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"The Walking Dead: Isolated" Episode Recap

As Glenn and Maggie keep on digging more graves in the prison yard, horror stricken Ty is coming to terms with the death of Karen after discovering her body was burned (alongside with David). Ty explains to Rick he saw the blood trail and smelt the burning. He goes straight up to Rick and demands Rick investigate who did this and bring them to him. Daryl is trying to hold him back and Rick is trying to be rational with him but Ty is out of control with rage. Daryl tries assuring him they are on the same team and when Rick mentions Karen’s name, Rick and Ty get into a nasty fistfight as Daryl tries to break it up. Both Rick and Ty are bloodied and bruised up.

Hershel tends to Rick’s wounds and asks Rick how he is holding up mentally since “everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out found its way in”. Rick assures him that the threat has always been there. Hershel tells him there’s a council meeting tomorrow. A total of 12 survivors have died from the mysterious flu with 2 more murdered and burned. Meanwhile, Ty is furiously digging Karen’s grave. Bob the medic shows concern and wants to get him cleaned up and looked at. “Not until they are in the ground!” Ty demands. Bob sees how serious he is and starts helping him dig. After Hershel takes care of Rick, Glenn confronts Hershel and tells him that he wants to contribute more than just digging graves. But their conversation is interrupted when a coughing Sasha walks by and stumbles into the cell to see the doctor. Sasha walks into the isolation cell full of sick and dead patients, calling out for the doctor. One of the patients locked in the cell has turned into a walker. The doctor stumbles in, telling her "it’s starting".

At the counsel meeting, the crew discuss what to do to the sick patients. Hershel suggests that while people may get sick, it’s the symptoms that killed them. Hershel suggests a veterinary clinic about 50 miles away  and Daryl and Michonne volunteer to go on the run. In the meantime, the crew will separate the most vulnerable and most sick to those that just caught it. Carol and Rick are out pumping water for the crew but one of the water pipes is blocked so they suggest going out later on to fix it. Carol goes on to the prison to deliver the water when Rick approaches Ty, who just buried Karen. “I’m sorry about what happened,” Rick said. Ty still is adamant that Rick find out the killers. Rick asks Ty if Karen or David had any hostility or animosity towards any of the survivors. Ty said the two got along with everyone. Rick concludes that since they were the only two sick, that they were probably killed to spared the others. Ty is not at all happy at the rate that Rick is going to solving the murders but Rick assures Ty that helping the sick patients is the main priority. Back in the prison, Rick tells Carl to watch the kids. Carl asks what might happen if someone turns. Rick tells him to fire only if he absolutely has to. Back in Glenn’s cell, Glenn is sitting on the bed and leaning over. Maggie walks in but Glenn stops her. “I have it,” he replies.

Daryl is checking the car when Michonne approaches. Daryl tells her he’s glad she’s here because he assumed she would just be running  off. Michonne gets defensive and tells her she will not be running off. They debate whether adding someone to their group run. Rick tells them he wants to stay behind and keep watch. Meanwhile, Ty visits the isolated cell but Daryl comes up to him and asks him if he wants to go on the run with them. Daryl warns him that Ty standing guard will do nothing unless he goes with them to get the medicine. Daryl tells Ty to reconsider. Hershel is in his “office” and thinking about what his next action should be. He takes out a coffee cup and gets an idea but before he leaves, Carl catches him. Hershel tells him to keep his distance and that he’s sneaking out to the woods. Carl warns Hershel that he will tell Rick…but Hershel still insists on going out. So Carl decides to go with Hershel. Carol is leading more sick people into the isolated cell…including Lizzy. Carol tries to comfort her. Lizzy asks Carol if she can tuck her in but she tells her that Glenn is the “best tucker”. Lizzy gives Carol a big hug before going in. Maggie is talking to Beth and baby Judy between a closed door. Beth is trying to get Maggie to refocus  and tells her she still has a job to do.

Out in the woods, Carl is keeping watch as Hershel is picking a bunch of herbs. Hershel comments it might be safer outside in a few days than inside the prison but Carl disagrees as he spots a decaying walker lying under a tree. Another walker sneaks up behind him who has its leg caught in a trap. Carl readies his gun but Hershel says he doesn’t have to and they walk back to the prison. Meanwhile, in the isolated cell, Ty tries to comfort a sick Sasha through looking glass and to tell her to think about getting better because Daryl and a small group are going out to get medicine. Determined to get medicine for her, Ty decides to join the run with Daryl, Michonne and Bob. As frustrated Carol tries to fill up what’s left in the water buckets, Ty walks up to Carol before they take off for the run. Ty asks Carol if she can look in on Sasha from time to time. As Ty walks away, a frustrated Carol kicks the buckets of water and begins sobbing.

