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Mob Wives Chicago: Nora Schweihs' Interview

Nora's Interview

I have been eagerly awaiting this day because I was very anxious to talk to Nora Schweihs. I like to get a feel for the Chicago Mob Wives before the show airs in June. Nora was gracious enough to speak with me and answer all my questions. I can tell you right now that this mob wife is very direct and to the point. I enjoyed her honesty and her being up front about her beliefs. Oh, and she also has her own way with words! Let’s get to the interview.

Hi, can I please speak to Nora?
Yes, who is calling?

This is Chiara from Mobwives Blogspot calling about our interview.
Oh yes, how are you? We are getting some very nice weather here in Chicago.

I’m fine, thank you. We have had a great winter here in New York too. It made up for last year. I just want to have an informal interview with you, like girlfriends, for the purposes of giving fans some insight into who you are.
Ok that’s great. 

Have you had the chance to watch Mob Wives?
I watched a little bit of season one and maybe 4 or 5 shows from season two. The reason is that I hardly have time to watch tv. I go to school full time and I also have the filming for the show. By the time I get home, I just want to go to bed.

I am a firm believer in higher education; what are you going to school for?
Well, I am going for my Master’s Degree right now. I have completed three degrees in fours years. I started by studying Criminal Justice and got my Associate’s degree in paralegal studies, then I completed my Bachelor’s Degree and now, as of June 9th, I will be graduating with my Master’s Degree in Business Management. I can’t believe it, it’s so exciting!

It really is exciting and amazing you accomplished so much in such a short time.
It was an accelerated program and I threw myself into it. I always worked before, in the restaurant business and in real estate. I gave up everything to take care of my father and then, when I lost him, I decided to go back to school. Filming for the show will be over in May and I’ll graduate in June. Everything is coming together for me.

From what you have seen of the show, Mob Wives, is there anyone you feel you relate to?
I would have to say I relate the most to Renee (Graziano) and then I found out I really knew Renee in the past when our fathers were in prison together.  I think Renee and I had similar backgrounds, raise with the same morals and grew up the same way. I see more of myself in her. Renee and Jennifer are the only ones I knew personally.

Was is a difficult decision for you to join the cast of Mob Wives Chicago?
Absolutely not. I met Jenn and we talked. I am extremely excited to tell my story, to tell the truth. The media destroyed my father. He was a businessman and an amazing person. I was his princess. This show is a chance for me to talk about my dad and make people see him through my eyes; to make him shine. He was a wonderful person and not just my father, but my best friend. I took care of him after he had his quadruple bypass surgery. I'm grateful we had that time together.

What were some of the lies being told about your dad (Frank "The German" Schweihs)?
They say he was a hit man and committed murders. My dad was never convicted of the things they accuse him of doing. The whole Marilyn Monroe story is just hearsay. My father taught me “never believe anything you don’t hear or see yourself.” I live by that.

How does your family feel about your being in the show?
I really don’t care how my family feels. No one tells me what to do, it’s none of their business. 
(For a split second I almost think I am talking to Mob Mistress of our blog, that's just what she would say!)

Are you married and do you have children?
I was married. I married very young, at 22, and divorced him after 8 years. I went to live with my father to care for him and after he passed my focus has been on me, my career and my education. I am rebuilding my life, working on myself, getting my power back. I am on a mission to complete those things.

Did you know anyone from your cast before joining the show?
My family lived near Renee Fecarotta’s uncle, in Riverside. I met her through his children. I knew Pia years ago. I don’t know anything about Leah or Christine, we are getting to know each other.

Without revealing too much, which of the cast members, if any, do you have issues or drama with on the show?
I really don’t have issues with anyone on the show. I only have issues with people who do something to me that is really drastic. Otherwise, I walk away from people who are opinionated and judgmental. I have no time for drama. Besides that, I was raised not to make a spectacle of yourself in public. But, don’t push me to the limit, because if you do, you are going to find that I’m not a very nice person. If you “hit me deep” I am going to have a reaction in self defense.

Is there anything you want viewers to know about you before the show airs?
Basically, with me, what you see is what you get. Some people think of me as a cold b!tch, but I have no time for nonsense, I have been to hell and back. I keep my guard up. I am the type of person that either loves you or doesn’t like you and there is “no middle in that oreo cookie.”  I am not going to put on any pretense, but I will be cordial.

The Mob Wives have gotten criticized for being on the show and glorifying the “lifestyle” or making Italians look bad. Have you experienced any negative reaction in Chicago?
I am the only mob wife that is not Italian, I am German and Greek. My father was in the mob and he was German. There has been some tension from the shallow minded people, in the Italian community, about the show.  I was glad to learn that Drita was Albanian though.

Yes, I wondered about your dad not being Italian; isn’t there a rule about mobsters being only Italian?
I don’t know, but he grew up around Italians. They respected him and that’s why he was so important. They broke the rule for him.

How would you describe your personality?
I would say I keep my answers short and sweet. I talk fast. I can be witty, I get that from my father who was a very witty man. I am the type of person that, if I am your friend, I am your friend for life. My father taught me how to test true friends by the process of elimination. You tell all your friends a different version of the same story and when you hear the story being spread around you know who is behind it.

Do you have a special memory of your father that you would like to share with viewers?
When I lived with my father in Florida, we went out every day. He taught me about integrity and class. He had me on a pedestal from when I was a little girl. I remember that we all got cars when we graduated from high school. On my graduation day, he drove up from Florida with a bouquet of roses, in my new car. He was sitting in the front of the high school waiting for me. When I got to the car he told me that he didn’t smoke in the car the whole way up from Florida, and he was a three pack a day smoker. It was amazing that he thought of me the whole time driving up and never smoked in the car. 

Is there anything else you would like to add before we end our conversation?
Just that I want to thank Jennifer every day for making me the happiest person in the world  and for giving me this opportunity. I am getting my personality back and my life back and I am being given the chance to get the truth out. I can tell my story honestly, no more hiding. It’s reality and I get to be myself.

Well, Nora, it was very nice talking to you and I hope we get a chance to talk again soon.
Thank you, it was very nice talking to you too.

Well, I enjoyed chatting with Nora. She is a very interesting person and I know there is a lot more to her and her story than I was able to capture during this interview. I liked her "what you see is what you get" comment because I often say that about myself, so I can relate to it. I look forward to seeing her on Mob Wives Chicago for more insight into her personality. Finally, I have to say kudos to Jennifer Graziano, because from what I have seen, heard and read, it looks like she picked a winning cast for the new show...not that I ever doubted she would.

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Gisell the Hairstylist said...

Can't wait to watch!

Rosey said...

Hi Chiara, that was a great interview. I have been wondering about the new show, if it would be as interesting as the original, and it seems it will be. Nora Schweihs seems very well rounded and I like her personality in the interview. It would be great if you can talk to the other ladies also to get insight into their personalities as well. Thank you

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Rosey, Thank you and I just want to let you know that Mob Mistress and I are working on interviews with the other ladies so you should be seeing them up in the near future. I think Jennifer did an outstanding job rounding up this cast.

Mob Mistress said...

I really, really love this interview. Nora and I share a strong personality strait.

I can't wait to see Mob Wives Chicago in action! I'm so looking forward to Mob Wives tonight. It's episode 10!

lynn said...

I can't wait to see Mob Wives Chicago. Nora seems like a smart cookie. I don't see her taking a lot of shit from anyone.

Casey said...

That was a great interview!

I live in Chicago, so I'm so pumped for this show to start!

Anonymous said...

Great interview!
I think I'm gonna love her. Can't wait for the new season!