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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments, Ep 601

Meet "Baby" Ben and Kristen

If you are looking forward to reading WTH Moments…STOP now…there were none.

If you missed the show, and want to save an hour of your life CONTINUE…

The title of the premiere episode of season six is, “If You Can Make It Here.” It should have been called, “If You Can Stay Awake.” The whole episode involved some carried- over hard feelings from last season and an introduction to Kristen, “the model wife.”

Everyone seems to be harboring some ill will towards Aviva. Carole tells Heather she has been distancing herself from Aviva and her craziness. Heather seems inclined to agree. Ramona tells Sonja she ran into Aviva and Reed at a charity event and didn’t bother talking to them. Sonja seems sympathetic. Why is everyone against Aviva right from the start? She had her moments, but at least she wasn’t naked and drunk all of season 5.

Heather’s Birthday Party is the big event. Sonja is dating “Baby” Ben and tells Ramona not to discuss age. Age is just a number says Sonja, and Sonja’s number is about 50. Eventually someone leaks the boy’s age. “Baby” Ben is 23.  I guess that could be a WTH moment. After all, what young man would want to date someone who could clearly be his mother? I’d freak out over it right now, except I think this is scripted so we will raised our eyebrows. “Baby” Ben was probably promoted to “date status” from the intern pool. Heather and Carole are still BFF’s. The new wife, Kristen, is a real model. She struts around the party and introduces herself to “Baby” Ben. Sonja is suddenly “jealous.” Kristen is a knockout according to “Baby” Ben. So “Baby” Ben IS attracted to young women…I thought he had an age fetish. Kristen’s husband, Josh, used to work with Heather. That must be how Andy found Kristen for the show.

Aviva and Reed are headed over to Heather’s, and Aviva is concerned about how Ramona will react when she sees her, since they didn’t part on good terms. Kristen, who is trying to size everyone up, says Ramona and Sonja remind her of  “crazy drunk aunts.” Kristen’s first impression is on the money. Wait till she sees them naked too. Kristen and Aviva meet briefly. Carole still wants to keep a friendly distance with Aviva. Aviva talks to Sonja about Harry, but Sonja has “Baby” Ben right there and isn‘t thrilled. Aviva tells Sonja she wants to patch things up with Ramona. Carole decides to go over to say hello to Aviva. Aviva, excited about her new book, wants Carole’s advice with the memoir she is writing.  Carole finds that off putting because Aviva barely said hello before asking her for help. Kristen seems to get along well with Carole. Aviva sees an opportunity to go over and talk to Ramona. Aviva asks for a hug, Ramona isn’t ready for it. Aviva tries to mend fences in her own way. Ramona says she found Aviva insincere so maybe she can accept her apology, but cannot accept her as a person. Ramona wants no part of her, but Aviva doesn’t get it. Ramona says she can’t trust her and wants her to show her “the real Aviva.” Aviva kind of gives up for the moment, and walks away without ruffling Ramona‘s feathers.

Later, Aviva calls Ramona. She wants to meet for cocktails, one on one, but Ramona has reservations. Ramona says she doesn’t know how to be a faker…she tells Aviva she wants to think about it. Aviva says okay and doesn‘t push her.

Ding Dong, Can someone answer the door?

Sonja has the girls over for tea. While she puts on her makeup none of her dozen interns is answering the door. First Ramona arrives and when there is no answer, she walks right in. Then Kristen arrives and politely waits for someone to let her in, which takes some time. Ramona notices holes in Sonja’s carpet…apparently the rug in Sonja’s house is older than her “boyfriend.” Kristen, still in the observation stage, can’t figure out their (Ramona & Sonja) friendship. I guess new wives don’t bother to watch previous seasons of the show before throwing themselves into the lion’s den? Ramona tells everyone about Aviva’s phone call. Kristen is not impressed with their behavior. Next, they start telling her Aviva’s life story. Kristen looks confused. She says if this is how they act towards friends, she doesn’t want to be their enemy. Smart cookie! Suddenly, Sonja thinks Ramona should meet with Aviva. Sonja says she has let go of the past. Kristen says she thinks Aviva is really trying to make amends. Ramona can forgive, but not forget. Everyone wants her to make up with Aviva. Reluctantly, Ramona goes along with it because if the “girls” think it’s a good idea then why not?

Ramona meets Aviva for drinks. Aviva tells her she looks amazing. She rambles a bit about Ramona’s hair looking “whiter” and very nice. The compliments are working. Ramona says Aviva is a “charmer.” Aviva suggests they have a shot of tequila. No argument from Ramona. They cheers and drink up. Aviva didn’t think the shot was a big deal. Aviva doesn’t like to drink, but if it will make Ramona happy, she will do it. Aviva knows the way to Ramona’s heart. Ramona wants to know why is Aviva just now interested in making up? Aviva explains that she feels she overreacted when she thought Reed was being attacked on the girls’ vacation. Ramona admits she is enjoying herself with Aviva. Ramona calls her a freakin’ witch and Aviva good humouredly toasts to Aviva the witch.

Sorry, that’s the best  could do with the lack of drama this week. If I hadn’t taken to time to write a few notes, not sure I would have remembered anything this morning. I think I would have enjoyed watching the trailer 12 times, instead of episode 1. Let’s see where this goes next week.

If you missed it or want to rewatch the premiere, here is the link: RHONY Premiere

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