Before Hershel can sneak back, Maggie confronts Hershel. Maggie demands him to go back into quarantine. But Hershel says he will be no use and with the herbs, he can make a hot tea to use a natural remedy to help ease the flu symptoms. Hershel is confident that even though he may be sick, he can give the tea to the patients and help relieve their symptoms so they don’t die. Hershel lectures them that they are all risking their lives with every breath, sick or not. Hershel then covers his mouth and nose and Maggie opens the door to let him in. 

Back where the burnt bodies were found, Rick investigates the scene and notices that there’s fresh blood on the door handle. Outside the prison, Carol is distracting the walkers with a strange mechanic as she goes out in the small creek to fix the clogged pipe in the stream. Rick notices that as she is outside the fence, walkers are slowing creeping in her direction. However, Carol seems to not be too phased by this as she moves faster at fixing the pipe. Rick runs down and yells at her to run. He gets in outside and shoots a few walkers while Carol runs to safety. Rick lectures at Carol and tells her that they were going to fix it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Ty are in the car on their run. Daryl turns on the radio and when he tries to get a CD in, they all notice that through the static, they can hear a voice. As Daryl turns the dial and tries to find a frequency, they look up and realize that they entered the fields of hell as thousands of walkers approach them. They decide to make a run for it. Daryl uses his bow as Michonne slashes the walkers. Bob goes out to run and shoots walkers, calling out for Ty. Ty sits in the car for a moment, blinks and then jumps out. He yells at the crew to run as a swarm of walkers surrounds Ty, who is hacking walkers all over with his hammer.

In the isolated cell, Hershel gives the doctor a cup of the freshly brewed tea. The doctor tells him Hershel shouldn’t be in there before coughing up saliva and blood. Hershel uncovers his bandana and wipes the blood splatter off his face. Hershel continues being the doctor and gives a cup of tea to Glenn, along with a cold towel for his face. Glenn feels rather bummed that after all he’s survived through, a “glorified cold” would take him out. Hershel tells him not to think like that and that they can see through it. Outside the cells, Carol walks by with the water when Rick mentions to her that going outside the fence was a stupid thing to do. Rick then talks to her , telling her that she goes above and beyond, especially for the children in the jail. He then asks her if there is anything she wouldn’t do for the survivors. Carol said she wouldn’t. Rick then asks; “Carol, did you kill Karen and David?” “Yes,” Carol replies. She turns around and walks away, leaving Rick stunned at her confession.   

Janes Notes: WELL, I'm glad I didn't make a bet on who killed Karen and David and all I have to say is ...... CAROL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Was anyone else gaping with their mouths open at the TV like I was? 

Picture Credit: The Walking Dead Wiki 

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Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Speaks Out!

Karen addresses some issues the first ten minutes of video

The premiere episode of season four of Mob Wives is set to air in early December. The rumors that three wives have been dropped and a new Philly wife added has been pretty much confirmed. What we still don’t have is any legitimate explanation why. Carla is crying it’s about the money (money, money) and Ramona also says it about money and being lied to by the producers to stir up drama. Well now Karen is answering a few questions about it in a recent interview with This Is 50. You can hear it for yourself.

There is some indirect history or connection between Karen and new Philly Mob Wife, Alicia DiMichele Garafalo. Karen says Alicia’s whole story line is Karen. It seems that Karen’s father, Sammy Gravano, was responsible for the hit on Alicia’s father in law, Edward Garafalo, which is old news. But Karen says that his son, Edward “Tall Guy” Garafalo Jr., Alicia’s husband, wants to use his wife’s being on the show to help bolster the case against a man who was involved in his father’s murder by allegedly having her reveal information he hopes will reach jurors. Karen is pretty adamant in her interview. She feels the producers decided this would be a “good” story line for season four and she doesn’t agree it should be a one-sided story line.  It appears that this difference of opinion led to Karen’s being let go or quitting. Karen seems to feel that producers may have told Alicia that Karen wasn’t going to be on the show to get her to sign on. But, Karen adds, when she came back to do the show, the “dry snitch” Edward “Tall Guy,” who is currently in prison, allegedly didn’t want Karen on the show so he could get out his story on this 23 year old beef. And, although Karen will not be seen in season four, she says we will be hearing a lot about her because of this mob history. Karen is limited by contractual obligations not to reveal many facts that I’m sure she would love viewers to know. Karen has always operated from a position of truth and I’m sure it bothers her a great deal to have to withhold the truth or be faced with a lawsuit. In fact, she says as much in recent tweets.

