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"The Walking Dead" Season Finale Recap

Carl and another boy open the prison gate. A car comes through and it’s Rick, Glen, Maggie and another survivor. Maggie and Glenn embrace Hershel, who is waiting for them. Meanwile, Tyrese and Carol seemed to have been busy slaughtering walkers through the fence. Rick joins in. Of course, this is just a flashback playing through Rick’s troubled mind as he sits outside a truck in the woods, his face scratched up and his bloody hands shaking.

Rick, Michonne and Carl are in the woods making a campfire. The group is extremely hungry so Rick takes Carl and Miconne out from their camping spot to find food and set a trap. They walk down a trail and decide to stay just one more day to rest. The group is close to Terminus. Carl wonders if they will tell the new people of Terminus all they’ve gone through. Rick says they will tell them who they are. “Who are we?” Carl asks. Before that question can be answered, a walker walks out ready to get slashed. Rick goes to a trap set up and picks up a rabbit. Rick is teaching them how to make traps when tey hear a man screaming. Carl rushes to the scream, the two following. A stray man is in the open and is surrounded by walkers. But before Carl can shoot it, Rick stops him and they watch the man get devoured by the walkers. The three take off the other way and back on the tracks, the group of walkers following them. There are more walkers in front of them.

Hershel draws back the curtain from Rick’s cell room. It’s early in the morning. Beth walks in and takes baby Judith to tend to her. Rick straps on his duty belt.

Rick, Carl and Michonne slash theI walkers but keep on running. They walk down a street, hoping to find some neighborhoods or store. Instead, the find a beat-up old pickup truck with only one walker nearby. They settle at the truck. By nightfall, Rick and Michonne sit in front of a small fire as Carl sleeps in the truck. But before they can settle in for the night, HH (Head Hoodlum) and his band of merry hoodlums surround them, putting guns to their heads. HH is hellbent on getting revenge at Rick for killing their friend.

HH feels like justice will now be served. Before HH can make the countdown to zero, Daryl steps in, telling HH that “these are good people” and just to let them go. HH slighly disagrees with Daryl. Daryl says if HH wants blood, to take his. Daryl drops his crossbow. Two of the henchmen begin beating Daryl to death. The other one grabs Carl out of the truck and holds a knife to his throat. HH says he will kill off Daryl, Carl, Michonne and then finally, Rick. The hoodlum knocks Carl down and tries to sodomize him. Rick headbutts HH, allowing HH to shoot the gun right next to Rick’s ear. The two ensue in a fight. Michonne knocks off one of the guy’s hands. As HH holds Rick down, Rick bites into HH’s neck. This is Michonne’s perfect opportunity to grab a gun and shoot Daryl’s assailaints and Rick heads towards the hoodlum that attacked Carl. Daryl recuperates, while Michonne holds onto Carl...whose staring at his dad repeatedly slashing the attacker.

Hershel talks to Rick about the pigs in the woods and about domesticating them. He also suggests planting seeds for the plants. Rick tells Hershel he needs to go outside the prison but Hershel suggests Rick stay at the prison to make it permanent, most importantly, because Carl needs him. Hershel expresses his gratitude and wants the group to focus on a new start at the prison. Daryl revs up the bike.


Rick still is sitting outside the truck with Michonne inside looking over a sleeping Carl. Daryl walks up to Rick and wets a towel for Rick to help clean up. Daryl sits down next to him. Daryl admits he didn’t know who the hoodlums were. Daryl told him he and Beth got out together but now that Beth is gone. Daryl knew they were bad but he had to join for survival. Daryl also admits that the three of them were targeted and Daryl wanted to leave but he was conflicted. Rick puts no blame towards Daryl and welcomes him back in open arms as a brother. Daryl tells Rick that anyon would’ve acted the way Rick did to the HH. Rick’s way of violence and brutality is solely for the protection of his son and the rest.

The four continue on down the tracks. They stumble across a sign....its the map to Terminus. Rick thinks it’s best to go into the woods and to observe Terminus from the distance. They observe it through a barbed-wire fence. Rick thinks the best course of action is to spread out but also stay close to surveillance the area. Daryl and Rick go together while Carl tags with Michonne, which even baffles Michonne. Michonne tells Carl he never asked how Andre died. Michonne and baby Andre, along with Michonne’s boyfriend Mike and his best friend Terry, ran to a refugee camp. Michonne said things at the camp grew unstable, with people leaving and giving up. Michonne was coming back from a run and saw the fences of the camp were down. She heard the walkers. Mike and Terry were high and were bitten. Michonne let them turn purposely and cut their jaws and arms. She chained them up so she could drag them around sadistically. It was out in the world when Michonne realized the walker friends made good camoflauge. Andrea, Rick, and Carl saved Michonne. Carl confesses that he feels like a disappointment and like a monster. Michone hugs Carl.

Rick drops down his bag full of equipment and loads his gun. Meanwhile, Rick buries the bag just outside the fence. The whole group jumps inside the fences of Terminus. They breach inside one side of the building. The group infiltrates what looks like a gym made into a communications room. One man walks up to them, asking them if they are there to rob them. Rick and the rest hold down their weapons. The gentlemen named Gareth welcomes them to Terminus. Both groups seem nervous and tense. Gareth breaks the ice and tells them they found a sanctuary. Gareth asks them to lay down their weapons and a man named Alex would take them to another part of the building. Rick and the group lay down their weapons and are patted down. The men, surprsingly, give them back their weapons. They follow Alex.

Alex leads them outside. A woman named Mary is there grilling food. Michonne asks them why they let people in. Alex says the more people, the more chances of survival. Rick notices Hershel’s pocket chain in Alex’s pocket. Rick walks up to Alex, grabs him and holds a gun to his head, demanding to know where the watch came from. Now everyone has their weapons up, all in different directions.

Back in C-unit, Carl, Beth and Patrick are in the cell. Carl is sitting at the table assembling his gun, Beth is tending to Judith and Patrick is playing with Legos. Rick tells Carl to come with him and leave the gun behind.

