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"The Walking Dead: Isolated" Episode Recap

As Glenn and Maggie keep on digging more graves in the prison yard, horror stricken Ty is coming to terms with the death of Karen after discovering her body was burned (alongside with David). Ty explains to Rick he saw the blood trail and smelt the burning. He goes straight up to Rick and demands Rick investigate who did this and bring them to him. Daryl is trying to hold him back and Rick is trying to be rational with him but Ty is out of control with rage. Daryl tries assuring him they are on the same team and when Rick mentions Karen’s name, Rick and Ty get into a nasty fistfight as Daryl tries to break it up. Both Rick and Ty are bloodied and bruised up.

Hershel tends to Rick’s wounds and asks Rick how he is holding up mentally since “everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out found its way in”. Rick assures him that the threat has always been there. Hershel tells him there’s a council meeting tomorrow. A total of 12 survivors have died from the mysterious flu with 2 more murdered and burned. Meanwhile, Ty is furiously digging Karen’s grave. Bob the medic shows concern and wants to get him cleaned up and looked at. “Not until they are in the ground!” Ty demands. Bob sees how serious he is and starts helping him dig. After Hershel takes care of Rick, Glenn confronts Hershel and tells him that he wants to contribute more than just digging graves. But their conversation is interrupted when a coughing Sasha walks by and stumbles into the cell to see the doctor. Sasha walks into the isolation cell full of sick and dead patients, calling out for the doctor. One of the patients locked in the cell has turned into a walker. The doctor stumbles in, telling her "it’s starting".

At the counsel meeting, the crew discuss what to do to the sick patients. Hershel suggests that while people may get sick, it’s the symptoms that killed them. Hershel suggests a veterinary clinic about 50 miles away  and Daryl and Michonne volunteer to go on the run. In the meantime, the crew will separate the most vulnerable and most sick to those that just caught it. Carol and Rick are out pumping water for the crew but one of the water pipes is blocked so they suggest going out later on to fix it. Carol goes on to the prison to deliver the water when Rick approaches Ty, who just buried Karen. “I’m sorry about what happened,” Rick said. Ty still is adamant that Rick find out the killers. Rick asks Ty if Karen or David had any hostility or animosity towards any of the survivors. Ty said the two got along with everyone. Rick concludes that since they were the only two sick, that they were probably killed to spared the others. Ty is not at all happy at the rate that Rick is going to solving the murders but Rick assures Ty that helping the sick patients is the main priority. Back in the prison, Rick tells Carl to watch the kids. Carl asks what might happen if someone turns. Rick tells him to fire only if he absolutely has to. Back in Glenn’s cell, Glenn is sitting on the bed and leaning over. Maggie walks in but Glenn stops her. “I have it,” he replies.

Daryl is checking the car when Michonne approaches. Daryl tells her he’s glad she’s here because he assumed she would just be running  off. Michonne gets defensive and tells her she will not be running off. They debate whether adding someone to their group run. Rick tells them he wants to stay behind and keep watch. Meanwhile, Ty visits the isolated cell but Daryl comes up to him and asks him if he wants to go on the run with them. Daryl warns him that Ty standing guard will do nothing unless he goes with them to get the medicine. Daryl tells Ty to reconsider. Hershel is in his “office” and thinking about what his next action should be. He takes out a coffee cup and gets an idea but before he leaves, Carl catches him. Hershel tells him to keep his distance and that he’s sneaking out to the woods. Carl warns Hershel that he will tell Rick…but Hershel still insists on going out. So Carl decides to go with Hershel. Carol is leading more sick people into the isolated cell…including Lizzy. Carol tries to comfort her. Lizzy asks Carol if she can tuck her in but she tells her that Glenn is the “best tucker”. Lizzy gives Carol a big hug before going in. Maggie is talking to Beth and baby Judy between a closed door. Beth is trying to get Maggie to refocus  and tells her she still has a job to do.

Out in the woods, Carl is keeping watch as Hershel is picking a bunch of herbs. Hershel comments it might be safer outside in a few days than inside the prison but Carl disagrees as he spots a decaying walker lying under a tree. Another walker sneaks up behind him who has its leg caught in a trap. Carl readies his gun but Hershel says he doesn’t have to and they walk back to the prison. Meanwhile, in the isolated cell, Ty tries to comfort a sick Sasha through looking glass and to tell her to think about getting better because Daryl and a small group are going out to get medicine. Determined to get medicine for her, Ty decides to join the run with Daryl, Michonne and Bob. As frustrated Carol tries to fill up what’s left in the water buckets, Ty walks up to Carol before they take off for the run. Ty asks Carol if she can look in on Sasha from time to time. As Ty walks away, a frustrated Carol kicks the buckets of water and begins sobbing.

Before Hershel can sneak back, Maggie confronts Hershel. Maggie demands him to go back into quarantine. But Hershel says he will be no use and with the herbs, he can make a hot tea to use a natural remedy to help ease the flu symptoms. Hershel is confident that even though he may be sick, he can give the tea to the patients and help relieve their symptoms so they don’t die. Hershel lectures them that they are all risking their lives with every breath, sick or not. Hershel then covers his mouth and nose and Maggie opens the door to let him in. 

Back where the burnt bodies were found, Rick investigates the scene and notices that there’s fresh blood on the door handle. Outside the prison, Carol is distracting the walkers with a strange mechanic as she goes out in the small creek to fix the clogged pipe in the stream. Rick notices that as she is outside the fence, walkers are slowing creeping in her direction. However, Carol seems to not be too phased by this as she moves faster at fixing the pipe. Rick runs down and yells at her to run. He gets in outside and shoots a few walkers while Carol runs to safety. Rick lectures at Carol and tells her that they were going to fix it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Ty are in the car on their run. Daryl turns on the radio and when he tries to get a CD in, they all notice that through the static, they can hear a voice. As Daryl turns the dial and tries to find a frequency, they look up and realize that they entered the fields of hell as thousands of walkers approach them. They decide to make a run for it. Daryl uses his bow as Michonne slashes the walkers. Bob goes out to run and shoots walkers, calling out for Ty. Ty sits in the car for a moment, blinks and then jumps out. He yells at the crew to run as a swarm of walkers surrounds Ty, who is hacking walkers all over with his hammer.

In the isolated cell, Hershel gives the doctor a cup of the freshly brewed tea. The doctor tells him Hershel shouldn’t be in there before coughing up saliva and blood. Hershel uncovers his bandana and wipes the blood splatter off his face. Hershel continues being the doctor and gives a cup of tea to Glenn, along with a cold towel for his face. Glenn feels rather bummed that after all he’s survived through, a “glorified cold” would take him out. Hershel tells him not to think like that and that they can see through it. Outside the cells, Carol walks by with the water when Rick mentions to her that going outside the fence was a stupid thing to do. Rick then talks to her , telling her that she goes above and beyond, especially for the children in the jail. He then asks her if there is anything she wouldn’t do for the survivors. Carol said she wouldn’t. Rick then asks; “Carol, did you kill Karen and David?” “Yes,” Carol replies. She turns around and walks away, leaving Rick stunned at her confession.   

Janes Notes: WELL, I'm glad I didn't make a bet on who killed Karen and David and all I have to say is ...... CAROL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Was anyone else gaping with their mouths open at the TV like I was? 

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