I’ve heard Karen speak about how she was persuaded to join the cast of Mob Wives by her friend and Executive Producer, Jennifer Graziano. From what I’ve heard and read, I think it took quite a bit of convincing. Karen had to leave her daughter in Arizona to come back to New York to film the show. Karen had no idea what she would be facing on her return. Many in Staten Island, families of the victims of Sammy’s crimes, still harbored a great deal of  anger at Sammy and everyone in his family. They tried to block her book from being published and even tried claiming the profits from her best seller, Mob Daughter. It wasn’t an easy move on Karen’s part, she gave up a lot, but her lifelong childhood friend needed the Gravano name to help sell the series to a network and to insure viewers would tune in. She ultimately agreed. So when Karen says there would be no Mob Wives if she hadn’t joined the cast, I think it’s safe to say it’s the truth. Karen ends by saying the show shouldn’t even be called Mob Wives any more, it should be called Mob Stuff.

I guess we will see how season four gets along without three of the original wives and without the name that got viewers and the network interested in the first place.

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"The Walking Dead: Infected" Episode Recap

It is night time and someone is out and about the prison yards and feeding rats to the walkers lining up the fence…this can explain the alarming amount of walkers seen lately against the fence. Meanwhile, Ty and Karen are having some quality time in the library while everyone is asleep. They soon part ways to go back to their cells. Karen goes to the showers to wash her face with water. She hears a noice and when she investigates where it’s from, she sees nothing. She continues to wash her face and leave…which catches the attention of Patrick, now a walker. Patrick rises up and follows her to the cell. But someone coughing in their sleep catches the walker’s attention…the walker goes in their room and has a nice feast.

Patrick turning back....
To make matters a lot better in this situation, while Rick and Beth are tending to baby Judy elsewhere, the eaten up man awakes as a walker…so there’s two walkers loose. Glen and Maggie are up at the tower and Maggie just wakes up. They share some tender moments before Glen goes down the tower and Maggie keeps watch. Michonne takes her horse and is ready to make another run and asks Rick and Carl if they want anything. Michonne takes off while Rick and Carl go to the farm. They both notice that there’s a big herd of walkers leaning on the fence. Rick and Carl go feed the pigs when Carl apologizes. He then asks when he can get his gun back. They hear gunshots from the cell block. Rick rushes as Daryl, Ty, and Sasha run out and go to the cell with Rick. Carl opens the gate for Michonne to enter but a walker sneaks behind her. Two walkers are on Michonne as she kicks them back. Carl gets out a rifle and shoots one while Michonne kicks the other in the traps. Maggie rushes to help Michonne and seal the gate.

Michonne rides back to the rescue. 
Hell breaks loose in the cells as men, women and kids are screaming and scrambling to safety as walkers are on the loose and attacking. Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Ty and Glen scramble to save the people and kill the walkers. Meanwhile, Carol takes a man in the cell. The man is bitten in the arm and Carol creates a tourniquet. After everything quiets down, the crew make sure that all the cells are checked and that all the walkers (and dead humans) are bashed in the brain. The man in the cell Carol is tending to asks Carol to watch over his two little girls since they have no one else because he sees how Carol looks after the kids like “they are her own”. Carol grabs the girls so they can say goodbye.

New threats are exposed in the once safe cell. 
Rick notices a walker in the cell and stabs it. But…there was blood down his mouth as if he choked in his own blood. They noticed it on a walker outside and on Patrick too. A couple more men come in (doctors I assume) and observe that the walkers had a serious illness before they died and are all exposed to this mysterious virus. Meanwhile, the two girls, Lizzy and Mika, cry as they see their dying father in the cell. Lizzy grabs her dad’s hand. “Take care of your sister,” the dad whispers before taking a final breath. Lizzy volunteers to stick the knife to the side of his head so he won’t turn but she begins hyperventalating. The girls cling onto each other and cry as Carol finally ends it for them.

Rick goes out to check on Michonne, Maggie and Carl. He breaks the news to Carl that Patrick was killed and that he was a good kid. But Rick warns them that they have to remain a good distance so they don’t exposed to this virus. Carol, Daryl, Glen, Hershel and Sasha discuss this mysterious virus and how to resolve this issue. But before they can come to a serious conclusion, they hear Karen severely cough in the hallway. The crew goes out and see Karen and Ty. They tell the two that Karen may be exposed to the virus and that she needs to be placed in a separate cell where they would treat her as best as they could. Hershel wants to conduct another meeting later for a solution. Carol is concerned about the girls and their well-being. 

Carol and the girls are outside in the yard. Carol tells Lizzy that they have to talk about what happened. Carol tells her that their dad told Carol she is in charge and that Lizzy “lost her nerve” back at the cell and her life relied on her acting and not hesitating. “He’s dead…he’s dead…why did we kill him?” Lizzy cries as she runs away. “She’s messed up, she’s not weak,” Mika tells Carol.  Meanwhile, Daryl (wearing gloves and a bandana) is digging up more graves. Rick stops by to check on him. Daryl thanks Rick for all he has done for the screw. Rick admits he “screwed up too many times” and how he almost lost his boy. Daryl said he earned his time away to recollect. But before they can talk more, Maggie yells out for them. The outside fence is caving in. Rick and Darly joins her, Glen, Ty and Sasha as they slaughter the walkers.