Rick yells where the watch is from while Alex demands everyone to put the guns down. Gareth walks up. Alex says he got it from a dead guy and one guy got the riot gear from a dead cop. The poncho was from a clothes line. Gareth asks Rick what he wants. Shots are fired. Rick and the group escape, stopping a few times to take shots. The doors begin to close. Rick and the group find an open door and are still being shot at. They pass an area covered in bullet holes and burns, as well as train carts with people yelling for help, and then pass an area full of human remains. They find a strange room lit with a thousand candles and writing on the wall. They try to escape the fence but they are all surrounded.

File:A DRMC Boxcar.png

Gareth yells at them to drop their weapons. The group does. Rick is demanded that he goes to the train cart. Then he tells Daryl to go. Then Michonne. Carl is left standing alone. “Ring leader” “Archer” and “Samurai” stand in order at the cart. Then he tells Carl to go. He tells Rick to go in the cart. Rick slides open the cart and walks inside. Daryl , Michonne and Carl follow. They huddle inside the dark cart. Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and Bob appear, along with Tara, Abraham and his gang.

Rick, Carl, Hershel, Beth and baby Judith are back outside the prison yard, digging into the ground. Rick jokes Carl needs a farming hand and puts Carl’s hat on Beth.

 “They are going to be pretty stupid when they find out...” Rick says. “Find out what?” Abraham asks.

Janes Notes: For starters, it has been my own version of March Madness in the life of Jane. Life’s priorities and a vacation to Vegas (no mob museum *sad face*) took up my life. It took me awhile to play “catch up” on  “The Walking Dead” but I HAD to tune into the finale and recap it. “The Flowers” made me cry and made me think of John Steinbeck. WHY OH WHY didn’t we ever know what caused the virus. Where is Beth??

My friend mentioned last week that Terminus was a HUGE trap for human cannibals and I thought that was kinda far-fetched but hell, I don’t put anything pass this show anymore. However, I knew something was off about Terminus BECAUSE of the actual name Terminus. The word itself makes me think “Terminal” or “the end”, whether it‘s the end of a line or the end of the life (Terminal at an airport, Terminal illness, etc.). Being an Ancient Rome geek, I also knew Terminus was the god of “boundaries” and from what I recall, stones were set at borders. Sacrifices and offerings were made to the god Terminus.

I decided to dig into this a little further. Terminus had a holiday called Terminalia;

The Terminalia is celebrated in honor of the god Terminus, who ruled over boundaries. His statue was merely a stone or post stuck in the ground to distinguish between properties. On the festival the two owners of adjacent property crowned the statue with garlands and raised a rude altar, on which they offered up some corn, honeycombs, and wine, and sacrificed a lamb. It is the traditional end of the Roman year ( 

Let's take a look when Rick and the three try to escape. They first run through a disheveled scene where tere are cars and walls filled with bullet hols and burns, along with many crates big enough to hide people. They then pass next to a place of human remains and then past train carts with people trapped inside. The come across building "A", pictured above. There is what looks like a bust of the Virgin Mary. "Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always" are written on the walls as well as many names. Hundreds upon hundreds of candles are lit. Flowers and small statues decorate the names. This is the end of the season. This is where apparently, many lives have ended. The candles and flowers...or garlands...and such are in the middle of the memorial and serve as an altar. But instead of lambs being sacrificed, it is the survivors being sacrificed to some sort of deity. That and I think the Terminus Cult are too busy sacrificing because I will tell you one thing, they sure as heck haven't been practicing shooting! 

Picture Credit: The Walking Dead Wikia

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Mob Wives: New Baby for Grandma Big Ang!

Grandma Big Ang and Grandpa Neil
with new arrival, AnnaBella

We are thrilled to congratulate Big Ang and Neil on their new born granddaughter, AnnaBella. She is really a beautiful baby and may God Bless her and her family.

AnnaBella, granddaughter #1

Maybe now Big Ang and Neil will be able to satisfy their craving for a baby of their own. AnnaBella is the daughter of Neil's daughter, Brianna. Ang's son, AJ, is also expecting a baby girl, Angelina, very soon, so the new grandparents will have their hands full. Baby girls are high maintenance! Ang is already buying them expensive gifts so they are off to a great start. Check out the OK Magazine video below!

And Baby #2 - Angelina is born! 

Proud Parents Gabriella and AJ

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Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments? S6Ep3

 The real writer

Episode three is titled, “Model Behavior,” and that points to new housewife, Kristen.
But I say who cares? Right now I want to see more about Ghostwriter-Gate!

And my wish is granted! The fight continues where it left off, at Aviva’s party. Aviva still insists, or should I say lies, that she didn’t hire a ghostwriter. Her blog says she used a “village." The cover of her book doesn't say written by Aviva Drescher and The Village People. And Aviva says, “word on the street,” is Carole used a ghostwriter for What Remains? What street is Aviva walking on? Carole quips “word on the street” must be dialogue from a bad cop movie Aviva saw and Aviva “doesn‘t have a leg to stand on.” Carole, the real writer, works closely with her editor, period. Ramona and Mario manage to sneak out of the party, like thieves in the night, after Ramona starts the whole fight by telling Carole that Aviva was talking about her. Aviva says to Carole, “at least I’m not 50 years old.” True, Aviva is not 50...she is 46, so not very far from it. However, she still seems to have a bit of dementia even at 46 because, in a recent interview of February 14th, Aviva thinks she is still 40 or is lying again. That’s at least two lies she has been caught in. You know what Judge Judy says, “If you are caught in one lie, I don’t believe anything else you have to say.” Here is the excerpt:

“What made you decide to finally want to share your story and why is now the right time to tell it?

Well, I turned 40, and I think that at 40-years-old, you start to think about a lot of things in your life and you get a certain kind of sense of security and maturity about yourself – especially if you have children. It’s a time where you really start to officially grow up, and my growing up meant that I was done hiding. I’m done being ashamed of wearing a prosthesis.

There comes a point where you come to full acceptance – hopefully – in your lifetime. I felt ready at 40, and with the show falling in my lap, I felt that was an opportunity to do it. And I couldn’t just put it out a little bit because everything is so full force on the show.

