Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments? S6Ep3

 The real writer

Episode three is titled, “Model Behavior,” and that points to new housewife, Kristen.
But I say who cares? Right now I want to see more about Ghostwriter-Gate!

And my wish is granted! The fight continues where it left off, at Aviva’s party. Aviva still insists, or should I say lies, that she didn’t hire a ghostwriter. Her blog says she used a “village." The cover of her book doesn't say written by Aviva Drescher and The Village People. And Aviva says, “word on the street,” is Carole used a ghostwriter for What Remains? What street is Aviva walking on? Carole quips “word on the street” must be dialogue from a bad cop movie Aviva saw and Aviva “doesn‘t have a leg to stand on.” Carole, the real writer, works closely with her editor, period. Ramona and Mario manage to sneak out of the party, like thieves in the night, after Ramona starts the whole fight by telling Carole that Aviva was talking about her. Aviva says to Carole, “at least I’m not 50 years old.” True, Aviva is not 50...she is 46, so not very far from it. However, she still seems to have a bit of dementia even at 46 because, in a recent interview of February 14th, Aviva thinks she is still 40 or is lying again. That’s at least two lies she has been caught in. You know what Judge Judy says, “If you are caught in one lie, I don’t believe anything else you have to say.” Here is the excerpt:

“What made you decide to finally want to share your story and why is now the right time to tell it?

Well, I turned 40, and I think that at 40-years-old, you start to think about a lot of things in your life and you get a certain kind of sense of security and maturity about yourself – especially if you have children. It’s a time where you really start to officially grow up, and my growing up meant that I was done hiding. I’m done being ashamed of wearing a prosthesis.

There comes a point where you come to full acceptance – hopefully – in your lifetime. I felt ready at 40, and with the show falling in my lap, I felt that was an opportunity to do it. And I couldn’t just put it out a little bit because everything is so full force on the show.

It was a combination of being 40, having 4 children, feeling like a mamma bear, and feeling like a real complete grownup who was self-aware and secure. So it was important for me to come onto the show without really having anything to be ashamed of. Because I think that when you go on a reality show, you can’t really have any skeletons in your closet.” For the entire interview read Aviva's Interview here.

The fake writer (liar)

Carole once referred to Aviva as the “Benjamin Button of housewives,” because she just keeps getting younger…another one of my favorite quotes of hers. By the way, if you are going to read one housewife blog, read Carole’s. Her sense of humor is entertaining and enhances the enjoyment of the show.

Carole says Aviva is out of touch with reality, a sociopath. Aviva says it takes a village to write a book (she should know) and she thinks Carole is lying. I think we all know who the liar is, and it’s not Carole.  Sonja seems to be siding with Aviva, while Heather has Carole‘s back…and Kristen is caught in the middle. Carole decides to leave the party after telling Reid that his wife is not a nice person. Carole exits but not without a fond farewell to Harry Dubin, “Harry it’s great to meet you, I totally understand your divorce.”

Later, Ramona confesses to Heather that she ran out of the party. Heather says she can’t understand Aviva, her behavior was despicable and she doesn’t trust her as far as she can throw her. But Ramona seems to have an issue with Heather defending Carole. Hmmm, I don’t get why, she was the one who ran to Carole to tell her Aviva was telling everyone she used a ghostwriter. Ramona is a little sneaky.

Carole, in a calmer state, knows she shouldn’t have let Aviva get under her skin, but found it felt good to scream and she will probably do it more often. Good for her, these women make me scream every week.

Kristen and Aviva chat about the argument. Kristen says that Carole has a writing background. Aviva, gets snooty and says she also has a writing background she majored in English and wrote an essay. Wow, an essay for Chicken Soup for the Soul versus and 20 year career as a journalist and best selling author…yeah that’s about even. Kristen says she thinks it’s about jealousy. Kristen adds writing is Carole’s “everything” and it shouldn’t be messed with. Kristen gets it too.

Even Ramona "gets it."

Carole thinks Ramona is being used as Aviva’s little pawn. Ramona apologizes for setting the fight in motion. Carole says she was upset with Ramona and doesn’t know why she was in the middle of it. Aviva was talking about her in the other room knowing Carole was at the party. I think Carole felt blindsided and betrayed. Carole tells Ramona what she thinks of Aviva, the liar. Carole explains to Ramona that what Aviva said was about her first book which is about her late husband, and she has no children, so it’s all she has. Carole gets emotional. Ramona understands that for Carole, her work is everything. Even Ramona gets it.

You know, last season I sided with all the new wives because I was new as a viewer of the show. I tried to defend Aviva, when most other blogs tore her apart. But this is a new season and I am seeing a new side to Aviva that I don’t like. I have no patience for liars. Those of you who read my Mob Wives blogs know how hard I came down on Carla and Alicia for blatantly lying on and off the show. So, I am sorry to say that Aviva lost any support she had from me. She continues to slander Carole’s impressive, long-standing career as a writer and in the process makes herself look more ridiculous, jealous and petty. How could this kind of behavior on the show help the sale of her book? I mean, that’s the whole purpose right? To get people talking about her book so they will buy it? Frankly, it sounds like everyone, except Aviva, wrote her book. I think Aviva has succeeded in turning people off to her book, and despite her lies about Carole’s books, she has managed to create an interest in them…at least for me.

Here is a little song dedicated to Aviva…(Good-bye) Leggy Bonde…


Anonymous said...

Love RHONY but umm, back to The Mob Wives! I was on Radaronline and rushed over here when I saw the article about Natalie!! It does not surprise me one little bit that she's cheating on her boyfriend, or the fact that she's cheating with a married man, but what I'm shocked about is the fact that she was dumb enough to let there be photographic evidence!! Her relationship was the only thing I thought she was actually genuine about but now, she has proven that every single thing about her is fake! For someone who prides themselves on being "real," I can't understand why they would have to sneak around. I just can't with her, she's too much a phony... Oh and newsflash Natalie, NOBODY thought you and London had a "perfect relationship." You couldn't even get dude to live with you!!

Chiara Soprano said...

I sympathize with you about Mob Wives, it's a long time between seasons. I am hoping they use that time wisely and dump Natalie and bring back Karen. Natalie isn't related to anyone in the mob...just a funeral home.