Daryl covering himself from the mystery virus (Huffington Post) 
Beth is in a cell wrapping up Michonne’s ankle. Michonne regrets “being so stupid” and how Maggie and Carl should’ve left her or they could’ve gotten hurt. “When you care about people, hurt is part of the package,” Beth said. As Beth finishes wrapping up, baby Judy starts crying. This obviously strikes a nerve with a stoic Michonne. “Does she always cry like that?” Michonne asks, looking away with tears in her eyes. “She probably picks up on other people’s feelings,” Beth suggests as she picks her up.

While the crew is out at the fence killing walkers, Sasha is appalled at finding the dead rats and demands who has been feeding them. Before she can get an answer, the fence begins falling. Rick tells Daryl to get the truck because he has an idea.

The walkers growing and the fence caving in ( 
Back in the prison, Carl is hammering a cross for Patrick’s grave, even though Patrick was an atheist. Carol checks in and tells Carl about training the kids to use weapons and how she kept it a secret because some of the parents would disapprove. Carl says that he doesn’t want to lie to Rick but Carol assures him that he’s not lying to Rick, he’s just not telling. Ultimately, Carl feels it’s none of his business and that it should be between Carol and Rick.

As Michonne does situps, Beth is singing to a quiet Judy. But then Judy begins crying and spits up food at Beth. Beth rushes to Michonne as Michonne reluctantly holds Judy so Beth can clean off. Michonne’s lip trembles and tears fall down her face as she holds Judy close to her. Beth notices and just lets Michonne have her space.

Outside, Maggie opens the gates as Daryl rides a trick with Rick on the trailer and they drive on the field. Daryl makes a stop to distract the walkers in their way. Rick gets out a pig, slashes part of its skin and drops it in the field for the walkers to eat. Rick does this a few more times, dropping off a couple more pigs and slashing them to the side. The pigs are used as bait to distract the walkers away from the fence while Sasha and Glen try to lift it up.

The Counsel pondering what to do with a new threat ( 
On the other side of the prison, Carol is talking to the girls about the walkers. Carol mentions to Lizzy that she didn’t mind that the walker called “Nick” had died. Carol is trying to expose Lizzy to death and the walkers as a way of desensitizing her (at least, that’s what it looks like).

Back at the pig pen, as Rick is tearing it down, Carl tells Rick that Carol has been teaching the kids weapons in secret. Rick thanks Carl for telling him and Rick mentions that he won’t say anything or stop her. Rick lights a match and burns down the pen. He then opens up a toolbox and gives Carl back his pistole. Rick holsters up himself and takes his trusty colt. He then takes off his blood-soaked shirt and throws it in.He looks on and sees more walkers pressed up against the fence, wondering what is next in their bleak reality.

Ty walks to Karen’s cell with a boquet of dandelions…only to see her body is missing and there is a big trail of blood. Ty turns on the lights and follows the trail. It leads him out back to the courtyard and before him, lies two bodies that were doused with gasoline and lit on fire…on of the bodies being that of Karen…

Janes Notes: Um, wow, this was a pretty squeamish episode for me and it hasn't been that way for me since the TJ/Lori death episode. This was an intense one for got kids involved eating people and making more losing parents...the walkers are growing by the numbers and threatening the prison yard perimeter...aaaaaaaand now it looks like we have a new virus that mother nature is throwing into the mix. I can't say much on that since well, it's mother nature. 

Call me cray-cray but I think the Governor is behind the murders. He knows where the prison is at. He's not one of those people that busts in but waits, waits and waits for the buildup, getting rid of anything interfering and then when the occasion calls for it, he strikes back in a ginormous way. That's his MO. Chances are, he found more henchmen, promised them a place of sanctuary (the prison) but instead of just attacking it, being sneaky about it is the best way to go. Dude is a villainous asshole but he's also super sharp. 

Quite note, the piggies being used as bait upset me the most in the episode. 

I don't know...who do you think is behind the rat feeding and murders? Are they correlated at all? (I think they are) 

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"The Walking Dead: Season Premiere" Recap

Months have passed since the Governor’s reign of terror at the prison but as always, Rick and company overcome another obstacle and set up a small community with Rick, his family and the Woodsbury survivors.  Rick walks out in the walker-free prison yard full of plants and gardens, getting his green thumb on while walkers look on, pressing against the fence. Carl comes down to check on Violet the pig, whose being raised for food. Rick warns Carl not to name the animals.