It was a combination of being 40, having 4 children, feeling like a mamma bear, and feeling like a real complete grownup who was self-aware and secure. So it was important for me to come onto the show without really having anything to be ashamed of. Because I think that when you go on a reality show, you can’t really have any skeletons in your closet.” For the entire interview read Aviva's Interview here.

The fake writer (liar)

Carole once referred to Aviva as the “Benjamin Button of housewives,” because she just keeps getting younger…another one of my favorite quotes of hers. By the way, if you are going to read one housewife blog, read Carole’s. Her sense of humor is entertaining and enhances the enjoyment of the show.

Carole says Aviva is out of touch with reality, a sociopath. Aviva says it takes a village to write a book (she should know) and she thinks Carole is lying. I think we all know who the liar is, and it’s not Carole.  Sonja seems to be siding with Aviva, while Heather has Carole‘s back…and Kristen is caught in the middle. Carole decides to leave the party after telling Reid that his wife is not a nice person. Carole exits but not without a fond farewell to Harry Dubin, “Harry it’s great to meet you, I totally understand your divorce.”

Later, Ramona confesses to Heather that she ran out of the party. Heather says she can’t understand Aviva, her behavior was despicable and she doesn’t trust her as far as she can throw her. But Ramona seems to have an issue with Heather defending Carole. Hmmm, I don’t get why, she was the one who ran to Carole to tell her Aviva was telling everyone she used a ghostwriter. Ramona is a little sneaky.

Carole, in a calmer state, knows she shouldn’t have let Aviva get under her skin, but found it felt good to scream and she will probably do it more often. Good for her, these women make me scream every week.

Kristen and Aviva chat about the argument. Kristen says that Carole has a writing background. Aviva, gets snooty and says she also has a writing background she majored in English and wrote an essay. Wow, an essay for Chicken Soup for the Soul versus and 20 year career as a journalist and best selling author…yeah that’s about even. Kristen says she thinks it’s about jealousy. Kristen adds writing is Carole’s “everything” and it shouldn’t be messed with. Kristen gets it too.

Even Ramona "gets it."

Carole thinks Ramona is being used as Aviva’s little pawn. Ramona apologizes for setting the fight in motion. Carole says she was upset with Ramona and doesn’t know why she was in the middle of it. Aviva was talking about her in the other room knowing Carole was at the party. I think Carole felt blindsided and betrayed. Carole tells Ramona what she thinks of Aviva, the liar. Carole explains to Ramona that what Aviva said was about her first book which is about her late husband, and she has no children, so it’s all she has. Carole gets emotional. Ramona understands that for Carole, her work is everything. Even Ramona gets it.

You know, last season I sided with all the new wives because I was new as a viewer of the show. I tried to defend Aviva, when most other blogs tore her apart. But this is a new season and I am seeing a new side to Aviva that I don’t like. I have no patience for liars. Those of you who read my Mob Wives blogs know how hard I came down on Carla and Alicia for blatantly lying on and off the show. So, I am sorry to say that Aviva lost any support she had from me. She continues to slander Carole’s impressive, long-standing career as a writer and in the process makes herself look more ridiculous, jealous and petty. How could this kind of behavior on the show help the sale of her book? I mean, that’s the whole purpose right? To get people talking about her book so they will buy it? Frankly, it sounds like everyone, except Aviva, wrote her book. I think Aviva has succeeded in turning people off to her book, and despite her lies about Carole’s books, she has managed to create an interest in them…at least for me.

Here is a little song dedicated to Aviva…(Good-bye) Leggy Bonde…

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Real Housewives of New York: The Ghostwriter-Gate Liar?

Did you hire a writer? 
No, I didn't...
Did you write it yourself?
No, I didn't...

You decide…but it’s a no brainer.

On the show Aviva and Carole’s conversation:

Carole: Did you end up hiring a writer?
Aviva: I didn’t.
Carole: (appearing a little surprised) So no one’s ghosting it?
Aviva: No. It was like writing an email…

Then Aviva’s Blog posted same night as show:

“OK, I will once and for all, answer Carole’s burning question, "Did I write Leggy Blonde all by myself?" All by myself? No way. I wrote the initial draft then continued working on it with my own superb team, and I don’t think I could have written the book without them -- certainly it wouldn't be the same. I didn't thank them on the title page; I did in the Acknowledgements but still, regrettably, probably left out a couple of dozen. I admire Carole for doing her book all by herself; it’s a huge task. It was for me anyway.”

Now let’s see what Carole said on the show:

Aviva: You wrote a lot of essays. Right, right. Did you ghost your books?
Carole: (seemingly stunned) Are you kidding me? No, I mean I’m a writer, I don’t know.
Aviva: You didn’t?
Carole: No I didn’t.
Aviva: So even though What Remains was your first book, you did it yourself, right?
Carole: I did it myself. I’m a writer, that’s what I do for 20 years. I thought you knew that.

Carole’s Blog posted the same night as the show:

"1. Aviva Says: Bill Whitworth ghostwrites my books.
The Truth: Bill Whitworth is a real person, and an editor. He's not a writer and he's not a ghostwriter -- not mine or anyone else's. He's retired now, after a long and distinguished career, but still considered one of the best and most respected editors in the business. Bill makes a cameo on the show!

2. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" passed on my novel.
The Truth: They didn't pass, they made an offer. They were one of six publishers who bid on it, but they lost in a heated auction.

3. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" told her I hired a ghostwriter.
The Truth: Houses can't talk. Aviva hired a ghostwriter. I have a professional relationship with her "Publishing House" and no one there told her my books are ghostwritten. No one wants to talk to Aviva about anything – surprise, surprise."

Carole went on WWHL the same night as the show and once again she addressed all Aviva's lies with the facts. She has never used a ghostwriter. The mere thought of it is insulting.

So who was lying on the show? It’s clear even to the village idiot. It’s Aviva. She comes clean herself in the blog. Carole shouldn’t have to try to defend herself and her career against absurd allegations and lies. It constitutes slander. Maybe that’s why Aviva was very low key the day after the show and just retweeted the occasional tweets of support she got? Guilty conscience?

