousands for apppearences. So are we to feel bad about her finances? Get a grip. Sell some of your jewlery and furs.and I don’t for 1 second believe that she polished her nail that day. That would have been impossible. Guess some if not all of the show is staged.

Anonymous said...

off topic....but isn't it disgusting that renee smokes in the house? she goes on about how much she loves her son but isn't she concerned about second-hand smoke? even last week at ramonas house she was smoking and ramona has 4 children.

Mob Mistress said...

I definitely do not believe Renee Graziano knew Hector had turned. Whatever strained relationship she has with her father I believe she loves him. Also Renee loves her mother dearly & wouldn't knowingly cause her mother additional pain.

I don't think it's weird that she is giving an interview stating she forgiven Junior. He is the father of her child. She should do what is best for A.J., a young man who is always going to love his father. The episode was filmed months ago. So she's had time to process it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me the r&b song featured on this episode 211 I'm obsessed & I can't find it anywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

"Karen says, don’t let the government win and break you. Renee doesn’t blame the government, they are just doing their jobs."

I feel really bad for Renee but the one good thing is you can tell just from this line that she is much more mature and healthy then Karen is by a long shot. What kind of advice is it for Karen to say "don't let the government win and break you?"

I was so proud of Renee when she asked in confusion what the hell Karen is talking about and what do they "win".

Does Karen think this is personal? Does she not understand that there are consequences to actions?

I'm no fan of the (often corrupt) government but I thought Karen's attempt to help Renee through this crisis by making it an us vs them situation between the government and her family was childish and unhealthy.

Kudos to Renee for seeing through it and recognizing that "the life" is really just a big lie.

If anyone has tried to break Renee, it's Junior, and his selfishness, his callous treatment of her feelings and his absolutely inability to put his family first.

Mob Mistress said...

I'll ask Underboss. He is into music.

The Underboss said...

I think the song is call Things are Changin' if you are referring to the song while Renee is in bed after she found the note from Junior. It is by an artist named Gary Clark Jr. A blues artist out of Austin. I did a post on him when his music was featured earlier in the season. It is on the Bright Lights EP. I hope this is what you were asking about. Here is a youtube link.