Picture Credit:
Back in the prison courtyards, booths are set up as a survivor sanctuary and many are calling out for Daryl. Carol jokes to him that she’s known him first. A boy named Patrick comes up and asks to shake Daryl’s hand because he was so ecstatic that Daryl brought the crew a deer the night before. While survivors gather in the courtyard, more survivors are in the prison yards stabbing gathering walkers against the fence. One of the survivors is Karen. Ty comes up to her and tells her he is going on a run. They embrace, a sign that their relationship is more than just a friendship.

Picture Credit:
Glen and Maggie wake up, with Glen telling her that “she shouldn’t go out today”. Maggie isn’t too thrilled at hearing this but obliges to stay in the prison as Glen goes out.
Daryl and a boy named Zack are packing up a truck full of supplies when Beth shows up and gives Zack a kiss but Beth won’t say good-bye to Zack. Daryl comments how it’s all “like a damn romance novel.”

A man named Bob pops out and asks Sasha if he can join in on the group run. Sasha mentions he’s only been there for a week but the man is grateful for being at the prison and wants to pull his weight in. Daryl mentions to Sasha that he was a medic in the Army and can be beneficial to the run. Sasha and Daryl agree that Bob can join the run.  

Picture Credit:
Hershel joins Rick in the gardens when Michonne returns on horseback. Carl and Rick open up the gates…with newly set traps at the gates inspired by Rick’s old friend. They securely seal the gate and Michonne happily gives comic books to Carl, much to Carl’s delight. She also gives a gift to Rick. At the same time, Daryl and crew are ready to go out on their run. Michonne offers to join. Carl mentions that Michonne just got back but Michonne reassures Carl that she will be back.

Back at the gardens and stables, Rick commands Carl to stay put and do his chores. While the crew do their own run, Hershel tells Rick that the counsel (Michonne, Daryl, Sasha, and Carol) wants Rick to take his gun along with his knife when he goes out on his own runs. Rick goes out to explore the woods when he sees a dead animal carcass. Before he can get to it, he sees a walker stumble out to it. Rick retreats and tries to sneak away when the walker stands up…except it’s a woman. “Please…please help me!” she pleads in a soft voice. The woman, named Clara, pleads with Rick to help her bring the animal back to her and her boyfriend because they haven’t eaten in days. Rick obliges and hands her a parcel. Clara asks if she can go back with Rick but Rick says he will consider it but only if Clara takes Rick back to her boyfriend and they answer some questions. Rick asks Carla to pat her down for weapons and sees Clara is armed with a knife. Rick warns Clara to not pull anything on him or that she will lose. “I don’t have anything else to lose,” Clara hauntingly replies.

Out in the prison yard, a group of kids are out and playfully calling out to the walkers, since one of them has a nametag named “Nick” on it. Carl comes down and warns the kids not to call them names. He lectures the kids that walkers are no longer people. One of the kids reacts to Carl that she has seen walkers turn and that people kill people but the people still have names. Carl still warns them not to name them. It is now story time for the kids and Patrick jokes that it’s kiddy but he still likes to go.

Picture Credit:
The gang arrive outside Big Lots where a tent is set up in front of it. Daryl mentions that the Army helped set it up and to clear the area before going into the store to see if they can pick up supplies. All that’s left in the tent are corpses. Daryl and Patrick lean against the window, waiting for walkers to appear. Zack is still determined to figure out what Daryl did before the apocalypse. He concludes Daryl was a homicide cop. Daryl plays along and tells him that he was undercover and that “he doesn’t like to talk about it because of heavy shit”. Before they can proceed, walkers bang against the window and the group is ready to take them off.  Before entering the store, Bob notices torn off legs near the entrance…but what they can’t see is the group of walkers and a crashed helicopter on top of the store.

Back in the woods, Clara explains to Rick that she was at the airport on her way to vacation but the flights were cancelled and she spent four days sleeping in the airport. On the fourth night, chaos ensued and someone saved her. Clara explained that he showed her things she had to do in order to survive, like eat animal carcasses and rotten fruit and to also leave people behind who needed “her help”. Rick tells her he didn’t save people for charity but because people help people and they are the best defense against walkers. Clara hopes that her and Eddie can answer Rick’s question to his satisfaction.