I really dislike liars. Carole’s Blog goes into much more detail about all the circumstances surrounding the lunch conversation and what preceded it. Maybe Aviva’s memory is faltering even at age 44? In any case, if this is going to come up again in future episodes, I like to be clear and have all the little pieces of the puzzle in place.

I encourage you to read Carole’s wonderful blog, she does a much better job than I ever could of setting the record straight.

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Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments, Ep 602

Do you know the difference between shopping 
around and bidding war?

“Give Up The Ghostwriter” is the title of this episode. Aviva and Carole are at the center of all the drama this week. As you probably know, Carole released her new novel, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating, while Aviva released her new memoir, “Leggy Blonde.” The subject of “ghostwriters” comes up when the two authors meet for lunch. It’s the one BIG What The Hell Moment that keeps on giving! But where did this “ghostwriter” phantom come from? What the hell was Aviva thinking?

A less than enthusiastic Carole says, “Aviva had been calling me to get me to help her with her book. I finally said we’ll have lunch and hopefully I’ll give her some advice and then we’ll move on.” Wishful thinking?

(A little small talk/banter as Aviva sits down and immediately says “you kicked me in my good leg” as she laughs. Then she tells Carole she has 15 hot men in her apartment because she is moving…they are all gorgeous and all straight and she wishes they were at her apartment right now. So is she implying maybe (Princess) Carole could have her pick of moving men? Aviva suggests they order pasta as she pulls out her new reading glasses…the closest thing she could find to Carole’s reading glasses. Carole finds this off putting and stalkerish. She is creeped out. After all, there are plenty of designer glasses in the sea…go get your own “look.”) 

Get your own f*cking glasses and get your facts straight!

Now we get to the heart of the conversation! Aviva explains she has been writing a book, a memoir, and it’s been fun. It almost sounds like she is giving Carole an update and not really looking for any help.  Aviva says writing a memoir is not like writing a novel, she is writing in her own voice and telling her life story. Piece of cake.

Aviva: And now it’s being edited.
Carole: I edited every single word in The Widow’s Guide…I tell them anything over two letters you can call me.
Aviva: Basically what she would do is make a change and I would either accept it or not accept it…they’re mostly grammatical…
Carole: How does it work, do you talk into a tape recorder?
Aviva: No, I wrote, I just wrote…
Carole: Did you end up hiring a writer?
Aviva: I didn’t.
Carole: (appearing a little surprised) So no one’s ghosting it?
Aviva: No. It was like writing an email…

Time out. Carole was the first one to bring up “ghostwriter,” but I got the sense, from this brief exchange, that Aviva may have lead Carole to believe that she was thinking of using a writer in previous conversations, it’s hard to tell. Except when the conversation continues, the impression I got becomes clearer…Carole must have understood, at some point, Aviva considered hiring a writer.

(Carole, in the confessional, says writing is her profession, it’s something she cares about deeply, it’s not like writing a long emails, so what Aviva is saying undermines those writers who have spent year after year honing the craft.)

Carole: I thought you were going to hire someone.
Aviva: No. no, remember the essay I wrote to Chicken Soup for the Soul?
Carole: That’s not really a book, that’s a letter.
Aviva: Wasn’t your first book, “What Remains?”
Carole: I was a journalist for 15 years before writing that.
Aviva: You wrote a lot of essays. Right, right. Did you ghost your books?
Carole: (seemingly stunned) Are you kidding me? No, I mean I’m a writer, I don’t know.
Aviva: You didn’t?
Carole: No I didn’t.
Aviva: So even though What Remains was your first book, you did it yourself, right?
Carole: I did it myself. I’m a writer, that’s what I do for 20 years. I thought you knew that.

Hell no, was I just insulted?

(Carole in the confessional confused about Aviva’s agenda. Is she implying Carole hired a ghostwriter to write her first book? That’s “awful and awkward and bizarre.”)

They get the check and leave. Now the two ladies must go off and tell someone about this lunch exchange, neither left happy. Aviva confides in Ramona, of all people.

Aviva says she had this “very disturbing” lunch with Carole. I didn’t find it disturbing, did you? Aviva explains that Carole has written one book and she was looking to her for some “guidance,” and she felt “one-upped and put down.” “Out of the gate she was like, ‘so you have a ghostwriter, right?’” She figured it was my first book, my first memoir. “So I said to her, when you wrote your first memoir, which was one book ago, did you have a ghostwriter?” And she says, “No, I’m a writer. She had this sort of attitude like, ‘I’m the writer,’ while being condescending. And then here comes the “dirt” Aviva didn’t mention to Carole , but saved for Ramona. Aviva alleges that “Carole shopped her novel at her publishing house and they passed because what she handed in needed to be overhauled; they needed at least eight months to have it completely reworked.” Then Aviva mentions the name of the “mystery ghostwriter” of Carole’s first book, as it was told to her, Bill Whitworth. Let’s ask Bill?

At the same time Carole meets Heather and Kristen in the park to unload her indigestion. She asks them, “Did you ever have a feeling, when you are having lunch with a friend, that you are being insulted? She shares she was talking about books with Aviva and telling her of her experiences and suddenly found herself having to defend her 20 year writing career. Not only that, Carole feels that Aviva has delusions of being a writer because she wrote a book in a hot minute. Then she tells them how Aviva said Carole hadn’t written a book before What Remains, and asked her if she hired a ghostwriter. Heather is stunned beyond disbelief. Carole says she was taken aback, not knowing if she was being insulted. Heather says, Carole is the person people would want to hire as a ghostwriter. Carole feels Aviva has questioned her integrity and credibility and her 20 year long career.

At the end of the show Carole  attends Aviva’s house warming out of friendship, but hears from the other wives that Aviva is running her mouth with more ghostwriter talk. Carole needs to talk to Aviva and takes her upstairs to confront her about the lies she is spreading about her. Heather and Ramona both told Carole that Aviva is talking about her career. Carole tells Aviva there is no competition, she is happy for her, but there is no comparison concerning her career as a writer. A shouting match ensues.

