Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mob Wives: Catching Up With Renee!

Renee with Stevie Ryan
The Stevie responsible for Lee's Grandmother's Ziti Parody!

We all know Renee has been out in LA having a great time. Some of it was work related, some of it was spent with family, but all of it good. I miss Renee when she is away, but I am so glad she got the opportunity to enjoy herself. Renee and I had a little chat to bring us up to date on what’s been going on and what we need to know.

Hi Renee, how was your trip to LA? 
It was absolutely amazing! I got to spend time with my family and friends. My sister was out here with me. I did a big interview with Extra that will be airing in two weeks. I did a segment on The Doctors, with my new plastic surgeon, Dr. Fiorillo, and we discussed my surgery. I also did something with Stevie Ryan for the Stevie Ryan TV Show. I danced, I laughed and had a very good time while I was away. 

AJ, Renee and Cameron

How is AJ doing?
AJ had a great time in LA. He met the son of a friend of mine, and they are going to work on a T-Shirt line. They even have a name picked out for it. He made some friends in California. He went on a shopping spree with his friend, Cameron, and spent all my money. But, it was worth every freakin’ penny. We had dinner at Frankie’s. There is also an episode coming up on the show about his father, and he is prepared for it.

Episode 10 “Fire Away” opened up a can of worms. Now that Ramona swore on her children’s lives, you don’t believe Drita. Will you confront Drita and ask her to swear on her children too, or just take it that she is lying?
Swearing on kids is an Italian thing, like swearing on someone’s eyes or on your mother. It means, "don't f*ck with me." For Ramona to swear on her children it means automatic belief. I’m not going to ask Drita to swear on her children, but there is going to be a meeting with her. You have to remember that this took place a while ago, prior to Junior cooperating, when I was on a lot of pain medication and not thinking clearly. I don’t necessarily see some things the same way today.

Of course Carla was going to tell Drita everything that happened in the Poconos, because her loyalty is to her. Will you confront her on the show about that and where do you stand now?
Yes, 100% I am confronting Carla about going to Drita. I am always one confront someone when I have an issue with them. I never make an issue sit. I want the truth, even if it hurts me to hear it. I need to know the truth for my own self respect and to know where I stand. I just want the person to give me what I want to know. Today, things are different. I’m like Switzerland and I don’t want to get involved in fighting, unless it concerns family.

We recently found a clip of you and Carla fighting after an interview, can you tell us what brought that on?
It happened in my house with the press there. Someone told me that Carla allegedly said something very untrue that could ruin my reputation with my family. At that point it didn’t matter if it was true or not. When it comes to my family there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect them. But I wasn’t reacting to that in the clip. What made me extremely upset was when she said, “Go f*ck yourself” on her way out. That did it! All the anger I was holding back came out. I found it very disrespectful. Looking back on it, I admit I was dead wrong to raise my hands to her and I regret it tremendously. It will all be revealed in an upcoming episode.

What would you like fans to know that we haven’t gotten in previous interviews about you?
I just wants people to know that I am not always crying or a drama queen, the way it appears on the show. I might scream and yell and there are crazy moments, but my emotions are triggered by whatever is going on at the time. My relief is to cry, like Drita’s is to fight. But, I am a happy person, a great person, a great mother and a great role model to other teenagers. I’m not always crying, which is the impression people are getting from watching the show. I would like people to remember that I am fighting depression; I had major complications from my surgery in June; I suffered from a massive infection that almost killed me; I had to deal with Junior cooperating with the Feds; I had to cope with my father going back to prison and his being ill; and I still need major reconstructive surgery to fix what was done to me in my prior surgery. There is no tissue over the bone in my back, where the other surgery was performed. But, I am a strong individual. God helps me to be strong. I get up every time life knocks me down. My father gave me strength and power beyond belief. 

Ok, now I have to run, it was great talking to you Chiara!
Same here Renee, take care!

I know when we are watching Mob Wives we might forget all that Renee has endured over the past year, but it’s been a lot. I don’t know if I could have coped with it all and still gone on with the show and all the appearances Renee has had to do. Maybe her behavior on the show has been erratic and emotional this season, but whose wouldn’t be? She not only has gone through a lot physically, emotionally and mentally, but she had to film at the same time and while taking a lot of prescribed pain medication. I admire Renee. I see her as a fighter who comes always back, no matter what life throws her. 

And, by the way, while I am thinking of it, I want to add that Renee is beautiful in person; the television screen doesn’t do her justice at all. I have seen her two times and she is a radiant, has a beautiful smile and a life of the party personality. 

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Picture Credit: Renee Graziano


Kathy Cummings said...

Thank you for this blog!!! I have to admit I feel bad because I was getting kind of upset about Renee's behavior this season. With all of the other drama between the girls it was easy to forget how much Renee was going through at the time. I don't think most people could handle going through even 1 of the things she was dealing with. The fact that Renee can come out of all of that turmoil, pain and loss and still be smiling and loving life is an inspiration. I want her to know that yes, the show does show her crying a lot, but it also shows her funny side (which kills me) her loving, nurturing side and her big heart. I think because Renee's heart is SO BIG and she is SO TRUE and GENIUNE that it doesn't take much to break her heart. I can relate because I am a very sensitive person who tries to
Keep the peace and stay neutral. But it's not a bad thing. It's a beautiful thing, to love others so much it literally hurts. I am thankful for how Honest she is, even when it's hard and I truly adore her. I wish her nothing but love, peace and happiness in her life, cause lord knows after all she's been through, she certainly deserved it

Julie said...

Great interview!! So glad that Renee had a great time in LA....she's was busy while she was out her .....she also sounds like she is beautiful inside as she is out.

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy, I think it's because we see her on television that we look at it like a "show" except the issues they deal with are from her real life, not made up by writers. Her life threatening surgery was done June 27th and the show started taping late July or early August. It didn't give her much time to recuperate.

Kel said...

As always, a great job Chiara. I definitely love Renee and can completely relate with some of the things she's been going through. I wish her the very best. She is certainly one tough cookie!

Leah said...

I do love Mob wives and i hope they announce Season 3....but there are some story lines that need to be i dont know edited more...Renee i know there are issues with her but they need to start showing more footage of her when she is more positive and happy...i know its reality and its whats happening but damn its stressful to watch her almost giver herself a heart attack. Im loving Karen right now and Drita they are both trying to move onto positive and different avenues in there lives...Ramona im sorry but the constant bitching she does does her no favours it looks ugly and is getting old...i think she manipulates Renee and needs to get over Drita. Big Ang is great but i have a feeling the storyline is about to surprise us all.
At the end of the day i want them all to enjoy there new success and work through the issues god knows its hard enough being a single mum let alone people making ur life harder and it being caught on film!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Leah, thanks for your comments. I believe all the Mob Wives are trying to use this opportunity to move in a positive direction financially. I wish Drita would take her anger issues more seriously and do more than just dabble in anger management. I also think that the cameras are brought into play when there are events triggering Renee's emotions to capture the drama. But, the two occasions that I have seen Renee socializing, it was more than 40 mins (as the show is) and there was no drama, just her having a damn good time. You're right, they should show more of that.