Back in the store, the crew does a bit of grocery shopping in the dark. Bob walks by the wine/beer shelf and picks up a bottle of wine…he is tempted to sneak it in his jacket but decides not to and puts it back on the shelf but not without the whole shelf collapsing on Bob. Bob is okay but his leg is stuck. The crash alerts the walkers. But the weight of the ceiling weakens as the walkers walk over it. Walkers continue dropping through the ceiling. Two attack Glenn but Glenn reaches his gun on time. Ty shoots a couple while Sasha unleashes rounds. Michonne goes on a slashing spree. Daryl is once again, using his trusty crossbow. Bob tries calling out for help, still stuck under the shelves as a walker crawls closer to him. To make matters so much better, the helicopter begins to cave in. Fortunately, Bob grabs his hand through the walkers head so Daryl can drag back the walker and stomp it’s head. Sadly, Zack gets bit in the leg and becomes food for the walker. Before Zack can suffer anymore, the helicopter crashes inside the store and the crew barely escapes.

Out in the woods, Carla leads Rick to her camping spot. “Eddie, he is here to help us! We have to help Eddie!” Carla exclaims. Rick is suspicious when he notices Carla’s tent is completely empty. Carla brandishes her knife on Rick but Rick pushes her down and brandishes his gun at her. The woman grows frantic as Rick realized that “Eddie” is a walker head in a bag. Carla becomes frantic; “I kept him, it was wrong, I can’t do things like this, you have to do things like this, let me be like him, don’t stop it or end it after. Let me be with him!” Carla then stabs herself in the stomach. A frustrated Rick kneels down at Carla’s body as she begins to bleed out. Rick still asks her the questions of how many walkers she’s killed and how many people she’s killed. ““I didn’t kill at all….until….” she continues moaning out and then admits she hasn’t killed anyone but herself because “I don’t get to go back….” Clara dies and Rick leaves Clara and Eddie in peace.

Back at the prison, Carol is in the library reading a story to the kids. But after an adult leaves the library (with Carl sneaking around), Carol closes the book and gets out a box of knives. She tells the kids she will teach them how to safely handle and use a knife. Patrick asks to be excused because he’s not feeling well. Carol excuses him. But Carl stands up and Carol is caught. Carol begs Carl not to tell Rick.

The walkers gather outside the prison as Rick gets back to business in the prison garden…and notices the same walker with the bleeding eyes….he then notices that Violet the pig is still not responding.

It’s nightfall and everyone is safely back in their bunks in the prison cell. Karen is in her bunk sewing when Ty comes back. Ty admits not liking going out there and Karen comforts him.

Maggie tells Glen that she’s not pregnant. “I didn’t want to, but we could’ve. We can have lives here” Maggie exclaims. Glen reminds her of what happened to Lori and the gruesome world they live in now. Maggie doesn’t want to live in fear but Glen reminds her that that’s what’s kept her alive for so long.

Daryl goes in Beth’s bunk to tell her that Zack didn’t make it. Beth takes the news rather well. Daryl watches her. “I don’t cry anymore Daryl, I’m just glad I got to know him,” Beth replies. Daryl agrees that he’s tired of losing people as well. Beth hugs Daryl and confesses to him that she’s glad she didn’t tell Zack good bye.

 Michonne is studying a map and comes across an area called “Macon”. Her next run location?

Picture Credit: 
Hershel consoles Rick about the fate of Carla and her state of mind. Rick realizes that he almost came close to the state Clara was in but Hershel assures Rick that he has so much to come back to.

Bob is about to go to sleep in his bunk when he’s awakened by the sound of coughing. Patrick gets up and stumbles into the shower, coughing and sick. He goes in the shower and turns it on, trying to cool his body down. He passes out and stumbles, his head hitting the tile. The shower runs very briefly before running out. But then Patrick wakes up as a walker….

Janes Notes: FINALLY we are here for the season premiere! I have to say that there was a somewhat uplifting tone and atmosphere to the prison compared to how it was at the end of the last season. It seemed Rick is back to his old self again, playing the leader and welcoming those who need it (even creepy Clara and her "boyfriend"). I think the ONE thing that really stood out to me was the "bleeding eye" walker I called it that Rick noticed at least it merely coincidence or is it a clue of what's to come? 

But after what has happened to Patrick...this is just a warm-up of what's to come and I think Patrick (along with some "insider" help) is once again going to raise hell in the prison...and I believe we'll see some of the most gruesome sh*t we have yet to see of the whole series. 

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The Walking Dead S3 Recap

Well walker fans, tomorrow is THE night!!! What we have long anticipated...the season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead"!!! Is anyone else stoked?? I'm so thrilled because I have a new job with flexible hours and am so happy that I can now actually watch the show and recap immediately. I wrote this post after Season 3 but I'm reposting to serve as a memory refresher. 

After the end of Season 2, Rick and the gang were overcoming a huge obstacle as walkers overran Hershel's farm. Hershel's family had endured the loss of his wife and son. Andrea was separated from the group and when she seemed to reach her end point, Michonne mysteriously appears and takes her in. The gang go from house to house, wondering about the grim future in their nihilistic reality. 