Aviva tells her word on the street is Carole used a Ghostwriter and Carole tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Carole says Aviva went through three writers. Her own publishing company doesn’t want to work with her because she is so difficult. Carole says she is a liar and a phoney. Aviva says she shopped her book, Carole said there was a bidding war and Aviva‘s publishing company lost. Carole ends up calling her a psychopath with no soul.


WWHL…I stayed up past my normal bedtime to hear what Carole had to say about the show. Carole was quite upset in the show and understandably so. I hate when people lie about me, and here Aviva was doing it  to Carole on national television about her career. I am sure she was dying to clarify everything that was said, and I for one wanted very much to hear it. Carole unequivocally denies ever having a ghostwriter, period. She writes every word, every revision, everything with her name on it. She says Aviva had three writers helping her and, out of respect for them, she will not name them. One in particular is well known and has helped several reality wives with their books. Carole explains, when you are a new writer, it is customary in the industry to have some help. When she asked Aviva about her “ghostwriter,” she was taken aback when she said she didn’t have one. Carole knew otherwise.  Carole says Bill Whitworth was not her “ghostwriter” and she had even spoken to him yesterday. As for shopping her book around, Carole says this is also a total lie. There was a bidding war between six companies for the rights to Carole’s book and Aviva’s company lost. I found Carole to be sincere and glad to clear the air about everything Aviva said on the show. I believed Carole before, but after WWHL, there can be no doubt she is the one telling the truth. Aviva hit below the belt and it seems to me Carole may have cause to sue her because I think a good case for slander could be made here. There are many out there who unfortunately will believe Aviva and that could hurt Carole’s book sales.

I have stated before, I am a fan of the NEW wives, but when they are at odds with each other, may the best wife win. In this case, the best wife is Carole and her backup, “Holla” Heather. The truth always prevails in “my book.”

I'm not wild about Harry

The rest of the show…what happened between the first and last scene…was totally worthless. However I will say this about Harry and Sonja…I don’t get it…what does he have? A big wallet? A big ego? A big c*ck (Carole‘s words, not mine)? Nothing he has would be big enough to win me over. Enough said.

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Real Housewives Of New York: Searching for Carole‘s “Ghostwriter” Ep 602

Oh, I think I found Carole's Ghostwriter!
(Click on picture to enlarge)

The second episode of RHONY is titled “Give up The Ghostwriter.” Apparently, as far back as July, 2013, the word on the internet is that Aviva has been allegedly trying to find out who is Carole Radziwill’s “Ghostwriter” for her new book, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating.” It’s true. It was being reported in the newspapers, if you can believe what you read in them any more these days. I prefer to get my news from blogs. Anyway, the preview of this episode shows the girls discussing Aviva’s insulting question to Carole about her “ghostwriter.” And then, before you know it, the whole issue took on a new dimension on twitter, with a little back and forth banter between Aviva and Carole. I can’t wait to see the episode to see exactly how the whole thing goes down. If it’s true, Carole is quite indignant, and rightly so. I’m not sure why Aviva would even think Carole would jeopardize her integrity and credibility?

Even the ghostwriter is confused!

Frankly, the whole idea is preposterous. When you look at Carole’s career accomplishments, as a journalist for over 25 years and the fact that she was on the New York Times best seller’s list with her first book, I don’t know how anyone can suggest she needed, wanted, or even considered using a “ghostwriter” for her book. When I read Carole’s blogs on Bravo, they are detailed and witty and her “voice” clearly comes through in every piece. I will sometimes glance at the other blogs just to see what the other wives have to say about the show and there is no comparison. None. In fact, Carole could publish her all her blogs tomorrow with a few juicy insider stories about her experience and it would fly off the shelves. Also, I cannot for the life of me see Carole putting her name on anything she did not have total creative control over.

I expect to get more than a few laughs and "What The Hell Moments" from tomorrow night's episode! Tune in at 9 ET for episode 2 of RHONY..."Give Up the Ghostwriter."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments, Ep 601

Meet "Baby" Ben and Kristen

If you are looking forward to reading WTH Moments…STOP now…there were none.

If you missed the show, and want to save an hour of your life CONTINUE…

The title of the premiere episode of season six is, “If You Can Make It Here.” It should have been called, “If You Can Stay Awake.” The whole episode involved some carried- over hard feelings from last season and an introduction to Kristen, “the model wife.”

Everyone seems to be harboring some ill will towards Aviva. Carole tells Heather she has been distancing herself from Aviva and her craziness. Heather seems inclined to agree. Ramona tells Sonja she ran into Aviva and Reed at a charity event and didn’t bother talking to them. Sonja seems sympathetic. Why is everyone against Aviva right from the start? She had her moments, but at least she wasn’t naked and drunk all of season 5.

Heather’s Birthday Party is the big event. Sonja is dating “Baby” Ben and tells Ramona not to discuss age. Age is just a number says Sonja, and Sonja’s number is about 50. Eventually someone leaks the boy’s age. “Baby” Ben is 23.  I guess that could be a WTH moment. After all, what young man would want to date someone who could clearly be his mother? I’d freak out over it right now, except I think this is scripted so we will raised our eyebrows. “Baby” Ben was probably promoted to “date status” from the intern pool. Heather and Carole are still BFF’s. The new wife, Kristen, is a real model. She struts around the party and introduces herself to “Baby” Ben. Sonja is suddenly “jealous.” Kristen is a knockout according to “Baby” Ben. So “Baby” Ben IS attracted to young women…I thought he had an age fetish. Kristen’s husband, Josh, used to work with Heather. That must be how Andy found Kristen for the show.

