Monday, March 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee & Jenn Answer Show Questions!

Renee & Jenn Team Up for show questions!

Another long interview, over an hour long to be exact, of the Graziano sisters by AfterBuzz TV focusing on the show. The first thing they do is tease Renee about the word "delicious!" Just when you think we are done with it, it rears it's ugly head again. But, Renee wields her little meat cleaver and implies she will use it! There is a big discussion about the word and Renee explains her point of view. So the interviewer wants to know why Renee wasn't bothered when Natalie sang her song at the book party. Renee says Natalie is a joke and Jenn adds by then Renee was over it and didn't want to cause a scene because it was her night. Renee explains there we things behind the scenes we didn't see that also added to the escalation of the issue.

At one point Renee says, "F*ck Al Capone" and
Jenn's expression is priceless!

So many topics were touched on in detail including: Renee's addiction and recovery, the jealousy of the Philly girls coming in season 4, production "amping up" the new girls to create drama, how Renee believes new production instigated a situation between her and Alicia, Renee's real feelings about Alicia, Alicia dragging her name into her business and false accusations, Renee's relationship with Eddie, their father Anthony Graziano, Junior and abuse, Drita's outburst on the Reunion and her theory about it, how she is hurt and disappointed in Drita, other shows and projects and so much more. When you have the time watch the interview, it's actually better than the show!

Picture and Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV

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