A new sanctuary
The season started out with promise. The group FINALLY found a safe haven, Lori was about to pop out a baby, Michonne and Andrea were taken or kidnapped to what seemed to be like a safe haven and there was no Shane to be a pouting ninny to ruin the fun for everyone. All was well (well, as well as it could be in a post-zombie apocalypse).

But alas, all must things in such a world must turn into a major clusterflip of epic porportions and there's always gotta be that someone to cause it. First season was Merle. Second was Shane. This time, it was the Governor. But before I get to him, lets get to the major deaths of the story: T-Dog and Lori, especially when Carl took Lori's own life and it seemed as if Rick was about to lose his marbles for good....fortunately, his crew gave him space, he earned a trusty companion in Michonne who was sympathetic to Rick's plight and eventually, helped pulled him out of his slump to where he could function as a leader again.

An emotional mid-season blow

There were new friends made, new rivals and new reunions. There was first the prisoners; while Tomas and Andrew turned no pun intended against Rick, Axel and Oscar decided to help within the ranks of the group as much as possible; unfortunately, the new allies's deaths came much too soon. Daryl blindly went off with Merle but not for long before Daryl...with Merle following...returned to his new family to rescue Rick and the others. Andrea and Michonne's friendship of survival and trust turned sour when Michonne left Woodbury but Andrea "chose a warm bed" over friendship. The decision meant that in the end, Michonne was alive and "on the good side" while a blindsided Andrea was stepping closer to her death by, interestingly enough, someone she considered a friend. Lesson learned, ladies...chicks over dicks! But the deaths kept continuing as the troublemaker that survived a walkerfest in Atlanta (I'm talking Merle) did one decent thing in his life and the end result was getting shot and turning, much to his brother's grim discovery.

A tragic end... 
But the Governor's reign of terror made the deaths of Lori and T-Dog seem like a side story after awhile, from his random mafia-style hits, to the walker fights, invading the prison and then going off the deep end and slaughtering his own townspeople. Rick was still lost, searching for Lori and was disappointed to know that when he reunited with his personal savior Morgan, that Morgan seemed to have lost his own set of marbles for good and refused to join the crew back at the prison. At that same time, Rick neglected a hitchiker that screamed for help, only to be fallen prey to walkers. This inhumanity was beginning to rub off on a growing Carl at an alarming rate. Rick was ready to turn in Michonne to the Governor. A MUCH different tune than the way Rick led the group in the beginning. It made me very anxious as a fan to see how the show would end. But once again, the show never fails to disappoint when it comes to season finales. The show leaves behind a glimmer of hope in a world that seemed to get more gruesome, darker and bloodier; Rick's humanity is slowly being restored (maybe perhaps partially influenced by guilt for his recent actions and behavior and how it's rubbing off on Carl) when he and the crew bring in the survivors of Woodbury. While Woodbury and the prison have their comparisons as far as security goes, the people of Woodbury are much better off under Rick than the Governor's facade. But what will the next chapter bring to the table? 

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Staten Island Law: Recap of Episodes 5 & 6

Elura and Michele hit the Staten Island Museum archives to settle a dispute between two men—each of whom claim their bar to be the oldest on the island.

Staten Island Law is a new reality show that first aired in January, 2013 on OWN. The show’s stars are attorneys and best friends, Elura Nanos and Michele Sileo. The ladies came up with the concept to film their mediation sessions with clients and showcase their problem solving skills. I decided to give the show a try based on the promo because these two ladies are funny, intelligent, informative and play off of each other so well it’s like they are a legal comedy team. I loved the concept of the show, but the first four shows were, in my opinion, overloaded with things having nothing to do with mediation. I wrote recap blogs on the first four shows and offered up some constructive criticism: more mediation and problem solving and less of the “extras” like shopping, visiting the hair salon, and contemplating cosmetic surgery. OWN decided to re-air the first four episodes of Staten Island Law last night, from 6 to 8 PM and then aired two brand new episodes from 10 to 11 PM. I am happy to report that there were big changes in the format of the show! Basically, the things I thought needed to be changed were changed and all for the better. The thirty minutes were mostly spent mediating and problem solving with maybe one “extra” thrown in. The legal expertise and sense of humor of both ladies came shining through, while informing viewers about the various legalities of the situation. I have to say it is very refreshing to watch a reality show that is entertaining and educational with little to no “drama.” Now let me get to my recaps!

Episode 5: “Battle of the Bars”

Two bar owners in Staten Island each claim that their bar/tavern is the oldest. Michele and Elura are called in to resolve this issue. Side issue in this episode is buying a birthday present for uncle Jerry and Michele decides on cigars. The ladies visit a smoke shop and crack a few jokes about how men have found yet another place where they can sit around and do nothing while women are taking care of the house. Eventually, they drop off the cigars to Uncle Jerry, at his liquor store.