Aviva and Reed are headed over to Heather’s, and Aviva is concerned about how Ramona will react when she sees her, since they didn’t part on good terms. Kristen, who is trying to size everyone up, says Ramona and Sonja remind her of  “crazy drunk aunts.” Kristen’s first impression is on the money. Wait till she sees them naked too. Kristen and Aviva meet briefly. Carole still wants to keep a friendly distance with Aviva. Aviva talks to Sonja about Harry, but Sonja has “Baby” Ben right there and isn‘t thrilled. Aviva tells Sonja she wants to patch things up with Ramona. Carole decides to go over to say hello to Aviva. Aviva, excited about her new book, wants Carole’s advice with the memoir she is writing.  Carole finds that off putting because Aviva barely said hello before asking her for help. Kristen seems to get along well with Carole. Aviva sees an opportunity to go over and talk to Ramona. Aviva asks for a hug, Ramona isn’t ready for it. Aviva tries to mend fences in her own way. Ramona says she found Aviva insincere so maybe she can accept her apology, but cannot accept her as a person. Ramona wants no part of her, but Aviva doesn’t get it. Ramona says she can’t trust her and wants her to show her “the real Aviva.” Aviva kind of gives up for the moment, and walks away without ruffling Ramona‘s feathers.

Later, Aviva calls Ramona. She wants to meet for cocktails, one on one, but Ramona has reservations. Ramona says she doesn’t know how to be a faker…she tells Aviva she wants to think about it. Aviva says okay and doesn‘t push her.

Ding Dong, Can someone answer the door?

Sonja has the girls over for tea. While she puts on her makeup none of her dozen interns is answering the door. First Ramona arrives and when there is no answer, she walks right in. Then Kristen arrives and politely waits for someone to let her in, which takes some time. Ramona notices holes in Sonja’s carpet…apparently the rug in Sonja’s house is older than her “boyfriend.” Kristen, still in the observation stage, can’t figure out their (Ramona & Sonja) friendship. I guess new wives don’t bother to watch previous seasons of the show before throwing themselves into the lion’s den? Ramona tells everyone about Aviva’s phone call. Kristen is not impressed with their behavior. Next, they start telling her Aviva’s life story. Kristen looks confused. She says if this is how they act towards friends, she doesn’t want to be their enemy. Smart cookie! Suddenly, Sonja thinks Ramona should meet with Aviva. Sonja says she has let go of the past. Kristen says she thinks Aviva is really trying to make amends. Ramona can forgive, but not forget. Everyone wants her to make up with Aviva. Reluctantly, Ramona goes along with it because if the “girls” think it’s a good idea then why not?

Ramona meets Aviva for drinks. Aviva tells her she looks amazing. She rambles a bit about Ramona’s hair looking “whiter” and very nice. The compliments are working. Ramona says Aviva is a “charmer.” Aviva suggests they have a shot of tequila. No argument from Ramona. They cheers and drink up. Aviva didn’t think the shot was a big deal. Aviva doesn’t like to drink, but if it will make Ramona happy, she will do it. Aviva knows the way to Ramona’s heart. Ramona wants to know why is Aviva just now interested in making up? Aviva explains that she feels she overreacted when she thought Reed was being attacked on the girls’ vacation. Ramona admits she is enjoying herself with Aviva. Ramona calls her a freakin’ witch and Aviva good humouredly toasts to Aviva the witch.

Sorry, that’s the best  could do with the lack of drama this week. If I hadn’t taken to time to write a few notes, not sure I would have remembered anything this morning. I think I would have enjoyed watching the trailer 12 times, instead of episode 1. Let’s see where this goes next week.

If you missed it or want to rewatch the premiere, here is the link: RHONY Premiere

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: To Blog or NOT To Blog…

Heather says to Aviva, "Don't tell me anything Mother F*cker!"
Aviva answers, "Did you learn that in prison?"

…that is the question. Tonight is the premiere of the RHONY and I have decided, after seeing the trailer for season 6, to try and blog the show from the start. I see there is a lot of drama previewed and drama leads to the “What The Hell Moments” that I love to poke fun at. For example, who hasn’t seen Aviva’s leg laying out on the floor and then wondered how the hell did it get there?

Aviva's Leg all decked out in her Jimmy Choo shoe!

Now don’t look for a serious, full time following of the RHONY, because I am not going to be following their every move on and off the set. For full-time blogging of the Real Housewives franchise you will need to go to another blog, my first choice being Stoopidhousewives, she leaves no stone unturned.

Having said all that, I am going to recap season 5 from memory, so don’t count on much. You should know I tend to favor the “new” wives because I am a new viewer and they appeal to me more than the “old” blood. Where did we leave off? Carole was the level headed, calm wife who agreed to do the show probably in hopes of it helping promote her new book, “The Widow’s Guide To Sex and Dating.” She spent a lot of her airtime trying to diffuse emotional situations that came up all season. My favorite line of hers was about LuAnn, when she described her as having a case of “Royal Tourette’s Syndrome.” LuAnn was so in love with Jacques that they were trying to have a baby. That must be the new trend for 50 something wives, to have midlife crises and want babies? However, I don’t think she and Jacques are a couple any more, so maybe she will have her chance with the “Johnny Depp” pirate now? Heather, the serious business woman, had her patience tested by Sonja, when she offered her help in branding and marketing her “toaster oven.” What the hell is a toaster oven? It was an appliance that Wilma Flintstone used once upon a time. Sonja was very demanding and ungrateful, causing Heather to have a little meltdown (and I don’t blame her) for making her waste time. Sonja…what can I say about her? To say I hate her burlesque performances would be an understatement. I think they make her look totally ridiculous, but that may be the look she is going for. On top of that, I find it hard to watch her drink and get naked every chance she gets. It seems like a pathetic way to get attention and assure herself a slot in next season’s cast. Now as for Aviva, I started out making plenty of jokes about her because she said she didn’t want the focus to be on her prosthetic leg and yet she told the story of her childhood accident to anyone who would listen. The leg took on a life of it’s own, and I started to think of it as another cast member because it got so much airtime. I look forward to her leg’s debut this season since it seems to have put it’s best foot forward. Aviva also has a new book that her leg can help her promote, appropriately called, “Leggy Blonde.”  Ramona, Ramona, Ramona…my least favorite NY housewife, is a drama queen. She creates hysteria at a moments notice. Remember when Aviva wanted to go in the pool and Ramona made a huge fuss over Aviva’s leg getting wet? I can do without the Pinot, the slurred words, the cuddling with Sonja…in my opinion, she is the most ridiculous one in the cast and seems to want to top herself every season. I hear she has a new red wine out, maybe we’ll hear more about that this season? Oh, and maybe there will be some Mario drama since he allegedly stepped out on their marriage and supposedly fathered a child with a younger woman? Now that’s a storyline!