So two bar owners want this dispute settled once and for all. The clients are Killmeyer’s Old Bavarian Inn owned by Ken and Liedy’s owned by Larry. Elura feel this is really a factual dispute so they bring both parties together to clear up “why” they need to know which bar is the oldest. They feel the oldest bar will get more tourists to visit it which leads to more profit. Liedy’s boasts of four generations of owners, while Killmeyer’s was established in 1859. The ladies are learning a lot of Staten Island history in the process of researching this case. Staten Island had the first linoleum factory in the United States near Ken’s Bar. And, Michele is thrilled to find out that Madonna made a video in 1988 in the old phone booth that occupies a space in Liedy’s bar. She is so taken with that fact that she has to sit where Madonna sat and says, this is where Madonna made that phone call to her father about having an illegitimate baby. They visit the office of the Staten Island Advance, a local newspaper, that covers all Staten Island happenings. An article in the Advance claims Liedy’s is the oldest bar in Staten Island. Michele and Elura decide they need to visit a historian at the Staten Island Museum, which has archives of resources that date back to the 1600’s, to help them make a definitive decision. The joking doesn’t stop as Elura and Michele don white gloves to touch the documents handed to them and Michele adds they will protect the manicure she just got. The historian shows them a map dated 1859 where is clearly shows the existence of Killmeyer’s. Elura is distracted by Michele’s “Mickey Mouse hands.” It turns out that Liedy’s has only been established since 1905. Michele and Elura have made their decision, and they meet again with Larry and Ken. They lay out the facts: Liedy’s has been established and in Larry’s family since 1905, while Killmeyer’s was established in 1859. Michele wants to know why Larry thinks his bar is older? He says it has the longest running liquor license. Elura tells them what the historian has to say. Kenny owns a piece of history, but Larry is the history. However, Michele announces Killmeyer’s is the oldest bar in Staten Island.  A somewhat shocked and disappointed Larry still isn’t buying it even if 1859 does come before 1905. The legal team suggests creating a historic society of Staten Island taverns to help all their businesses. The two guys are happy.

Episode 6: “Disturbing The Peace”

A loud singer, Angelica, disturbs the peace of her neighbor, Rudy, an engineer who likes to work in his yard which is in close proximity to her bedroom window. Angelica practices three to five hours every day. Side issue has Michele buying a birthday gift for Elura and settles on a bracelet with a toggle clasp, because Elura loves toggle clasps. A little family celebration takes place at a local restaurant.

Rudy is pretty serious about this dispute and is threatening to sue Angelica if they cannot resolve the noise issue. Each of the ladies meets with the clients separately. Michele meets with Rudy and Elura with Angelica. Rudy says the singing is a constant annoyance when he tries to work in his yard and he can’t concentrate. Angelica needs to practice at home, in her bedroom, she can’t afford a studio. Rudy wants to be able to enjoy all of his property and not be forced to work indoors. He is ready to sue, he can‘t go on like this. Elura tells Angelica that even though the  law ordinance doesn’t prohibit noise between 8 and 11, Elura explains that there is a civil matter involved and she could be sued because she is interfering with Rudy’s right to enjoy his property. They make Angelica sing to assess the situation. Michele is outside with Rudy and can definitely hear the problem loud and clear. Michele decides to measure the decibels of Angelica’s voice, which registers at 98, in the same range as a jackhammer or a train, which is surprisingly loud. Time to sit down with both Rudy and Angelica and hammer out a solution. Michele and Elura have a bite to eat while they think. They need pizza to nourish their brain cells. It works! Michele gets a brilliant idea. She thinks they should used Rudy’s profession as an engineer to help solve the problem. Maybe he can sound proof Angelica’s bedroom and they can split the cost, which is not very expensive. They present their solution to Angelica and Rudy. Both of them are pretty agreeable and are happy with the outcome, neither of them wants a lawsuit. Michele and Elura have done it again!

I have to say I am much happy with the changes made and the focus being mainly on Elura and Michele. These two are so refreshing. Just to show you how irresistible they are, my daughter, who would never have put this show on to watch, actually put down her laptop and watched it with me! She never does that, ever. I can’t tell you how many laughs I have per episode and all the while I am learning about every day law. Why wouldn’t anyone watch this show? I can’t even do it justice in a recap because both ladies have such big personalities, you just have to see them in action.

Tune in to OWN next Friday night at10 PM and watch two more new episodes of Staten Island Law! You can probably catch earlier episodes on OWN and their website! Follow Elura and Michele on Twitter because you never know when you might need a little creative mediation in your life (@EluraNanos & @MicheleSileo)