This season we have a new addition to the cast, Kristen Taekman, a model and business woman. I don’t know anything about her at this point except she does look beautiful.

If you watch the trailer for season 6 it appears that there is plenty of drama, some unexpected outbursts, and they are throwing the word “liar” around an awful lot.  Looks like Andy is turning up the heat for ratings! Check it out.

Picture and Video Credit Bravo


Monday, March 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee & Jenn Answer Show Questions!

Renee & Jenn Team Up for show questions!

Another long interview, over an hour long to be exact, of the Graziano sisters by AfterBuzz TV focusing on the show. The first thing they do is tease Renee about the word "delicious!" Just when you think we are done with it, it rears it's ugly head again. But, Renee wields her little meat cleaver and implies she will use it! There is a big discussion about the word and Renee explains her point of view. So the interviewer wants to know why Renee wasn't bothered when Natalie sang her song at the book party. Renee says Natalie is a joke and Jenn adds by then Renee was over it and didn't want to cause a scene because it was her night. Renee explains there we things behind the scenes we didn't see that also added to the escalation of the issue.

At one point Renee says, "F*ck Al Capone" and
Jenn's expression is priceless!

So many topics were touched on in detail including: Renee's addiction and recovery, the jealousy of the Philly girls coming in season 4, production "amping up" the new girls to create drama, how Renee believes new production instigated a situation between her and Alicia, Renee's real feelings about Alicia, Alicia dragging her name into her business and false accusations, Renee's relationship with Eddie, their father Anthony Graziano, Junior and abuse, Drita's outburst on the Reunion and her theory about it, how she is hurt and disappointed in Drita, other shows and projects and so much more. When you have the time watch the interview, it's actually better than the show!

Picture and Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mob Wives: Jenn Graziano Finally Answers Questions!

Jennifer, looking lovely, as always

Jennifer Graziano, Executive Producer and Creator of Mob Wives, was interviewed by AfterBuzz TV this week. She doesn't do interviews often so I was surprised to see this 30 minute interview that answered some of viewers burning questions. She tells us how her passion for writing and desire to be involved in television lead to her success with Mob Wives and her association with VH1. She explains how she chose the Original Girls for season one. As for having her sister, Renee, on the show she says when it involves Mob Wives, she is Renee's boss and treats her like everyone else. She answers some questions I had and you'll have to watch to find out what she says about things like...

Why didn't she send Renee home from Vegas when it was obvious she was in trouble?

Is there backlash from the mob or community from the show?

Jenn finally tells us WHY weren't Carla and Karen in season 4?

How has this situation affected her friendships with Karen, Ramona, Love and Carla?

She discusses Renee fighting on the Vegas trip and Alicia's sentencing.

Where did she find Natalie and how is she "related" to the mob?

What about any more spin offs for other cities or cast members?

 What other projects does she have going on?

When does season 5 film and air?

Is Karen coming back?

Is Natalie gone?

Will there be new cast members in Season 5?

Picture and Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV Showrunners @

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Leaving Season 5?

Renee being interviewed by Power 106

Can you believe this? Renee says there is a chance she may not return to Mob Wives in season 5! She is tired of the fighting and people being jealous of her position in the show. Renee sounds sincere and worn out from the drama. If you want my opinion, I think Renee will be back in all her glory. Renee has been at the center of much of the real drama, especially in season four. Season four was comprised of: Natalie, a no mob ties, half naked, cosmetologist who works her magic on dead people; Alicia, a lying, crying, blinged up wise gal who wouldn't know the truth if it slapped her in the face; Drita, a storyline filler with her "stalker," "bully," "rapping," "modeling," BS; and Big Ang, with her "Build A Baby" Workshop comedy routine.

Then we have Renee, who suffered a serious relapse on the air, with the cameras rolling. Renee who co-authored "How To Use A Meat Cleaver" and authored an erotic mob novel, "Playing With Fire." Renee who started up her real "Mob Candy" business. Renee who may have some real and serious issues with Junior in the future (even if i don't think those letters were real, just sayin'). So without Renee in season five we may as well throw reality out the window! 

Let's get rid of the Philly girls! And, if we have to tolerate another season of Alicia, please bring back Karen Gravano so she can tell her off and keep her honest! That's what we want to see. Not another season of Alicia dripping in tears and jewelry!

Now watch Renee's Interview at Power 106 and see what you think!

Video and Picture Credit: Power 106

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carmela's Food Blog: Italian Style Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts with Polenta...Delish!

I was shopping at Stew Leonard's when I came across shaved Brussel sprouts. What a great idea I thought. So they came home with me and, while I was revisiting my leftovers in my fridge, I saw I had some polenta and decided to put something together with these shaved Brussel sprouts. Below is a picture of what you'll need. This is really so simple.

Here are the ingredients!

1 container of shaved Brussel sprouts; if you can't find them maybe you can ask your favorite deli person to slice them up for you.
5 cloves of garlic chopped
1 handful of chopped walnuts
1/8 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
Olive Oil - enough to coat your frying pan
3 strips of cooked bacon crumbled or diced

Blanche the shaved Brussel sprouts in 1 inch of boiling water. Set aside.

Heat olive oil in pan, add garlic and lightly brown, then add the bacon.

Using a slotted spoon, spoon the Brussel sprouts from the water and add them directly into your frying pan.

Add the walnuts. Stir and then sprinkle in the breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the Brussel Sprouts

Next: Brown the polenta in a frying pan in oil. Turn once and sprinkle the polenta with grated cheese.

Brown the Polenta

Plate the polenta and add the Brussel sprout mixture on top (as shown above.) The walnuts add the perfect texture to this vegetable! Enjoy!

Written By: Carmela Corleone (on Twitter @Carmela Corleone)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano’s Take on Reunion Show

The Reunion ain't over till the Mob Lady Sings!

Note: We have been blogging Mob Wives since before the show aired. I love blogging about the show and the storylines. I enjoy researching the background history of the families. I love digging up the details of scandalous situations and relationships. But, I think most of all I love reading the comments of our readers. I read them all, and appreciate the different opinions and takes everyone has about the cast members and what takes place on the show. I thank all of you who take the time to read the blogs and comment.

Up until now we could only wonder what the cast members would have to say about a particular episode after the fact. But we don’t have to wonder any more, Renee Graziano has taken to blogging the episodes of season four this year. I came across her blog on, “rehashing” the Reunion Show, and was very interested in what she had to say.

It’s not surprising that Renee and I agree on many things concerning the Reunion, the cast and season four in general. The cards were definitely stacked against her. No one had her back and it felt unbalanced. Renee and I agree about Natalie. Why she is even being considered for season 5 is a mystery to me, especially since Renee tells us she tried to sabotage her recovery by giving her cocaine and pills and got high with her in Vegas. She knew Renee wasn’t herself and yet she provoked her time and time again. Natalie will not be the “face” of Mob Candy and in my opinion contributes nothing to the show. Is she even related to anyone in the Mob?  She isn’t an asset, she is a liability. She isn’t even a funeral director, she’s a cosmetologist and hairdresser whose clients can’t complain because they are all dead. Enough said.

When it comes to Ang and Drita, Renee and I see eye to eye on their behavior all season long. They betrayed and hurt her. Where was their loyalty? They were Renee’s friends for years, but every chance they got, they took Natalie and Alicia’s side over every issue. I could feel Renee’s pain. It was hard to watch and harder to understand. Even if Renee was wrong, they knew she had relapsed, and they should have tried to protect her from herself. Many times both of them just sat there and let the situation escalate. They watched as Natalie taunted Renee. In Vegas, they waited until Renee got physical with Natalie before getting up to help. They never tried to diffuse the situation. No wonder Renee questioned their loyalty and friendship…who wouldn’t.

As for the Twitter beef…since day one, every Mob Wife has tweeted insulting things about the others concerning what took place on the show. It promotes the show and engages fans. Renee admits to doing that. But Natalie’s attack on Renee was personal. Renee has every right to be angry. Natalie’s tweet, calling Renee a “f*cking coke whore,” was a low blow. Natalie knew about the relapse and still hit Renee below the belt. I feel this almost a repeat of season 3 when Carla called Renee a "junkie" a couple of dozen times. You just don’t go there when someone has an addiction and is struggling with sobriety.

Check out this clip of Season 2 where Drita is talking about Junior and Renee's Dad to Carla. I guess that's okay?

Renee was stunned by Drita’s outburst at the Reunion…weren’t we all? I agree with everything Renee had to say in her blog about Drita (it was plenty!) and am sorry she was in too much shock to say it all to Drita’s face on the show. So what if Renee talked about Lee with Karen? I don’t get it. Lee was also part of Karen’s life for seven years. But aside from that, are you going to tell me that Drita didn’t talk about Junior or Renee’s father to Ang and Carla the first three seasons? See the above video! Everybody talks about everybody! Renee didn’t do anything wrong and certainly nothing that everyone else isn’t also guilty of doing. Just the fact that Drita admits Renee was a better friend to her than anybody else proves her argument never held water. And, I have to add, why was Drita screaming at the top of her lungs, the veins in her neck bulging and about to explode? She had three previous Reunions and lots of “air” time on the show to call Renee out about this if it bothered her so much. This is the type of reaction I expected from her over her “stalker” or Aleeya’s “bully,” not ordinary gossip! Renee and I both have the same opinion about Drita’s definition of “friendship.” I don’t think she has a clue what the word means.

Now this is where Renee and I disagree. Renee didn’t say much at all about Alicia. She was soft on her, I am not. Renee basically feels she is a great mother and is sad about her sentencing. She also doesn’t have much to say about the “Carla affair” and “leaking information” accusation. I do. I wonder why we are so out of sync on Alicia? I wish Renee had said more, but she was probably exhausted from giving Drita a huge piece of her mind. Alicia finally admitted to committing a crime, “embezzlement“, on the reunion show, after denying it for 12 episodes. Alicia prances around, dressed to the nines with manicured nails, opening boutiques, wearing expensive jewelry, living in a huge house with a pool, crying the blues like we should all feel sorry for her. Renee might, but I don’t. So what if the Feds want to take her house, the 50 gold bracelets on her wrists (including the new Cartier Love Bracelet), her Rolex, her necklaces and earrings…were any of those paid for with the truckers’ pension money? So what if they want to take all her earnings from Mob Wives as restitution? The truck drivers should get every dime of their money back with all the earnings or interest that they would have made on it! Alicia will probably not get jail time for her crime, but the very least she can do is make her victims whole financially. I think all those faux tears are for herself, she doesn’t want to part with any of “her” money, but she thought nothing of helping herself to theirs!

As for Alicia's accusations against Carla, Renee’s lifelong friend, where is the proof she was sleeping with Eddie? Chinese food is not proof. If she heard something substantial on the tapes then let’s hear that portion of the tape or a transcript of what was said. She threw Carla under the bus without a shred of evidence. Carla wanted to confront Alicia about her accusations. “I have a phone…ring it!,” was Carla’s message to Alicia. That would have made for a great scene, but it never happened? Why? Maybe Alicia was just slinging mud and it didn’t stick. Meanwhile, if you Google Alicia and cheating, there are tons of articles that pop up alleging she has been cheating on Eddie, the love of her life, for years now. And don’t just read the article, read the comments too! Her “Philly” people have eyes and ears and some shed light on what is really going on off camera in Philly despite all her denials. It almost sounds like she has been with Rob LaScala, a married man, since the day after Eddie went to jail. What does that make Alicia? A Hypocrite? A Cheater? Sounds like the (lying) pot calling the kettle black to me.

Great Blog Renee! You really should read Renee’s Rehash of the Season 4 Reunion at WET PAINT. It’s insightful and you’ll see how Renee really feels!

Picture and Video Credit: VH1